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Add A Little Dazzle Design Team Last Hurrah! 

They say all good things come to an end. That’s not always true and it’s only half true in this case.

After much consideration Monica Weaver from Add a Little Dazzle has decided to close the Dazzling Diva Challenge. BUT the blog and boutique will continue being open offering unique creations and Add a Little Dazzle Craft Metal Sheets. Do continue (or indeed start) following the Add a Little Dazzle blog. 

We had the challenge photos done ahead for a little while, so we’ve all still made a project along the lines of the inspiration photo.  


I’ve used Wondrous White 

 and by embossing it and removing some of the colour (I used Stazon cleaner), you get the two tone look. The leaves are stamped in Fresco paint from a PaperArtsy stamp set and the embossing folder is from Crafters Companion.

Do join in with our last challenge- it would be great to see you all out in force. 

 It’s been lovely being part of the Design Team; the girls are simply some of the nicest and most talented you’ll find anywhere in blogland. Lovely Monica and her husband deserve to make this new direction a real success. She’s combining her passion for crafting with clean eating and will produce some totally unique ideas on the blog.

I’ll still dabble and experiment with craft metal as it’s such a brilliant product. 

See you soon, and thankyou Monica and the Diva girls! xx


April 29, 2015 at 4:58 pm 10 comments

Rejects & Friends!

Today I thought I’d show you a couple of rejects. It’s good to show things that don’t go quite right- this first card is proof that chucking everything on a card isn’t always the best way to go! As this is a ‘warts and all’ blog – I thought you should see some of the more ‘warty ones’ ha ha! This card has a load of Paper Artsy goodness- the paint, the leafy stencil the gorgeous butterfly ( which you’ll be seeing a whole ton next week 😉) and my own stencil which I’ve used the ‘bump technique’ with. Just a shame it doesn’t show the products to the greatest effect!

This second one is less of a ‘wart’ but I sent it in and it was a reject. Bless it. Excuse the naff background- not my finest photographing hour either!

Succeeding better are some of my kids with their friendships.
Good friends are a joy to have and witness.
One of my boys has a really good buddy and they are pretty inseparable. Given half the chance they’d chat to each other every night and this summer they’re going to a camp. They were overflowing with excitement! Chatting through what activities they wanted to do together and negotiating through the list. There was even some mutual sighing about the challenges of older siblings. It did my heart good to see a positive pairing when so I often I am dealing with the fallout from less than agreeable ones!!
Along that theme I found out this week that an acquaintance we knew and haven’t seen in a while had died and no one knew. I felt so bad. No one should have to die alone and certainly should be missed.
Go check on your neighbours and text your older friends. Hug those close to you. Life is short. Make the most of today.

See you soon, when I’ve tried to Carpe Diem!! xx

June 5, 2014 at 9:53 am 7 comments

Paper Smooches & Get Me Out of Here!

Is it really only Tuesday? It feels like Friday. This is a quick and easy project for my day over at Make The Day Special. I’m using some new sets – never really tackled Paper Smooches before..most of the project is using this set

Cute hey?!
I’ve added in the flowers from the Kitschy Kitchen set. I was going with the contrast of a bog-standard ordinaire coffee and the super-special cup ( or person) that the steam is flowery and full of rainbow colour!
Know any people like that? I know a few. In fact it’s a privelege to know even one, so I must be really blessed!

If I was to describe to you my household at the moment, you’d break out in a cold sweat.
At a time when I could do to be doing nothing much and just being a support to the studious, I’m playing catch up and just about getting there! I’m on my third set of commissions this week already nevermind the DT work plus copy and invoices to write.
It’s massive fun -particularly being involved with Paper Artsy- their ‘family’ is amazing and super supportive so I’ve loved being a part of such a vibrant community! It has helped being a fun contrast to the other ‘stuff’.
It gets a little concerning when one of your offspring decides to tell you the night before that they’ve exams and you did actually have it in the diary but it hadn’t actually registered. They were insistent that there was no need to revise as the results simply didn’t matter! Ha ha. Yep, I wasn’t born yesterday.
So, there were 3 glum faced girls sharing a table. One wanted music, the other didn’t. One was breathing too loudly. Another was ‘finished’ in record time ( 20 minutes to revise a whole year in one subject?! Amazing!) I scurried in and out. More out than in.
Coffees and teas and juices and the occasional bowl of popcorn.
When the noise got too loud, I went and ‘turned them down’ so to speak.
I meanwhile badgered away in my work space trying to get creativity to flow out of me whilst my body was insisting that sleep would be a preferable option.
We have about 3 more weeks of it!
Wish me luck!!

