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Hello Autumn & Scouring!

I hope you’re all ok. I hope you haven’t got your winter jumpers on just yet, but as it’s feeling autumnal outside, I thought I’d say hello to Autumn/Fall with this little card that I’ve posted today over on Make The Day Special Stamp Store too.
It’s using a mix of several sets..

And Love You S’more

And the Into The Woods set

I’ve also used the tiny heart dies from the Hello Baby lawn cuts die set as the ‘leaves’ falling off the tree.
I’ve die cut the letters from the card base, kept the inside parts of the numbers and used acetate behind the card as a base to adhere the insides of those numbers too. It’s one of those cards that’s hard to capture the essence of!

We’ve been scouring on many fronts. I’m a big fan of picking free fruit– and by that, I don’t mean my neighbours apple tree ( should he have one!!)
But ..blackberries!!
They’re one of my favourite fruits and this time of year they’re often in abundance.
Assuming of course, you know where to find them.
I’m scratching my head trying to think where to go in Liverpool and may have a jaunt out with the kids a little later with plastic boxes in hand.
A few years ago we holidayed near a park that had TONS of blackberries and no-one was picking them.
Holiday or not, I collected loads and made blackberry curd, jam and crumble with them.
Why would you turn down free fruit?!!

There was also some flurried scouring going on last week when we were on holiday and my eldest fell over and scraped her knee. We were on the outskirts of Gateshead in a mostly industrial park ( we’d parked there to walk into the centre).
As she got up, after grazing her knee, she could not believe that there was a £10 note lying on the ground.
Bizarre really.
She took it as ‘compensation’ for falling over. The other kids could not believe it was there and spent the next couple of hours with their eyes on the ground and looking in the bushes trying to find another elusive £10!
It certainly cheered her up!

Before I go- I’ll be posting the winner of the giveaway later this week. Stay tuned!!

See you once they’ve all gone back to school and the house becomes quiet again 😉!

September 2, 2014 at 10:46 am 6 comments

Flying High & Mouthwash!

photo1a Hey! Popping in with a quick card because it’s my day over at Make The Day Special today. I’ve used two sets- Hello Sunshine & Into The Woods


I thought the little deer wanted some freedom and thought a little trip through the sky would be perfect. We needed him to make sure the little birdy and bee didn’t disappear off into space..he’s the ‘weight’!

photo2aI thought I’d cut the sentiment into 4 rather than try and mask as the letters were pretty close together. I’ve now got different combo’s of the words to play with!

At home, we’ve been trying out mouthwash.

I say ‘we’ being the kiddy royal ‘we’.

One of the boys was insistent that he HAD to have mouthwash. I looked around for some kid-friendly kind.

We found it & this morning went a little like this

Boy: ‘Mum, (shuffles nervously) how exactly do you use this’

At risk of severe spillage, I measure the correct amount out & give him the cap and now open bottle of mouthwash. He proceeds up the stairs. I’m instantly regretting the decision- waiting for the ‘oops, I’ve dropped it’.

There comes more shouting from downstairs

‘ Mum, I don’t want to do it’.

‘then don’t’, I holler back upstairs.

He comes back down. ‘I didn’t do it. I couldn’t. It tasted too bad’

I explained that it was supposed to taste un-yummy so kids didn’t drink it. You just swill it around your mouth.

He trudged back upstairs. His ‘need’ for mouthwash was waning fast.

Littliest bounded downstairs- ever the tale-teller.

‘Mum, he won’t do it. He says it’s poison’

‘No. It’s not poison, it’s ok- he can swill his mouth with it’.

They both came downstairs.

‘Mum, I swallowed a little’ he said, a little panicked.

‘It’s fine, you’re not supposed to drink it, but a little won’t harm you’

He seemed relieved.

‘Will told me I wasn’t supposed to drink it- he said it might be poison. Then I started to worry. Then he told me it was ok, if I died I’d go to Heaven’.

He was quite happy with the answer!

I explained it wasn’t poison again, and he would be fine.

The mouthwash is still relatively untouched. I wonder what will happen tomorrow?!

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Fancy Dress Deer & Make The Day Special!

I’m dressing up today. Or dressing up with stamps to be precise.
Once in a lifetime, a deer has a chance to go and be whatever he wants. For this party, the deerie wanted to be a Unicorn.
Here’s the set

So you get the idea…

I masked off the deer markings, stamped the deer and then added the little heart stamp.

Then I partially stamped the chipmunk and coloured stripes with Copics. I cut it out and then stamped it again and added flicks onto the ‘mane’.

Less beautiful fantasy mysterious creature, more ‘My Little Pony’ ! 😉
It’s unusual – but hey, nice to do something different. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep that’s fuelling my strange stamping!!
I’m over at Make The Day Special store today who are sponsoring the Less Is More challenge which is all about ‘Rainbows’ in celebration of their 3rd Birthday- so even though this card only just squeezes into the CAS category, I’m joining in with their challenge.
I’m also popping in ( for the first time) to the Lawnscaping Challenge which is about dots and hearts!

See you soon,

hopefully in more of my right mind next time!!


February 4, 2014 at 12:15 pm 10 comments

Acorny Card & Failed Puns!


Did you get the title? A corny card. (Acorny– acorn-y). No? Ah well.
I have an even worse play on words with the sentiment going with the Lawn Fawn set- Into the Woods and also the Milo’s ABC stamp set. I was sat there thinking about what sort of sentiment would go with a bunch of acorns (as you do!!)
It came in a flash of ‘brilliance’? No.
‘Wordiness’? No.
Acorn-iness.. That’s what.
This would be a silly congrats card suitable for a man or woman. I kept the contrast colour green for that very reason. Now I just need to find someone needing congratulations who will.
a) understand the word play
b) be silly enough to appreciate it
c) not think I’m an utter fool.

Because I was a little unsure of the phrase I thought I’d try it out on my 11 yo.
‘Read the sentiment please ‘ I cajoled.
After several attempts she got it.
I was beginning to realise my word at wasn’t quite as clever as I’d originally congratulated myself on.
‘Do you get it?’ I questioned her.
‘Well, sort of ‘ she shrugged.
She thought for a moment
‘Is it one of those old-fashioned phrases that was around in the ’80’s?’ she said smugly and flashed me a wicked smile.

Yup. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to involve your offspring.
Well at least just make sure your ego is up to the onslaught first!

I’m busy getting the kids to find their PE kits and school stuff ready for tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long long day!

See you on Tuesday when I’ll finally get a coffee in peace! 😉 x

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