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Paper Crafters Library & Thoughtfulness!

Good morning- well its nearly the afternoon and its my day at Paper Crafters Library. I may have posted before they get their post up- but because of Hurricane Sandy there was some potential power disruption – so I thought I’d post it and if you want to check out the video then I’m sure it’ll be up soon. I wanted to create a scene using different texture. There’s texture in the felt snowflakes (Die-namics dies), the snowy acetate and also the printable canvas paper snowman. The snowman is a Hero Arts set called ‘Smiling Snowman’ and I’ve used stamp markers to add colour to the stamp. The papers are cute- from the ‘Happy Days’ set (Papermania). I’ve kept it sentiment-less as you can add a winter sentiment or a Christmas one too. I love the little guy- he makes me smile. The acetate is attached to the inside of the card so the little snowman is actually standing proud away from the card.

Have to admit I’m feeling a little sorry for myself- I’m actually sat on the sofa doing nothing else (I’m amazed I’ve lasted this long!). I’ve been to the Dental hospital this morning for the follow-up appointment. (remember that post?!!). I sat around until my appointment- I was having the polyp-thing removed and some other surgery. It wasn’t nice (Booo) and I came out feeling quite wobbly. I was so thankful there was a cabby chatting to someone outside the hospital so I got transport straightaway. In Liverpool we have two sort of cabs’taxi’s; one where you can hail straight away (think US yellow taxis) and taxi-hire that you have to book in advance and wait for. Most of the cabbies I’ve ever chatted to are lovely- down to earth and good fun. This bloke was no exception. I thanked him for actually being there and explained where I’d just been ‘ahhh’ he said ‘to the butchers’. They were too lovely to be described as butchers but the feeling was akin a little to having been ‘butchered’. We had a good chat about unemployment, the NHS, dentists, thankfulness, poverty, kids and perspective. The whole trip only lasted 7 minutes- we were chatting quickly!!

I got in and walked into the lounge to find a tin of soft Devon custard, one of Rice Pudding, a can of tomato soup, bunch of roses and box of After Eight mints. All perfectly soft food (save the roses; obviously!) and a little note from Steve. He had no idea just how much that cheered me up. I walked into the kitchen to make myself a drink that could be neither very hot nor very cold (!) and saw a big box of 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts with a note on from Steve’s business partner. What lovely surprises. So fortunate to have thoughtful people around me!

Anyway- gotta feel up to scratch by the next 30 minutes; I’ve two school runs and a hubby pick up to do. See you when I can eat again! xx

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Garland Card & Getting it Wrong!

Hi! Yesterday was my day at Paper Crafters Library and this was what I came up with. I am forever using up little bits in my cards and this card is perfect for scraps and or getting out those punches that may not have seen the light of day for a while. Garlands are super- trendy and I think are the slightly cooler cousins of the bunting craze ( albeit a vertical version!!). Try it out- you don’t have to suspend them on threads, you could just draw them using pen.

Well yesterday I got it spectacularly wrong. You may know my littliest is undergoing ( being a highly suitable word) his staggered induction into school. He’s not found it really exciting yet but bless him, he’s been very stoic. At the moment he’s going in different days and various times. I was back at home knowing ( I thought) how much time I’d left before picking him up. I was suddenly blessed with an overriding urge to double check the time he needed getting.
PANIC!!!!I was supposed to have been there 5 mins before. I had completely got the time wrong. I knew school would be fine and would look after him until I arrived. I’m about 10-15 mins drive away and I sped there just wondering how he was feeling not having had his mum turn up.
Awful! I felt utterly awful. I’ve never done that before and it’s not really a great start to your school beginning.
More was to come however.
Once I’d picked him up, apologised profusely several times, one of the teachers asked him whether he’d had a lovely morning? ” no, not really’ was his distinctive reply.
Umm. Somewhat embarrassed I began to head for the door. The teacher laughed, ‘he would rather just stay at home with his mum’.
I smiled and then his actual class teacher started to talk to him. She only asked him the very same question.
In in a mili- second I hoped against hope that maturity and sensitivity would kick in and he’d not mince his words quite so much.
Are you kidding ?! He’s 4,- not impressed his mum never turned up until half an hour later, he was sat in the middle of an unfamiliar office with adults who are lovely but unknown to him and he’s yet to fall in love with the institution called school!
No, not really”. He said perfectly unmistakably.
I grimaced. His teacher smiled and I really hoped that she might get a sudden attack of amnesia covering the past 1800 seconds. Fortunately she seems kind and I’m hoping will glaze over my error and his honesty!
With my pride not at all intact, I left with a cheery but extremely embarrassed ‘thankyou and goodbye’.
See what happens when you mess up!
This morning unsurprisingly,he did not want to go to school. He was helped along by porridge and dippy eggs! Thankfully he went in without a murmur. Stoic. He is terrifically stoical.
I now have the time 11:40 permanently emblazoned on my memory.
Let’s hope I make it on time!