See you later this evening- with a sneak peek of my final project this week on the Paper Artsy blog. It’s up after 7pm ..oh and if you want to join a party, get on Twitter afterwards- it’s always great fun!

May 13, 2014 at 3:38 pm 11 comments

PaperArtsy Day Two!

Hello! How are you?
Thanks so much for all the lovely support and comments. I really appreciated them particularly as it was quite a different step for me.
Tonight’s is over on the Paper Artsy blog here -it’s a little different but still using the lovely Lynne Perrella set from last night.

I’m kinda hiding out at the moment. My dining room table has been monopolised by teen 1 and teen 2 who are revising for their A levels and GCSE’s . Daughter 3 was also revising tonight for her exams. You can imagine the tension!! (& why I’m hiding)!
See you tomorrow!- with a longer usual post!


May 12, 2014 at 7:05 pm 1 comment

Silent-ish Saturday!

Hello! Just popping by to say tomorrow is a busy day on this blog – I’ve two scheduled posts and they’re both exciting. So please pop by tomorrow morning and evening to have a nosey.
Speaking of noses..

20140510-093529.jpg …heres a PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella image of one. Quite a pretty one at that..although I think I prefer my own. I’ve just done a watercolour effect with some Artiste pens (docrafts) & she’s stamped onto acetate with a watercoloured and stamped frame.
See you tomorrow x

May 10, 2014 at 9:38 am 10 comments

PaperArtsy & Virginia’s View Challenge!

Don’t be too shocked! I know I’m posting again- but it’s for a good cause- or rather a lovely person.
If you’re after genuine and lovely and scouting around the papercraft online community, you wouldn’t have to look too hard to find Virginia Lu.
Serendipitously we ‘found’ each other during the mammoth blog hop for our lovely crafty trend-leader Cath Edvalson. She and Taheerah helped me organise it and since then we’ve become good buddies and chat regularly. She recently started a crafty challenge blog called Virginia’s View here and she was blown away by the runaway success of it; over 300 entrants to the inaugural challenge. She kindly contacted me and asked if I’d be a guest designer for her stitching challenge.
Of course. I’d be honoured. So this is my piece for the blog today. I do love stitching- makes me happy, in fact!

20140506-175628.jpg the set might surprise you-

It’s from PaperArtsy- here can you see how much you can do with it?
I’m spreading my wings a little- finding new techniques to learn & new types of image to inspire me. Hope you love the set as much as I do!
Do think about entering- there’s a Simon Says Stamp voucher up for grabs and there’s 12 days left to link up. It’s a great way of getting to know new people in this wonderful community- it’s not hard, you can even so faux stitching too!

I’m also linking this project to Catered Crop Button challenge (thanks Ros) . You should go link up too- it’s adding buttons to your projects ( or talking about how you store them!)
Oh, and because I can, I’m popping it into Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge blog on the theme of anything goes!

Better go- not much of the chat. I thought I’d slyly help myself to some coffee cake whilst cooking tea. Sadly it fell into my coffee.
What’s a girl to do?
Common sense would have meant I just tipped out the coffee and congratulated myself on calories saved.
However, it seemed a shame to waste. I started to drink it.
An artistic layer of ‘fat bubbles’ started to form on the top.
Looked beautiful- tasted umm…foul.
Fortunately there’s enough left.
For the moment at least.
In our house, you need to tie stuff down and lock it away.
Truly, we need a food safe.

Dashing off now to feed the gannets tea..minus the coffee cake ( or as Darcy on Twitter put it ‘cakey coffee’)

May 6, 2014 at 6:16 pm 11 comments

Getting Painty & Heroes!

Ever began something that you don’t have a clue about?
Well, that was me the other day. I happen to have a lovely selection of Paper Artsy Fresco paints and wanted to have a go at creating with them.
Me and paint? No. I don’t have a clue where to start.
Helpfully, Paper Artsy has a YouTube channel. You know when watching Leandra that it takes skill, but oh, does she make it all look easy.
It is fun.
Perhaps not as easy, but I learned quick about using opaques as the base and not layering translucents over an dark opaque if you want a bright colour…
Well, let’s call it ‘abstract’ shall we? He he.
I wanted to add some brightness to it using gold embossing powder so added the dashed line, sentiment and circles in the middle of the flowers from this set -‘Simply Tags Everyday’ by Avery Elle

If you go to Make The Day Special here you can pick up a set.


Life has calmed down a little since last week.
The ‘burglar’ incident needs to be sketchy..for obvious reasons. Here’s the précis.
Dodgy bloke.
Dodgy bloke with suitcases.
Hubby clocks him.
Sees a smashed window
Follows him (with my daughter in car too).
Ringing police whilst ‘in pursuit’
Tries to flash a police car. It drives away (to another incident we found out later)
Sees a police van coming in the opposite direction.
Slams brakes on.
Jumps out of car.
Runs in front of van, stops it, and tells them to go arrest dodgy man.
Dodgy man caught.
Nicked loot confiscated.

