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Mama Elephant and hopefully an Improvement

If you’ve been with me since the beginning of this blog ( unlikely- but a few have!), you might recognise this card project which was one of my first on this blog.
Over at Make The Day Special, they’ve a challenge to take an old card of yours and CASE yourself. It’s quite an interesting process. Apart from the fact I was quite embarrassed looking back at some of my attempts, it was interesting seeing my creative journey.
Here’s how I cased it!

It’s a distress inked background that’s sprayed with water. A, it gives a lovely touch, but B (& more importantly) it hides some of my dodgy blending!
The set is the Hunny Bunny one from Mama Elephant and I hope you can deduce a little progression!

Better go- I’m off to a Variety show with son no.1. He’s doing some puppeteering! I’m sure there’ll be a related blog post- I can just feel it!

July 9, 2014 at 5:14 pm 8 comments

Wanderlust (again!) & Shoehorning!

I’m up on the Make The Day Special blog today with one of my (still!) fave sets…Wanderlust

It’s still not losing its appeal and there are a couple of sets left..go and grab one!
As I’ve been making more complex time consuming cards recently, it was a joy to knock one out quickly. I’d already got the map portion stamped out and hanging around on my desk, so that’s where the starting point for my card came from.

I’m doing a lot of ‘shoehorning’. Putting things into places they don’t really go.
Squeezing a type of commission into the products/colours/style I possess.
Even getting some of the kids to do things/eat things seem like a full-on shoehorning process too.
Thankful that mostly they’re compliant and are not demanding of too much.
I seriously think parents should be sent on negotiating courses rather than school teaching the kids ‘how to use persuasive language in an argument’ and then writing about it.
They encourage the kids to attempt to be persuasive and get their parents to do something that they’d previously not agreed to.
That’s helpful.
As if my kids aren’t going to masters of that through their teens without encouraging it earlier and earlier.
Maybe I should join the UN and learn some greater skills.
My kids can keep trying to shoehorn me into their ‘wants’ and needs as much as they like.
Littliest is quite a master.
We were at the shop- just me and him. A lovely time to savour.
I’d promised him he could pick any icecream from the shop ( knowing that it would be ok as it’s all relatively good value).
He honed in on THE most expensive. I tried reasoning that the pack of 14 which was 50 pence more would be better than the pack of 2!!
He offered to buy it.
“It’s ok Mum, I’ll buy it and then you don’t have to spend your money”.
I decided to say yes for a change ( so much of my life consists of ‘no’).
“Go on then, just this once- we’ll get the other pack to share with everyone else”.
It seemed a good plan. At least he could carry this which was in preference to the melon which he’d already dropped on the floor, it’d rolled away, split and myriads of tears ensued.
As we got to the till, conscience obviously got the better of him
“Mum, I don’t want you to spend all your money, I’ll buy it so you don’t run out of money”.
Bless. I let him off. £2 is little spent for such a delightful half an hour with him.
He enjoyed the Rolo egg ice-cream, but not as much as he imagined he would. He decided that the cheaper ice creams would have been a better choice.
Sometimes it’s lovely having kids 😉 xx

See you when I’ve reclaimed the kitchen- one of the teens is baking…again!! x

June 17, 2014 at 1:08 pm 6 comments

More Wanderlust & Bad Jokes!

Hello! How are you all? Thought I’d squeeze another project out of what is probably my favourite stamp set at the moment..’Wanderlust’ by Mama Elephant.

The tiny map stamp is gorgeous for a background image & I’ve simply punched out lots of little holes where the circles are on the stamped image & backed them with coloured cardstock giving a rainbow coloured effect. I’m on a bit of a rainbow kick right now so the black and white main part of the card is the perfect base for colour.
I die-cut circles out of the panel & added a few extra bits- such as the sentiment & an angled matt. Another big go-to supply right now is acetate, so I used that for the card base to make more of an unusual card. These sets are available at Make The Day Special here

I’d like to thank all of you for your support and lovely comments about Gallery Idol. It’s easy to forget what a lovely community I’m part of. Thanks to you who’ve braved the registration process to vote.
Mwah to all of you.
I find out Friday lunchtime whether my journey ends here or goes on.

