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Mama Elephant Pegworks Creative Cuts

Happy Saturday!!

I actually got to play for once! It’s a rarity at the moment and I saw this die and knew there was a tonne of things this set would be amazing for. I’m sharing just one today.

The die is perfect for faux stitching, real stitching and lots more.

I purchased mine (in the UK) from Seven Hills Crafts hereFirst up. Die cut the piece ( minus the frame) onto cardstock and stamp and colour Please excuse the ‘at night time dodgy photo!’I’ve used the Nuvo Alcohol markers which are a current favourite of mine. Then trim out and arrange. The set is also from Mama Elephant ‘Pretty Lovely’ .

I hope you love the technique as much as me! Just think of all your current stamp sets that you could use with this. This would be brilliant for cards for men too. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend- I’ll be back with some more ideas with this die. Can’t you tell I love it!! 😂Kerenx

April 14, 2018 at 11:24 am 2 comments

Roundup of Seven Hills Crafts projects

Hi! How are you? 

I’m really aware that I’d forgotten to post some of my projects on the Seven Hills Crafts blog so thought I’d post a selection with links to the blog post if you want more info about the products and how I achieved them.

Check out the details for these two Mama Elephant projects here

This fun birthday inspired project here

And lastly  

This sticker stamping technique here

Hope you have a lovely weekend ( what’s left of it),

and I’ll see you soon xx 

August 7, 2016 at 1:50 pm 6 comments

Sliding into the week 


I realise I’ve been a little quiet, but posting that much last week meant I had to catch up with my ‘bread and butter’ crafting- the commissions that pay the bills ( well, a few of them!!) 

 We all need a little fun. Lightening up sometimes; 

those days where you might even climb UP a slide rather than down one.

These little animals are just having a ton of fun. I’m all for having fun with sets too.

Yes, this Mama Elephant ‘New Family’ is a baby themed set.

But don’t let that restrict you

It’s a really fun set. 

You just need to start not with the set, but with your imagination. 

 Just think of any scene and plonk the characters into it. I thought they’d have a laugh on a slide, so I simply googled a slide image, sketched it, coloured it in, cut it out and then took a long hard look at the set.

I could see that the animals could be turned in different directions and realised that to ‘hide’ some of the animals slightly behind the slide rim, I’d need a top layer raised with foam pads to keep the story believable ( ha ha!).

Once I’d positioned them on the slide, I looked again, saw the swags of foliage and thought it would soften the look plus give the idea of a more woodland playground.

Having been reading ‘The Faraway Tree’ (by Enid Blyton) yesterday, I don’t reckon this scene would look out of place!

I masked off half of one of the sentiments, so this set becomes even more adaptable. 

Hope you like my whimsical take on an animal playground. Go and have fun yourself; if you see a slide today I dare you to go up it the wrong way, or even just slide down it! 
Plenty coming up- I’m still traipsing around the country doing University visits with my eldest girls! ( oh for a private plane so I didn’t have to drive!!)


March 11, 2016 at 1:18 am 7 comments

Unicorn Merry-Go-Round! 

Hi! Fancy a spin? 
There’s something incredibly nostalgic about fairs and I love seeing those ornately beautiful Carousels. That’s where I got the inspiration for this I wanted to combine two fabulous Mama Elephant sets.

Unicorns and Rainbows…that title is perfect right there!!  
and mixing it up with ‘New Family’ 

   So I started out with the whole idea of adding the New Family animals on the back of the horses. I needed the unicorns to look more like carousel horses so I masked off the manes as below and used the moon in the set to act as a saddle. 

 The ‘pole’ things (& yes, I did Google it but couldn’t find a proper name!!) were created using the little dashes and star and stamping opposite ways. Once you start with a theme and work out what you actually need to complete the picture, you can find similar shapes if you look hard enough! 

 It’s also a useful example of ‘suggestion’. I was trying to work out how to add the top and bottom and make it look realistically like ‘flying Jennies’ (another name for the Merry Go Round) but once I’d connected the riders and horses and poles, it was enough. The imagery is strong enough to suggest the scene- plus it’s less work for me too!!

Aren’t the unicorns a perfect blank canvas for ‘My Little Pony’ combos. Just mask off or trim the horn off- and they are the cutest little horses! 

This was posted yesterday on the Seven Hills Crafts blog.

Hope your day is a fun one, and you don’t feel like you’re going round in circles!

See you soon with a blog post  about the workshop I did recently with Tim Holtz. Yes- it was the best thing I’ve been to in ages!!! 
Keren xx

February 24, 2016 at 12:53 pm 5 comments

Other Stuff!!

Hi! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! 

