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Skipping With Spellbinders !

Hi! How are you today? I vaguely remember skipping at school- with 2 ropes and 2 people swinging them and we had to get in the middle and jump. I could cope with the one rope easily but two ropes sure was challenging. The best bit was joining in whilst the others were skipping so you didn’t end up with the rope lashing your ankles.

Onto today..and mushrooms! Before you think that my brain has gone mushy and I’m making overly tenuous’s the mushrooms that are skipping. See….

Granted, this isn’t something you see every day. But why not?!- you know that song ‘if you go down to the woods today…’. It reminds me of Enid Blyton’s ‘The Faraway Tree’ as I reckon these little ‘fun-guys’ would be right at home in the Enchanted Wood.

Anyhow, this cute set is a stamp and die set from Spellbinders called ‘Getting All Mushy’ by Debi Adams and I love it. It’s simply coloured with alcohol markers and next up I reckon this set will create a mushroom pyramid really nicely!! ( as you do), or a bunch of them peeking out a pretend scrumpled paper bag ( like they’ve been rescued from the supermarket!)

I’m so thankful to Spellbinders for sending me this set to play with and have loved getting creative with the characters. The dies cut out the outside of the stamped hearts as well as an internal shape so it’s really versatile.

These mushrooms just make me happy looking at their little smiles!! What sort of scene would you create with a bunch of mushrooms??

See you soon!

Keren xx

September 11, 2018 at 7:41 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted July Release Day 4 Teasers

Thankyou for popping by to my blog again. If you’re only visiting for the first time today, I’m showcasing some sneak peeks of the Clearly Besotted July Release. Today’s stamp set is Wild Times- and these monkeys are definitely having just that!


If you remember me mentioning a few days that I’d be using the Cute Koala tiny leaves again; here it is! I drew some feint pencil lines mimicking low hanging forest vegetation and then stamped the leaves randomly along those lines. Once that was done, I simply drew in any visible pencil lines with a Rystar Technic fineliner (0.1).


I stamped the monkeys in slightly different colours so it didn’t look all the same and then mounted them on foam pads and to make them look like their tails were actually hanging from the branches, I added another leaf over the top.

Adding some Woodland Green Nuvo drops added a little texture and I left a large portion blank intentionally. You could add your sentiment anywhere, but I’m leaving it blank so I’m all ready whenever I need a card for any occasion!

This set has matching dies, which are always useful! I fussy cut mine, but then you knew I love doing that already!

The inspiration isn’t over yet; do visit the Clearly Besotted Blog plus the lovely Lisa and Michelle too!

See you tomorrow for Release Day and a last peek!

Keren x

June 30, 2018 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted July Teasers Day 1

Hello blog friends and any new visitors! It’s lovely to be here with July’s Clearly Besotted teasers.

Today I’ve got a set to show you called Cute Koala. It’s a 3- step image set with 3 different bears. They’re really cute and fun to make a scene with. One of my favourite images from the set is the 2 mini leaves as there’s so much you can do with them. Look out for another scene coming up that uses these tiny leaves.


You can see the two different ways I’ve done it- the two larger bears are created using the lightest colour ink first and then the darker brown and the black last.

I tried it the other way around to see how it worked; you can see with the tiny bear, he’s a different shade and that’s because I used the black first and then the other two colours. Those 2 layers have dulled the black a little but I like the almost fuzzy effect you get this way around!


The set also has the bamboo-esque stalks and these can be stamped on top of each other to create longer stems. It’s really versatile. If you stamp them in un-koala colours, you’ll change the look completely.

The background was made quickly just by scribbling some Nuvo Aquaflow pen. The whole thing came together easily.

Do visit the Clearly Besotted Blog to see some gorgeous inspiration and don’t forget to stop by

Michelle Short

and Lisa


June 27, 2018 at 8:00 am 10 comments

Clearly Besotted Teasers Day 1!


Welcome to the Teasers for May’s Clearly Besotted release.

Today’s set that I’m showing you is called ‘Fairy Tale Princess’ and fits in perfectly with all the previous Fairy Tale sets.

I’ve just gone with the princess and made a scene with her shoes.

Having a shoe as part of the set meant with a little masking, I could create a pile of shoes!

By ruling a few straight lines and stamping the shoes on top, I’ve tried to emulate a shoe shop and the princess looks like she’s completely in her element!

I wouldn’t like to be the sales person clearing up after the princess but I wonder if the princess will just purchase them all and leave her butler to package them up and transport them home!!

You’ll love this set and the possibilities with it!

Do visit the Clearly Besotted Blog



Pop back tomorrow for some florals! x

April 27, 2018 at 8:30 am 10 comments

Clearly Besotted April Teasers Day 2


How are you all?

