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Christmas Elephants



How are you?

I’ve lots to catch up on, but thought I’d do the most recent first and gradually work backwards 😉

This is about elephants..I’m not referring to how you might feel after an enormous Christmas dinner, but simply this sweet ellie!

I’ve used a non-Christmas set over at Make The Day Special Stamp Store proving you can make any set perfect for Christmas and beyond.This one is from Sugar Pea Designs called ‘Tons of Fun’.308994069

I am totally not one of the ugly-Christmas-jumper-wearing club, but I have to admit that this jumper is cute. I’ve used the tiny stars from the set to make the stars on his jumper and also the stars on the little socks that are festooned on the tree. Speaking of socks.. I used these ones from the ‘Take A Load Off’ set

222517977I had the little scene in my mind and so used one of the presents from the Tons of Fun set as the base for my tree. I used this fab Lawn Fawn paper pack ‘Let’s Bokeh in the Snow’. Usefully, the paper makes it look like the Christmas tree has lights on- so even better!


I simply cut out a simple tree shape, added foam pads underneath it and then added it to the card. Using the socks from the other set, I coloured them, added a white embossed star on each one and placed them on the tree. I even cut into Ellie’s trunk so she could hold one of the socks in her trunk which just gave a little bit of cohesion to the scene.
I chickened out with the sentiment. Yes, I was wanting to say thanks and this card will come in handy for saying Thankyou after Christmas, but I stamped on a piece of spare cardstock whilst deciding where the sentiment was going to go and then worried I’d mis-stamp it so just adhered the sentiment onto the card! (a handy tip for newbie stampers…and old-hands too!).IMG_2910

Oh and another tip. Don’t blend copics in poor light late at night or you’ll end up with blended mess that is the tree base. Ah well, you can’t win them all!

How’s your Christmas crafting coming along?

See you soon with a magazine roundup!

Keren x

November 26, 2015 at 9:49 am 8 comments

Playful Pups Get Parquet & Go Ninja! 

Hey. I haven’t shared this one yet and there’s another one being shared today over on Make The Day Special Stamp Store  

 I’ve been having fun with parquet..or more precisely, pretend parquet! I was looking at the Playful Pups set from Mama Elephant and I somehow had an idea for a room and then the easel card developed from there!  

I grabbed this pack of self adhesive wood sheets and trimmed out lengths and cut into tile shapes, then I just arranged them like a wooden floor  

To make the mirror, I just cut a rectangle of thin adhesive metal (plumbers tape) and stuck that onto a sheet of wood. It gives the illusion of a framed mirror without all the hassle! 

  The easel part is pretty straight forward, just a piece of cardstock, split into 3 not quite equal parts, scored and folded. Hopefully this photo makes more sense! 
You’re probably wondering how you’d get it into a card? Well, if you get a thin strip of acetate, fold it into a cube shape (4 sides plus a bit extra for adhering) and stick it to the back of the mirror and dog, it will actually fold flat(tish).

I’ve just used small pieces of left over paper to create the bunting. Stamp the sentiment and add on a little bell to make the dog look like he’s playing with it!

Hope you give this type of card a go, its so easy and is something a little different. Trying out a patterned wood floor was good fun too. I wish I could create a real life one on my kitchen floor!

The second card is for the current challenge which is a sketch challenge. Here’s the sketch 

 my card is using the back circle and focuses on the vertical lines of the tag…just use your imagination. 

Picture a dark scene …a scene from Mission Impossible. 

The music playing in the background is this and deftly and silently ‘Ethan Woof’ and his two ninja friends swoop in to grab the Jewel. 


It amused me no end. I wanted to give the illusion of laser lines too.  Just by colouring large portions of the dogs, they look like they’re disguised in black. The little dog even has his eye on the timer counting down too. 
One of my kids initially thought the poor pups were tied up. Fortunately they’re heroes! 

Do join in with the sketch challenge– there’s a voucher to be won! 

November 15, 2015 at 2:52 pm 13 comments

Happy New Job (escape) card! 


