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Acetate Flowers & Snowed Under


A quick post to show one of the cards we did at the last class.
Some lovely Hero Arts flower stamps, a bit of shadow inking on one of my all time favourite mediums; acetate.
The paper is some Authentique on the back and some Cosmo Cricket for the flowers.

I’m in the middle of prepping for some commissions. So much to do- love having work to do, but need a leetle bit more time in the day!
Need to go- working on some contemporary wedding cards. Any ideas? xx

See you when I’ve dug myself out of the tip of a craft room!!

February 12, 2013 at 4:37 pm 3 comments

Friends Card & Radio Fame!


Hi! I’ve been having a bash at colouring ( ok- scribbling to be precise!). It’s rather ‘busy’ this card,but zingy nonetheless. It’s a Hero Arts background type stamp & paired with stripes of bright colours it’s a little different. The little jars are all glittered ( hard to see in the pic) & finished off with another Hero Arts stamp sentiment . Having got a big box of free stamps from them

20130124-103609.jpg..all thanks to their Publication Incentive Programme (sorry- had to spell it the UK way!! ) I’ve had quite a lot of stamps heading my way. These are all their brand new sets from the 2013 catalogue and its well worth checking out. I’ve yet to open them- they all look so pristine in their wrappers!

This week has been a week of ‘radio’ so far. I was listening to Radio Merseyside which I don’t normally listen to as Classic FM is my bag. However, due to early school closures, I thought ( wrongly) I’d catch them announced on this station.
Anyhow, each morning they have something called ‘Kids Convoy’- the littlies ring in with the answers to a set question, get a chat with the DJ Tony Snell and get a certificate for their trouble. Jamie decided to ring in. Id warned them not to expect to win- lots of kids ring in.
He got through.
Left his answer & they rang him back.
It was very funny.
To coin a Liverpool phrase, the DJ was buzzing off Jamie- he played along and we all laughed.
The next morning.
“Mum, I want to ring in” said my no. 3 ( not wanting to be outdone by no.4 and the notoriety that it had brought at school).
” ok- but you know, it may not happen, they’ll recognise the number!”
She got to leave the answer. They recognised the number.
“Is that Jamie?” they enquired.
She explained she was the older sister.
That was that, I thought, no chance now.
Incredibly, she got randomly chosen- had her 5 mins of fame and disappeared off to school ecstatically.
This morning.
“Can I ring in?” Asks no. 5?
“Not this morning” I answered.
We’ll try next week.
5 mins of radio time and the excitement of a certificate coming through the post. Who would believe it?!
My kids are easily pleased.
Wish that was all it took for me 😉

See you when I’ve fought off the crowds of their adoring fans ( not!) Xx

January 24, 2013 at 10:50 am 6 comments

Thank you Card & Wonderful Surprises!

Good morning! It’s a Monday and I’m pretty thankful!! Thankful for so many things and overwhelmed from the weekend.
This card is just using ink and Hero Arts stamps. Simple.
The little hanging embellishment just came off one of my boys’ shoes. Too cute to throw away!!

You know it was my Birthday.
And a large one.
Some would say a depressing one.
Maybe just a significant happening- or a milestone. Possibly an occasion to reflect – but to give thanks? Definitely!!

In order not to feel sorry for myself that decrepit might start to describe me, I decided to take action.
So.. We planned and organised and created and had an absolute ball. You can’t read about the post that started it all as some one somewhere has temporarily suspended access to the link. Suffice to say- we did 40 random acts of kindness and it was a day we’ll never forget.
Here’s a picture of us loaded up and ready to go.

We had already delivered some flowers which had been reduced but were still in perfect condition ( I like to think that was Tesco’s random act of kindness!)
We gave them out to a few people and their reactions were really moving. I tell you- it was better than any birthday gift. You might want to try this- it’s a completely amazing experience and quite humbling as you see what effect a tiny simple act does to someone else.

It was an utterly family project and we taped a choc bar to the front door for the postie. Love that he replied with ‘ta’. It’s probably best not to describe in too much detail how removing that sign then took the paint off our front door ( oops- that’s a job for this week!!).

