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Gallery Idol Round 3 & Lovely People!

10Well, who’d have thought it?! I got through- thanks to all you lovely bloggy readers who voted &/or supported me. The next challenge was…


Have to admit. My heart sank a little. I’m not known for being stencilly- although the PaperArtsy crew are converting me to some stencil-love. I did want to use stencils but more in my style.

I realise you may be looking at my card and going..

Eh? What? where exactly is the stencilling?

Look closely. I’ll show you 3 clean and simple ways to use stencils without getting very messy at all!

First- use them to emboss with!photo 1a photo 2a

I created an acetate stencil in a textured metal kinda pattern using my Silhouette. Despite using what I thought would be a correct setting, the acetate is that thick, it wouldn’t cut all the way through. So, I had to laboriously cut over each indentation. Tedious wasn’t in it. Now I could have misted/pasted/inked through it, but I wanted to do something different.

Using the stencil, metal sheet and piece of foam, I ran them through the diecutting machine & it produces a cool effect. That’s what I was going to use for the ‘joystick’. Remember those?!

photo 3aIn an attempt to save time, I thought I’d create a cardstock stencil to mist an ‘explosion’ through. This is what happened…


6So, I had to ‘score’ acetate again with my Silhouette Cameo, cut it out with my craft knife & mist again with my red spray ink from Artiste (docrafts). This time went betterphoto 4a7I didn’t want the stencilling to take over the design- just enhance it. I’d already stamped out my sentiment which is using the Milo’s ABC’s from Lawn Fawn. photo 5aI also used the stencil as a template- cutting out a shape and painting it with gold spray.

For my space invaders, I used some dismantled parts that Steve had given me when he was getting rid of a load of ancient floppy discs. They were perfect little invaders & I almost felt sorry cutting one up for the ‘exploded’ invader at the top. I wanted to make one of them appearing to come out of the card so attached one to an acetate ‘hook’- you can see it in the picture before- then I made a slit at an angle & fed the acetate through & then secured it at the back.89 Hope you like it.. voting starts again now and you can vote here. Some of you kindly took the trouble to try and vote & the system wasn’t so straightforward for you. You can sign in with Facebook & vote that way instead if you prefer. Registration is necessary to protect the contest from vote-rigging. I’m so delighted to have got this far- thanks for all taking the time to get me to this point! x

I was working at Abakhan in Mostyn on Saturday. Exhausted wasn’t in it. My coolant system has some sort of leak in it, so even leaving to travel the hour or so distance was more complicated than usual. Add to that fact I got up at 7:30-(an hour later than is ideal) and this girl arrived at work a little ruffled.

Imagine my delight then, when Pat turned up (hi Pat!) to say hello AND had brought me 2 KitKats and 2 Earl Grey teabags (my new favourite!). It completely made my day & I sat enjoying one of them at lunchtime in the glorious sunshine (kinda wishing I wasn’t working indoors). Lovely people make the day special- so thanks so much Pat! The day passed fairly quickly & I started to drive home, and then realised I should have checked the coolant level.

I arrived at a garage, opened the bonnet & went into the car to get the big bottle of water. A man saw me in my work clothes and heels and said ‘Are you alright love?’

I smiled and said (albeit it a little smugly) ‘oh, yes, thankyou. I’m just topping up my coolant’!!

The kiddles continue to be plain old silly. We have had a job getting the littliest out of his new Spiderman onesie. Tesco had one in the sale rack for £1 & he runs around the house shooting ‘webs’ and telling us he’s the ‘amazing’ Spiderman. He’s also informed us that being a Dad is much harder than being a Mum. When asked why, he replied

‘I don’t want to be a Dad, because they have to catch burglars’.

Hoping we have no more burglars to catch in the near future! See you tomorrow xx

June 2, 2014 at 6:01 pm 23 comments

Pick n Mix & Smells!

What amazing sunshine ( in the UK at least) and it made me think of summer, sailing, socialising, strawberries and snacking ( well, ‘picnicking’ didn’t fit with the all the ‘s’s!)
This ‘love-y’ card was inspired by the ‘Float My Boat’ set from Lawn Fawn & is available over at Make The Day Special.
The lovely colours are inspired from the Let’s Polka paper ( also by Lawn Fawn) and I’ve simply added in some vellum and stitching and some Stampin’Up! vellum.

The photo makes the project look cream coloured but hopefully the second pic shows that it’s a lovely clean white.

Apparently research has shown that giving adults a packet of Crayola crayons and getting them to smell them, evokes all sorts of childhood memories. There are unique links with smells and memories. When I smell alcohol ink it makes me think of a certain time and projects. The gorgeous smell of photopolymer stamps triggers other memories but mostly at our house there are a whole mix of niffs. Some are significantly more pleasant than others!! I think all children should come with pegs. Beautifully decorated ones that you can slip onto your nose when loading the washing into the washing machine!
However, when I walk towards my craft room I’m greeted with the most exquisite aroma; a bunch of stunning pink hyacinths. It makes me smile every time I pass them. Thanks to my lovely friend Mara, it helps mask other odours!
What’s your favourite smell? ..and is it craft related?!!

Better go, have 5 kiddos to pick up from school and then make a whole other batch of smells as I prepare tea!
I think beans on toast might smell perfect 😉!

See you when I’ve created the simplest tea possible!

Keren x

March 11, 2014 at 3:26 pm 5 comments

Acorny Card & Failed Puns!


Did you get the title? A corny card. (Acorny– acorn-y). No? Ah well.
I have an even worse play on words with the sentiment going with the Lawn Fawn set- Into the Woods and also the Milo’s ABC stamp set. I was sat there thinking about what sort of sentiment would go with a bunch of acorns (as you do!!)
It came in a flash of ‘brilliance’? No.
‘Wordiness’? No.
Acorn-iness.. That’s what.
This would be a silly congrats card suitable for a man or woman. I kept the contrast colour green for that very reason. Now I just need to find someone needing congratulations who will.
a) understand the word play
b) be silly enough to appreciate it
c) not think I’m an utter fool.

Because I was a little unsure of the phrase I thought I’d try it out on my 11 yo.
‘Read the sentiment please ‘ I cajoled.
After several attempts she got it.
I was beginning to realise my word at wasn’t quite as clever as I’d originally congratulated myself on.
‘Do you get it?’ I questioned her.
‘Well, sort of ‘ she shrugged.
She thought for a moment
‘Is it one of those old-fashioned phrases that was around in the ’80’s?’ she said smugly and flashed me a wicked smile.

Yup. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to involve your offspring.
Well at least just make sure your ego is up to the onslaught first!

I’m busy getting the kids to find their PE kits and school stuff ready for tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long long day!

See you on Tuesday when I’ll finally get a coffee in peace! 😉 x

January 6, 2014 at 9:36 am 4 comments

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