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New Card Club & Freebies

Howdy! Lots and lots to tell you, so grab a seat!

First- the  brand NEW Card Club– see the new tab at the top of my blog. I’m using this card as the inspiration for this months club and this was in fact the make and take from Friday’s workshop at my house.

All the details are in the Tab- so have a peek and see if you fancy joining my club! There will always be FREE stuff thrown in and there will also be a special event at the end of each year for those who have taken part in my club. This Exclusive event will be for anyone who has used the club but doesn’t require you to do it every month.

The second thing to tell you about it the latest Stampin’UP! promotion- if you order any goods £75 or over (not including P&P) then you get some FREE goodies which at a conservative estimate is probably worth £25 at least.

I thought I’d also show you what I demo’ed on Friday night- another different take on the stamp set featured in August’s Card Club- different colour scheme and a completely different look

It’s great to hear from you all- I love learning about what you’re making and what you’re doing. I’m also happy to answer questions– I was giving  some instructions on one of my Christmas July makes only this morning to one of the lovely girls who came (hi Sharon!!).

This week is deemed a ‘chill out week’. One of friends asked me how I was intending to accomplish that with the kids off on holiday, but as I’m actually two down as my eldest two are on camp, it does seem like my work load has reduced- even if its just on dishes to be stacked and clothes washed! I joked with my eldest that the electricity suppliers probably think we’re on holiday because the consumption will have reduced dramatically in line with her not being around to use her hair straighteners and speakers constantly!!

I’m not cooking much- using the delights of convenience foods wherever possible and just spending the week meeting up with friends and doing as little as humanly possible! Check back to see if I actually accomplished it! The kds are all busy making ‘gold doubloons’!! They’re playing pirates. I even ran several shees of card through my Big Shot to quicken up the doubloon creating process. See- my stash even comes in useful to help with pirate games!!! I”ll have ot break off to make some French Toast. I fancy something a bit comforting. I adore it with a smidgen of golden syrup (or even better Canadian Maple syrup). Some of my kids are complete Philistines and insist on Tomato ketchup! Will have to go- I can hear someone getting annoyed with someone else. I may have to intervene before someone walks the plank!

LASTLY and most importantly is the result from my Secret Hostess Event;

anyone who ordered from the Christmas in July event, over the last week or during my Friday evening’s workshop got an entry into getting the Hostess stamp set and freebies. The winner is……..

The name drawn was GILL RADCLIFFE!! Well done Gill- you’ll have some lovely goodies coming your way-

But HANG ON- due to the sheer amount of orders, I decided to add an extra prize. This includes a previous stamp set ‘Darling Dots’ and also a packet of rhinestone brads;

the winner of that is…..SUE DALE!

Congratulations to you both- I’ll be in touch with you both shortly!!


See you soon- get in touch if you fancy any of the offers! PS- Card Club is open to anyone, no matter where you live!!



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Bunting Card & Boo to Marks & Spencer


 Bunting is one of my favourite things. It reminds me of being a kid, of celebrations and of patriotism. Here’s the quickest little (and it is really teeny) card morsel and its just stripes using offcuts of card and little triangles fashioned out of some more left over pieces. I actually put the stripes on first and then punched the shape out of it- leaving me a striped punched piece that I’ve used as the basis for another card. Add a few dots using a white gel pen and that’s a wrap.

Speaking of wraps- I tried to wrap Steve’s Birthday presents up this week in some really rather gorgeous sparkly yet matt wrapping paper. But the thing was that I couldn’t get anything to stick it down. Please Mr Bolland ( chief exec of M & S) can you not produce things not fit for purpose- whoever has heard of wrapping stuff that can’t be stuck down using Sellotape?! Stampin’Up’s super strong Sticky strip (try saying that in a hurry) just about coped, but even that was struggling a little.

I’ve been a bit unimpressed with M & S for another reason. I bought some jeans in their sale online (I go through the knees on jeans like you wouldnt believe) and when they came I happened to check the label and they were in fact full price. I had saved nothing! They did this to me back in December but with Christmas and everything I never bothered t take it up with them. How can items be in the sale yet you are unknowingly paying full price for them- I call that a con or some regularly incompetent programmers. well, I thought I’d ask customer services about it. The conversation went something like this;

Me; Can I explain why I’m ringing- (then a potted version of what I’ve just explained to you)

M&S Man; Well I’m sorry about that. Are you sure it was in the sale?