Most of the RAK’s were simple and inexpensive- cupcakes, little toiletry packages to the local old people’s home- some were really different like this one. I drove by the next day- the sign was still up with some of the little ‘compliments’ having been carefully removed.
Some of them were fun

Some were practical-

And others were wacky.
One lady was spotted by my kids and they wanted to give her some chocolate. Each item had one of these one..

The lady they gave it to needed it explaining a couple of times ( we got that reaction – a lot!!). On our way out we passed by the same lady. She stopped the kids and said that the kindness needed repaying. I replied ‘oh , no, it really doesn’t’. She insisted and gave each of the kiddos a £1 coin. They were stunned, we were grateful and everyone was smiling.

One of the most bizarre was probably one of the cards I sent. I went on a postcode site and randomly selected an address. I have no idea who lives at the address I wrote to. I didn’t leave my details or surname- just penned a brief encouraging message. I smile when I imagine the shock someone got when opening it. He he!

We bumped into some people we knew and that was fun. One of the heartwarming things was when I left a box of chocolates out for the binmen. They hadn’t turned up when they were supposed to and a card and the chocs were taped to a bin but not addressed to them. A man knocked at our door with the chocolates in hand.
“Hi mate “( he said to Steve)
“Can I have these”
“Yes” said Steve “they’re all yours”
“Really? Oh thankyou mate, thankyou so very much” ( or something similar!)
He stuck his thumb up at Steve and left with a big toothless smile.
Just a brilliant experience. I would encourage you to do something similar. You won’t ever regret it.
Some of the ideas you’ll find floating around the Internet are amazing and would cost lotsa pennies. We did ours on a shoestring. I’m not convinced you need to spend oodles of cash. Yes, it would’ve been lovely to hand out gift cards and the like. But we did our pared down version and it still worked.
The surprises weren’t over.
We came home about 3:30pm- and I was shattered! Steve came home a bit later and presented me with a Birthday cake…

20130107-111939.jpg…that HE had made himself!!
What a guy! It tasted amazing. Had fresh raspberries ( my fave!) & I was so impressed. Loved it.
Then.. I was lured inaccurately to my lovely friend Helen’s house and there were a bunch of my best friends waiting to surprise me with a party!
I didn’t get any pics of them- but this was the present table

20130107-112218.jpg my friend Kate Moss is a wonderfully creative person and she’d come up with the idea. The presents were either ‘bottles’ or ‘books’ to go with ‘baker’ ( my surname!) and there was Jazz music, a table heaving with desserts

20130107-112350.jpg and a chilled night catching up and laughing with my friends.
One of my lovely friends Gill had made the most awesome carrot cake birthday cake and then was too ill to come 😦
Here’s ‘some’ of it!

Then lastly, out of the blue, to top it all off- some great friends of ours were too ill to go to an overnight hotel break and GAVE it to us Saturday morning.
So Steve & I spent a day here..

And by the time we’d come home, picked up our kids from the 3 families’ we’d deposited them in and spent the day with some friends from church, I can honestly say it was truly one of the best weekends of my life.
Thanks to many of you for the beautiful cards, gifts, messages and surprise party attendance.
I am blessed beyond compare having you all in my life!

PS- my daughter randomly picked out the blog candy winner— JESSI! Jessi, please send me your address to the email at the top right of the blog! Thanks everyone xx

January 7, 2013 at 11:31 am 25 comments

Cutesy Christmas & Recycling!

20121213-111900.jpgHey! The week has sped by and time seems to speeding up more quickly everyday. There’s so much to do for everyone & I’m trying to resist the urge to feel the pressure!

This was a card I’d never normally attempt. It was for the Abakhan demonstration a few weeks back. The stamp set was part of a freebie set from the Creativity magazine. The tree was actually attached to a little girl. I thought I’d get more use out the stamps if the Christmas tree was separate. I simple snipped the tree off and hey presto- 2 stamps for the price of one!! Uou can’t probably see the acetate which the snowflakes are stamped on & I used some of the coordinating papers. My colouring is improving (slightly)- and it’s using simple watercolour crayons.

I’ve been doing plenty of recycling- this morning I dug out one of my favourite coats. Its a bright red one but it’d somehow developed a big stain. I couldn’t remove the stain & Steve said it looked pretty bad. This morning I remembered I’d got a denim blue coloured packet of dye under the sink. At risk to the coat (its mostly wool) I shoved it into the washing machine & hoped for the best. It’s turned out fine- a pinky/purpley colour. Not what I’d ever choose- but its like a brand new coat as it’s disguised the stain too. Yay! I texted Steve & mischeviously told him I’d got a new coat and hoped he didnt mind!

