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Triangle Tri-fold Card & Complications!


Monday already?!! The weekend was a busy one. I was at Sycamore Park Craft shop and it was a brilliant day. This card was one of the ones I demo’ed. the thing is, I love grabbing stuff we used to do and reintroducing it again. I’m not a big one for easel cards or stepper cards but this fold is simple and effective and just a little different. Everyone did them about 3-4 years ago and I thought it was high time they came back!
You open it so it looks a bit like this

You can get 3 cards out a piece of 12×12 cardstock and you end up with a 4′ square card. Tiny but perfectly formed!
It was great meeting so many new people. Honestly,it was heaving and not a particularly large shop. We had a good time and everyone’s favourite things were acetate stamped butterflies. It was the first day of a re-opening under new management and really well stocked- so if you’re in Ellesmere Port, Great Sutton it’s worth checking out.

This week has been a little complicated. Whatever I tried to do it wasn’t terribly straightforward. It got a bit messy on the Wednesday when one of my daughter’s rabbits suddenly died about 6:45am and quite traumatically.
There were lots of tears. You can imagine several kids were really upset. I was too. This was all before breakfast! Added to that when we took the other bunny to the vet just to get checked out and they informed us that she had a ‘mass’ in her stomach and were pretty grave about the bunnies chances ( at the time I didn’t share that little extra piece of info with my daughter).
After lots of tlc, a few meds and lots of prayer, bunny had made an almost miraculous recovery by the afternoon.
That was close. She’s distraught enough about the one bunny, I couldn’t imagine both dying.
They all said goodbye.
It was sweet and sad.
We found a little place to bury her ( thanks to some kind friends at church).
I went yesterday with my daughter.
Thing is, I was tired and not thinking straight.
Most normal people would have equated dirt and digging with normal shoes or wellies.
I went in my suede almost 3 inch high boots.
Were it not for the solemnity of the situation Id have laughed.
I’m standing on a raised bed, digging a substantially large hole in my heels.
Well, if you can dance in them, I guess you can dig in them.
Glamour is not removed from gardening necessarily!!!
I don’t recommend it, I did think I was about to fall off the raised bed a couple of times and its rather hard digging through a few roots without substantial soles.
We did it though.
A little time of quiet.
She marked it with a heart made from stones.
Fortunately her own heart is not made from the same material.
We now have a rather solitude rabbit who is getting royal treatment.
Life and death is hard for kids. Hard for all of us. I learned again that these are no small things in their experience.
Glad they’ve found a way through- each in their own way.

I’m off, have a birthday card to make and some rather muddy boots to clean! xx

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