Me; Your link took me there and I clicked on Sale items

M&S Man; well was it in red? We only put sale priced items in red.

Me; Ermm.. where does it say on the website that you need to check that the sale prices are in red?

M&S Man– it doesnt. I’m just saying that next time there is a sale, if you check that the price is red before you buy it. If it isn’t can you please ring us and we’ll verify it is a sale item.

Me; (a little surprised)- so you want me to double check each item that I’m looking at and tell you if you’ve got it wrong.

M&S Man; ermm.. no , but you need to check they are actually sale items

Me; shouldn’t a customer be able to safely assume if they’re in the sale section of your website then in fact the items are on sale?

M&S Man..well we make mistakes.

Me; Yep, you do, to me, twice. And with several items back in December.

M&S Man, well I’ll pass on your concerns to management

Me; Will you really, or is this just a way to get me off the phone?

M&S Man ……………

At this point, I gave up and said something about writing into Head Office.

 Dear Marks and Spencer, I fear you are going down the pan. What happened to your wonderful customer service?….

You can see, I have a really stimulating lifestyle and I’m not going to win any awards for consumer champion either. Would it have helped if I had shouted, do you think? I don’t want to lose my temper over a pair of jeans that were decidedly average in their quality and fit! Oh well, I think I’d better stick to what I know and not do shopping online.  Except I have done a decent amount of shopping in the sales and nearly sorted out Christmas (apart from the men, that is). Fortunately Cath Kidston’s customer service is excellent and I remain a happy customer of hers! Before I go- here’s a sneak peek of one of the projects we’re doing next Saturday at my Christmas in July event!

Better go- I have Christmas gift wrapping to do (wink!!)


Card recipe: Cardstock- whisper white, Crumb Cake, Tempting Turquoise, Wild Wasabi, Daffodile Delight, Pumpkin Pie and Real Red.  Certainly Celery ribbon. White embossing powder and Congratulations sentiment from Bundle of Love set.

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Congrats & Breathing Deeply!

 This is a clean and simple one. I suppose it’s more completely me. I have entered it into a competition- but I won’t tell you which one so you can’t ask me and I have to mutter about not getting anywhere in it!

Making this congrats card was a good diversionary activity this week..I’ve needed a few. Other activities this week have included reading (alright, reading 4 pages) of a current novel, building a lego dinosaur complete with moving jaws, making Cake pops (double yum), watching a Beatrix Potter ballet and making 6 cards in one night (quite a feat for slow ole me!). You can gather that I needed distracting.. well I did in bucket loads.

My Dad had some sort of major heart episode that ended up with him in ITU and the medics telling us the prognosis was ‘bleak’. Amazingly, within a couple of days (and after 100’s of prayers from all over this country and others in the world too), my lovely Dad is making astonishing progress. From not recognising his family at all, he’s now smiling, laughing (quite a bit at himself due to some delayed confusion), walking and more or less back to normal.

Not a prognosis we were expecting, but one we’re very thankful to be witnessing… its been a rollercoaster week and at the end, we’ve another member of the family pretty ill now too. Now you understand the title..breathing deeply. It has amazed me, the intricacy of our body- how they’re so finely tuned and how they can go wrong fairly spectacularly.  You can cut some of the tension in our house with a knife as a result. The kids have been upset and now are really relieved but it does take its toll. I’ve found a healthier alternative to stress-eating chocolate and now am quite partial to B&J’s frozen yoghurts. I honestly can’t tell the difference between that and icecream.

Have to go- have lots to tell you- but not time to do it! I’m still receiving bookings for the Christmas in July event in Liverpool city centre 23rd July (Sat) 9:30am-1:30 . £25. Dasher stamp and goody bag included and loads of fun projects. Last booking and paying date by 12th July please! It’s going to be fab!!!

See you when I can tear myself away from the frozen yoghurt!!