I texted again and told him it was free!

I’ve also had some recycling done of a different nature. It appears someone has re-cycled a parcel intended for me. 3 attempts to pick up a signed for parcel failed.Royal Mail apparently had it ‘in the system’. Eventually I got a telephone number to ring. The long and short of it is that the tracking number isn’t for a parcel delivered to me- the parcel is for a different address in Stockport. The thing is, I’ve a card handwritten out for me and my address. The Postman delivering a parcel wouldn’t have written my name and address if he didn’t have an address to copy from a particular parcel. So, the sorting office told me they’d look into and get back to me.

They haven’t.

I rang Royal Mail elsewhere. They said -guess what- they’d look into it and contact the delivery postman.

Guess what.

They haven’t either.

Somewhere is a parcel floating around belonging to me.

Worst still- I have a gut feeling its the American parcel I’ve been waiting for from Hero Arts with $100 worth of stamps. Royal Mail better not have lost that.

I will not be a happy bunny. I can feel a crusade coming on (yes, another one!!)

Better hop off- I’ve a Birthday cake to take out of the oven– yep, birthday season…again!

See you when I’ve eaten more chocolate cake..(can you ever get bored of choc cake?!!) xx

December 13, 2012 at 2:40 pm 2 comments

Paper Crafters Library & Thoughtfulness!

Good morning- well its nearly the afternoon and its my day at Paper Crafters Library. I may have posted before they get their post up- but because of Hurricane Sandy there was some potential power disruption – so I thought I’d post it and if you want to check out the video then I’m sure it’ll be up soon. I wanted to create a scene using different texture. There’s texture in the felt snowflakes (Die-namics dies), the snowy acetate and also the printable canvas paper snowman. The snowman is a Hero Arts set called ‘Smiling Snowman’ and I’ve used stamp markers to add colour to the stamp. The papers are cute- from the ‘Happy Days’ set (Papermania). I’ve kept it sentiment-less as you can add a winter sentiment or a Christmas one too. I love the little guy- he makes me smile. The acetate is attached to the inside of the card so the little snowman is actually standing proud away from the card.

Have to admit I’m feeling a little sorry for myself- I’m actually sat on the sofa doing nothing else (I’m amazed I’ve lasted this long!). I’ve been to the Dental hospital this morning for the follow-up appointment. (remember that post?!!). I sat around until my appointment- I was having the polyp-thing removed and some other surgery. It wasn’t nice (Booo) and I came out feeling quite wobbly. I was so thankful there was a cabby chatting to someone outside the hospital so I got transport straightaway. In Liverpool we have two sort of cabs’taxi’s; one where you can hail straight away (think US yellow taxis) and taxi-hire that you have to book in advance and wait for. Most of the cabbies I’ve ever chatted to are lovely- down to earth and good fun. This bloke was no exception. I thanked him for actually being there and explained where I’d just been ‘ahhh’ he said ‘to the butchers’. They were too lovely to be described as butchers but the feeling was akin a little to having been ‘butchered’. We had a good chat about unemployment, the NHS, dentists, thankfulness, poverty, kids and perspective. The whole trip only lasted 7 minutes- we were chatting quickly!!

I got in and walked into the lounge to find a tin of soft Devon custard, one of Rice Pudding, a can of tomato soup, bunch of roses and box of After Eight mints. All perfectly soft food (save the roses; obviously!) and a little note from Steve. He had no idea just how much that cheered me up. I walked into the kitchen to make myself a drink that could be neither very hot nor very cold (!) and saw a big box of 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts with a note on from Steve’s business partner. What lovely surprises. So fortunate to have thoughtful people around me!

Anyway- gotta feel up to scratch by the next 30 minutes; I’ve two school runs and a hubby pick up to do. See you when I can eat again! xx

October 31, 2012 at 1:31 pm 6 comments

Arrow Card & Medic Training!


A nice CAS card for a Tuesday. Just used the chevron Hero Arts stamp, inked it up a few times and then chopped the images up to create individual arrows. Love the Fancy Pants sentiment. If we were all ourselves rather than trying to be someone else I’m sure we’d be more content!