Hey! How are you all?

Ok.. this card will take a little bit of explaining. 

It all started as I was thinking about the Lawn Fawn Ready Set Snow Shaker die set. It’s temporarily out of stock at Make The Day Special but this die will work perfectly instead. 

I got thinking about snow globes in general and about the poor little people and animals who are permanently stuck inside the globe and can’t get out. This led me to thinking it would be fun if they made a bid for freedom and so the ‘new job…escape from the old job’ idea came into being.

I was explaining the idea to one of my daughters and she looked at me and said ‘Mum are you doing drugs?!!

Well I wasn’t, but granted, it’s a slightly ‘out there’ idea! 

  I had so much fun creating the scene. You wouldn’t believe quite how many different Lawn Fawn sets I’ve used…

How many can you see?

Here goes…. Milos’ ABC’s ( for the sentiment) 

 Thankyou Tags (for the diddy bird)

Joy To The Woods (for the bird, chipmunk and fox)
Hello Baby (for the little rabbit)
Happy Trails (for the trees and the landscape line)
And last.. but not least..Penelope’s Blossoms
AND they’re ALL in stock. Every single set! 
 I hope you like my little furry friends sliding down the outside of the snow globe. I had to choose the smallest critters so they’d look more in proportion with the globe!

Anyhow, enough from me!

I’m back tomorrow with a Winnie and Walter post and then lots of new goodies lined up next week as I help Winnie and Walter celebrate their new release.


October 23, 2015 at 9:00 pm 13 comments

An Off-Piste Cable Car experience with Avery Elle!

photo 1-73 Hey! How are you?
I know it’s getting chillier and thought I’d use this really fantastic die setI got out the set and stared at it for a while and got a little stuck. I cut out the snow drifts and lay them onto the card base and that’s when, the pre-trimmed elements just looked right. The snow extending past the card looked in proportion and then as I added the cable cars, it grew into the design that it is!

photo 3-41

Now, granted, it’s a little bit of fun. By extending past the card I’ve gone ‘off-piste’ (does the title make sense now 😉 )
I’ve also used the gorgeous notecards.

You can see the little animals sticking out of the decorated cable cars. I’ve added acetate to the windows too! I flipped one of the cable cars over so they weren’t all facing the same way.

photo 2-71
The cute animals are from the Storybook set, but this set would do just as well

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the trees are in fact mountains. You can really change them all around- it’s a wonderful versatile die set.
I’ll go back to my shivering now!

Keren xx

October 13, 2015 at 10:04 am 14 comments

Helping Hands


 Have a couple of projects to share today..with a stamp set that came in very handy! 

  I do love a good challenge, and someone had wondered what I’d come up with using this I thought I’d oblige 😉
You’ve heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’? Well this is similar …look really really carefully. First up- an absolutely fantastic fingerprint stamp.. 

 You can also add some teeny weeny faces to create a really fun set of his’n’hers prints just perfect for a wedding or love type card.

 Next up…the hands. Looking carefully you’ll notice I’ve actually stamped the hands upside down.. they’re formed together making a heart shape with the negative shape, but if you flip them over, they look like they’re waving and so fit like a glove (ahem..) with one of the sentiments!
 Then, flipped the correct way, adding in some hearts also in the set, you have an elegant CAS cards perfect for more ‘love’ occasions.  
 Now, there’s a large hand in this set. Had I some flesh coloured ink, I desperately wanted to do a henna-styled hand, using some graphic flowers like the Altenew set Hennah Elements 

Well I have to ‘hand’ it to Paper Smooches, this is a deceptively versatile set, and one that I’ll be laying my hands on regularly (alright, enough of the puns!)
Do give some of the stamp sets in store a second glance…there are some real treasures to be dug up!

Yet again, I’m quieter because I’m busy doing mag prep. I’ve been paper stitching, die cutting, stacking, stamping and preparing Christmas cards! 
Have a wonderful weekend 

Keren xx

September 18, 2015 at 4:52 pm 6 comments

Ta Tara!