Card recipe; all supplies Stampin’Up! except for the Doodlebug rub-ons. Don’t you love that Daffodil Delight satin ribbon!!

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Strength and Hope set and Arguing!

Hey! I’m sheltering from the scorching heat in the safety of my cool craft room and thought I’d show you the projects that we did on Friday at the Strength and Hope event. It was a bit of a first for me as I really don’t do the matchy matchy stuff but, I thought I’d at least one in my lifetime so here it is! We all had a great night- (at least that’s what they said!) and despite traditional Breast cancer colours and logos using the pink colours, I thought we’d have a change. To be honest, the entire colour scheme was based upon the packaging of the soaps so I didn’t have to remove the paper and people not know what kind of soap it was; -simples…yes, the soap was ‘Simple’ soap!!

I’ll be producing the templates for the tissue holder and note cover, as I’ve already been asked about it. Just need to schedule a session with Photoshop!!!

On Saturday I went to a craft fair with my daughter to sell off a load of craft gear that I just wasn’t using. I made just over £50 which is going towards a great cause. It was good fun chatting to the other stall holders; as we were all crafters there was a fair bit of buying each others stuff!! Fortunately I was pretty disciplined and only came away with some brilliant Sizzix storage for all my lovely new Stampin’Up! dies.My daughter had a great time keeping tally of our sales and had a good wander round the stalls coming back with some pretty earrings and an amazing drawing done by a very talented illustrator. It’s inspiring being around people who share your loves- these women all had different talents and styles and it made me want to go home and get making something! It can also be inspiring being around people who you love …but sometimes it’s just plain hard work!!

Trying to get my girls to appreciate the differences in each other is quite an up-hill battle. They enjoy sparring with each other in their own unique language. Steve likes to adopt some of their phrases into his conversations partly to wind them up. He has been over-using the phrase ‘epic’ quite a lot recently!

 I saw a different method of language this morning on the way to school; a son and father arguing in sign-language. I couldn’t stop looking ahead into their car which was in front (ok, I was stopped at the traffic lights and was entirely safe!!) True, I couldn’t hear them and it could have been an animated discussion, but the fathers body language did make him look decidedly rattled! I don’t mind most of the girls’ banter; it seems to be the way that they talk with some of their friends but I wouldn’t mind a few more signs of mutual appreciation! Am I asking too much?!!

I need to go and rescue Jamie’s shin pad from Will, who’s using it as a ‘fighter thing’ on his arm. Hope you’re not all melting too much today!

Don’t forget to book for my Christmas in July event on Sat July 23rd 9:30-1:30. Cost £25 with a goody bag and Dasher stamp free! I’ve got 8 people confirmed with 3 more maybe’s! I can always get a bigger room- oooh.. then I’ll need a bigger Christmas tree!!!


Project recipe: contact me if you want details or to purchase the templates ( ). Colour combo is Pear Pizzazz, Basic Black, whisper white and Crumb Cake!

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Paper Flowers Box & Inspirations!

Hey! The sunshine is out and I’m feeling pretty good to say it’s a Monday morning! This little project was the result of  messing about with a scoring tool, making a box and prettying it up a little. I’ve wanted to do these curled flowers for ages. They’re SO easy. Just punch out a circle, cut a spiral into it (remember those spiral snakes you made as a kid?!!) and curl up from the middle. I secured my middles with a spot of glue so it made curling the rest a little simpler. Paper would be easier still- I used cardstock. I’ve left it unstamped- couldn’t decide where to put a sentiment. I’ll probably hang a mini tag of the bow with some linen thread when I’ve a few spare minutes. I quite like the pastel look and added a bold splash of Pacific Point blue to make it ‘pop’ at you. I haven’t decided what to put in it. If I made it 1/4″ wider it would fit After Eights snuggled side-by-side. Maybe not too snuggly or they’d melt and bend and leak all over the place!

I do feel pretty inspired today. I have been around some pretty special people this weekend. Let me tell you about them (anonymously of course- but I think at least one of them will recognise herself). The first is a newish friend who popped round for a coffee and is having a pretty tough old time. She is one of those beautifully gracious people who is a joy to spend time with. If you heard her story, it would make you weep for her- but this is a woman made of tough stuff. Despite all that has happened (and is happening) to her, she exudes an inner beauty that is inspirational. She would credit her strength to her faith in God and would rebuff your compliments as to how well she’s surviving.