See you soon, hopefully with the correct number of children exactly in the places that they should be ! …

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Paper Crafters Library

An extra quick post to let you know its my day at Paper Crafters Library. This is a simple card to really make the technique the main thing. Faux mosaic technique is really simple and makes great use of the left over pieces of rubber you have around your stamps particularly when you have unmounted ones. You create a crazy paving effect using a acrylic block and the whole video showing the card from beginning to end is accessible by joining as a member.
Have a look here
It’s also worth mentioning that they’ve reintroduced the Stampin’Up! Section over there so there are tons of projects and inspiration specially using completely Stampin’Up! Projects. If you’re a demo or an SU! lover- you’ll love it. There are projects being created every week- go and see.

See you soon- xx

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April Paper Crafter’ Library Projects & a Win!

Hi! Back finally. Life is starting to resemble some semblance of normality! My daughter has returned to school (with crutches and chair for when it gets too sore) and I’m able to resume some of the regular ‘stuff’! Today is my post on the Paper Crafter’s Library so I’ve got these projects to show you.

This is a coffee bag adapted to make a cute container for just about anything! Knowing my love of everything ‘Kraft’, I couldn’t wait to use them up. These were the same bags I adapted at Christmas time with the jingle bells on! I’ve used some more cupcake cases (told you they’d be featuring again!) to create these simple flower rosettes! The paper and little ‘tin pin’s’ in the centre of the flowers are from a company new to me called’ Darcie’s. It’s a fantastic craft range and their stamps are really superb. I used their clear stamps on my next project;

The set I’ve used is a clear polymer set called ‘All Season Tree’ and they’re really thick and extremely detailed. I know some people have a thing about not using anything except red rubber, but do give these a go- they’re brilliant!


As usual, all these projects come with a detailed video tutorial explaining dimensions, how-to and tips along the way. If you’re unsure whether you’d benefit from joining- just take a nosey at the free video section of the site and you’ll see a selection of the free ones. When you realise there are over 700 video tutorials covering how-to’s for products, a step by step course covering just about anything you can do with art/craft products and ink, and lots of projects you can recreate with pdf’s accompanying the videos, the joining fee is really good value.  

 My final project is the scrapbook page where I’ve shown a way of using up lots of little photo’s that otherwise would probably remain languishing in a file or photo box. You can us up pictures that aren’t worthy of being the sole focus of the page, but when combined with others, they often give a better idea of what the day or event was all about. I’ve incorporated an idea for some hidden pull-out journalling, a pretty circle-rosette and some bunting. One of my favourite products on the page is probably the wooden Pink Paisley letters. Even used ‘au naturale’ they’re still fab!

Speaking of ‘fab’- I was really excited to win a Challenge on Moxie Fab World. The link takes you to the challenge- you’ve seen the card already. Probably my greatest reward was the prize!!  I spent some time pouring over it yesterday! You just can’t get these for love nor money in an ordinary shop here in the UK, so it was really special getting it through the post! Thanks Cath & Moxie Fab World- and of course Paper Crafts too!

Well my badly-done Florence Nightingale role is under wraps partially- at least until the cast comes off and then I’ll be required to help out my daughter a whole lot more! This week we are actively looking for a new house and the thought of packing all of our junk, ermm..belongings makes me feel faint at the prospect. What a good job there are things called ‘skips’!!! I’ll finish here with a funny from my littliest. Whilst being in and out of hsopial so much recently, he asked on a particular day whether he was going to be with me?

‘Of course’ I replied. ‘Why’?