Yesterday was a totally non-crafty day ( yup, it happens sometimes!) and the littler three came out with us to Delamere Forest which is a beautiful area about 30 minutes drive away.
Our wandering was quite extensive ( due to a slight deviation from the right path) and much groaning from kids and parents alike!
We found a thin cut off tree slice.
Thinking it would make a different crafty prop I thought we could take it home. We managed ( I use that term loosely!!) to break the slice in two and so the two boys were tasked with carrying it back to the car.
They managed to wangle a 50pence fee for their trouble out of their Dad but somehow at one point I carried both the tree segment and the littliest too.
They forgot about their wages as the lure of icecream was greater than their fiscal goals and haven’t remembered to claim the 50p yet. It won’t be long before we have to cough up though!

I’m just prepping for a kids party amongst other Christmas and non-Christmas related commissions. I still have to ice some cupcakes.
As I was baking these cupcakes littliest came into the kitchen with several jokes..
Knock, knock, …Doctor..etc. I have become quite adept at feigning hilarity over the years. The next joke however was surprising.
“I’ve made a joke up Mum” he whispered proudly.
“Why did Spider-Man cut his head off?”
“I don’t know, why DID Spider-Man cut his head off”
“Because he was stupid”.
That’s right.
I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or ponder the complexities of his thought processes!
I gathered that a laugh was expected and promptly delivered one.
We did have a brief discussion about why Spider-Man would want to do that and he trotted off, deciding that if I was going to analyse all his jokes, he’d rather find someone more appreciative of his humour!

Hope your day has something wonderful in it.. Mine will end pretending not to exist in a corner of a bowling alley!! I shall be taking a large book!

May 27, 2014 at 1:32 pm 6 comments

Wanderlust & An Epic Adventure!

Good morning!
I thought I’d post this as I hadn’t had time to. I’ve been squirrelled away in the back room making commissions and doing some projects for my next PaperArtsy guest designer week next month ( which is nearly here- yikes!!)
This is more of the Wanderlust set from Mama Elephant and seems quite appropriate for yesterday’s news- and for at least this week.
I got in.
No, really.
Can’t quite believe -this!

I made the grade.. Top 20! Wahoo.
My family- keeping me earthed ( as they do) just guffawed ( look that one up too Amy T!!)
What? That’s hilarious.
I’m just not cool enough- obviously!
For me, it’s really exciting and I’ve got to produce a card on the theme of ‘die cutting’ posted online for Monday.
It’s supposed to be innovative and cool.
Here’s hoping!
Check back on Monday and see what I’ve created. The 15 with the highest public votes get to go to the next round. Hoping that some of you might vote for me too.
Come Monday, I’ll give the low down.

Only a short one- so much to do.. And for those of you who follow me regularly.
I went to the assembly.
Without going in disguise.
Littliest waved enthusiastically at me but once the service got going, I only had to glance at him and he looked so incredibly embarrassed.
Bless him.
I watched it nearly in entirely by videoing on my iPhone which meant I could look without him seeing I was looking.
When did I get so embarrassing?!
He was ‘Super Will’ and rather enjoyed his brief notoriety.

See you Monday- when I’ve worked out what on earth I’m going to submit! He he!

May 24, 2014 at 9:07 am 20 comments

More Washi Ideas!

photo-122Good morning!

Flying in with one last washi idea. This is a simple one. Washi has a lovely property in that it coils easily & you can gently secure little sections of it to create these streamers.

The rabbit is using the ‘Hunny Bunny’ set & I’ve created the sentiment using Milo’s ABC’s & Critters In The Snow (a partial sentiment from that one) from Lawn Fawn.

I simply drew out a hat shape, cut the brim away after colouring & slit the inside rim and slotted the bunny into it. I trimmed away his feet (ouch) and mounted it onto the card using 3D foam pads.

By stamping and white heat embossing the sentiment, this helped lift it and I used more Cosmo Cricket adhesive glitter paper.

I’ve stamped the stars (from my stamp set) using Stazon Gold, trimmed them out & added them to the card. Just trim off tiny slithers of washi, coil them & press down onto the card. This is my last entry for Gallery Idol too! You can relax more washi for a little while (in theory!!)

