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Paper Crafters Library Projects & Jack!

Hi everyone! Welcome if you’re popping by from the Papercrafters Library . I’m showing just one of the projects today with a few more pictures than are on the site. I’ve got a bit more room to showcase them. It is a mini scrapbook inside an Altoid (or mint tin for us UK gals!) tin. I’ve tried to do something a little different with the inside mechanics. Normally I’ve seen them open out accordion style, but knowing I like to try and change things up a little I’ve used a ‘hinge’ type fold and the three pockets actually come out forwards, stacked one behind the other. If you want to know how to create it, you’ll need to join the Paper Crafters Library.

It is really worth paying for as I’ve been amazed by the sheer volume of really class video tutorials (well it was class until mine went up!). There is a wealth of information and inspiration and so much to learn. I’ve been stamping and crafting for quite some years and there are techniques I’ve never done before. Each week more are added so its constantly increasing. There’s mixed media, stamping, papercrafting, tool & product explanations etc. Go and have a look at the videos on the public side of the site and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyhow, back to the project– this photo gives you an idea of the inside of the tin. I’ve created pockets using the Pillow Box die from Sizzix & all of the paper and card is from Pink Paislee’s Snow Days range. I didn’t really know what to do with the snowmen, but the papers are so beautiful & can be used all year round (maybe not the snowmen ones!). This next picture shows you one of the pockets and you can see one of the inserts just peeping out. I wanted to have a mix of photos and journalling, and because the mint tin is pretty mini, I thought I’d pack as much ‘storage’ in there as possible! The pics are all from last winter when it actually snowed! We had a few blissful snow days when the schools were closed. I was hoping for a few more this year, but alas, just rain really in this part. We live in the wrong part of the UK to get regular snow so when it comes, it’s really exciting!

The treatment of the pockets decoration-wise is pretty simple. Because they’re so small, if you add too much, it looks overcrowded and your photo will look pretty lost too. If I say that the photos are about 4cm x 3cm, you’ll get the picture!

The middle pocket has space for journalling on the outside and the picture on the insert. The red ribbon tabs (Papertrey Saddle stitched ribbon) are so you can pull the inserts out easily. The lovely graph design on and behind the photo’s is using the packaging from the die-cuts ‘Ephemera’. It’s really good weight card and perfect for this project. Waste not, want that and all that!! Even the little dotted edging pieces at the bottom are simply the cut off parts from the ‘winter’ die-cut on the previous picure. The die-cut was simply too long so I used every part of it.

 This insert was made for journalling. One of the diecuts was a fancy frame shape that had a hole the perfect size to fit over the brads. I just trimmed it down & stuck it on!

I’m resting this evening after a pretty uncomfortable test yesterday. It was entirely routine and I’m fine but getting to see your insides on a monitor is a little alarming at the best of times! I was in a room with 4 lovely people and I couldn’t help remarking that this was some extreme way of getting a lie down. I was really grateful to family and friends who helped me out- it took 4 of them throughout the day to do pick ups, drop offs, babysitting and taking me to the hospital. Wow! I wasted all that lovely help on a un-fun appointment! I have not been so glad to see a Marmite bagel in a long time! 30 hours without food is not my idea of fun. Preparing meals for the family knowing I couldn’t eat any was hard work. My kids felt very sorry for me which was sweet. I’m now steeling myself not to over-eat as my body seems intent on clawing back every missed calorie!

I’ve spent some of today having a philosophical discussion with myself about the ins and outs of Jack and the Beanstalk (or Jack and The Beanstorm as Will calls it) story. We read it through a couple of times yesterday. I began to wonder several things. Just how much did Jacks mother scold him when he returned without the cow and a few beans. Would I have been so cool and calm I wonder? The next question was- why did the bloke sell him 3 magic beans? Did he know what the beans would do? Was he so content in this life that he’d eschew riches and bestow them upon a poor boy with a cow or had he already sampled the ogre of a giant up at the top of the beanstalk and decided it was too risky to keep visiting? This led to the thought of ‘why do we all think its perfectly ok for Jack to keep stealing’. It’s as if we think the poor giant doesn’t deserve his gold laying hen or harp etc. Had the giant gotten these items through ill-gotten sources? and please- why did the ogres wife hide Jack and not eat him herself? Where was the ‘stand by your man’ principle in her marriage? Did she not love him very much particularly as she kept hiding the thief over and again. Did she have a sympathy for criminals or did Jack seem poor or maybe he was a ‘lovable rogue’?! And why was the mother standing idly by as her son returned with stolen goods without saying (in a no-nonsense motherly tone)”You go right back this instance and take those things back to Mr Giant in the sky’? I could go on, but I suspect you’d rather I didn’t! If you have any answers to my questions or indeed are just worried about the state of my mental health that I would even be exploring the intricacies of a childhood fairy story, then feel free to comment & help restore my sanity! Do not worry that I’ll be kept awake at night worrying about these quandries- I’m far too wasted for that!

Better go!- see you when I’ve thought long and hard about Goldilocks and the Three Bears (oh, and posted some more projects from the Paper Crafters Library!) xx

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Christmas Crafting Day 2 & Accidents!

Day 2 huh! Here’s something that needs less explanation. The pillow box dies are really useful but just how many pillow boxes can you use? I wanted to make something to go on a tree or a super useful tag. Just cut out your pillow box, assemble it, then squeeze the bottom together, cut across on a straight line and then glue the bottom using a strong glue or tape.

You’ll want to punch a hole in the top and underneath flap so that you can pop some ribbon through , knot it on the underside and use it  to hang the box up with.

I’m not one for really using numbers on a card. I’ve only ever put a couple on my kids first few birthday cards. I like using them for just the number 25 but just using the negative. I’ve used the actual numbers for another project coming up later. You don’t need much else- there’s just not that much room. To create the backing, just stick down some patterned paper and trim around the edges of the numbers.

The little wreath is so cute- and please excuse what looks like dodgy colouring, but it was the glitter glue that did that- honest!!

I have to say its been a weird day. Just when you’re waiting for a good old plain boring day, you don’t get one. I had dropped my two kids off at school and watched them walk in. As it was perishingly cold this morning, I sat for a while with Will in the car, waiting for their bell to go. I then felt the card go ‘thud’ and lurch forward a little. Not possessing any awake brain cells it took me a little while to register that I’d just been driven into- from behind. I was stationary!! I got out, checked my car- the lady who had been in the car was out too, checking there was no damage. She was very apologetic- super sorry in fact. But, it was fine, no harm done. As she continued to apologise I told her it wasn’t as bad as the last person who had driven into me. That story was even worse.

This particular lady had driven into me (stationary me, again!!), reversed, then unbelievably had driven back into me for the second time. She was in such a fluster because of what had occurred, that she ended up shutting her hand in the door and injuring it quite badly. Due to the fact that there was no-one to help her, I ended up taking her and Will (a baby at the time) to the local casualty to get her checked out. Funnily, we had a good chat and realised our daughters were actually friends. You get quite a decent conversation whilst waiting in A&E Minors. I’d go as far as to recommend it, if you fancy increasing the amount of your friends!! Anyway, all’s well. My car is fine– but then with driving 2 tonnes worth of a hunk of metal, its probably always gonna be the other car that comes out worse!

Hope you’ve managed to find todays hidden thing/s that may or may not be there. Mean, aren’t I !

See you tomorrow. (I hope!) xx


Supplies; Pillow Box die- Sizzix

Cardstock apart from white shimmer, SU! Alpha dies- Sizzix for SU! Bakers twine, Rangers Stickles


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