I’m feeling in a particularly good mood. Had a particularly unpleasant procedure yesterday and the relief to have it over and done with makes me so relieved! The reason I’m mentioning this is actually linked with this card; FOOD.

I had to fast for two days and the relief to be able to eat again must have been a little like what Goldilocks felt when she saw the porridge as she was so hungry!

The set I’ve used to create this little window scene is called ‘Fairy Tale Bears’ and there’s more to the card than just this…

I’ve used the flowers to create a little window flower box and there’s a layer of acetate behind the curtains so that it looks like a real window. When you open the card- this is what you see!

A cute little indoor scene complete with the bowls of porridge- which is also one of my favourite breakfast choices- so I do understand Goldilock’s temptation to try them although I don’t think I’d have quite as much nerve as she did!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak again.

Hoping to be back again tomorrow with another Clearly Besotted project.

In the meanwhile, pop over to the Clearly Besotted blog to see what other visual delights the girls have cooked up!

Until tomorrow xx

March 29, 2018 at 8:30 am 7 comments

Clearly Besotted August Release-Part 3

Hello again! 

I’ve really enjoyed hearing across social media how much you’re loving the sets. We’ve done ‘garden’ and floral and today is…mischief!

Having a little cat myself, I know what sorts of trouble they can get themselves in, and this little kitty is no exception. The set is called Fluffy Furball. It’s another smaller set but with 3 main images plus sentiments means the images are still a great size.  

I seem to rarely do CAS, and I pictured the little fella knocking over a vase. Not having a vase or bowl, I turned to the Simply Succulent set which usefully has a bowl and used that instead. I’ve coloured him in with Nuvo Aquaflow, which I’ve already told you are fabulous. He really does look like he’s sorry…after the fact though!! 

My second daft scene incorporates two of the kitties and one annoying the other by teasing her with a toy mouse. I’m not sure whether she’s scared or exasperated, but either way, it made me smile creating it. 

The door card was simply made by just adding 4 rectangles to give the illusion of a door. A brad for the handle and pop the little cats on afterwards. The cats were coloured with alcohol markers ( in case you’re wondering!) 

Really simple! 

I do hope you’ve enjoyed the feline fun and call back tomorrow for the final day ( consecutive at least- I’ll be creating some more projects shortly!) and this time a plucky little peacock trying to balance everything! 

See you soon!

Keren xx

August 3, 2017 at 9:00 am 7 comments

Release Day with Clearly Besotted

Hi! Welcome back to another Clearly Besotted release post.

Today’s the day, and judging by all your lovely comments ¬†on here and social media, you have been loving the release!

So, before you can get your hands on them, we’ve all posted a last little offering to whet your appetite!

Mine is entitled ‘Balloon Rodeo’ and is using the Forest Friends set mostly.


For those of you who’ve never played Balloon Rodeo, you get a piggyback on someone else (helps if they’re larger and stronger- unlike the poor ‘skunk turned chipmunk’ on the picture who’s bravely holding up the fox).

You then have a balloon in one hand (the other you generally use to cling onto the other person’s neck to the extent they’re often choking for breath). You also have to momentarily release that hand to grab your opponents balloon and try and burst it. You burst their balloon? They’re out.

Last man (or fox/skunk turned chipmunk) in wins!

We often played it as kids on the beach which was a whole other workout trying to remain balanced on the sand (but that’s another story!).

I digress. Back to the critters.

I’ve coloured them in with Zig Clean Color Markers and used the balloons from ‘Let’s Party’. The trees are from ‘On Thin Ice’ and I’ve created an acetate base so that your eye is drawn to the fun and nowhere else!


The little strings are just embroidery thread and I’ve added the snow layers with some foam pads to help add some of the animals behind so it looks more realistic as a scene.

The animals are coloured really messily. I was actually sat in casualty (our equivalent of the US Emergency Room) with one of my kids whilst I was colouring these. People were really staring, but I reckoned I had quite a long wait and needed to get them coloured. Colouring on your knee is always a little tricky so that’s why it needed to be messy ūüėČ

Well I hope you love these sets as much as I do! ¬†The release is tonight; the stamps and dies will be available¬†in the¬†store,¬†and also at¬†Simon Says Stamp¬†and¬†Ellen Hutson¬†at 10pm BST…


Meanwhile you might find me playing balloon rodeo, but more likely to be ‘sleeping lions’!

See you soon xx

September 5, 2016 at 9:30 am 4 comments

Colouring & Washing!


