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Uniko Studios Originally Organic Additions

Happy Monday everyone! 

I have put in so much time completing work recently that I managed to carve out a little time recently to create with some non-work products. 

I’m so glad I got the chance to make this one! 

I met Bev from Uniko Studios a year or so back at the Port Sunlight show. She’s really lovely and is exhibiting again this year I think too. I spend so much time using products from the US ( which I love!) but it’s only right to support companies from the UK- and I love she manufactures her stamps here too! 

This set is from a recent new release and is a follow up from a previous set (which is gorgeous!) called Originally Organic Additions

I did contemplate cutting apart the heart shaped foliage image as with clear stamps, it’s so easy to re-line them up, but played with just the individual foliage image and did a whole lot of fussy cutting!!

I inked the stamps with a subtle mixture of distress inks and distress oxide. The flowers are coloured simply with Zig Clean Color markers and there are lots of little gel pen dotted details. 

I love how Uniko provides the solid and outline images in the set. Makes for such a more versatile set. There’s another brand release just out- so do go and visit the Uniko blog to see.

I’m off on Wednesday to visit the NEC for Fiskars- so I’ll try and update you as to what’s going on at the show!

Have a really lovely day,

Keren xx


March 13, 2017 at 9:34 am 10 comments

Stampin’Up! Letters For You! 

Hello! How are you all? Welcome to some new followers; it’s lovely having you here! 

Today I just wanted to pop on quickly and show you a card I created using 3 new Stampin’Up! sets;

‘Letters For You’; 

 which are the lovely distressed looking letters, ‘Falling Flowers’ 
which is the foliage on the cards and ‘Number of Years‘ which is some of the little flowers and a superbly useful number set

The letters and numbers are quite sizeable and great for scrapbooking too. Each letters/number height is 5cm. You can get matching dies for the numbers and letters if you can’t be fussed cutting them out! 

I’m placing an order shortly and hosting a party on hopefully Friday March 24th so do drop me a line if you fancy coming or just want to get any of these sets and I’ll sort you out! 

I love the way that because of the size of the letters, I could add the sentiment placement around the letter and give it a really different look! Oh, and my stamping isn’t dodgy- they’re supposed to look that way! No; really!!

Better go; I have multiplying mountains of washing that are looking at me menacingly! 

See you soon

Keren xx

March 11, 2017 at 11:16 am 6 comments

12 Days of Unmentionable & Silence!

Hello! I had to leave the word out. Some people get twittery at me if I talk my favourite time of year early. For some of us, we’ve been crafting it for a whole while!
This showcases Docrafts latest contemporary Christmas range ( oops, I’ve said it now!). Really unusual colours- beautiful paper cutting style which is so current now and best of all- you can have a go- whether you’re comfy with a blade or just like the look of it. I had great fun slicing away with this card. It’s on acetate which is a pig to photograph and thus explains the strange hue.
This one is part of a 12×12 pack. Just gorgeous!

And the silence… well that comes in several guises. Firstly everyone’s back at school. The house is quiet. Secondly it’s quiet on this bloggy front as I’ve demo prep and other crafty stuff to do and thirdly- you actually want silence from me occasionally don’t you.. So here it is


See you when I’ve learned to keep quiet ( like that’s ever going to happen!!!) X

September 5, 2013 at 3:23 pm 1 comment

You are my Sunshine & Organisation!

Thought I’d post a little sunshine into blog land ! I really love the sentiment on this card- I guess we all have someone we could send this card to ( or I hope you have!!).
All the supplies are Jillibean Soup- I got to be on their ‘soup spotting’ feature this week which is simply where those at Jillibean search round the Internet for people using their stuff- they found me on Two Peas, so that was fun!

This morning we’ve been trying to organise the good ship Baker back into order. I have to admit – sometimes it does all feel like its getting too hard work and this morning was definitely one of those. Fortunately Steve being a super organiser sat us all down with weekly worksheets and a big strip of paper. Some of us bristle a little when it comes to organising-
Well- when you feel that your life is so militarised, you kinda hang onto every little bit of ‘unscheduled’ you can. Anyone else get me??!
I know my schedule ( & sanity) would be much better if my existence was super super organised down to within an inch of its life- but it kind of sucks all of the fun and energy out of life. Or is that just me trying to kid myself!
If you know me I do like organisation- a tidy room makes me happy. Lists are good. It’s just that with so much happening, the room doesn’t stay tidy nor the list get completely checked off.
You still with me?
So this girl’s logic sort of continues..that therefore, there must be room for the unexpected and different. Maybe I should ‘schedule fun in’? I’m sure a life coach would have a field day with me!
I suspect there’s a chaotic person trying to get out or is that just an excuse.
Us ‘creatives’ do seem to dance to the same beat – the desire to create has to have its origins in order itself. Or am I getting too deep?!
Back to the beginning and spreadsheets of a Stephen Covey nature. Some of my kids loved it, some positively kicked against the goads. Some struggled to fill in a schedule ( hey he’s only 4- he can manage his name and a few numbers but stuck to making his sheet look pretty by making pictures around it.
I went with the programme.
It’s surprisingly cathartic.
Others think less so.
I’m super-scheduled now. It’s scary. I’ve so much to look at.
I like this quote.

Good huh.
Reckon I’m guilty of this. Big time.

See you when this has happened!