 Another person I spent time with was a family member who’s frail and old and again is struggling. Even talking is an effort. He didn’t say much while we sat with him, that is, until we asked him about the time when he built Lancaster bombers during the war. Then, he suddenly became alive. I learned a great deal about him as he animatedly recounted what he did and who he worked with and how there are only two of these bombers left in the world. Here is a man who has worked hard all his life and built some amazing things with his hands. One of his wagons is available to visit in Orlando, Florida. Wow- to look at him, you just see the ravages of old age- you can’t find the real man until you dig deeper- and then you find mountains of treasures!

Two heroes; in fact, I was in fact  with 4 this weekend. 4 unsung heroes. The other two were a family member fighting a battle with her health and doing it in such a brave and dignified way. The last hero is someone at a crossroads in her life, and trying to work out the way ahead so she can be more of a blessing for others. These are the people that newspaper columns should be filled with. I don’t buy mags such as Hello!. Ok! etc etc. I mean- some of these people in the tabloids do worthy things, but an awful lot are just famous because of a gift they were born with. I’d rather read about people who are leaving the world a better place just by being here. Give me half an hour with any of my heroes rather than a day with some celeb.

Me? I’m inspired…to look past people’s appearances and find out both what makes them tick and how they’re doing right now. I’m also inspired to look at what I’m doing and make some adjustments. A bit of reflection and introspection is a good thing!! Who can you inspire today?!!


PS- there are still places left for this Friday’s Strength and Hope stamping event at 8pm. Price is £20 and you get your own Strength and Hope stamp set (worth £12.95).

Also filling up is the Christmas in July event on Sat July 23rd 9:30am -1:30. Price is £25, you get a Dasher stamp and a goody bag. It’s gonna be a lotta fun!! x


Box supplies; Cardstock; Bashful Blue, Very Vanilla, So Saffron, Pacific Point and Pear Pizzazz. In-colour designer paper series, Basic pearls and Very Vanilla satin ribbon. Bird Punch(for the leaves)

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Simple Card & Just Call Me She-Ra!!

Here’s a stupidly simple and uber-quick offering. Sometimes, the scraps are your friend and I’m not talking about dinner left-overs (although they came in very handy tonight!). This was cobbled together using the odd strips of cardstock left from another creation, my good mate The Signo Gel Pen and a pricking tool. I still love the fact that the stamp sets are often accompanied by a matching punch to take all the fiddliness out of a card. The colouring (please don’t zoom in on it;- not a particularly pretty sight but fine from a distance) was literally a scribble here and there (like pretending I’m an artist for a moment) and a quick hole and tie the ribbon on. That reminds me that some time I must investigate Colouring  in lessons! Maybe my kids school could oblige!!

I went a little mad with the dashed lines- I must have been feeling rather hurried that day!

I have been reflecting on the fact that I was play-fighting with a 4 year old on the pavement this morning with absolutely no thought for my reputation! (whatever that may be). One of Will’s best friends has a penchant for wandering around in character. Recently it has been Rameses, Woody, Slinky Dog and this morning it was He-Man. I’ll explain shortly (for you non-80’s kids) what He-Man is, but in response to He-Man, I decided to become She-Ra (his sister and part-time heroine). Yes, I did have a stick (sword) and I did utter words like ‘I have the power’ (which in fact was actually He-Man’s line but I couldn’t remember any of hers. !). I brandished the swordstick from out of behind my neck (as you do) and together, me and the 4 year helped fight off all of the baddies. I pause here to mention that they are/were characters from an 80’s cartoon series called ‘Masters of the Universe’. Why were you watching that? I hear you ask.. well I had a younger brother…enough said.

There are many similarities between this character and many of us women.. here’s a few courtesy of Wikipedia (I know, I shouldn’t be quoting Wiki!)

She-Ra is often shown successfully attempting feats deemed impossible by other characters.”- sound familiar ?