Hope this gives you some other ideas for how to use washi tape- it really is a fab crafting staple. I got some gorgeous rolls in a pack of 4 from Sainsburys (of all places!)- do look out for it. Paperchase are selling lots too. I use them for securing down dies in my Xpress & for securing masks when spraying or adding embossing paste.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the past 3 ideas. I’m off this afternoon to do a demonstration for a craft club, so will have to dash. Will tell you all about it in the next post

See you when I’ve crammed my car with the crazy amount of stuff you need to take when doing a demo! xx


May 19, 2014 at 12:30 pm 20 comments

Mama Elephant & Virginia’s View Part Two


Thanks for popping back! This morning I'm highlighting another chance to join in with Virginia’s View Challenge Blog
I’ve already shown one project on the theme of stitching here
and today is another project using a similar idea- this time to mimic something that would be a solid object. Rather than using it to add movement, it’s simply adding colour, texture and dimension to the card. Replacing part of a stamp or line with stitching is a very simple way to create a streamlined, clean and graphic element to your card.

You can see I’ve added colour with Copics, a ‘seat’ using the Hero Arts Woodgrain stamp and the Bunnies and sentiment are from Mama Elephant’s Hunny Bunny. There’s still time to enter Virginia’s challenge. I do hope you’ll join in. Don’t be put off by stitching- it’s only poking two holes and adding a straight line of thread- and if you can’t be bothered, draw it instead.
I can’t tell you what I’m off to now as I scheduled this last night when I can tell you that I was tired and sleepy and if this post makes sense, then it’s fairly miraculous.
Pop back after 7pm this evening. I’ve a surprise announcement about some guest designing!

Enjoy your day. It’s my no.3’s Birthday today. More cake and fun!

May 11, 2014 at 8:00 am 9 comments

More Wanderlust & Wandering!


photo 1-21


Morning all- isn’t it gorgeous. I’m showing you another card using the same set as last post- this is for Make The Day Special as I’m up every Tuesday and using this Wanderlust set


You can see how versatile that little compass stamp is- it’d be gorgeous as a background too. I’ve added some stitching and tried to add interest to the centre of the compasses. You can probably see my dodgy stamping here too- it was very late & I didn’t press evenly (it happens to all of us doesnt it!)

photo 2-21


It’s only a quick post as I have some bigger posts coming this week including a prize for a one-off challenge sponsored by docrafts. Meanwhile I shall keep wandering slowly along (I’m on go-slow this week!). Yesterday we had a lovely get-together with some friends (more on that later this week) and it did me good wandering unhurriedly by the beach and watching planes go by.

Better go though- have 16 samples to make for a TV show and to be done by Wednesday! Maybe I won’t be so slowly wandering after all!


May 6, 2014 at 10:27 am 8 comments

Mama Elephant & Being Embarrassing!

It’s Friday evening and I’m grabbing 10 minutes before I start working again. It’s demo day tomorrow at Sophie’s Crafts near Oldham. I’ve more samples to get ready but thought I’d show you this card I’ve done in response to the Mama Elephant challenge here
Here’s the inspiration photo

Cool huh? You can see the colours- I’ve also echoed the glass vials/bottles with the stamped acetate and made that tiny pop of brown a little brighter with the red.
What you can’t see on the card is the hidden colour here

There are still a few days left to enter so join in- it’s a great challenge.
This is the set

20140502-190721.jpg – there’s tons you could create with it- it’s fab for scrapbooking too.

This week I’m surviving being embarrassing. To be fair, this is nothing new. Sometimes I take great delight in embarrassing my kids- it’s delightfully easy. Just kiss your husband in public with your kids in tow and it tends to pull them into line quite quickly as they are so utterly mortified!
Now my littliest is in some ways very loud yet also very shy.
He gets embarrassed super easily.
The last assembly I went to, he was pulling ridiculous faces and I knew he was feeling the strain of all the people watching.
His teacher pulled me over this week and said she had some exciting news.
Turns out he’s been chosen for a tiny role in their collective worship.
He’s being ‘Super Will’ ( aka an alternative to Superman).
He has two lines to practice and I’ve a little altering to do for his outfit.
So far, so good.
He was seemingly excited.
I commented that I was looking forward to seeing him.
His little face fell.
“No Mummy, please don’t come”.
“Why?” I asked, trying not to look too sad.
“Just please don’t come”.
I realised he’d feel more shy with me there.
So, what’s a mamma to do.
Miss seeing him ( knowing that he’ll potentially have wanted me there afterwards), or go- and he may act a little daft because he’s self conscious.
The answer? Not sure.
Send his Dad?
Go in disguise?
I’ve a black wig I used the last time I went to a fancy dress party as ‘Trinity’ from the Matrix.
I can imagine if I wore it being forcibly removed as no-one would recognise me and think I was a dodgy visitor sporting a rough haired black bob.
Do I hide, and peek in from the back?

