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Crafts Beautiful Roundup!

Just popping on briefly to show you a little peek into the Crafts Beautiful March edition. The card is one of 5 showcasing chevrons and arrows using some Project Life goodies. PL isn’t just for scrapbookers 😉.

These are also in there- plus a little bracelet – some papercrafted jewellery using docrafts new Little Miaow collection. Super easy and if you want to know how to make them- go and get the new Crafts Beautiful. It comes with a great bone folder set- just perfect for making those paper earrings.
Obviously going out in paper earrings might be challenging particularly in this Brit-type of weather. So save soggy appendages, just coat in glossy accents, or a glaze/varnish. You could try dipping them in UTEE too if you wanted them with a thick layer of shine too!
Sorry I’ve been quiet- a ton on plus half term means very little time to do much else!
See you soon- with another magazine roundup!

February 19, 2015 at 9:39 am 6 comments

Flip-Flop Scrapbook & Football Fever

Good morning!
I’ve two sets of projects in Crafts Beautiful this month- and this scrapbook is one of them. In the mag they couldn’t show all the scrapbook so I thought I’d give you a proper look- it’s kinda hard to see from the front- it’s a case of some of the pages open from the left, some from the top and they are interlaced together so you have to open different pages in different pages..thus the ‘flip-flop’ title.

I’ve used acetate and vellum to act as dividers and allow some of the future pages to act as background for the present page. It took a bit of planning first.

I’ve used a combination of Basic Grey’s ‘Fresh Cut’ papers and acetate embellishments and some Project Life ‘summer’ cards. They went together beautifully and I simply bound it all together with my Cinch ( which I haven’t used in ages!!)

I used the flaps from another page to hide part of the word- so predictable ( see the ‘not’ at the bottom) when the flap is unveiled becomes …


I’d added more elements- using frames to highlight the more interesting parts of the photo
I had based it all on the super sized photo I’d had printed onto the bottom

20140612-105646-39406633.jpg and then added a little focal point with more frames that was just visible from the front when the book is closed away

Hope you liked the peek inside- it was lots of fun to make.

Speaking of fun, the boys are having a lovely introduction to the world of football. Having a non-footie fan in my husband, we’re just not into it particularly. My eldest boy is becoming really interested and as their class is embracing the whole World Cup frenzy I’m hearing names and details of kits and rankings and feeling quite dizzied by it all.
I managed to pick up a book all about the teams really cheaply and despite worrying he wouldn’t like it- he’s been devouring the information. I know it’s no superb fiction but it’s nice to see him with his head in a book so much.
Littlie is joining in too.
I got him a World Cup sticker book which he has had great fun removing the stickers and sticking them all over me.
There was some discussion of football positions this morning on the way to school.
“J ( big brother), what’s centre forward?’
J replied
“It’s just a position”
Littliest thought for a moment
“What’s a position”?
One of the girls helpfully offered an explanation which didn’t satisfy him either.
“No! What’s centre ford?”
“You mean centre forward”
I was unable to help- this is one area I’m woefully ignorant about
“Well, it’s in the centre and they go forward”.
“When do they go forward?”
“Well they just the centre”.
“Why are they in the centre?”
“To score a goal”
“But the goal isn’t in the centre”.
Ha ha.
Neither of them had a clue and I sat silently. About as silently as when one of them announced he was selling all of his Match Attax cards and would get £199 for them.
“I doubt you’d get that much for them” I suggested.
Son looked at me exasperatedly
“Mum, people will pay ANYTHING for some cards and some of them are really rare “.
Sometimes silence is the best response. I’m finding myself increasingly silent these days 😉.

See you soon, with a card project or two!

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