Hi¬†there! ¬†Hope you’re ok. This week over at Make The Day Special, we’re having a colouring theme (or ‘coloring’ for you non Brits!). Now I’m not an experienced colourer and I have been trying a little to practice. There are tons of great tutorials online but due to the fact I’m time-poor, I’ve not accessed them. I’ve simply played with the different alcohol pens I’ve got. I’ve collected a small range and I’ve use Copic Originals, Copic Ciaos, Promarkers and some cheapy ones from a book store. I’ve used this set from Sugar Pea Designs

I have tried to use a few simple techniques- like using the¬†blender pen around the edges of the clouds- dotted to ‘move’ away some of the colour. It isn’t as is often thought, an ‘eraser’ pen but it will¬†‘push’ or move colour which is great for neatening edges of adding ‘white’ to areas.¬†I also used my trusty white gel pen to add lots¬†of little extra details. I wanted to add a little difference to the design which is why I die-cut a circle from the scene and then raised the outer edge with a double edge of 3D foam.
To be honest, I didn’t even think about the other meaning of the phrase.. for me and some of my friends with multiple kids, dirty laundry is everywhere.
No matter how organised you get, you can’t escape it.
The towels breed..I’m sure of it.
The bedding takes up a couple of loads.
The clothes.
The dirty clothes.
Teenagers should give their mums a peg when they hit 12.
Trust me. You don’t want to inhale whilst loading the washing machine sometimes.
Breathe in at your peril!
I would dearly love to have it all put away..but there’s always’ folded’, ‘awaiting the tumble dryer’, ‘dirty’ or ‘just waiting’ piles of clothes around the house.
My washing machine is a blessing.
Sometimes when it all gets a bit much, I’m reminded of a book I read years ago that reminded me instead of getting fed up that your husband is leaving their dirty socks on the floor, you should be really thankful that you have someone to pick socks up for.
Some days, I have to really think very hard about that one!

See you tomorrow, with a autumnal offering with Add a Little Dazzle!

September 23, 2014 at 10:00 am 4 comments

Lawn Fawn & More Beaches

Sometimes life brings around lovely happystances ( good circumstances!!). In my freelance job for various magazines, sometimes I get really unique commissions. One such one was from Crafts Beautiful to do a series called ‘5 Ways With’ based on a particular manufacturers new range. I had to hunt down ranges & in doing so came to be in touch with Kelly Marie Alvarez. She’s the owner of Lawn Fawn and one of the nicest people in the US craft industry. She generously sent out a TON of stuff – some so new, they even had the Velcro from where they’d been stuck onto the CHA14 stand boards! Obviously we are working quite a few months in advance & the May issue is just out. There are 5 beautifully photographed Lawn Fawn cards all on the theme of ‘scenes’.

I’ve used a heap of sets- including these


20140410-091206.jpg and these lovely papers and embellishments



If you like the sets- you can visit Make The Day Special to purchase them. I’m not showing you all of them- you’ll have to buy the mag to see the rest..!

Yesterday I was a little stiff ( again!!). We decided to venture on a walk that involved following a typed out trail and a not-to-scale-map.
Should have been easy.
Is anything our family does ever straightforward?!!
We plumped for a little train travel which was supposed to add to the excitement. It did. Mostly.
Apart from the point where you’re visiting the underground part of the railway and the escalators are so high-angled and the kids so wriggly that my heart was in mouth plenty of times.
Once on the walk, it involved crossing two railways. One was secure, the other, you were told ‘just make sure you look and listen well’. Walking straight onto a track knowing that ‘trains cross here every few minutes’ was a little unsettling.
The next instruction was ‘cross through the golf course watching out for balls’!
Was this the ‘Bear Grylls walk’ in the local vicinity or was it just to give the folders target practice?!!
We walked through VERY quickly and came to the forested area. Legs tired quickly and we stopped for lunch after finding the most perfectly placed picnic table and chairs. Whilst eating our lunch we were treated to the surreal sight of police officers waving at us as they sped through the forest on quad bikes!
We got to the beach portion of the walk. The littliest was complaining of tiredness and apart from the broken glass on the beach, sand in their eyes and dodging the crazy dogs we had a great hour beachcombing and playing football thanks to finding a ball on the beach!

