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Mama Elephant Pegworks Creative Cuts

Happy Saturday!!

I actually got to play for once! It’s a rarity at the moment and I saw this die and knew there was a tonne of things this set would be amazing for. I’m sharing just one today.

The die is perfect for faux stitching, real stitching and lots more.

I purchased mine (in the UK) from Seven Hills Crafts hereFirst up. Die cut the piece ( minus the frame) onto cardstock and stamp and colour Please excuse the ‘at night time dodgy photo!’I’ve used the Nuvo Alcohol markers which are a current favourite of mine. Then trim out and arrange. The set is also from Mama Elephant ‘Pretty Lovely’ .

I hope you love the technique as much as me! Just think of all your current stamp sets that you could use with this. This would be brilliant for cards for men too. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend- I’ll be back with some more ideas with this die. Can’t you tell I love it!! 😂Kerenx

April 14, 2018 at 11:24 am 2 comments

Roundup of Seven Hills Crafts projects

Hi! How are you? 

I’m really aware that I’d forgotten to post some of my projects on the Seven Hills Crafts blog so thought I’d post a selection with links to the blog post if you want more info about the products and how I achieved them.

Check out the details for these two Mama Elephant projects here

This fun birthday inspired project here

And lastly  

This sticker stamping technique here

Hope you have a lovely weekend ( what’s left of it),

and I’ll see you soon xx 

August 7, 2016 at 1:50 pm 6 comments

One Step Stamping with Concord & 9th

i’m over on Seven Hills Crafts blog today I love multi-step stamping. Those sets which give wonderful dimension. Some people find them tricky to line up, and if you’re just starting out stamping, you might feel a little nervous about using them.
Thing is, you can treat them as one step stamps too!
I wanted to make a really simple card. The hardest bit is fussy cutting- which you don’t need to do necessarily, you could simply stamp a one layer background.


I’ve used two products from Concord & 9th;
and this amazing die ‘Friend Like You
Do notice that it cuts the black lines- so it is a solid die with the brackets being detachable from the main die. You can’t die cut a ‘friend’ aperture by itself although if you positioned a piece of thin paper across where those letters are, you could die-cut one single word. You obviously have the middle bits of the negative letter shape that you could add in, but I liked the look of it without.


Simply stamp the background and stamp the outer flower a few times, cut out and add to the card using foam pads. I backed the sentiment which a nice contrasting colour and added it to the front.
I obviously had letters left and thought I’d make a quick tag.

This time I stamped two of the 3-step flowers separately and trimmed them out. The idea with the set is that you start with the largest flower shape with the lighter colour, stamp the next sized down shape in a darker colour and then over those two, stamp the smallest image with the darkest colour.
These outline shapes are perfect for no-line copic/watercolour techniques.Add in detail with pen or pencil and really kickstart your creativity. I die cut one of the brackets from the tag and it gives a lovely aperture to back with another colour (as well as cutting out some bracket shapes to play with too).
I’ve had great fun with this set- do have a go too!

See you soon,

Keren xx

June 14, 2016 at 2:24 pm 7 comments

Skipping Tweet Birds

Hi ! How are you?

Forgive me if you’ve seen these projects on social media but I forgot to share them here on Tuesday! 

I’ve made 2 projects using the ‘So Tweet’

When I saw those 2 birds looking at each other in the middle, I knew they were really holding a skipping rope in their beaks! You can see it? right?!

I’ve kept it really CAS (Clean and simple)- the birds could be flying whilst doing the twine rope or on the ground. I’ve coloured in the birds to resemble no species in particular, although the skipping bird does remind me of a robin!

For the sentiment, I’ve taken it from ‘The Big, The Bold and Friends

 For my second project- it was going well to begin with..I’ve used the stamp Mini Scenery: Multifaceted

I heat embossed the stamp with white embossing powder

I began colouring in with alcohol markers and kept the look very monochromatic. To help the faceted look, keep some of the areas white and try not to equally space the colours. You’re looking for random!