Fast forward a day.
Happy neighbours.
Champagne brought round as a thankyou.

Phewie. I’d like a little slow time this week. Would be nice to have nothing to report!
Let’s see shall we!

See you soon- have received a docrafts box choc full of product ready for Saturdays demo at Sophie’s Crafts in Oldham (10-4) so need to go and create something with it. Let’s just say that there are some really exciting products!

April 29, 2014 at 12:39 am 10 comments

Tim Holtz 12 Tags 2014 & Non-grunginess!

Yup. Look twice.
I have a confession.
I can’t do grungy.
I will keep trying. I’m trying to add distressed edges and inside I want them to look neat! Ha ha.
There’s really no hope for me.
Here’s the full thing

It might look simple- but it took me forevvaah!
I used a ton of Paper Artsy paints. I cracked open their Crackle paint and I’m sold.
I used some chalkboard paint (B&Q- hehe!) as the base, added the crackle and then London Bus ( red) over the top. The shape with the stamping on is a one grungeboard I die cut and added one of the new Lynne Perella stamps- partially stamped.
The playing card is lightly painted in snowflake to subtle-ize it ( like my new word?!) and I’ve painted the grunge paper hearts and added tiny buckles and ribbon.
I haven’t had this much fun learning in ages.
Someday I’ll let my inner messy out. My ‘outer’ messy is regularly out but the inner? Not so much.
Maybe someone could help me to release it. It’s definitely stuck!

I’m also entering this into the Sei challenge here it’s a rustic Valentine challenge and I thought this would perfect too! There’s another 5 days to enter- have a go!

Will tell you about our fun day out next post. It included selfies, rope swings, getting turned away at a pub and general otherness.

Until then! See you when I’ve cleared up my now unbelievably messy craft room. This arty-ness comes with tons of product 😉!!

February 22, 2014 at 5:58 pm 12 comments

JOFY 2014 Stamps Launch


Hi! Today there’s lots of excitement over on the Paper Artsy Blog tonight.
Each night this week, Paper Artsy are highlighting their brand new collections and there are several artists showing their new stamps. Tonight’s is all about Jo Firth Youngs beautiful new collection and I’ve got several sneak projects to show you with the complete reveal over on the blog. The card above was created using No.33 which is a mini set.

This tag was using JOFY 22 which is a larger set involving flowers, numbers, a tag, star and heart. A gorgeously versatile set that l’ll get tons of use from.
Those that know me will be surprised at 2 things;
1. That I’m doing CAS with PaperArtsy products and
2. That I’m using purple.
Well PaperArtsy is wanting more people to use their stamps. After all, a beautiful image is a beautiful image and can be used by different types of crafters. So go and have a look! You’ll love it!

Purple? My true nemesis. It’s true I really struggled with the colour scheme- not because it’s not lovely- I’ve used JOFY selected paints which are lovely to work with and you can stamp easily on top of the painted surface. You can see her new colours are gorgeous!
Another great discovery was the Smoothy card. You can find nice stamping card but it’s often pretty flimsy.
Smoothy comes in 2 weights..240gsm and 340gsm. Your stamped images are perfect on this and you can do one layer cards without compromising on your stamping.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the little peek- to see the stamp sets and the other designers inspiration- pop over here

Better go- see you soon xx

February 13, 2014 at 7:00 pm 5 comments

Super Quick Non Christmas Christmas Card!

If that title made any sense to you at all, you’re doing well! This is a stamp from the JOFY range at Paper Artsy.
I bought it a whole while back and for some reason thought that I’d bought a Christmas stamp.
When I dug it out for my ‘quick and simple Christmas cards’ I realised that it was a summer/spring flower stamp.
No problem.
I could add a Christmas sentiment but quite like the clean and simple look.
I just coloured it with Copics, added a mini star from punched Papermania glitter paper & some Lawn Fawn twine.
Have I gotten away with it?!

I’ve been to the first nativity today. Well obviously not THE first one. But the first one of this year. The cute factor was off the charts and my littliest sporting a very trendy ‘hat’ with a foil covered star looked almost angelic.
There were a few tears and the odd tantrum but they all did an amazing job. They raised the roof on the last song and I thought that the days of attending sweet performances are pretty limited. In a few years they’ll all have grown up.

I’m off to get my Christmas cards made- I might even find a proper Christmas stamp!!

See you soon x

December 11, 2013 at 11:21 am 6 comments

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