 Here’s another..”He-Man & She-Ra were not allowed to use their swords as offensive weapons, nor were they allowed to directly punch or kick anyone. She-Ra was only allowed to destroy robotic enemies, which were her primary foes”. – I often feel that way about my iron and washing machine!

And lastly “Whether there is a limit to the length of time she can remain in her heroic form before she reverts back to her original form.. is unknown, however there have been occasions in which she has been forcibly transformed back.., implying that her powers do have limits to them”;- a fact we’re all too painfully aware of! I reached some limits today when one of my children set their alarm clock for 4am. Her justfication? Well I keep switching my snooze button off so I needed plenty of time to come round!!! I haven’t been in any heroic form today as a result and am in fact quite glad I don’t have to prance around in a white leotard a-la She-Ra (white is sooo draining don’t you find!).

I’ll go now, I need to practice my lines ‘For the honour of Grayskull..I am She-Ra’ specially for my second duel tomorrow morning. I actually might look forward to the school run now!

Card recipe; Cardstock Early Espresso, Crumb Cake, Rose Red, Pear Pizzazz and Whisper White. Inks- Basic Black, Pear Pizazz and Rose Red. Rose Red seam binding ribbon, Linen thread, Decorative Label Punch, white Signo Gel Pen. Corner rounder punch. Stamp sets- Four Frames & Tiny Tags (sentiment)

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Cards For Men & Organising

Ever tried to buy a card for a man recently? You’re hardly spoilt for choice! This card was one we sent to a friend who is majorly into coffee and I think it just about passes as a blokes card! The image is from the ‘A Slice of Life’ hostess set from the Mini Catalogue and I’ve tried to make them all into coffees! Steve did take one look and ask why there was a cigarette sticking out of the middle coffee!! Honestly! One of the kids thought there was an icecream in the middle; I give up! On closer inspection you’ll see that I’ve cut sections of each receptacle out and placed acetate stamped with the same image and then placed different ‘coffee’ coloured designer paper from the  Botanical Gazette collection behind the acetate. What you can’t probably make out is that the ‘froth’ and parts of the cups are touched up with some shimmer paint. Just a touch- wouldnt want to make them too girly now would we?!

Do you like the slightly distressed stamping? I would normally have chucked away (or turned the card over) with not perfect images due to uneven inking, but I liked it that way, so it stayed; unrejected! The bottom section is embossed using the Square Lattice folder (which is a great one for bloke cards) and finished off with a knot- definately not a bow!!

So far- this week has been very bitty- lots of little jobs to do. I guess I must have been mentally in a hurry as I literally jumped up into my car (tall car, short person..even with heels!) and didn’t duck. I walloped the top of head as I scraped it, and sat in my front seat a little dazed for 5 minutes. I didn’t realise the top of your head could be quite that sensitive!

Clearing out has continued a-pace. You realise how much stuff you were hanging onto ‘in case’, and now it’s gone.


 Hoping it stays that way.

Guessing its not gonna.

I am loving thinking logically (a rare occurence) and trying to create systems. Thanks to a rather smart filing tray for 99p, I have a proper place that I now need to train all the kids to use. Letters or invites= on the top shelf. Stampin’Up! order forms on the next one. 3rd shelf down is my ‘non kids in-tray’ and the 4th level is currently housing a collection of Spiderman card making stuff for Will. It had to go there. There was nowhere else. Sadly, this ‘space’ that I’ve created is attracting other peoples’  ‘stuff’ and I’m having to chase people from depositing their junk on my nicely cleaned surfaces liked a slightly demented scarecrow in a field of just sown corn. Anyone would think they’d nowhere else to put their things. What this organisation has done is opened my eyes to the fact there is a large (and growing) pile of ironing now obstructing my efforts to be ‘sleek and slimlined’. There are 2 solutions. Neither of which seem attractive. 

1. Bin the lot

2. Iron it all.

What is a girl to do?! 

