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Fudge & Amazing Women!

These little bags were my cheat to providing Christmas cards to some of my friends and mostly my neighbours. The fudge hadn’t set fully- needed fridging- but its all in the taste supposedly!-so I might just have gotten away with it!

As its Christmas, You’ll allow one emotional post, won’t you?!

All our thoughts have turned to Christmas now, no matter how scroogesque you pertain to be! As I’ve been reflecting myself, my thoughts have turned tonight to a particular group of women that I have the honour of knowing. It’s a group I belong to, a club that no-one ever wanted to join but a sisterhood where we’re bound more powerfully together than most friendships. When I count all of these girls up, they span across the globe and number more than I wish I knew. We’ve all lost children and the tales I could tell about how amazingly I met them are for another occasion. You cannot help but be inspired and strengthened by their courage, faith and inability to give up.

We’re a disparate group yet a special one. Their stories would make grown men cry and yet you rarely see them do so. They have often learned that crying is best saved for when they’re with trusted friends or in the safety of their own four walls.

Why am I sharing this? Because, as you’ve probably guessed, this time of year is often fairly difficult. It’s not that we try to think more, it’s just supposed to be a family time (as all the adverts often remind us with picture perfect family scenes!). It’s not even something you can help; only last week I left church in tears (no-one saw, I just didn’t want to be that sad in front of everyone). Emotion just rises up sneakily and shakes you up once more- it doesn’t matter how many years or weeks it has been…I’d just love if you would pray and care for anyone who is heartbroken. They won’t look heartbroken, but I promise you, they are– and often they are weeping silently inside. Just allow for them and bear with them-they will appreciate it more than you will ever understand. I have had one particular friend who I know has had me in her thoughts and prayers recently; I’m very thankful for her.

This post is also a tribute to all these amazing women- to keep going, keep loving and keep sharing your stories. There is hope; you know that the reason to keep living is found in the manger in Bethlehem and although He’s not there anymore, the incredible truth of a Saviour who meets this worlds’ needs by being born to die is still a powerful message.

I wanted to also thank you all for reading this blog- thanks for all your lovely comments both on and off the web. I wish you all a really hope-filled Christmas and look forward to sharing with you after Christmas. I will be back once I’ve eaten a few too many calories and added to the paper mountain!!

Happy Christmas xxx

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