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In a Rut & DIY Lightboxes!

Not the usually staged photo.
I’ve been busy creating a light box. I’d seen something similar around on the internet and then Katy Godbeer made one in the recent Creativity magazine and I thought I’d finally have a go.
I used a Tassimo box as it was white inside already so saved me having to paint it. Here’s the stages-



You just use vellum or parchment paper inside each cut out section.
I need better lights- a stronger watt bulb and then it might be a clearer purer white.
It’s great though for when I’ve got to do photos at night time.
This card has gotten me out of a rut. Do you ever just feel you’re in a ‘meh’ designing phase?
I’ve been there for a couple of weeks- and whilst I’m not definitely out- this card was not such a struggle to put together.
I had seen this piece of art on Pinterest.
Wood is a big trend noticed at the CHA event and I really was inspired by this pin. I’ve used some W plus 9 stamps ( Fresh Cut Florals) and some papers from Cut and Paste ( Amy T/ American crafts) and also some from Sew lovely and the butterfly is from Madame Peyraud (Papermania).
I’m entering this for the Simon Says Stamp ‘Anything Goes’ challenge

Well I’m afraid I’ve nothing funny to tell you. You would have found my contortions in trying to get a photo from the light box amusing. As you would have found everyone in the house stepping over me on the way into the kitchen.
Ah well. I’m used to being in the way!!

See you after I’ve purchased some higher wattage. Maybe it’ll make me shine more brightly if I could get some extra watts for me too!!


January 16, 2014 at 8:21 pm 5 comments

Mystery Christmas Stamp Set!


Morning, morning! I was hunting through my sets and decided to do a Christmas card but using an utterly non seasonal set. Guessed which set?

Milk and Cookies! So which other sets did you use, I hear you ask? None! As soon as I looked carefully at the set., I saw the straw and immediately thought candy canes! Due to the perfect flexible nature of the photopolymer, these babies can be curled & altered. I really took the straw to the max- it only just stayed in that position. Once I curled and stamped to the left, I curled the other way & stamped again.

I trimmed out most of the middle of the milk bottle & around the edge, so we could see the canes showing through.

The wreath? How did I make that? See the closeup…


I used these two elements-



The little circle is the centre of the wreath. The single line (which is normally used as the meniscus)

I simply curved around a little on my block and put one end on the circle & just systematically moved it around.

Just shows how with a little sneaky thinking you can create something completely unintended from the set.

Go and twist your sets!

At present there’s a little ‘bug’ going around the family. It didn’t last for long fortunately but due to school rules I ‘ve got two very happy and lively boys off. Anyone would think they didn’t want to be at school 😉 Let’s just say that my car got an impromptu clean yesterday.

It was a thorough clean. You know when that ‘smell’ just gets into your nostrils and you can smell it everywhere?! Worst still, my lovely Mum bought some soup for lunch. It was lentil and bacon with carrots. And you guessed it- it looked JUST LIKE…..

My friend Taheerah still has my password to this blog. Yesterday she told me she’d hidden a tiny pony in one of my posts. I’ve yet to find it- if anyone can find it, there’s a stampy prize up for grabs. That naughty Taheerah-I’d better change the password pronto!

love Keren xx

November 26, 2013 at 11:18 am 6 comments

Card Gallery & Fighting Fit ( again)

Silly WordPress, silly me. It posted a post that was blank. Good that!
I’m putting a random selection of recent makes today. I haven’t a clue whether I’m coming or going nevermind what’s been posted and hasn’t.