Sometimes it’s nice to bring a smile to people.

Some just need one.

This is a mini blog hop in aid of making Tara (the owner of Make The Day Special Stamp Store and our fearless leader) and her ‘superimportanteventhoughhe’salwaysbehindthescenes’ other half Rick.

Kate thought it would be a great idea to say thanks for all their hard work and so ‘Ta Tara’ (a great colloquialism in various parts of England that means Thanks) is just the Design Team all posting something especially for them.

Kate chose the theme’ food’ as Rick and Tara are both super foodies and that caused us all a little head scratching. I don’t have many food themed sets and started one idea, then gave up and subsequently had the random thought of olive curtains drawn aside to show the two martini glass stars (aka Tara and Rick).

Yes, it’s tenuous.

Agreed, it’s totally out there.

Is it rather stupid? You be the judge…

photo 2-71 copy 9

Even the sentiment was a stretch… I used these sets

You can see the olive image and ‘olives’ sentiment that I shortened. The Hugs is obvious on the first set and I just trimmed out an extra u and s from the hugs to make the sentiment.

photo 1-73 copy 9

This hop is from all of us (olive us!) and we want Tara to know that we really appreciate her and all she does. Her customer service is always super speedy, and if you knew even half of the work she puts in to the business, you’d know how much she deserves to succeed.

A strange olive curtain toast to you both. May you go from strength to strength.

You came hopefully by way of the superb Kate and you can now hop over to the sublime Sarah. If you want to go from the beginning, then why not start back at the MTDSSS and go from there!

Start Make The Day Special Stamp Store
Keren -you’re here!

September 9, 2015 at 9:30 am 14 comments

No-Line Colouring with Lia Griffiths & Hero Arts!

photo-149 copy 2Hi! How are you all? I’m over at Make The Day Special Stamp Store today.
I thought I’d have a bash at No-Line colouring using alcohol markers. I’d tried it a while back with little success so I’d thought I’d have another using some of the new Lia Griffiths stamps sets from Hero Arts.

It’s a set that might be small in stature, but it’s a set that packs a mighty punch!I’m creating a much larger image by using the tiny foliage pieces.
First, the wreath.. trace around a circle (I used a circle die) in one 1-73 copy 8

Next, go around the shape with a slightly darker 2-71 copy 8

Then I added a third colour and then added further detailing using alcohol markers. I then cut the whole shape out.
Stamp out some hearts and buttons. I stamped the buttons in Sahara Sand and added colour using markers and then detailing using a black fineliner.
I stamped the hearts in Pale Tomato (which may have been renamed by Hero Arts but it’s in Make The Day Special Stamp Store as Pale Tomato)

For the little elf, again stamp in a light shade of ink. The challenge with no-line colouring is being really careful with where the colour changes. With normal lines, you’ve a little bit of play, but the colours are merging straight together and you don’t want mixed colours. That means you need to stop the colour slightly before you would normally, allowing for bleeding on the card (some card bleeds more than others).photo 3-40 copy 2
Once coloured and with shading added, I added highlights with a white gel pen.
I also made a card before this one (yes, I know it’s Christmas themed..sorry!) but I didn’t love the clouds so relegated it and created the 4-27

The wreath can be used wintertime and can be detached from the card for a home decor piece.

Hope you’ve been tempted to go and have a peek at the new Hero Arts releases- there are some amazing designs just in.
Enjoy your day and do have a go at no-line, it’s a lot of fun. Any ‘no-line’ tips? I’d love to hear!

See you soon- tomorrow in fact,I’ve a busy week ahead on the blog!

Keren xx

September 8, 2015 at 9:00 am 7 comments

Interactive cards! 

Hi! How are you ? Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend ( if you’re in the UK, that is!).  

You might have realised by now that I love interactive and 3D cards. I’m showing you one today over at Make The Day Special Stamp Store that was in PaperCrafter mag recently and thought I’d show you as it’s using all Reverse Confetti products that are back in stock.

