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Christmas Crafting Day 7 & Feeling stodgy!

Hey there! Note to self; do not create large projects that cannot be easily photographed; this one was a pig and I just couldnt get a decent complete photo. This is the best I could do I’m afraid- but you get the idea. It was another upcycled project- the original was this;

Nice huh?! I’d have never looked at it twice if it wasn’t for the price tag- £3 down from £12.99. It’s a shame the photo isnt better, but even so, it was easy to dismantle and rearrange using the back part as the template. In a mistaken attempt to try and clean it up, I removed some of the glue previously put on with a glue gun. I realised quite quickly that this was an integral way of keeping the glass from collapsing back into the frame and despite a botch job with some mini-dots, its really not the same. Once its stationary on a wall, the gravity issue will have been solved.

The letters were some unused Anna Griffin letters that although not Christmassy per se, still could double for a seasonal project. It just shows that you can use any of your stash when creating Christmas gifts  etc.

Please forgive the lateness of posting- a few technical difficulties now resolved-although I can reveal there are definitely no hidden things today- so put your specs away!  I’m sitting groaning under the weight of some macaroni cheese. It was something that the little guy over for the playdate likes, so I was happy to make it-but now I remember why I don’t make it very often–you feel really stodgy afterwards!! What is the cure for stodgyness? Anyone know?

I’ve had a lovely day meeting up with different people and have been playing Christmas music- it makes me smile! The kids can’t believe that I want to listen to it, but its more fun driving to than kiddy music I can tell you. I am developing a new skill once at school whilst listening to said Christmas music; chopstick drumming !! Its strangely satisfying and you need very little skill. Good job really. You’re wondering why I have chopsticks in my car? Don’t you? Long story..I’ll save it for another time!!!

See you when my stomach has recovered (and its wasn’t from eating too much of it- I had a kid portion size!) xx

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Christmas Crafting Day 1!

Good morning- Happy Day 1! So glad you’ve turned up- was kinda worried in case nobody did!

I guess you’re wondering what it is? Maybe this picture of what it was might help….

 You’re none the wiser? Think little magnets on a sheet of brushed metal. I just took one magnet- which happened to be exactly the same size as my 1 3/8 circle punch (love it when that happens!) and punched out a circle of  blue cardstock. I’ve used an alphabet set (all supplies at bottom) to diecut the joy in two colours and with a bit of fiddling found that if you chop off a portion of the ‘c’ with a cedilla attached, it makes a really lovely little bauble hanger! The magnets were about 50p in the closing down Habitat sale.  Sad its gone- gorgeous stuff just way too pricey! 

The strips of paper on it are intentionally at an angle and I’ve used some of my alltimefavouritebutnowfairlyold paper by SEI. Just couldn’t bring myself to use it, but ‘cos I love y’all, thought you deserved it. It is a rather minute piece of green embossed spotty paper, but baby steps..I’ll slowly get into creating with it!

I could have just made magnets, put them into a nice box and passed them on as an early present- but liked the idea of having a mini ‘to-do’ list on my table. This is how it stands up – I just cut a long strip of cardstock, divided it into thirds, bent it, and then the last third into 2 with a little lip for attaching to the first third. Just get a piece of cardstock and have a play- its easier to do than it is to explain. These would make great gifts if they weren’t Christmas related but then it is supposed to be Christmas themed today. I added a little sticker for the dot over the j and covered it liberally in glitter glue. You can’t have a project without some sparkle! Despite the fact that you’ll never ever and not in a million trillion years find me wearing anything remotely sparkly, glitter has its place, and definitely here!

Crazily simple, dead quick, but really cute. Would like to imagine that was also a description of me- but alas, not likely!!

I have to draw your attention to two things;

1.Sign up for email updates-click on the ‘subscription button’ on the right and anyone signing during this event will go into a draw for a magical mystery prize (umm- maybe not magical but definitely mysterious!!).

2.Check out all the photos in detail. You should find something/s hidden on one or maybe more. Count however many you find and at the end of the 12 days mail your totals for each day for me. There’ll be a crafty prize for this one too.

Hope you enjoyed the first day. Looking forward to seeing you same time-ish same place tomorrow. Hope it inspires you to get creating early and spares you some of the lastminutehassle !xx


Supplies: Cardstock; Stampin’Up!

Papers; Bridgeport- SEI, Holly Berry SU!,

Ranger Stickles, K & Co stickers, Alphabet by Sizzix for SU!

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