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Madame Peyroud & Stepping Up!

Hi! Wow what a week.
It ended yesterday with a change in style and a day long demo at Hawarden ( Wales for the non Uk’ers amongst us!).
Docrafts have brought out a collection called Madame Peyroud & I’d done a few CAS cards with it until now.
I decided I needed to demo differently with it, channeled my inner Tim Holtz ( ha ha, as if!!) and set to.
There’s only the barest smidgeon of white, and, much as it pained me, I even showed them how to distress edges and add colour to pieces to ‘age’ them.
The result. I enjoyed my bare bones visit to ‘distressed-land’. Whilst I didn’t really go all out, it’s baby steps. Right?!
The collection is beautiful, you just needed to give it a little respect. The butterflies ( part of the paper design) are so real looking and I’ll show you another version soon.

Ever want to wish a week away?
Well last week consisted of the following (& trust me, this is by no means exhaustive!!)

Play dates ( sadly, not for me)
3 smashed bowls (in one go- and not intentional, and not by me)
One child stepping ‘muck’ the whole way through the house.
The next morning taking 15 minutes to clean the shoe with a toothbrush & boiling water.
As an aside- why DO they make shoes with such deep ridges? Us Mommas do NOT enjoy trying to clean them out.
Groans, moans, tears & tantrums
( quite possibly from all of us)
Broken Freezer.

On the plus side.
Some kids stepped up. Big time.
Some of them wouldn’t want me to tell you. ( they’re publicity adverse! Ha ha).
My littlies discovered their softer side.
I was feeling rough and littler walked in.
“Mum, you know how Dad is away, and you’re not well. Well, if you’re not feeling well in the night, I’ll come and sleep next to you and look after you.
Because Dad isn’t here.”
Not wanting to be left out (& to be fair, the littler had just whispered it and I’m not sure how much littliest had heard)
He wandered over and hugged me.
“Mum, I’ll look after you, you’re not well. I’ll cuddle you in the night”
That was too much.
I sat and looked at these two little man-boys and thanked God for them.
He was good as his word.
Littler woke himself up ( or possibly through my coughing!!), climbed in next to me and told me I’d be ok.

I slept really well that night!
One of those lovely lovely moments that made the long week seem suddenly more worthwhile!

Righto, have things to get on with.
(Including eating a large amount of icecream that was melted as a result of the freezer failure. Actually I’ll leave the melted icecream. Even I’m not that desperate!)

February 2, 2014 at 5:13 am 8 comments

In a Rut & DIY Lightboxes!

Not the usually staged photo.
I’ve been busy creating a light box. I’d seen something similar around on the internet and then Katy Godbeer made one in the recent Creativity magazine and I thought I’d finally have a go.
I used a Tassimo box as it was white inside already so saved me having to paint it. Here’s the stages-



You just use vellum or parchment paper inside each cut out section.
I need better lights- a stronger watt bulb and then it might be a clearer purer white.
It’s great though for when I’ve got to do photos at night time.
This card has gotten me out of a rut. Do you ever just feel you’re in a ‘meh’ designing phase?
I’ve been there for a couple of weeks- and whilst I’m not definitely out- this card was not such a struggle to put together.
I had seen this piece of art on Pinterest.
Wood is a big trend noticed at the CHA event and I really was inspired by this pin. I’ve used some W plus 9 stamps ( Fresh Cut Florals) and some papers from Cut and Paste ( Amy T/ American crafts) and also some from Sew lovely and the butterfly is from Madame Peyraud (Papermania).
I’m entering this for the Simon Says Stamp ‘Anything Goes’ challenge

Well I’m afraid I’ve nothing funny to tell you. You would have found my contortions in trying to get a photo from the light box amusing. As you would have found everyone in the house stepping over me on the way into the kitchen.
Ah well. I’m used to being in the way!!

See you after I’ve purchased some higher wattage. Maybe it’ll make me shine more brightly if I could get some extra watts for me too!!


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