We were glad of the beach however, as it washed off the copious dollops of mud on our shoes. I wasn’t bothered- I told them we could wash the shoes but honestly, I seem to have unexpectedly raised neat freaks who were most concerned about the state of their shoes!!
We got a little lost.
The map was unspecific about which way you were doing the loop and I was unsure which way we were supposed to be heading along the beach. As it was an hours walk along the beach, I knew a wrong decision wasn’t going to go down well. Despite the lack of GPRS, we survived but then got lost in the forest too.
There was a great deal of whining by this point, they’d walked nearly 4 miles and although it’s not really far, it was windy on the beach and I think they were tired.
We relievedly reached the train station, got on the train but had to alight a stop before we were supposed to. We boarded another train to get the next place. The train after that took us somewhere we weren’t planning on going!
The escalators loomed and one of mine said they didn’t like heights.
The littlie decided to shout very loudly every sign he saw. People looked at him as he shouted ‘hold on tight, stand to the right!’. He repeated the phrase over and over but I was too tired to remonstrate him.
We couldn’t get to the stop we needed, so I had to drag them through town. Littlie was stopping every few minutes and if he could have stopped, sat down and never got up, he would have.
We finally reached the last train – ironically for all this train faffing, we could have driven the whole journey in 40 minutes!!
One started to worry that the car wouldn’t still be there, another decided we may have been broken into and yet another reckoned I couldn’t remember where we left the car.
The car was silent as I drove home- I’d finally managed to wear my kids out.
The next morning- it was quiet. No one rose early and all complained that their legs were stiff.
Not as stiff as mine.
The secret to good parenting?
Take them into dangerous situations where they may be run over, hit by golf balls, take them running along the beach ( avoiding the police, this time razzing it in a Landrover on the beach!!), do 7 individual train journeys, eat in the forest and you’ll end up with 3 tired but compliant kids!!

See you when I’ve been to the cinema ( also known as how to fall asleep in 5 minutes as it’s so dark and nobody is calling your name!) Xx

April 10, 2014 at 9:41 am 6 comments

Owl Be There For You & Woodland Walks!



The title does evoke the Friends theme tune! I’m not singing it for you- I’m sure you know the words already! These cuties needed a place to perch- so I thought a gentle scene ‘wood’ do (hehe!). The stamps are an Itty Bitty set from Unity.

I’ve sponged the background using a cut out cloud & then used that same cloud with the sponged ink on to complete the sky. Easy. This is for my day at Make the Day Special¬†and they’ve new stamps, restocks and a new stamp line ‘Newton’s Nook’ which if you like animal images, you’ll love.

On Friday we all went out for the day (apart from No.2 who had a ton of work to do). The only down side to the walk was that none of us were aware we were going on a walk and certainly didn’t understand it was going to be a muddy woodland one. The day started well with steve cooking us all a breakfast- which helped keep us warm, because it was freezing. I was wearing a denim skirt and high heeled boots.

I was definitely correctly attired for an amble.

So not.

There was a lot of tiptoeing through mud, moans of ‘I’ve got my trainers mucky’ & ‘are we there yet’.

I was pretty chuffed that my boots remained fairly mud free. I got caught on several brambles & narrowly escaped sliding down a steep hill. Well, my boots have NO grip and are pretty high. To the correctly clad dogwalkers that we encountered we must have looked like idiotic townies. Ah well.

We found a strong rope tied to a tree & a short stubby branch tied to it. Steve checked out the strength of it. It appeared to be holding.

With visions of yet another kid falling and cutting themselves, I tried to look on positively.fallFortunately after a lot of swinging & catching and innumerable selfies, we were ready for a 1-11


Before we could leave the beautiful forest there was just the small matter of removing the mucky footwear. It wasn’t made easier by the fact we were parked in the middle of a giant puddle. After hopping daintily (yeah, right!) over the river (!) I managed to ease myself sideways into the car without getting my boots on the car. I managed to kick them off, narrowly avoiding dropping them into the muddy puddle & gently wiping off the mud with a tissue. The kids had to be balanced on the boot of the car (we have a ledge that opens down), shoes removed and they climbed in through the back or kinda hopped with one shoe still on & then one of us transported the shoe to the back!!

We found a little place that had been recommended to us. The waitress looked around and sure enough, there wasn’t anywhere to seat 6. Honestly, you’d think the average family only had 2 kids (;-)). Instead of asking us if we’d like to wait, it was quite clear they had no intention of seating us. That establishment has now been firmly crossed off our list! The kids were less than impressed with this and Will piped up “I’m glad we’re going, I don’t like the smell’. We were still in the place & his voice was less than quiet. However, we all laughed loudly & ushered the kids out quick!

The day finished with a quick trip to buy one of the older girls some new jeans & stock up on a couple of books.

The moral of the story is ‘plan your footwear to match the activity’. I’ll be asking before the next day out. I’ve only just finished washing 5 pairs of footwear!

See you soon- but in case you think I’ve been slacking- here’s a little photo frame of I project I undertook over the weekend- a bargain at ¬£5 from Sainsburys- and now can house my alcohol ink pens! (& my Promarkers, but first I need to add labels so I can tell what colour they are!)photo-108

You’ll see me soon, but not until I’ve finished hoovering. Our hoover broke & I’ve never been so happy to see a new hoover in all my life (won’t last for long though,I’m no domestic goddess!) xx

February 25, 2014 at 11:53 am 2 comments

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