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Valentines Treat & Cumbersome Files!

Happy Valentines Day! This little bag (or slightly different versions of) was what each of my kids found on their beds this morning. I didn’t give one to my hubster as he’s not really that into chocolate and it would be a shame to waste good chocolate, huh?!! The little glassine bags are just perfect for these. The scalloped edge is the top of two hearts and I had to put lots of mini hearts on it too. The papers are beautiful and are some Pink Paislee scrapbook papers I’ve had in and not really used. There’s really much to say about it because they are simple and that’s just how I wanted them; putting together 5 lateish means it needs to be quick! Actually, it was 6, because I knew I’d never be able to get a pristine one to photograph as the kids would have made short work of them by the time the light was good enough to photograph the bags!

I didn’t dare go looking for inspiration as I tend to get lost in Pinterest and other sites. It’s a beautiful experience wading through reams of inspiring hand-creations yet I come away feeling like those are hours of life I can’t ever get back again (do you know what I mean!). There’s plenty of other things I need to get on with!

It’s half term and already I feel exhausted! Not particularly because of having all the children off but just because my week is full of other things to be completed. I spent a lot of yesterday feeling the need to part company with all technology. Me and Dropbox were not on speaking terms by the end! I’m trying to be friendly again with it this morning, but I fear I might just have to fork out for a paid subscription to get the somewhat cumbersome files delivered to a particularly lovely part of the world! It has a little icon that moves in a circular fashion while its syncing and trying to successfully accept your ‘drop’. Its little arrows following each other around and around look like they’re mocking me; ha!- you’re completely at our mercy and we will decide eventually whether your ‘drop’ has been successful. Shame they can’t be ‘encouraged’ using cake! Before you ask, yes they are zipped and yes I’d happily jump on them (metaphorically speaking) if it would reduce them down a tad. Honestly, they need Slimmers World for these babies. I would love to explain to you the relative size in a way that makes sense. But how do you envisage a Megabyte and why is a Gigabyte so very large. Because I like to know, I even looked it up….’The gigabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information storage. The prefix giga means 109 in the International System of Units (SI), therefore 1 gigabyte …’. Yup, didn’t help me either!

Anyhows, speaking of cake, one of my entrepeneurial daughters held a cake sale to raise a bit of money for something coming up. I decided I wasn’t going to estimate the costs anymore and thought it would be a good idea for her to work out prices of ingredients, how much ingredients were needed per recipe and therefore exactly how much the cost was. We even had a techie friend who was round for lunch helping her with a spreadsheet!!! Once we knew the basic unit cost she could price more effectively. Unfortunately we couldn’t factor in the weather which was utterly freezing yesterday. My Dad, who was visiting played minder (bouncer!) and took her and a sibling down to the bottom of our road to drum up some business. They came back having gained only a few monetary pounds but having lost several pounds between them due to involuntary shivering! Thankfully some neighbours and more visiting family helped cover all those costs & give her some profit. She was well narked at having to work it all out but by the end, she had really enjoyed working out profit minus costs and minus float etc. Now, the next step is to get her to work out electricity costs, (lighting, oven usage), petrol expenses for me having to go to the shops and the tax ramifications…(laughs wickedly !!).

Better go, I need to get ready for a family trip shopping..or rather the grandparents taking Suzie to get something for her birthday. You can hear me groan inside at the thought of the ensuing moaning by the other kids! Fortunately there are 4 adults to 5 kids so I reckon we’ll be fine…although the lure of staying in and fighting with Dropbox is surprisingly strong!! xx

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Favourite Projects & Paper Crafter’s Library Design Team Submission

Hey! Just a quick post. You’ll probably wonder why I’m showing projects that you might have seen before! Well, I’m linking to a website called Paper Crafter’s Library as they had a call for a design team and I thought I’d send a submission post somewhat cheekily as it’s primarily for US & Canadian crafters. Ah well, maybe a little bit of English style might go down ok!

This first card is showing that you don’t actually need many products to create a card, just little sections of cardstock with matching ink colours. Just so that the card doesn’t become too repetitive, I mounted the bottom middle section and put my sentiment on there too. Just playing around with different colours and widths gives a modern twist to the card.

 The little touch of glitter changes the silhouette and the black bow is reminiscent of the old fashioned picture hangings from  picture rails. Using the clear mounted stamps meant it was really easy to line up the frames and the black heads.



The next project is a more recent one and is a favourite because I love how much tiny detail you can cram onto one item before it starts to look too crowded! It was a pillow box adapted to make a hanging pouch that could be used for a tree decoration or even a special gift tag on a gift- particularly when its outside of the season. I’ll use this idea again. Using papers with small patterns helps make it look less cluttered. Using left over ‘negative’ portions for the number 25 which I’d die-cut out, was re-used by adding patterned paper behind. If you hadn’t got a perfect rectangle left-behind, cut it angularly  so it looks intentional.

So many of your perceived ‘mistakes’ can be completely turned around and incorporated so that it looks as if you’d designed it that way.





My final card is the simplest– and the quickest and easiest to create. It was made to use up lots of buttons that I knew I wouldn’t use separately. I love that you can use nearly every colour in the rainbow and it doesnt clash! By grading them from light to dark it gives the card coordination without being too busy. Adding more accents with semicircles of toning card finishes it off. The black helps the colours ‘pop’ and ties in the sentiment colour.  


 This card ended up on Pinterest recently which made me smile too!

I’ve been busy with a new commission for another craft magazine which is plenty of work and making me think hard too! It’s also been good to sit down and rest a little this Christmas, although I really enjoyed a much needed walk today. Too much sitting and not enough fresh air is not the best combination.

Need to go and clean out my craft space- it’s a real jumble!! xx

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