Well, if you’ve any wisdom, I’d love to hear it!
Better go and do some inking and cutting.

See you after I’ve planned my bank holiday get together! x

May 2, 2014 at 7:21 pm 9 comments

Mama Elephant treat bags & Easter!

Happy Easter! Hope you all had a wonderful day..and it’s an extra holiday today too! Despite the fact that Easter is nothing to do with bunnies- and all to do with celebrating that Jesus IS risen,-this was the only Easter sentiment set I could find. I did put ‘He is risen’ on the bottom but fortunately my kids don’t think it’s all about the bunny!
This set is from Mama Elephant and despite the non traditional sentiments- there’s a ton of stuff left on the set to make it an all year round favourite

It’s called Hunny Bunny! Make The Day Special sell them ( think this is OOS- but restocks are happening all the time)!
I did one for each kiddo to find on those bed in the morning. Kinda saved the initial ‘canIgo&eatallmyEastereggsbefore7am’ question, or at least tided them over for half an hour!
Easter Day for us consisted of church first- I was playing & snapped a quick pic of us ‘not’ playing in the band. (Well I’m not good at selfies whilst playing the keyboard!)

After a lunch consisting of a modicum amount of lamb (plus other meat) we did an egg hunt. I have to be pretty crafty in hiding the eggs or it’d be all over in 2 mins. I also had to count the eggs so we knew whether they’d all been found as otherwise I forget where I’ve hidden them.
97 eggs (teeny ones) later, they hunted & needed a ton of clues (I’m quite sneaky when it comes to hiding!). They collected them all- well, I say all. 5 are still missing. I couldn’t remember where their ‘amazing’ hiding places were!! I’m sure we’ll find them eventually. Either that, or there was secret nibbling on the way around!
I’m just hoping they weren’t anywhere that if melted would give me issues!!
Ah well, after a sibling disagreement about who was going to divide the eggs, an unsuccessful film afternoon ( I got incredibly bored watching!!) and some butties and hot cross buns, that was the long and short of it.
Littlie wasn’t aware that all the eggs were NOT supposed to be consumed on Easter Day so he’s very little left. I’m surprised he wasn’t green going to bed, but the night passed without event so he’s obviously fine!

Better go and do some clearing, washing and tidying. Yawn. With 5, the washing of clothes has to go on- you just can’t leave it much longer than a day or there’s trouble!

April 21, 2014 at 9:16 am 5 comments

Mama Elephant & Virginia’s View

Just flying in with this card using the Mama Elephant embellished tag

which is a brilliantly versatile die set. I added the sentiment from the Honey Bunny set

Sadly these are both out of stock at Make The Day Special but if you look, there’s still plenty of other Mama Elephant sets.
I did some watercolouring onto some lovely thick watercolour paper I had hidden away in my stash especially for my lovely friend Virginia Lu’s Challenge Blog. It’s called Virginias View and you can find it here the challenge ends shortly but she will post a new one very soon. The response to her brand new challenge is amazing. Over 300 entries!!
She deserves it- I got to know her during the organising of Cath Edvalson’s ‘Moxie Fab Blog Hop’ and she is incredibly lovely and very funny. She is a baking whizz and of she’s not stamping she’s invariably cooking!
The theme was ‘watercolouring’ and I simply did a few washes and then diecut using the Mama Elephant die. I embossed the sentiment ( which you can’t really tell) with gold and sprinkled the mini shapes to add movement.
I’ll be back soon.
Have a last minute Birthday card to create, so better dash.

See you when I’ve repaired a dinosaurs tail ! xx

March 17, 2014 at 10:37 pm 5 comments

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