It’s this weird even twilight time between Christmas and New Year when it’s easy to even forget what day it is!! 

I thought I’d show you these two cards that were created for a very specific commission to celebrate two different women’s Birthdays.

This first one was for a lady who loves baking and it seemed like ‘Baked With Love’ from Lawn Fawn would be the perfect set.

I love creating these ‘table top’ scenes. Much more fun to receive than your flat card, altho, yes, the envelope does need a little more attention!!  

 I used alcohol markers and some die-cuts extras from MFT ( some ancient number does), a Technique Tuesday ‘happy’ die and the ‘birthday’ stamp was from Clearly Besotted. 

The second card had to incorporate Cameras and dogs!!

Granted- you don’t normally take Polaroids with mini dogs rolling out, but this is art right ?! 😉

I used an Avery Elle camera stamp combined with the same MFT number dies and my 2015 favourite ; ‘Playful Pups’ by Mama Elephant 

 I hope they fitted the brief- the lady who commissioned them seemed pleased with them!

What’s the hardest commission you’ve ever done? Did they like it?!

Righto! I’ll be off. I’ve some lovely new releases to prepare for.

If I don’t get chance to come on before the New Year, can I thank each and every one of you who has visited and commented and generally made me smile on a regular basis. You all mean a lot to me. 

See you soon! xx

December 30, 2015 at 2:13 pm 11 comments

Playful Pups Get Parquet & Go Ninja! 

Hey. I haven’t shared this one yet and there’s another one being shared today over on Make The Day Special Stamp Store  

 I’ve been having fun with parquet..or more precisely, pretend parquet! I was looking at the Playful Pups set from Mama Elephant and I somehow had an idea for a room and then the easel card developed from there!  

I grabbed this pack of self adhesive wood sheets and trimmed out lengths and cut into tile shapes, then I just arranged them like a wooden floor  

To make the mirror, I just cut a rectangle of thin adhesive metal (plumbers tape) and stuck that onto a sheet of wood. It gives the illusion of a framed mirror without all the hassle! 

  The easel part is pretty straight forward, just a piece of cardstock, split into 3 not quite equal parts, scored and folded. Hopefully this photo makes more sense! 
You’re probably wondering how you’d get it into a card? Well, if you get a thin strip of acetate, fold it into a cube shape (4 sides plus a bit extra for adhering) and stick it to the back of the mirror and dog, it will actually fold flat(tish).

I’ve just used small pieces of left over paper to create the bunting. Stamp the sentiment and add on a little bell to make the dog look like he’s playing with it!

Hope you give this type of card a go, its so easy and is something a little different. Trying out a patterned wood floor was good fun too. I wish I could create a real life one on my kitchen floor!

The second card is for the current challenge which is a sketch challenge. Here’s the sketch 

 my card is using the back circle and focuses on the vertical lines of the tag…just use your imagination. 

Picture a dark scene …a scene from Mission Impossible. 

The music playing in the background is this and deftly and silently ‘Ethan Woof’ and his two ninja friends swoop in to grab the Jewel. 


It amused me no end. I wanted to give the illusion of laser lines too.  Just by colouring large portions of the dogs, they look like they’re disguised in black. The little dog even has his eye on the timer counting down too. 
One of my kids initially thought the poor pups were tied up. Fortunately they’re heroes! 

Do join in with the sketch challenge– there’s a voucher to be won! 

November 15, 2015 at 2:52 pm 13 comments

Friends or Superheroes with Super Strong Ears

Stay with me…the title will make sense..eventually.

First the sensical part ( is that even a word)? Simon Says Stamp has a challenge Monday and Wednesday.  

 This is for the Wednesday challenge and it’s themed ‘Friends or Superheroes’ . There’s an extra focus on Mama Elephant so I decided to put the ‘Playful Pups’ to work. 


On the off-chance that you’re all wondering- they’re hanging off a string that’s held in place by superbly concentrated helium contained in a balloon and the pups are trying to make their way up to the bone. 

Obviously the bone is far more tempting than the food in their bowl which is proving highly useful in grounding them all. 

I realise I have a strange brain. Even I looked at it and wondered quite how I’d imagined such a scene. 

Here’s the doggies in full  


If you join in the Simon Says Stamp challenge before the closing deadline of tomorrow- there’s a $50 voucher for the store on offer to a randomly picked winner. 

I showed this card to my daughter…the one whose love for animals definitely extends past the affection she has for most humankind. She stared in shock at the card.

I asked her if she could work out what was happening- because I appreciate that not all of my ideas are as obvious to others as they are to me. 

‘Are you telling me that that poor dog is holding onto the rope by his ear?  