See you after I’ve tidied some more xx

Card recipe; Cardstock- Early espresso, whisper white and Rich Razzleberry. Early espresso and black Stazon ink. Chocolate chip ribbon. Window sheets (acetate) Botanical Gazette designer papers. Stamp sets- A Slice of Life and ‘Afterthoughts’. Square Lattice embossing folder. shimmer paint


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Acetate Pillow Box & Imagination

Here’s the favourite pillow box of the Launch evening. I have to admit, its mine too. Even my eldest thought it was ‘ok’ which is high praise from her indeed! I was trying to experiment with different types of material. I guess I’ll be planning more experimenting. If I could add a strong enought interfacing, I think fabric would be beautiful- watch and see what I come up with!

Some of the girls thought it might have been complicated or lengthy- but it was quite a quick ‘stamp and plonk’ using black Stazon which is necessary for stamping on acetate. The thick Window sheet from Stampin’Up! was what I used. You need a slightly more substantial weight to hold something inside and this Thick window sheet is perfect. As the sheets are 12×12 they’re perfect for those of you who have Cricuts too. I added the translucent blue glitter from our Cosmo collection which includes 5 different colours and its really ultrafine. At £14.50 its great value as they last for ages! The colour was perfect for making it look just like wings. Here’s a closer one. I hardly want to fill it and spoil the effect!

I really have enjoyed some of the conversations with the kids lately. For all of the hard work (and hormones!) that goes with 5 children, there are some really funny times too! The other day. Will walked into the room wearing a large circle around him; far larger than himself. It was in fact, a folded up pop-up tunnel and he hung it around our neck. ‘Look Mum’, he announced, ‘I’m a doughnut!’  This is the same child who, half an hour after breakfast is asking whether its dinner time! He’s definately going to be a fireman when grows older. I asked him ‘what do fireman actually do?’. ‘Save people’, he replied. ‘Save them from what?’ I queried. ‘Oh, save them from Africa’ he stated. ‘Africa?’ I asked. He laughed and looked me’ Oh, no, I meant houses!’  I helped this morning by being his personal sellotape holder. He found some Mickey Mouse wrapping paper and wanted to wrap a present for his sister. He wasn’t really interested in what he could give her, he was just enjoying the process and was so excited about the idea of giving itself. There’s lessons in there for all of us I’m sure!!  You have to wonder what goes on in their heads and my hubby helpfully reminds me that I am very fortunate to be at home sharing in these little moments. I am, truly. The trick is trying to remember that when all gets a bit too hard work and you wonder quite exactly what you are doing!  

Should go, I have some books to read to Will. I can almost feel time running away with itself!


Box recipe; Pllow box die. Stamp set-Natures Walk. Marina Mist and black ribbon. Linen twine and button from Neutrals button pack. Stazon black ink and Thick window sheets (acetate). Cosmo glitter.

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Launch Party & Too many Holidays!

How is it possibly May?!! The holidays I’ll get onto later but I thought you might want a small nosey at some of the pics from the Launch Party on Saturday night. Two of these little pillow boxes were the makes and takes for the evening. The girls got to choose which one they preferred and set to making them. There was a clear favourite out of all of the ones I’d made and that will be for another post.

The pillow boxes are so quick and easy. You just need a Big Shot, pillow box die- (£16.95) and for professional results you’ll want the Standard Premium Crease Pad (£8.95) too which gives the creases more depth and makes them easier to fold. They are perfect for housing jewellery gifts, they’re fab wedding favours, and you’ll see these on my tree at Christmas too. One of them in the picture has little chocolates in too.

I had lots of cards and projects displayed everywhere and I also had this umbrella tree thing (for want of a better description!). The little packages hanging off were in fact goody bags. They were mini in size (to go with the Mini Catalogue theme) but were chock full of embossed card (using our new embossing folders) and lots of little butterflies and embosslit buttons). Everyone who came got one and I still have a couple left, so anyone placing an order this month will receive one FREE!

The evening would be incomplete without something to eat so we had these little patriotic cakes and others  in celebration of that fab Royal Wedding. Now I know you’re not all staunch Royalists- but please, would you ever get such a feeling of warmth and celebration and a moment where we all tried to forget what ever else was going on at any other sort of event. Would there be such a strength of feeling if we were a Republic and our chieftain’s son got hitched? Can’t see it myself. I have to admit it was a bit magical– a real modern fairy tale. I really pray that it ends like a fairytale too.