 I did really well with the colouring and left it alone after putting the card together. When I came back the next morning, a fresh eye told me that there was one space too many white. I grabbed what I thought was that colour and then realised it was the wrong one!

Too late.

It kind of ties the colour from the bird in with the background, but it certainly bugs me!

I love the stamp set, which gives you options to dress up the birds. I thought he looked really cool with a hat. The bird and hat are mounted with 3D foam and I just love the quirky ‘love’ card perfectly suited for a bloke.

Change it up with a more feminine colour scheme, add a lightly different sentiment and you’ve a fun design great for any occasion!

Do look more closely at this set, it’s great for so many different occasions and the birds are brilliant fun to colour in.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Keren xx

May 6, 2016 at 9:22 pm 8 comments

Blackboard Technique Coloured Up!

Hi! A few years back, chalkboard was everywhere. I love this look and thought trying a slightly look with it was worth a try.
I’ve used Prismacolors and this beautiful set ‘In Bloom: Anna’s Floras’ for my post over at Seven Hills Crafts
Firstly, white heat emboss onto black card. Then lay down some white pencil as a base layer to help provide a base to show up the colour.
Next, start to add colour. You may need to add several layers to give some vibrancy to the depth of colour.


Then just trim out all the flowers and stack them at the top of the card
The traditional method of using heat embossing, white ink stamped and some ink blending/smudging around small areas. I’ve used these but rather more subtly, focussing instead on the black based flowers.
For the sentiment, I used the Winnie & Walter Set ‘The Party
The finishing touches are simply some different sized pearls; enough to give a little focus but not to detract or ‘fight’ with the flowers. As they’re not as bright as usual, I wanted something delicate.
Hope you like the blackboard styled cluster. The flowers are stuck slightly off the card to add some dynamism.

Do give this style a re-visit, you’ll be glad you did!

See you soon

Keren xx

March 29, 2016 at 3:13 pm 14 comments

Tied Up with Colour & Bad Chat up lines!


Hi! I decided to pare it right back and just use stamps and ink.
You know, those good old days before we had Copics, patterned papers galore, watercolours, embossing paste and the rest.
Well, I was sorting through my stash and noticed this fabulous Paper Smooches set- which, you might be forgiven for not noticing amongst all the other loveliness in the Seven Hills Crafts store; it’s a hidden gem!
Equally lovely is the fact it’s on Special Offer..

So, you might know that I like to promote the small stamps, the underdogs of the sets. Well, this tie is utterly brilliant for messing around with. Here’s the first one…a patterned creation.IMG_4475

You perhaps are wondering if it was a hassle cutting out the ties? Not at all- it’s a nice simple shape and cut out really quickly. I actually lined the shapes within the inch squares on my craft mat and then transferred the pattern using some sticky transfer tape that I use with my electronic cutter (saves trying to line it up again!).
For the inks- I’ve mostly used the My Favorite Things dye ink which is my latest fave.

I’m picky about inks- they need to do 2 things; have great even coverage and dry the same tone as it is on the outside of the pad. I’m not a big fan of colours that dry much lighter than they stamp either.
These pads tick both boxes and are lovely colours!

You can see how they interlink- they remind me a little of chicken drumsticks!
I had some left over, so made this quick card too


If you added more and more layers of ties, it would make a cracking flower! This set is obviously great for upcoming Father’s Day (in the UK) and also for male Birthdays.
Hope you check out this set and do try out the MFT inks.


I have been jetting (ahem.. more like trudging) around the UK taking both of my eldest daughters to university visits. Some have been more successful than others.

This past weekend involved a round trip of over 500 miles to visit Plymouth, which is a coastal town in the South of the UK.

On our way down, amongst several ‘pit stops’ we had the good fortune to bump into an overenthusiastic sales boy who I seemed immune to his charms. I tell you this story simply to give you the heads up on what were possibly the worst chat up/compliment lines I’ve yet to hear.

As we passed said enthusiastic seller, we had two bags thrust into our hands. I was a little taken aback and we were ‘treated’ to a full onslaught of explanation interspersed with, lets call it ‘charm’.