First one is using all Docrafts products ( namely the 12 Days of Christmas again). This second one is using the lovely WPlus9 Cupid’s Arrow. You can get both the set for that and for the next from Make The Day Special

I guess three’s enough for now- and looking at the backgrounds, it’s seems as though I’m in a dotty phase. True in so many ways.
I’ve been going a little dotty due to fighting a battle royal with germs. Yucky tonsillitis- I couldn’t speak properly for a few days which pleased my family no end.
The worst night consisted of struggling to get to sleep, being woken up by someone and then someone’s snoring being so bad ( it probably wasn’t too bad but my sleep-deprived stupor made it seem that way!) that if I hadn’t have left the room the urge to slap him just might have overcome me.
Thankfully noone received a slap & me and the downstairs sofa got less than comfortably acquainted so that now I’ve done something funny to my back. Fighting fit is taking an effort and I’m nearly there- I need to be; I’m playing bouncer ( oops, I mean ticket collector) for an hour at Port Sunlight stamp festival.
And speaking of that- I have two tickets if anyone wants them ( they’re £2.50 each) and are like gold dust so just email me if you’d like them. I can leave them there to be collected if you wanted.

Better go- am trying to catch up on sleep. We have a mini camper in our room. Littliest decided he wanted to sleep on the floor in our room. He looks very cute. Lets hope he doesn’t snore too!
See you when I’ve regained some zzzz’s …xx

September 25, 2013 at 10:59 pm 5 comments

Summer Burst with Milk & Cookies!

20130820-105632.jpgApologies for any of you popping across and just seeing the photo- I pressed the wrong button & so it posted without me being able to add any text!

Well. hullo.

Today’s set is courtesy of the gorgeous W Plus 9 new set ‘Milk and Cookies’which is a pretty fine set don’t you think?! I’ll get plenty of mileage with the milk and cookies (who wouldn’t?!) so whilst there is a little sunshine left, it seemed only right to revel in a few rays!

My littlie was unimpressed with this card. I explained that I was ‘working’ (creating this card especially for Make The Day Special). Glancing disparagingly at my creation he smirked and said “they make you make babyish stuff”?!!

Yep, thanks Will. Make The Day Special is not about ‘babyish’ stuff although the design team are often known to be giggling about something 😉

Of the many stories from our recent camping trip- I’ll leave you with the shortest, yet hardly sweetest. If, right now you’re nibbling your lunch or having a mid morning biccy- please put it may not want to be eating whilst consuming the delights of this tale!

For those only used to 5 star accomodation, glamping or have never been on holiday resembling an outdoors hotel, there are the lovely parts and the necessary pretty yucky parts. Obviously, emptying the chemical ‘convenience’ was a job I couldn’t farm out to anyone else. My lovely sister-in-law had given me the run down on what to do- this kinda stopped at removing the loo from the caravan. The rest was up to me.

I managed to retrieve it from the caravan and even navigate the handle to turn it into a loo attendant’s version of a flight hostesses attache case. Took me a little while to figure out exactly where the special emptying facility was and that was when I got a little stupefied.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to vacate the contents. There were several buttons/sliders. I pressed one which resulted in a little ‘leakage’.


I slid something & twisted something, not having the holder in the entirely right position meant there was a little splashing around. This would have been entirely fine had a) it not been windy & b) I was wearing a flowing skirt.

What a numpty.

There I stood, with fast flowing stuff in one hand, and the other frantically trying to keep my billowing skirt from making contact with the stuff. It was a battle I can tell ya!

As I was trying to hold the hosepipe (not right at the bottom) I was keenly aware that as I hosed down, this little piece of hose probably held 1 squillion of less than savoury germs. Steve’s face as I returned was one of great amusement. I asked him to bring Fairy Liquid & turn on an outside tap for me. I washed my hands.

A lot.

And then, if that wasn’t enough, I washed them again.

And to complete the adventure I chased Steve back to the caravan trying to touch his rugby top. Ha. Serves him for smirking!

Yet again, I learnt a valuable life lesson. No more skirts & hopefully, no more chem loos if I can help it.

Better go, feel like rinsing my hands again!

See you, when I’ve made a more ‘mature’ card that gains the littlie’s approval! xx

August 20, 2013 at 10:57 am 4 comments

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