I cannot believe how much there has been to do without Will here. Makes me wonder how I had time to look after him! I’ve been doing some mag work and will have some good news to share soon too.
I’ve been really preoccupied with lists which has been fabulously useful to keep busy and not sit wondering how the reluctant littlie is getting on at school. The great news is that he’s much more settled, his teacher even sent home a little note to say he’s smiling a lot more and says he likes school. What a teacher- that’s above and beyond the call of duty in my book!
He can actually recall 2 friends’ names and says that school is ‘brilliant’. His emerging confidence is spilling over into giving everyone else advice.
My eldest was debating career options on the way home yesterday. One of them is medicine although it’s not a main contender.
‘oh no’ pipes up a voice from the back,
‘you have to work far too hard, you can’t do it!’
My eldest, unimpressed by his lack of confidence in her, disagreed.
No, Suzie. Do something else, it’s too hard, you have to work very hard’!
He then went on to describe how she didn’t need to go to university as it was simple becoming a doctor.
My other kids were starting to doubt his seemingly contradictory logic.
‘You just become a doctor’.
‘Oh, really?’ I queried.
‘Yes, you go see a doctor and they give you the skills
‘How do they give you the skills?’ one of the kiddos asked.
‘Oh they just do‘ he answered decisively. He gesticulated magically with his hands as if the ‘skills’ were imparted through fresh air. ‘Just like that‘!

Wow- those medics have it easy. I’d have gone into medicine if I’d known. Makes you wonder what they’re doing with all their time at University!!

Better go, have some sketch designs to do and thankfully won’t need a medic myself after my face has just returned to normal after my cheek went numb after a filling.
See you after I’ve gained some skills!! xx

September 25, 2012 at 7:34 pm 4 comments

Repetition Card & Parent gutting !


Quick post. Inspired by the repetition Challenge at Moxie Fab, I’ve finally made a start on my Christmas cards. It’s one. Not going to go too far round my list. But hey, I’m trying. Ive used a Hero Arts snowman stamp- cute but not too cute, iykwim?! Tried to make a couple of alterations as we can all carbon copy something 3 times. Tried to give it an edge but think I made them look a little squiffy! Oh well, my head is elsewhere- messed with by the supreme of all messers; my kids.

It has to be the very things that you love with a passion that have the ability to gut wrench you.
My littlie continues to ‘bear’ school. Tiny steps of progress have been seen- he found out one of his ‘two’ ( & only two friends’ names!). I saw him smile when he played with him after school pickup. My heart was somewhat soothed.
I’d seen his teacher (who is completely fab and super-trying to settle him) for a meeting. The problem is that he seemingly doesn’t want to settle too much. I agreed that probably time will help.
When I’d picked him up I asked him whether his morning had been good. He said ‘I was missing you Mummy’. I nodded and avoided saying I’d missed him too and further compounding his sadness!!! He said it was after lunchtime and ‘I was quietly crying’.
Just rip out my heart.
How do they issue those few little words that are like an internal bomb.
Could he have not simply stated ‘I was a bit sad’.
I gulped and smiled. ‘it’s ok.’ I talked about talking to the dinner staff f he couldn’t find his friends. I love you dinner staff- you are my stand- ins and I’m really glad they’re nice and patient with all the kids foibles and upsets!
This transitioning is pretty tough. I’d forgotten all of it.
Kinda not helped by nearly every other parent at the gates who I speak to, who say ‘oh, my child is loving it, they can’t wait to come’.
Baby steps.
Really hoping today is better.
Am I expecting too much?!!

See you soon after I’ve smoothed all my ruffled feelings. X

September 19, 2012 at 1:02 pm 9 comments

Christmas Chandelier Card & Advice!

Morning. Hope you’re having a good morning. The weather is simply stunning, the heat’s amazing and the gentle breeze is so refreshing- umm.. Oops, forgot I was in the UK then! It has been hailing here!! Hailing so heavily that my friend’s little boy was crying because the hail stones hurt him!
Onto the card..Hero Arts’ September Challenge is taking stamps and changing them up for a different season or look. I’ve kind of changed mine- maybe not quite enough. I’ve used a fleur de lis type stamp to be ‘mistletoe’ and changed snowflakes into baubles ( ok, same season, but have changed them all the same!) I’ve added little bauble ‘tops’ and drawn in the strings with gold pen. That’s the kind of chandelier I’d like in my home.