‘Before I go any further, can I just check you’re over 16 (talking directly to my daughter)’ .

She nodded.

‘and her too?’ he nodded in my direction and flashed me a smile.

No- I did not think for a moment that he’d mistaken me for a slightly older sister, nor was I wondering if he needed a trip to Supersavers.

His charm offensive had fallen at the first hurdle. I am neither asleep nor stupid.

‘Well, I have this amazing bag, we have to get rid of them…’ blah blah blah.

I interjected,

‘How much is this going to cost?’

He ignored me and continued with the spiel.

I repeated the question in simpler terms

‘What’s the catch?’

He stopped mid sentence and flashed me a beamingly white smile.

‘The Catch?’ he said surprised.

‘The only catch around here is ME’.

At this point I was wishing for a virtual sick bucket. I smiled weakly as he grinned. He seemed overly pleased with the line, despite the fact that I was well aware we were probably the 100th set of females he’d used it on.

He didn’t stop for breath.

‘I like your Mum, she gets to the point’.

Yes, I was wishing that he would. After a few even more flabby compliments, I could stand it no longer.

‘How much is it?’ I asked exasperatedly.

‘well, blah blah blah, it’s discounted to £24.99 for this amazing concealer’.

Yes, that amazing concealer that looked like it would have been junk even for the local pound shop.

‘No thanks’ I stated firmly and with that, he literally whipped the bags out of our hands and turned straight away from us, obviously scanning for the next ‘victims’ to flatter.

We looked at each other, rather surprised by the speed that our fake flatterer had removed himself and the products. I grinned.

‘That was the cheesiest chat up line I have ever heard’. Heather agreed, although reckoned it was worth remembering for another comedic time!

So, service station salesboys- if you see me coming, don’t waste your words. I’m unlikely to fall for your charms!


See you soon, crafty friends!


March 15, 2016 at 5:38 pm 4 comments

One Colour Wonder! 

Hey! How are you? I’m over on the Seven Hills Crafts blog with this project.  
Now whilst I can’t actually claim this card is a wonder- it hopefully shows you that by picking a palette of ‘one’, you can actually create something quite pretty and with limited supplies.

Great news for those with smaller stashes- or just if you fancy a challenge with a difference.  

I’ve taken my inspiration from one of the challenges at Winnie & Walter’s Belated 2nd Birthday celebrations. They are such a wonderful company and well deserving of all the love that’s headed their way. This challenge was all about Gold and Watercolour; fun! The challenge is over but I still wanted to show my support for them by creating something. 

Apologies for the slightly weird photos- one of the down sides of photographing this card was the camera was struggling with both the glitter and the pink. Every picture just looked like it had pink hues on the white card! 

   Anyhow- who’d have thought you could get away with pink leaves?!! 

 These sets continue to be some of my long term favourites (which with a constantly evolving stash is no mean feat!). I mean, as we’d say in Liverpool they’re ‘gobsmackingly’ gorgeous!!

I’ve simply embossed in gold for all the leaves and white for the flowers. I could have done them all in gold but it helps delineate the flowers as opposed to the leaves which I thought was helpful when they were all pink!! I’ve coloured them with Zig Clean Color pens from Kuretake. They are wonderfully easy to use! 

I thought I’d show the previous version- just to show that ‘more is way too much’ sometimes. It took a little more paring back to get a better final result..  
Adding the white panel over the glut of glitter definitely was the way to go.
Do give the one-colour a go and check out the gorgeous leaf and flower stamps too!
Enjoy your day!

Keren xx

March 1, 2016 at 3:33 pm 10 comments

Unicorn Merry-Go-Round! 

Hi! Fancy a spin? 
There’s something incredibly nostalgic about fairs and I love seeing those ornately beautiful Carousels. That’s where I got the inspiration for this I wanted to combine two fabulous Mama Elephant sets.

Unicorns and Rainbows…that title is perfect right there!!  
and mixing it up with ‘New Family’ 

   So I started out with the whole idea of adding the New Family animals on the back of the horses. I needed the unicorns to look more like carousel horses so I masked off the manes as below and used the moon in the set to act as a saddle. 

