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You Moose Be My Valentine & This Week!

I know yesterday was ‘Blue Monday’ where all the fuzzy ‘after-Christmas’ feelings apparently vanished (yeah, right!), and if you’ve noticed that the shops are getting in all Easter goods.. my mind went to Valentines Day.

I’ve had this Critters Set in a little while & hadn’t looked at the sentiments- I’d just dismissed it as a Christmas set.

Well it’s not!

And.. with 15%’s only ¬£8.95.

If you’re not a mad fan of fussy cutting..look no further than the dies that match

and as these are also on Special Offer, it would criminal not to get them together ūüėČ

To create it, once I’d stamped the moose and die-cut it out, I simply die-cut the hearts from this set plus a couple of smaller sizes from other Lawn Fawn die sets. I used the papers from Sweater Weather & Snow Day to create the grass and hearts plus some gold mirror card (which in small quantities is actually pretty useful!!)

Attach the hearts to some string and attach to the reverse of the moose. After all, what else are antlers for?!

The sentiment is just perfect for any love card or a secret Valentine too!

Hope you can show these little fellas a little love. I have plans for some fun stamping using just his antlers!

So far this week I’ve sent a commission off without taking photographs so I’m going to have to write the copy without any sort of idea of what the projects looked like.
I’ve managed to go to the school run with soup dried onto my coat (because it’s so freezing in the house I ate my lunch wearing my coat, spilled the soup (unknowingly)¬†and now look like an utter meff!).
I’ve been knitting furiously. I managed to turn the pattern the completely opposite way (I’m calling it a design feature!).
I’ve managed to split cream, shrink a jumper (even further than it was) and break my hoover.
Go me!
On the positive side, I’ve got dressed every day (including make-up), remembered to both take and pick up my kids from school, wash their clothes, cook their meals and stay alive.
Go me (again!).
I’ve figured out that regularly changing the Wi-Fi password is proving a both a consistent deterrent (for the younger) and a perfect punishment (for the older kids) so this week isn’t all bad ūüėČ
I’m hoping I don’t wreck / break any more things, because, please, it’s only Tuesday!

Hope your week is going spendidly!


January 20, 2015 at 10:00 am 9 comments

Valentine Treat Bag & Not Much Love!

Here’s a quick and fun project today with some adorable little Love Bugs!! Yes, they’re from Tesco (where else!!) and these are what my kids woke up to. They each had¬† little bag at the end of their beds!

Ok, I know chocolate isn’t great first thing in the morning, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! I too got chocolate and the most gorgeous box of cake cases!! (Steve knows just what I like!). The choccies are definately not the sort to waste on ‘I love any type of chocolate’ kids so I’m glad they got Love Bugs to munch on and could leave me to mine!! Having said all of that, those little bugs were pretty good (I’ll be hunting some more down as they’d be perfect for spring and summer cards!).

The outer case is from a stash of bags I’ve had in for ages! Love their milky opaque look. I did want a window in so you could see all the little ladybirds jostling for attention but the label punch would have meant that they’d have fallen out and damaged their wings. So I put in some of the smallest Stampin’Up! cellophane bags as an inner and they all seem quite cozy in there!

I’ve done some faux-stitching with a gel pen around the aperture and added a butterfly punch for the wings on the top bug. I created the red border using the punch (more details to follow on that one!), added some basic black ribbon, a sentiment from the Tiny Tags set and used Crumb Cake cardstock to make the bag topper. I happened to have some red staples (handy!!) and they finished it off!

Cute, quick and perfect for kids! (or slightly bigger kids too!).

Need to sign off quickly- there has been a distinct lack of love eminating from certain Baker kids this morning. Not sure they are feeling the love. The bugs did nae work and now I’m not feeling it much either. Ah well, maybe solitary confinement might help (and that would be just for me!). Maybe a quick headlong dive into the Hotel Chocolat box just might be the answer!!!

Have a ‘love‘ly day- whether you have a Valentine or not. Take a minute to think about all the people you love and the things you’re grateful for, and make Valentines Day an expression of all that is good and loveworthy in your life!

Sending you hugs! xx

Project deets: Supplies as mentioned above plus black Stazon ink!

