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3D Scene Card & Luxury!


Ittttttsss Monday! Is that a ‘yay’ or a ‘groan’ coming from you?!! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Today I’ve got a fun 3D scene type card I created whilst messing around with ‘Rustic Spring’ set from Mama Elephant. Magically, I’ve tweaked it to fit in with their current challenge. I’ve not done one in a while- it’s pink & pearly & glittery. I’ve covered the pink & glittery (teensy pink glittered heart) and the gems (on the circular frame). Here’s the inspiration photo


Gorgeous photo isn’t it! If you want to play along- go here for the details.

It’s hard to see how 3D it is- here’s a close-upbirdclose

The top of the stacked 3D foam pads were showing through, so I added a little piece of pink glitter paper just to hide the pads & the the glittered heart is also strategically placed so looking front on, you can’t spy the 3D ‘structure’. Because I’d added those, the 3 tiny adhesive gems were then added to balance the heart. Design is often very organic!!

This is also my project for Make The Day Special. The store is so tantalisingly close to opening that you can almost smell the photopolymer 😉


On Saturday I was demoing at the Range in Southport. Normally the days are fun and varied and this was really no exception.
Firstly I paid heed to the Sat Nav and only after I ended up at the wrong place did I remember that I’d done the same thing last time I went.
Place found- I went in to a store that was pretty quiet. It had been that way for the past few days apparently and the nice guy on the craft section said it would pick up nearer lunch.
Eventually some lovely girls popped by and along strode the manager and asked if I’d like a drink. These ladies were very impressed. They said they’d never seen the manager offer that before- but me, I mind not who makes me a drink!!
A little later, he came and enquired whether any of us had nut allergies. As no one did, he arrived with TWO boxes of chocolates.
Service or what?!
The women a) practically swooned and b) were speechless.
They simply couldn’t believe it.
Chatting with the manager later he told me that they’d made sure I had decent furniture to demo with and had even sent down furniture from his office; a big comfy padded chair.
The final piece of wow’ness was that they’d found a wipe clean tablecloth complete with clips to keep it in place.
The crafts section guy wanted to know about the projects I’d made and all about what I did and Docrafts too.

I felt so welcomed and supported. A lovely experience.

Who wouldn’t want to go to work when you’re given treatment like that? On days like that I truly love my job!

Have to pop, I’m running some tight deadlines this week.

January 12, 2014 at 10:26 am 7 comments

Mama Elephant & 20 Years!


Just flying in- with a quick card as its my day over at Make The Day Special
It’s using Mama Elephant stamps; another fab US company with some seriously cute stamps.
I wanted to give the impression the bird had just fluttered onto the swing which is why I stitched in 3 colours and gave the card some ‘movement’!

I can’t stop long today. Mama Elephant is not a new term for me either- although I quite often feel like that! The 20 years?
Well tomorrow we celebrate our 20th Wedding anniversary.
Makes me feel soooo old.
And yes, I WAS young when I got married! ( cheeky!)
It’s been a privilege to be married to Steve for all these years. I’m definitely a better person thanks to him.
Before you get the sick buckets out, I’ll stop.
We’re celebrating by driving down to Bournemouth so I can do a little work for Docrafts.
Such is my commitment!! 😉
No- and yes.
They asked for me to go down on the very day.
We weren’t planning on going anywhere for it- so this seemed like an opportunity too good to miss.
I get to work and Steve gets to relax!
Ha ha!
Should be lovely.
And my even lovelier parents are holding the fort whilst we’re gone.
Say a little prayer for them.
In fact- they may need more than one!

See you soon- when I’ll have lots of fun to share with you; there’s bound to be a funny story- they seem to follow me around! x

October 22, 2013 at 12:59 pm 8 comments

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