 The ‘pole’ things (& yes, I did Google it but couldn’t find a proper name!!) were created using the little dashes and star and stamping opposite ways. Once you start with a theme and work out what you actually need to complete the picture, you can find similar shapes if you look hard enough! 

 It’s also a useful example of ‘suggestion’. I was trying to work out how to add the top and bottom and make it look realistically like ‘flying Jennies’ (another name for the Merry Go Round) but once I’d connected the riders and horses and poles, it was enough. The imagery is strong enough to suggest the scene- plus it’s less work for me too!!

Aren’t the unicorns a perfect blank canvas for ‘My Little Pony’ combos. Just mask off or trim the horn off- and they are the cutest little horses! 

This was posted yesterday on the Seven Hills Crafts blog.

Hope your day is a fun one, and you don’t feel like you’re going round in circles!

See you soon with a blog post  about the workshop I did recently with Tim Holtz. Yes- it was the best thing I’ve been to in ages!!! 
Keren xx

February 24, 2016 at 12:53 pm 5 comments

Hard To Say Words and Fancy Folds!

Hello!How are you? I’m late posting this, but it’s been half term so my time hasn’t been my own at all this week 😉

Had any arguments or misunderstandings lately?!! Need to say those words often hard to say?

I’m sorry,

or I messed up?

Well, even if you don’t (ha!), this card has the beginnings of an idea suitable for other occasions and is using the fabulously geeky My Favorite Things Undeniable Chemistry stamp set 
 plus this matching Chemistry Set which is also a stand alone die set too!

It’s a super simple idea- the spilled flasks reacting together; when things go wrong and tempers run over and stuff spills out (No? You really have no idea what I’m talking about ;-P ) 

 Anyhow, I just created a ‘u’ shaped ledge and stacked the vials using 3d foam pads. Angling them on your table first to see where the line of the liquids would lie is really useful.

I created the spill using alcohol ink markers, but I think if I recreated this, I’d use watercolour. I’ve tried to mix them at the bottom and simply added some sequins as ‘bubbles’.

Apparently my scientific daughter says the card is a nonsense as you cannot have a scientific overreaction. Once a reaction had reacted then it’s finished- it can’t ever overreact! Ah well.

Details. Smeachtails!

Before I go, I thought I’d show you my card for the current Seven Hills Crafts challenge– it’s about ‘fancy folds’. I decided to do something unexpected and after a long watch On YouTube of a very talented origamist, I did my own freestyle version. Ahemm…actually I made a few mistakes so just made the rest up!  

 It’s simply an A4 sheet of paper folded up and unceremoniously stuffed into an aperture. It has a very wide spine as the folded piece is quite thick    
I’ve used a Paper Smooches die

Well, whatever the message you need to send, Seven Hills Crafts has you covered!! Do join in with the challenge– there’s a voucher for the store up for grabs 

See you soon xx

February 19, 2016 at 5:59 pm 12 comments

Flowery Thanks!

Hi! How are you?

I posted over at Seven Hills Crafts yesterday and thought I’d share it with you too! 

I thought also that flowers were in order for this project. There’s always something to say thankyou for isn’t there!

It’s made really easy with this die which cuts like a dream and you can leave it plain, or pretty it up, as I did here. 

 I’ve watercoloured using Distress Inks. I don’t normally use them for watercolour effects but they’re pretty brilliant.

   I wanted to stamp a background so chose some Winnie & Walter products. For the background; Mini Scenery: Madison which I white embossed slightly off-centre. 
 and In Bloom: Anna’s Flora & In Bloom: Elsa’s Flora for the flowers and leaves 

    It was quite quick to put together once I’d stamped, embossed, coloured and cut out the elements. It makes such a gorgeous statement card and I’ve used a small base card so the sentiment is the main thing rather than tonnes of white space.

 Hope you have a lovely day and ‘thanks so much’ for visiting! I am in the process of tackling 17 different projects this week so I’m just a little crafted out!

Will be back soon! xx

February 10, 2016 at 3:33 pm 7 comments

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