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Valentine & Lack of Love

Happy Valentines Day! Whether you received a Valentine or are simply planning to be lovely to everyone you meet- let me say- I LOVE having you pop onto my blog and hope you feel a little brighter for having visited.
Every Valentine’s Day I do a little Valentine treat for my kiddos. It’s partly because I love them (😉) and partly so they can always say they got a Valentine.
Time got the better of me and I was finishing them off last night- and this morning they are all destroyed (should have photographed them last night) so I can’t show you what I made them.

This however was a little extra one I rustled up. It’s using the brand new release from Lawn Fawn recently showcased at CHA USA and is available from February 20th. Not long to wait now.
I’ve only used a fraction of the ‘Hello Sunshine’ set- I wanted to make the birdies look like they were kissing and also to use the weeny hearts as balloons. I’ve just scribbled on the balloon strings.
I’ve used Milo’s ABC’s which is my go-to alpha right now and if you want to see those in store go and check out Lawn Fawn or Make The Day Special where they have Lawn Fawn sets too.
The question now is who do I give it to?!!

My kids are no angels. They do love messing around. Shortly after coming home yesterday I heard wailing coming from the dining room.
I stuck my head around the doorframe and found this

It does look like he’s in pain- but I assure you that he wasn’t. He was however, completely stuck.
Looks like he should have been able to simply stand and unhook himself but he couldn’t.
I did laugh.
Couldn’t help myself.
After I’d unhooked him (& taken the incriminating photographic evidence) he announced that I should put in on Facebook.
Ever the showman!
I think he quite liked the idea of shaming his sister too.
This morning I unwittingly had created a cunning plan.
The Valentine treats are normally just a few sweeties but I’d found some beautiful bargain decorated biscuits on sticks.
The brood were too busy munching to be rude or narky nor unpleasant and we enjoyed a good 10 minutes of peaceful rabbit mimicking nibbling and munching.
A lovely morning.
Until half way to school we realised that the boxes lovingly collected for ‘famous building’ building day were in fact still in the hall.
One little boy had a very long and sad face despite assurances from me that his teacher would have spares.
He’s planning on creating a famous Liverpool landmark ( the Liver Buildings) from cereal boxes.
I get to view the masterpiece later!

Hope you share a smile with someone today- love is for everyone and you don’t need a Valentine to prove it!

See you when I’ve had a lie-in tomorrow. I’m not working tomorrow.

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