‘Well I thought I might be at home with Dad’ he answered.

‘Daddy’s at work today, so you couldn’t be with him’. He stopped, and took in this information.

‘I couldn’t be at home without Dad then’, he said emphatically,’ I can’t be at home without an owner’!!.

I guess that’s what I am; an owner of 5 ever-so-slightly-loopy kids. What an incredibly blessed owner I am!! xx


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My Little Shoebox & Washing with Toilet Roll!

Thought I’d do something different with a new set of products. This is a relatively new company to me (My Little Shoebox) & I have really enjoyed using these papers. They’re quite whimsical but bright and happy and who doesn’t want bright and happy huh?!

It’s encouraging the ‘chameleon’ in me. Adapt to the style you’re working with. I found them a lot of fun to create with and take a quick deviation away from the other projects I’m doing at the moment. I’ve just finished filming the next set of tutorials for Paper Crafter’s Library and now I’ve got some instruction sheets to prepare. This little card indulged my love of making holes in everything I touch and fussy cutting. Add in polka dots and twines and what’s not to love?! The bird is actually part of the brown frame but I wanted to show other things through the frame so chopped out the middle of it. The little red polka dot leaf is in fact the opposite side of the paper; its all polka-patterned but as I was cutting it out, it twisted and I liked it that way, so left it. The best things are often accidental!

I apologise for not updating my class list. I have not had much time. That’s on next months to-do list!

I have enjoyed more usual parenting humiliation this week. It ranged from ‘you’re not my Mum’ (ermm get out of that one in a public crowded space!!) to the funny ‘pigs are made out of ham’ to a ‘did that child really just say that’ in Asda. Knowing as you do, that most of the tales I tell happen in the supermarket, this one was in a new place. In an attempt to curb the ever-increasing cost of the weekly shop, I’m fairly committed to Aldi now (I know, I’m shocked too!) but Aldi does not sell everything I need so I ended up at a little Asda down the road. I bumped into a friend who I hadn’t seen in quite a while and we got chatting. William decided it would be a good idea to complete my shopping whilst I was gabbing and brought me various items I was requesting. He soon tired of that game and thought I could do with some extras. Various packets of crisps and plaintive cries for chocolate spread ensued and then he wandered over just visible from underneath a rather large 8 pack of kitchen roll. ‘Oh, wow’ I said. ‘Are you planning on making lots of spills?’. ‘Oh no’, he replied very loudly, ‘Its so you don’t have to wash with toilet roll anymore’.     Hmm… My friend cracked up laughing. The lady right next to us peered across with a large grin on her face and I didn’t know whether to make audible gestures that this was entirely untrue or would this simply be a case of ‘the lady protesteth too much’?!! Either way, we didn’t purchase the 8 pack on principle and I left as soon as I was able.

You would think I was used to it by now. Truly I’m not. I clearly have some way to go yet.  Apart from the constant need to know when lunchtime is, his main issue is  ‘will you please stop taking pictures of me’!!. At least he has stopped repeating the ‘Large Family’ CD where the baby says ‘Mummy has wobbly bits’ because they all need to go on a diet.

Well, it’s time for bed. An early start tomorrow- ..oh wait, every day is an early start!!!

See you in the week when I’ve got more My Little Shoebox projects! xx

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Microwave Lemon Curd & Shooting!

Hey! Been cooking again- using up some lemons and orange juice. I used this recipe which is a no-fail one and is sooo easy! I’ve made lots of variations; even cranberry curd. I have a bit of an issue with giving things undecorated (crazy, huh?!) so these couple of jars were prettified before meeting their new owners!

This also ties in with Papertreys continuing celebrations and the challenge this time was a colour scheme. I chose Erin Lincolns favourites here .

This is the top and the other slight variation is at the bottom of the post.

You’ve caught me in the middle of videoing for Paper Crafters Library . I’ll be showing you the projects in the last week of February. Alas, a natural I am not. Think its the pressure of videoing yourself. I will get there- although if you want to see some really decent video tutorials, they have 100’s- and they are really good! Any tips out there?!!

Better dash- Will needs to go to nursery. His latest ploy for getting attention is to shout rather loudly ‘Hear This’! Where does he get these phrases?!!