Well it’s the beginning of term, the kiddos are settling down. It’s hard to see others with different settling-in issues. There’s a whole lotta advice flying around. Some helpful, some not. You’d think that inciting a ‘call to arms’ over problems your kids were having just isn’t going to ingratiate you towards your teachers and school and probably isn’t the greatest example to your kids of how to deal with conflict! Softly softly initially I reckons is the best way to go- or at least treating staff with respect whilst you work through the problems with them.
I did read someone dishing out some completely stellar advice this week. Advice that I’m dying to give a go. It was a post from the Brave Girls Club about magic words that have made a difference. Imagine this – your kid/sister/husband can’t find something – I guess you’re all inwardly sighing at this point- remembering the squillionth time you’ve been asked where their homework book/razor/false teeth (maybe not) etc etc is!!
It’s soo usual to give them an idea- they reply that they’ve already looked here and the conversation tends to freefall from that point! This superb woman said she asks them ‘where have you looked?’ and it then makes their brain work in surprising ways. It makes them actually think where they’ve looked and she reckons they actually process the problem themselves and go and look elsewhere, normally finding it in the end. Oh, I cannot wait to try this one out…the problem is, everyone suddenly seems to know exactly where they’ve placed their items! I’m sure it won’t be long, and until then, I’m waiting with a little bit of internal glee and excitement.

Better go, I’ve my littliest to deliver to school – ( sob sob!!) xx

September 13, 2012 at 8:40 am 8 comments

Thankyou Card & Horrible Quizzes

Hey. It’s Monday. A very bright and inyourface day. To go with it is this bright flowery thank-you. Papers and flower accents ( from the papers) are Fancy Pants. Chevrons are a Hero Arts stamp. I know the black ink is quite stark against the floral but think it nearly works.
I’m still punching holes in any piece of card that comes my way- see holes in the flower and along the little line of hearts at the bottom. Been scrapbooking too- show you those later.

I’ve been trying to get my ageing creaky brain to work. It’s not been very successful. One of my littlies wanted to give me a ‘horrible histories’ quiz. It was quite helpful in whiling away the time whilst I did the cleaning. Quite quickly it was obvious to my 10yr old that her mother was simply a dufus. To think that I love history- even did an A level in it. Sadly the recall function has been ‘recalled‘. Granted, some of the questions were ones I’d never learned about ( although the average voracious reader of the Horrible History series would have annihilated me). What was more worrying was that they were simple historical queries and I once knew the answer. Once. Now, I just dunno. My brain is still working- just ask me a paper related one and I’m your girl.
We also watched ‘The Cube’ last night. No way I could attempt most of the challenges on that quiz show either. Is intelligence and brain function simply leached away the more children you have? Does being the answerer to everyone else’s questions throughout the day diminish your potential to respond to normal ones? Answers please. Maybe it’s time to snuggle up with ‘brain training’ and put some mental miles on the clock !

See you when I can remember what I’m supposed to be doing next! xx

August 20, 2012 at 1:16 pm 5 comments

Hero Arts Challenge & Dense Baker’ing!

I know-it’s a little quirky- a bit different. It kinda morphed into this- started as something really different and I ended up not quite knowing how I got here. Hero Arts have several challenges a month. The first ends later today and all the details are here. I tend to be the last to even know the party is on!!
We’re quickly running out of rainy day ideas. Yesterday they made their own itinerary. It included bread making. Here’s some of them.

20120816-123717.jpg they looked pretty good. I was paired with one of the lovelies who wasn’t quite into doing all the kneading for the long haul. Suffice to say- it was a little dense. The other pairs’ offerings were substantially lighter. Ours? Well, let me just say that if we’d been burgled that night, heaven help the man whose head I may have lashed the remains at. Not sure he’d have recovered too quickly!!!
Have to dash. We’ve a hospital appointment to go to (& not to visit a head sore intruder!). 5 kids, 1 crowded waiting room… Let’s hope we’re not waiting for too long!!

See you when I’ve returned. I may be a while! xx

August 16, 2012 at 12:43 pm 2 comments

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