Clearly Besotted July Teasers Day 2

June 28, 2019 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Hello again! Welcome to another look at the new sets. Today’s project is using ‘Birds Of A Feather’ which has so many different birds. I thought that this bevvy of feathered beauties looked like they deserved a little glamour.

Flora and Felicity hung out at the local Spa regularly. They were two cool babes. This was a very exclusive joint, and the cost of membership was pretty steep. Ginger lived locally and used to strut past the gleaming golden gates with a determination that one day she’d join the cool gang.

One glorious day, Ginger received a letter through the post. It was marked ‘Flame Spa’ and boy, was this bird thrilled. She had been anticipating the results of a draw at her local bird nursery. The prize was for a weekend pass at the spa, and Ginger trembled as she opened the hammered textured envelope.

As it turned out, she had indeed won a prize, but just not quite as exciting as she’d hoped. She had won the 15th prize and this was a day pass to the pool. The Pool? she muttered, and then, she remembered that this was no ordinary pool. It was an infinity pool. (Readers might be able to tell that the acetate across the card is mimicking the look of a seamless edge- a true infinity pool).

Game on, she thought. She just now had to look the part. Her swimming costume could be improved with a feather or two. The seams could be more flatteringly adjusted and she remembered that there was a flotation device in the garage. She rushed to find a sorry looking float that had a gaping hole. Finding her brother’s bicycle puncture repair kit she slapped a patch on and tried to hide it with a liberal coat of glitter.

The final touch was to find some oversized sunglasses. It was a little too far away from pay day so resourceful Ginger simply doctored an old pair with rhinestones and Nuvo drops;..hey, she was a crafty gal. She thought about adding a Sharpie to black out the lenses and decided against it.

The time came for the free session. She practically hopped into the reception. A slightly snotty toucan was there to greet her. She was given the fluffiest of robes and ushered a little too speedily for her liking towards the changing room. This was it. Her dreams had come too. This was the beginning of mixing in the right circles.

She wandered out towards the pool, smiling nonchalantly at Flora and Felicity. They didn’t return the smile and looked away. Ginger wasn’t deterred. She said ‘hi’ and grinned again. More ‘cold shouldering’ was their response. Ginger jumped in to the pool rather too enthusiastically and ended up inelegantly sprawled across her glittery float and ‘thump’, jammed headlong into the glass edge. What wasn’t obvious to her, was the feint sound of a crack.

She could feel the float getting slightly less buoyant and guessed her brother’s cycling patch must not have been of the best quality. She headed over towards the frosty flamingos before the ring deflated completely. Those sunglass toting girls started to head quickly to the other side. Ginger was peturbed and didn’t understand why they were so unfriendly.

However, in their haste to get to the other side, they rammed themselves into the same spot. Their dark shades meant they weren’t able to see clearly where they were headed. Not only did the edge of the pool crack, they couldn’t see the breach and both Flora and Felicity plopped from the pool to the concrete below.

Ginger couldn’t help it. She started to giggle and then progressed to a throaty laugh that ended in a guffaw. Those snooty feathered girls shook their feathers down and waddled away, looking incredibly dishevelled. That day, Ginger learned a valuable lesson; it wasn’t that you should always use a new flotation ring, nor that glittered and glued rhinestones when mixed with chlorinated water will end up with a trail of translucent sparkle behind you (although both of these are true), but that really, it’s always best to be you and not place your hope in cool chicks that have no depth nor good manners!!…

Those glasses in the story are from another new set; ‘Pop Up Plushies’. There are so many little extras to add real personalisation to the images. All images were coloured in with Nuvo Alcohol markers.

I can’t wait to see what Jenny and Stephanie have been creating on the Clearly Besotted Blog.

Next, please pop to Lisa and Michelle (who are definitely not snooty, nor fake!!) and also our lovely special guest Amy Tsurata

Until tomorrow, lovely blog readers; be YOU!




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  • 1. lisatilson76  |  June 28, 2019 at 8:12 am

    Waaaaaaaah! Spa day, just too too sweet!! And deflating floaty things, sharpie sunglasses 😍, just such a fun story Keren. Ginger sounds like my kind of gal. I’m glad the other two ended up a bit battered and bruised 😂 xx


  • 2. michshort  |  June 28, 2019 at 8:19 am

    Oh my goodness! What a wonderful card and wonderful story! I love Ginger! She should definitely be herself because she is pretty amazing! xx


  • 3. tsurutadesigns1  |  June 28, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Oh my goodness, so CUTE.


  • 4. conil  |  June 28, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    Ginger wins the day in this story…love stories with morals (perhaps I can start calling you the Aesop of the craft world). Anyway, the card is, as always, gorgeous…the addition of the infinity pool acetate caught my eye immediately. So glad Flora and Felicity got their comeuppance.


  • 5. Stephanie Wincott  |  July 27, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    Ginger is a legend!! I LOVE her!!!! ❤



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