February 14, 2011 at 10:48 am 4 comments

Valentine Giftcard Holder

Hello there! I am doing another quickie post. I’ve another one off sick– nothing much, but enough to get sent home from school. This is a work in progress but finished enough to show you now. I will be adding a tiny tag, some Bakers twine and a teensy pearl.¬†With Valentine’s Day looming and the ever present need to get something- sometimes it’s just easier to send a heartfelt note or a gift card!! (what would you prefer?!!!). This is a giftcard holder similar to one I’ve made before but made out of a window sheet (acetate). The stamping is done in Black and white Stazon ink and using the Love Letter papers. It’s a bit more masculine and will save as a standby in case I can’t find anything more suitable for Steve. It was all made and stamped in less than 10 minutes. I know it looks wonky, but its just the side not secured by the ribbon rising up a bit!

Have to rush off to the shops later. One of my biglies is doing cake decorating this week in Food Tech (they baked them and froze them last week). Aside from the discussion of the dubious merits of freezing fresh cakes, her plans for pimping her cakes are extravagant to say the least. The amount of items she’s taking to dress up the cakes is astonishing. Ok, I may have led her a little with the idea for putting ganache on one set, but the stars, nozzles, icing pens, glitter, fondant shapes etc etc are entirely hers. They’ve been told they’ll get more points for exciting decorations! Lets hope she scores well- these things matter don’t they! I’m just glad I have all that paraphenalia in- imagine the cost if I hadn’t have had!!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the cards we’re doing tomorrow night at my Sale-a-bration night. It’s not too late to come…

Better dash- Don’t forget to scroll back and leave a comment on my bag post- it’s up for grabs but the last date for entries is tomorrow¬† the 5th!!

Giftcard holder supplies; Window sheet, Love letter designer series paper. white and black Stazon. Real Red satin ribbon, Artistic Etchings stamp set.

February 3, 2011 at 2:13 pm 1 comment

Kids’ Valentine Favours

I’ve done several of these today. One for each of my children! Last year, I left a little package of mini-chocolates at the bottom of their beds whilst we away for the weekend. They haven’t forgotten, and I’ve been asked in fact, told that they are looking forward to the same thing this year. No pressure then! I’m a little time short this weekend so it had to be quick. They are cute and the chocolates were 6 for ¬£1 from Tesco so it hardly broke the bank either!

I am feeling the love!- I’ve found my heart lights (silly but sweet red lights all heart shaped). I’ve got some pink balloons and some glow in the dark red ones too. Add a red tablecloth, some red candles and few specially placed hearts around and you have a Valentined house! I never did this when I was little, but it was something my mum-in-law used to do on Valentines Day and I thought it was a tradition worth preserving! (or nicking?!). I suppose for our family, its a day where we remind each other how much we love each other and the kids love it. Their own ‘valentine’ gets them beyond the question ‘did you get a valentine?’ and we’ve been baking heart shaped cakes and cupcakes (which we’ll decorate with hearts later!).

Well- this is a short post. Must report that the Estate Agent did come but gave a very low valuation- we need time to reflect on that one. I hope that you enjoy tomorrow. I guess that Valentines Day can be a hard day for so very many people who are missing people they love, or have never found that right someone. We need to remember them too.

See you soon,xx

Project- Real red cardstock. Inks, ruby red and pretty in pink, Stazon White. Regal rose ribbon.


February 13, 2010 at 5:24 pm 1 comment

Cobweb Valentine and a new team member?

Doesn’t look much does it? A bit of cutwork, a bit of stamping, a bit of layering!

I’ve been site hopping again; good ole Martha Stewart to be precise. This wasn’t hers, but a contributor called Jocelyn Worral and here’s the link with a printable template for cutting¬†. It’s not hard, just a bit fiddly. I had stamped my own ‘paper’ as I didn’t have much ‘love’ type paper. Don’t you often find that everything worth doing can be fiddly. I’ve been teaching my number three how to tie her shoelaces. She’s ecstatic and I often feel that when I’m conquering a new skill. I love the fact that our brains have such a capacity to learn. Sadly mine feels rather full and crammed most of the time, but its full of useless ‘stuff’ rather than intelligent information!

Want to see what it’s like when you lift the little handle?

It would look nice hanging somewhere on Valentines day. It¬†was supposed to be a card- you could write in between the spaces at the bottom. I’ll post a pic at the bottom, so you can actually see the hearts. It is clever and looking carefully at the template, I reckon it would pretty simple to convert to different shapes.