This card is capitalising on the word play in the sentiment set

 I’ve simply cut out a couple of layers, including the acetate large circle and added the different layers above and below the circle 


By adding a brad to the centre and attaching ( without making it too tight) the different layers you can turn the top acetate layer ( using a washi ‘handle’) whilst the base layer is stuck onto the cardstock and this has the sentiment that you reveal by turning the circle.  

The little bits and pieces on the die really add to the donut effect ( if you can cope with the American spelling of doughnut! 😉). 

 Have a look at sentiment sets in store and see how you could disguise them partially and create your own interactive cards! 

Sorry I’ve been missing. I should be back to normal duty as most of the kids go back to school in the next 7 days! I’ll try and get around to visting some blogs too! 


September 1, 2015 at 4:01 pm 9 comments

Hanging out with the Dogs !

photo 3-40 copy
This is the set I’ve used and its due back in this week at Make The Day Special Stamp Store. If you need to be creating a fun canine (or other animal) scene right NOW, I’ve picked out a few in store for you that you might have missed.


It started with a scrap.
So do many of my cards!
The blue piece I’d cut for something else and plonked it on a card base and started playing around. I’d stamped and coloured the woofers in a watercolour marker and started arranging them sticking out from the 1-73 copy 6

Then I wanted them to be a little more tied in with the elements. One of the bottom right dogs is stuck behind the piece but the top ones didn’t feel right. So I chopped into the shapes to slot them onto the top. You can see in the next photo that i’ve simply followed the image outline and this meant I could slot and attach them 2-71 copy 6

Unusually, I’ve added an even number of dogs. I never do this normally, but for some reason, it seems to work. 5 dogs in the lower right space seemed too many. Anyone any idea of why an even number seems to work here, please let me know, I’m all ears (doggy ears!!).

Better go, I’ve my own scruffy canine to tend!
See you next week,

Keren xx

August 11, 2015 at 8:56 am 9 comments

Rosemaling & Absences

It’s great learning new things isn’t it.

This week I’ve learned all about the decorative folk art style that originated in Norway- Rosemaling.

See this…this made me go ‘wow’ when I saw it on the screen. 

 If you click the picture it’ll take you to Flickr where someone posted the work created by an artist painting the church pews.

I wanted to create something similar with this set 


As someone commented over on the Make The Day Special Stamp Store blog- it doesn’t look that much initially- but look closely and there’s lots you can do with it. Here’s a little Flipagram showing you the process 

Yes- it did take a while to prep. I wanted to do ‘no-line’ colouring where you stamp in a light colour and then add layers of alcohol marker shades. Looking at the complexity of the shapes- it would have taken forever so I simply stamped in dye ink and added in details with pens and white gel pen.  

 Colouring with Promarkers/Shin Han markers and Copics onto dye ink doesn’t give quite as good a result but it was ‘hide-able’ with my gel pen.

I added details with Chalk white ink from the smaller foliage stamps in the set 

 And with all the left over pieces- I even had time to russle up a simple distress-inked card  


See how those shapes have the echo of a wave form. Still loving navy blue too!

It’s a little quieter in our house, subdued even.

My no.4 has gone away for a week on a school residential and at least one person is really upset. 

Will is really missing his big brother and doesn’t know quite what to do with himself. 

He insisted we went to the shop yesterday so he could buy him a present for when he returns home. He bought him a Star Wars mug and a packet of Pork Pies. A strange combination if ever I saw one- but he got very excited choosing just the right present for Jamie.

He was rather worried about the unsafe situation in the fridge.

“Someone will eat the pork pies meant for him and he’ll come back and find an empty packet”, he exclaimed.

I thought it would be a good idea to label them somehow..

  It makes me smile every time I open the refrigerator!

Lovely to see how when it comes to it, they do miss and care for each other. 

I’m now on sole ‘playing’ duty as littliest has no one to play with. Last night was ‘Top Trumps Supercars’

I fully expect several more rounds tonight!

See you soon when I’ve played every board game in the house 😉


June 23, 2015 at 12:31 pm 15 comments

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