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Valentine Box & Share The Love!


Happy Valentines Day!
Are you feeling the love?
This little box is what my kids found at the bottom of their beds this morning. Thanks in the most part to the free tree and hearts which is on the Silhouette website.
I added it to a box designed by Lori Whitlock
I added the tree to the box outline & some love letters here

I added some blue card to back the tree hole.The hearts are in red and green vinyl & the chocs inside are mini matchmakers ( which look just like twigs in keeping with the tree theme ).
I made 6. 1 too many.
There’s a secret destination for that one!
I’ll show you Steve’s card when I’ve managed to photograph it; using the complete version of the heart tree file.

Hope today you can think about the love you have and give in every form and relationship. I like to celebrate Valentines Day as a day about the love we find rather than just that ‘special someone’ that not everyone has found.
I don’t want my kids to experience that gut wrenching ‘nevergotavalentinetoday’ feeling.
I posted this on Facebook yesterday- but it kinda ties into today.

Sharing love is also about not pulling each other down. Often us girls are horrendous at not seeing the best in each other- aren’t we?!
Hoping you get to share the love today even it’s just a little smile to a stranger ( but don’t go smiling at any dodgy looking ones!!!)

See you when I’ve eaten one of these

20130214-080603.jpg ( Steve made them- he just might be getting the baking bug!!) xx

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Hearts everywhere!

I have a new heart! Its on my wrist- an interesting pale pink shade. No, I don’t have a tatoo!- but a heart burn! Somehow I caught my wrist over the kettle and after I’d held it under running water for a while, a lovely mark appeared that looks just like a heart. My friends at school say it must be a sign!- not sure what its a sign of..probably that I’ve burned myself!!

I was having a play with some new stamps that I got free from Stampin Up! because I’d done well as a demo! (See, there are real perks to this job!! ) I love letters, typography etc. and I am going to use these letters a LOT!  The card I’ve made is secured by the tab on the left and then it opens out like so…..

Hope you get the idea!! Thanks to you for visiting. I’ve had lots more visitors recently and it really makes my day to know that people have to come for a peek! Things are going to get a lot busier for me as I’m just finalising a date and location for a Liverpool scrapbooking crop/ card makers meet. Its hopefully going to be on Sat 27th Feb and I’ll confirm everything once I’ve booked the hall properly. Its quite exciting as I’ve always fancied going to one myself but as there is so little in this city going on for crafters, I decided to organise something myself.

I had a phone call from a lovely lady (Hi Denise!!) this week who’d got my details from the Stampin’Up! website and we got chatting about crafters meeting up and she told me about how BBC Radio Merseyside were appealing for crafty people to ring in and they could maybe get them together! I’ve spoken to great people from their ‘A Team’ and they said they’d promote it once I’ve finalised everything. So…if you’re anywhere near Liverpool (or in driving distance of) I’d love it if you let me know if this was something you’d be interested in coming too. More details to follow!….

Better go, after a day ‘lost’ , feeling the aftereffects of the swine flu jab this week, my house is looking unloved and distinctly ignored. The clothes are calling me and the dishwasher is inviting me to fill it (I own such courteous appliances!!). Off for a date with the kitchen then!! xx


Card recipe, Cardstock, Taken with Teal, Whisper White and Rose Red. Inks in the same colours. Stamp sets, ‘Occasions’ and ‘Schoolbook Serif’ and roller wheel ‘So Swirly’.  All supplies from Stampin’Up !




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