I’m still not back in gear from the holidays. Do’t get me wrong, I love being off school but all of these day trips and away days seeing friends puts me back with the washing etc. Having 7 bodies all needing clean clothes means that my washing machine is probably the most valued member of this house (next to hubby and kids, of course!!). I do have a beyootiful clean house- well it was until 5 minutes ago when one of my youngers decided to admire herself in the mirror bedecked in a blanket and chose to stand on the most unwieldly piece of furniture we own. Add to that a vase full of tulips on the other end of the coffee table and you have an entire vaseful of water, tulips and shards of glass all over the dining room floor. I’m not supposed to do any exercise after having my wisdom tooth out this morning and truly, I think scrubbing the carpet to get the flower water out comes directly in that category. The cavalry has arrived now so I should get a bit of a rest tonight. Big phew!!

See you when I’ve emerged from under the washing pile! xx


May 4, 2011 at 6:02 pm 6 comments

Strength and Hope & Running away!

Ever want to take off and fly away for a couple of hours? No? Is it just me?!! This card says it all..’hope…believe…kindness…thankyou…together’. A catch all card if ever I saw one! It’s simply a deconstructed part of a word stamp from the Strength and Hope set.- the one thats raising money for Breast Cancer Research. I’ve just used the set really simply and apart from a bit of card and ‘Sweet Stitches’ paper, oh and a black marker; thats it!

Sometimes it all gets a bit much, doesn’t it? My house is chocka full of hormones, and yesterday, the balance shifted too much in their favour! After one successful truce, there was more of the same at teatime and my ability to smile through it had come to an abrupt end! I’m often thankful for Steve, but last night, I was deliriously happy I could just take off and not have to stick around. A change of scenery was going to be a perfect tonic. Before you all wonder at what dreadful calamity had happened, please rest assured it was more the last straw kinda thing rather than a major issue. After all, keep loading Buckeroo and it will seek to offload eventually! After practically dancing up the stairs to my local Costa, book in hand and my eyes on a very large skinny decaf latte, I was greeted by the baristas saying ‘Sorry we’re closed’. Fabulous. Great. I wandered through Tesco picking up a couple of things I needed and picked up a cheap scarf that will act as a reminder that I will have those kind of days again but with some faith and trust in God, decent good friends and a whacking great cup of coffee, it will be alright with the world and I can start another day realising my failings and human-ness but acknowledging that I need help to get through each day.

It was only then that I realised I was by myself and a woman and at 7:30 in the evening that somewhat limits your socialising choices. I’d never appreciated just how limiting that was. I racked my brains for where to go- to be honest, a bit of solitude was the perfect tonic at that moment. Firstly I tried to think where the nearest coffee shops were-and realised they were shut. Next on my list was trendy cafe/restaurants. I didn’t want to eat and they wouldn’t have served me just a coffee, despite the fact I’d have loved to sit alone. Ok, I now drove past a coffee shop/bar- but it contained 5 blokes and I felt it was too awkward. What about a hotel lobby/bar I’ve been with several friends to?- nope, a little too exposed and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I considered some local family friendly pubs and then tried to think of the last time I’d seen a woman in there alone..ermm…never. Crossed that one off the list. Lastly I thought I could go down to Otterspool Prom and just sit looking out across the Mersey; great except it’s  not reknown for being a safe place to hang out. At this point in preceedings, I admitted defeat, went through the McDonalds drive-through and then sat in my car for half an hour reading. It was just what the doctor ordered. I checked my phone, saw that a friend had invited me to crash at hers for a coffee, and thought, ‘why not’. I came home just before midnight, having set the world to rights after chatting about our kids, the BBC’s bias and agenda, schooling, counter culture parenting and a whole lot more. I had a good laugh- often at myself and left refreshed. 

There. Deep intake of breath. Confession over. We’re in this parenting thing for life, huh!  and today it’s fun! Oh, and PS, Morrisons in West Kirby do really dreadful lunchtime meals-I was thankful for the food but think it had done many minutes overtime being nuked in the microwave. (made me smile though- I discovered a new colour that peas could become given long enough!!!)

See you soon x

April 13, 2011 at 12:06 pm 5 comments

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