February 9, 2012 at 11:34 am 7 comments

Crafts Beautiful & Wahooooo!

Hey! Thought you might like a look at one of the projects in the February Issue of Crafts Beautiful out now. The rest of the baby  projects are in there along with a Glamorous gardening set using some gorgeous Authentique papers.  This little box is a variation on a 2,4,6,8 box and using some sponging with a freehand drawn cloud used as a template. The stamp set is a SU! one.

The Wahooooo! bit is that the Paper crafters Library have invited me and 3 other girls to be their first Design Team for a couple of months. I got the email inviting me yesterday on my Birthday- a pretty fab extra present! The site is a wealth of tutorials and inspiration and our job is to add a few more projects and tutorials that will hopefully inspire other crafters.

The other members of the team are..

Kristin Wilson

Michelle Weksler

Ezlie Perez

Go and check their lovely blogs out. I love that we’re all different with our own styles. Apart from being really excited and pretty honoured that Andrea, Sophia and the Paper Crafters Team have allowed me onto the team, I’ve been stunned by the amount of visitors, comments and messages from people. Crafters are really wonderful people!! My blog has nearly gone into meltdown! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and signing up to receive updates. I only hope that I can produce projects that inspire you!

I’ve been busy trying to clear away all the Christmas decorations, and start to reorganise myself. I’m not doing a particularly successful job when after putting everything away- actually labelling the boxes properly this year, shoving them into the loft on a stepladder that I oh-so-nearly-fell-off, screwing the door hatch back on (yes, I know!!), that I went downstairs and discovered the stable complete with knitted nativity figures still on the piano. It’s so big, I wonder how I missed it. The question now is how long will it take before I become too fed up, embarrassed, or oblivious to the fact it’s still there!! Ah well, I guess I’ve left the most important deccies out!

I have to sign off quickly- I’m in the  middle of a really challenging assignment. I like being stretched but my brain is resisting it. Kinda wished I’d got a few more brain cells for my Birthday!!

See you when I can tear myself away from the Bleak House DVD’s I got for Christmas xx


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Favourite Projects & Paper Crafter’s Library Design Team Submission

Hey! Just a quick post. You’ll probably wonder why I’m showing projects that you might have seen before! Well, I’m linking to a website called Paper Crafter’s Library as they had a call for a design team and I thought I’d send a submission post somewhat cheekily as it’s primarily for US & Canadian crafters. Ah well, maybe a little bit of English style might go down ok!

This first card is showing that you don’t actually need many products to create a card, just little sections of cardstock with matching ink colours. Just so that the card doesn’t become too repetitive, I mounted the bottom middle section and put my sentiment on there too. Just playing around with different colours and widths gives a modern twist to the card.

 The little touch of glitter changes the silhouette and the black bow is reminiscent of the old fashioned picture hangings from  picture rails. Using the clear mounted stamps meant it was really easy to line up the frames and the black heads.



The next project is a more recent one and is a favourite because I love how much tiny detail you can cram onto one item before it starts to look too crowded! It was a pillow box adapted to make a hanging pouch that could be used for a tree decoration or even a special gift tag on a gift- particularly when its outside of the season. I’ll use this idea again. Using papers with small patterns helps make it look less cluttered. Using left over ‘negative’ portions for the number 25 which I’d die-cut out, was re-used by adding patterned paper behind. If you hadn’t got a perfect rectangle left-behind, cut it angularly  so it looks intentional.

So many of your perceived ‘mistakes’ can be completely turned around and incorporated so that it looks as if you’d designed it that way.





My final card is the simplest– and the quickest and easiest to create. It was made to use up lots of buttons that I knew I wouldn’t use separately. I love that you can use nearly every colour in the rainbow and it doesnt clash! By grading them from light to dark it gives the card coordination without being too busy. Adding more accents with semicircles of toning card finishes it off. The black helps the colours ‘pop’ and ties in the sentiment colour.  


 This card ended up on Pinterest recently which made me smile too!

I’ve been busy with a new commission for another craft magazine which is plenty of work and making me think hard too! It’s also been good to sit down and rest a little this Christmas, although I really enjoyed a much needed walk today. Too much sitting and not enough fresh air is not the best combination.

Need to go and clean out my craft space- it’s a real jumble!! xx

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