If you look carefully, he does seem to have super strength ears. I assured her that dog was indeed fine- and if she glanced more carefully she’d in fact notice that the dexterous doggie was also gripping onto the rope with two of his claws 😉. 

She was unimpressed by my explanation and shot me a withering glance. If it was me stuck up a rope about to fall from a height and a pooch, you can probably guess who’d be rescued first.

To be fair it’s unlikely there’d be a helium concentration nor a thick enough latex balloon strong enough to dangle me mid-air. Nor would I be likely to be wrestling with rope in order to reach a new bone. A cake perhaps, or even a new set of stamps 😋.

I doubt my ears are strong enough to even grip a length of twine but it would make a fun party game! 

Enough silliness. Hope you enjoy another daft card. One of these days I might just make something terribly sensible ( but where would the fun be in that!).

I’m also entering this into the Mama Elephant White Space Flickr challenge!

See you soon, 


June 16, 2015 at 10:31 pm 21 comments

Playful Pups & The Other One

Two cards today….all using the Mama Elephant set ‘Playful Pups’ 

  Such a cute set.

I’m over showing them in more detail over at Make The Day Special Stamp Store’s blog 

Love how you can colour them in exactly like your own pooch and as there are no markings, you can really adapt them to fit. I used some vellum to act as the doggy tunnel. Using the dog and ball, I popped them onto the card using foam pads and then added glue onto the front of each which more or less disguised the glue points where I attached the vellum. Vellum is so tricky to attach sometimes!

Here’s a teeny card I created..only 8.5cm square. Using another of the dogs! 


Again- more colouring. Used some water-based markers to create the faux sky. Simple, but hopefully effective!

Our own pooch is still ‘settling in’. That’s the most positive way I can describe it.

I keep concentrating on the positives.

He’s not destroyed anything…yet.

He does sleep at night.

He’s breathing well.

He has fur.

He has a cute face.

Do read between the lines. Seriously- this dog is hard work.

If you saw the love emanating out of children to this scruffy little thing, it would warm your heart.

Mine’s getting warmer. Not quite toasty yet 😉 


May 19, 2015 at 12:44 pm 9 comments

Peeking Bunny!

 Hi! I’m over at Make The Day Special Stamp Store‘s blog today
I dug out some sets I’d not seen in quite a while & had great fun messing around with this Creative Cuts Tag set

I’ve got so much use out of this die set; if you’re a fan of shaker cards, you’ll definitely want this set as the tiny shapes are perfect for adding into shaker cards and obviously you can cut any colour or metal or metallic card to go inside. I’ve strung them onto ordinary embroidery thread and added a fine sprinkling of glitter

On to the stamp sets; Honey Bunny

..grab it quick while there are a few sets – Easter is coming and they will be gone in a flash!
this set is gorgeous and a perfect all year round set of images & lastly I’ve used

this set which is subtly under the sentiment if you look closely
The little bunny is actually hiding behind a vellum layer, and just sticking his little foot out! I’ve just about got away with the gold embossed image– stamping onto a first layer with a layer slightly below is always tricky ! I missed a tiny bit of the image when stamping and couldn’t find my Versamark pen so just popped a glue pen over where the missing part of the sentiment was, sprinkled more embossing powder over..and Bob’s your uncle!
Hope you all have a lovely day!

Back tomorrow  ( once I’ve made my Mothers Day cards 😉 )

Keren xx

March 10, 2015 at 12:56 pm 6 comments

Add A Little Dazzle Diva Challenge #49

#49Hi! This week’s Challenge photo is simply an inspirational photo. Do with it what you will! I went a little ‘left field’.

I went with a couple of colours- the gold and the green. I loved the different textures so added them by way of the textured tag. I wanted to make the tag part of the design so die-cut the words out of the tag to make the design more seamless.

The metal is by way of die-cut tiny stars. It’s a real mix of products. The stars are from Mama Elephant. The happy die is from Wplus9 (Trio of Happy dies), the tag die is from Avery Elle (Gift Tag Elle-ments).

First, cut out the word from the base card, add watercolour around the letters, and then stuck the word back into the aperture except securing it with some Sweater Weather paper (Lawn Fawn) & adding some Green Sparkle twine (Lawn Fawn too).

The Golden Glimmer metal can be found here

Golden Glimmer

If you’d like to join in with this week’s challenge just post a link to your blog post here. If you don’t have a blog, just link up via Flickr or other online gallery with the tag DIVA#49. You could win $15 to spend in store. Do check out what the teamies have created- I love how we all go in such varied directions with the same inspiration.

See you soon xx

October 29, 2014 at 3:00 pm 6 comments

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