It’s been wet and a bit miserable too. I was very grateful for being on the right side of the road today as a lorry came down my friends road at such a speed and with such lack of care, it smashed off the¬†opposite cars’ wingmirror. I ran around the car, trying to get the number plate, but it was going too fast. I felt really bad for those poor people coming back to find their car altered, and not in a good way. I made sure I bent mine right in, before I visited my friend!

I need to go and prepare¬†something to make for tonight. My two Stampin’Up! buddies¬†, Vicki and Nicci are coming round under the pretext of crafting- but probably we’ll get not so much done! I was going to use this cobweb heart, but reckon its too fiddly to be faffing with at 9pm!

I must say a big¬† Hello to Katie and her mum Diane. She’s considering¬† joining SU! and I’m looking forward to getting to know her. It’s a brilliant time to join as you get a free extra stamp set worth up to ¬£38.95 but only if you do it before the end of Feb. It’s still a great idea after that, but just without the extra freebie! You’ll still get freebies from joining my team, so why not think about it? I do genuinely love doing workshops and I bet you would too.

My favourite phrase about Stampin’ Up! comes from a US demo who has the strap line ‘Every time I go to work, I end up at a party!!’. Get in touch, its really easy to join, and I’m available to answer all of your questions!!

Here’s the final pic, and toodle-oo until next time- I’ve got some interesting projects coming along soon! xx


All supplies from Stampin’Up. Cardstock whisper white and real red. Whisper white ribbon. Inks; Basic Black and Regal Rose. Stamps from Schoolbook Serif and Occasions.

February 2, 2010 at 5:09 pm 1 comment

Chocolate Mini and Craft Classes

As soon as Christmas¬†was over (in fact well before) I saw some extremely cute looking rabbit ears. I reckon the shops do it to make us panic that we’re not ready ever before we even need to think about it. Me, I’m thinking about Valentines Day. It has a habit of just creeeeping up on you and catching you completely off-guard. So, this year I will be ready (how many times have you heard people say that!!). I decided to tackle a token pressie for a man (ok, I meant Steve precisely) but it ended up looking so cute that I’m not sure I can give it to him! He bought me a sweet little bag with an extremely expensive chocolate in for Christmas. He’s getting to know me know after 16 years and knew I’d like the bag possibly more than the chocolate. As I carefully unpeeled the shape, I eyed it and announced that it would make a perfect template. ‘I knew you’d do that’ he said! So, this is what I made from the template. I’m sure this crafting malarky is a disease,- it changes the way you look at everyday objects. I do this so much now, I reckon I annoy myself!! Notice the small stamp? Its there to provide a bit of scale. The bag is so dinky that I think even a Ferraro Rocher might have to breathe in to fit inside!!!

Just like some people used to send all the ribbon off chocolate boxes my way, if you ever receive a nice looking box, you know how to recycle it;-my way!! I’ve escaped from the madness next door. My kids were creating a mural together but it all went a bit crazy and after the arguments as to how far over each others line they were drawing, they’ve now settled for individual paper and a flurry of pencil lines. They’re still off¬† school today; school said we could make a decision about sending them in ourselves. Well, I didn’t fancy an icy slip down our road and another mammothly slow drive to school. I feel much safer esconced in our little house, gobbling up the remains of the cinnamon rolls which have kept surprisingly well from Wednesday!

Did any of you notice the new look? No? Never mind. See the new tab at the top of the page? Stamping Classes ! Yay! I’ve finally sorted them out. The dates and details are all there and I want them to be fun evenings where you can do a little more than I’d do at a workshop and you’ll learn plenty to boot. Fancy it? Email ¬†or phone me, at or 0151 2289946 or even¬†fill in a comment with your contact details and I’ll get back to you. We’ll do one card and one 3D project and you’re bound to learn something new. They’ll be at my house initially- but I’ve got plenty of room and I look ¬†forward to seeing you!!

Ok, announcements over! If I could operate Photoshop I’d put a copy of the template up- if you’re interested, get in touch and I’ll see if I can send you a copy the snail mail way!

Happy creating xx

Box recipe, Bashful Blue and Whisper White cardstock, Certainly Celery ribbon. Certainly Celery, Night of Navy and Bordering Blue ink.  Occasionally and Darling Dots stamp sets. All supplies except gold jump rings from Stampin Up!


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