Clearly Besotted July Release Teasers Day 3

June 29, 2019 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Hey everyone!

Hope your day is going well. Here in the UK, there’s a mini heatwave going on and I’m so hot, that it seems tempting to submerge myself in a giant teapot of cool water and just chill..quite literally!!

This merry band had a little something else in mind…

Percival was a pig of no great report. Well, to his friends, he was really rather special. They all loved the way he oinked when he when laughed and the precious way his tail curled. Percy was kind and thoughtful, yet Percy didn’t really think much of himself at all. He adored his friends, Eleanor, Ferdie, Panachook and Carol.

The friends would often meet on a Sunday afternoon for tea and cake. Ferdie’s baking was legendary in the gated Animaal community. If you were ‘in’ with Ferdie, your hips stood a lot to gain 😉

For some reason, the animals were given to displays of great generosity which also extended to their crockery. No-one knew where the giant teacups and teapots had originated from, but they were always present at their calorie laden gatherings.

It was Carol’s idea. She was an 80’s child and remembered well the Ann Geddes craze for babies in things like plants and plant-pots that spurned a million calendars. She arrived at the best idea; ‘let’s hide in the teapots and teacups and jump out at Percy to show how much we love him?’ Surprisingly, the other friends thought this was a rather good idea, forgetting that Percival actually had a heart defect that given enough of a shock could end up with a trip to the local vet’s establishment.

They talked about their idea, discussing how wonderful Percy was and just how much they all were glad that he was around. Unbeknown to them, the pig of the moment was actually under the very table they were hatching their plans around!

The details were firmed up, despite Ellie’s protestation that her hips simply would not fit. Ferdie therefore produced a tape measure and they found the ceramic pot with the greatest ‘girth’. Ellie tried it for size and pronounced it a perfect fit. They all excitedly waited for Sunday afternoon waiting for the big reveal.

Percy remained under the tablecloth, with tears streaming down his piggy face. Oh to be thought of so well, that his friends would plan something so lovely for him. He decided that he wouldn’t let on, and arrive a little early that Sunday. Pigs do like to snooze, however, and since his timing was so far in advance of his friends, he decided to power nap under the table again.

Carol was finding being squeezed into a teacup very irritating. Panachook got a fit of the giggles and Ferdie was worried that her constant shaking and laughing was putting undue strain on a widening crack. Carol could take it no longer; she really needed to visit the ‘little girl’s’ room.. but, she couldn’t get out. Ellie’s legs were jammed into the teacup but her trunk was free. She thought by giving Carol’s cup a little wobble, it just might tip her on her side and she might wriggle out. The only thing wriggling out would be the ant that was hightailing out of the said cup, but sure enough, Ellie gave a little shove, Carol went flying and the resulting domino effect ended up with Carol sitting amongst cracked pieces of teacup, Ferdie ungainly plopped amidst a cream Victoria sponge and Ellie atop a rather squashed plate of Battenburg.

Because of the ruckus, Percival was awoken. He peered out from underneath the tablecloth and through Panachook’s sobs, he told his friends how much their kind words had meant to him and how happy he felt. The sorry mess was easily cleaned, although no-one really fancied the squished Battenburg. Ferdie had some HobNobs in the cupboard and everyone agreed that firstly, they’d never try to squeeze themselves into any receptacle ever again. Secondly, that it was in fact a gloriously fun afternoon and finally, that their lives were richer for knowing Percy.

I guess the moral, if there is one, is that you need to be very careful who you are talking about over a cup of tea as they just might be hiding under the table!!

The sets I’m showcasing today are called ‘Pop Up Plushies’ and it has a matching set of accessories and items to coordinate called ‘Pop Up Props’. They’re filled with myriads of combinations and I just love them. The stamped images are coloured as usual with Nuvo Alcohol markers and the tablecloth is indeed ‘cloth’, from my fabric collection!

There may be more ‘sweet’ treats ahead if you visit the Clearly Besotted Blog, then something from ‘Madeira cake’ Michelle, ‘Lamingtons’ Lisa and ‘Almond Croissant ‘ Amy!! 

See you tomorrow for something tropical!


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  • 1. lisatilson76  |  June 29, 2019 at 8:34 am

    Another adorable card, another super fun story of love and friendship with just the right amount of mishap along the way! Love the use of the real fabric too. Amazing as always Keren ❤️❤️ X


  • 2. michshort  |  June 29, 2019 at 9:14 am

    Another fantastic story to go with another fantastic card! I love the little critters in the teacups and of course, I love Percy! The fabric adds the perfect touch xx


  • 3. tsurutadesigns1  |  June 29, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    okay, you’re a genius. THIS is over the top adorable!


  • 4. Carla vdMS  |  June 29, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    Ooohh my goodness what a awesome card.


  • 5. conil  |  June 29, 2019 at 4:55 pm

    You are the best raconteur, ever. What a clever and adorable card made heaps better by your lovely anecdote. Darling idea…may need this set, too.


  • 6. Stephanie Wincott  |  July 27, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    Now that is a friendship group I would love to be a member of!! Your stories are utterly delightful Keren!



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