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Christmas Crafting Day 4 & Return to Aldi!

Still with me? Thanks for your sticking power. I know some of you want that chocolate Tiffin recipe; bear with me. I’m a little under the cosh time-wise and having extra ‘loose ends’ to tie that keep coming undone means even less time than normal.

This project is chameleon-like in its description. I guess its up to you lovely blog-readers to given me some inspiration as to their usage.

Here’s how they looked -a real bargain-50p each from a local cheap shop. Can’t see many people using them as they were- unless you’ve a shabby-chic style Scandinavian house. Like so much I see, I knew I could slightly improve them. The holes in the top kinda lend themselves to being hanging decorations. I could find a use for them like that. Part of me wants to add a concertina style hinge and make them into front and backs (or even two fronts with  cardstock backs) for a mini book. They’d be great for recording December events. The jury’s out- still can’t decide..any better ideas people?

 The lace is looped and moved down behind the sticker. Having an ultra-sticky back to the chipboard meant it was easy to stick the lace down. They were finished very quickly- the most hassley bit was tracing around the shape and sticking it down with wet glue (always best to use wet glue so you’ve got some ‘playing time’ if you don’t get it stuck down quite right!!)

The other is completely self-explanatory too- just a bit of layering and strips of paper. Finito!

I decided to do battle with Aldi again yesterday. You’d think I’d learn but there’s an extremely stubborn side of me that doesn’t like to give up too easily. After consulting with several Aldi-going friends they did agree that you did have to pack again on the ledge once you’d thrown (or had thrown) the food into the trolley. So we wandered around and I have to say this time, I was more positive about the bargains. I picked up 4 punnets of plums at 69p each (more on those on a later post) and some great crackers (just waiting to be ‘improved’) for £4.99. Will got very excited by a pack of mince pies and asked if he could have one for dinner (random- huh?!) The ‘wandering’ gear soon shifted as I approached the till.

I decided to go into ‘attack mode’. The focus on my face as I approached the lady on the till wouldn’t have been obvious to everyone else, but inside I was determined- I will not pack twice.

There, I said it. You got me. I have revealed my sinful inner workings. Not content to take the time and meekly stuff (carefully) my purchased produce into bags. I wanted to beat the system. Oh dear, I can picture you all shaking your heads thinking- silly girl, what did she want to court disaster for! Well….y’know I just very nearly cracked it. With speed that Usain Bolt might have been proud of, I packed my little socks off. The lady was very nice, got a little frustrated at a pricing problem but seemed entirely content. I got 4 bags pretty much full and lobbed the last few items on the top. Ta da! Happy bunny! I guess its the little things that make you happy!  

Don’t forget to keep counting the hidden images- there’s a prize up for grabs once the 12 Days are finished.

I’ll be finishing now..way too much cleaning to do for my liking. See you tomorrow x


Supplies; K & Co stickers. SEI papers, SU! papers. Button Embosslits. Twine from The Ribbon Reel.


November 10, 2011 at 9:30 am 2 comments

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