….Oooh… Look there goes another pig!! xx

October 20, 2012 at 3:04 pm 2 comments

Craft Artist Platinum Review & Fussy Cutting!

A little while back, I was sent a copy of Craft Artist Platinum by Serif and asked to review the software. I have several items to show you and a review of how I got on.

I guess I should  put in some history before I do that. I use Photoshop CS4 normally for photo editing and to do digi-scrapbooking (if I have time). It’s a great yet expensive piece of kit. One that I’ve always wanted to get to grips with better, but one that requires a hefty amount of both time and IQ to conquer. I was really chuffed to receive this as I’d got a freebie basic copy with another craft mag a while back and had a brief explore but found it was a bit basic for what I wanted it for.

So, how did I find it? The positives;

1. It’s pretty easy once you’ve found your way around.

I used to be a lover of reading instruction manuals but now I tend to explore myself. There is a very good reason to look through their really good tutorials- it will save a whole HEAP of frustration!! However, due to another facet of my character being a slightly stubborn desire not to let things beat me, once I’d actually worked out how to load digital items into Craft Artist, it was plain sailing. It comes with 5 discs and a built in photo editor which is good and I have not managed to explore everything..but I will!

2. It’s really user friendly.

It does require a basic knowledge of computers and if you have used a publisher/photoshop type package before, you’ll find this really simple. It’s much easier to navigate than CS4 and unless you’re a graphic designer you’ll not really need much more in a graphics/design package. I just clicked around and discovered what different things did. Again, don’t do what I did, watch the tutorials and you’ll learn quickly what it took me a while to discover. However, after only using it twice, the Scrapbook layout only took about 30 minutes in total which is pretty good going.

3. Value for Money;

The software retails at just under £30 which is a great price. The add on digikits are very good value but you could quite easily not spend anything beyond what you pay for your Craft Artist as there is a wealth of free digikits that would keep you going for a very long time. I have downloaded most of them from the site Daisy Trail which is a fabulous site with the options to upload what you’ve created and join in with the online community too.

4. What can you actually do with it?

Just starting out? They have pre-created cards and scrapbook layouts that you can simply print out onto paper or card. Wanting to make it more your own? All preloaded cards and layouts can be altered and added to ; a great starting point for playing around with the software. My scrapbooking layout took one of theirs and changed it around. Want a real challenge? Mix and match digital elements from different kits- you just add them to the left of the screen which acts like a big clipboard.  You can start with a blank sheet and simply add elements to create a card for example, or, do as I did with the butterfly card- just print off the images you require and then use them as a normal card (the Inkblot Butterfly digikit which I used is gobsmackingly beautiful!). I do favour the ‘hybrid’ scrapbooking which means you do a layout digitally and then add to it using your normal crafting stash- kinda the best of both worlds.

The teeny eensy negative;

I would recommend it wholeheartedly but you do need Windows to use it. I have a somewhat decrepid laptop with limited memory space and a speed slower than most snails. The ideal would have been to have loaded it onto the family computer which, alas is a Mac. (We’re serious Apple lovers in our house). The only way I could look at the software in detail was to reboot the Apple in Windows, load the software, create the projects, save them as pdf’s, reboot the computer back to Mac OS (the printer isn’t set up with Windows and I couldn’t face hunting for the drivers), email myself the pdf’s, download them onto my laptop, change them into jpegs in CS4 (as wordpress didn’t appreciate them being pdf’s) and then upload them here. NOT FUN! I’m really hoping they might consider bringing out a Mac compatible version (really soon? Pretty please?!!!)

I hope you like all the projects. The white transparencies are some Hambly overlays I had in and seemed to fit in beautifully. By adjusting the brightness on other elements in the kit, I could have created something very similar and simply printed onto printable acetate. That’s the versatility of the package- once you start playing, you’ll appreciate its simple complexity (if you get my drift!).  I’m also entering these butterfly cards in a City Crafter ‘Fussy cutting’ challenge; you know me, I love making minute movements with a small pair of scissors. The swirls are all cut out too. Steve asked me last night what I’d been doing. ‘Having fun cutting out butterflies’. He laughed rather cynically but appreciates I’m a girl of simple tastes!!!

Must go, these  nights are getting later and later and the dreaded ‘s’ word is looming! x

December 29, 2011 at 11:46 pm 15 comments

Simple Sweet Summer & The Royal Wedding

Another simple offering for the Sweet Summer category! To be brutally honest, I didn’t like this set at first (well, we all have our favourites) but it’s really grown on me, and you can see just how versatile this set is. You’ve only got until then end of February and then these FREE sets are gone and you won’t be able to order them. I’ve actually cut out all around the image- each side of the flowery image is connected to the window frame. It does look really pretty left plain, with a backing inside the card, but as it never photographs particularly well, I just adhered everything to the front. Yeah, I know the lighting is bad– it sends the colours way off- please excuse the bad workmanship!!

I’ve been doing lots of shopping- mostly necessary but occasionally fun. I have some money from my Birthday and decided to take the older girls out to spend some of their Christmas vouchers yesterday. It was a good opportunity to be together before they went back to school as the younger ones went the day before. It was a very spur of the moment thing; had I planned it, I would not have chosen to wear my favourite high heeled purple boots to walk around in for 4 and a half hours. By about 3 and a half hours, my feet were starting to complain and after 4 hours, I was starting to complain!! I knew I’d not make the drive back home in the boots, so I dived into a shoe shop- bought a beautiful flat and comfy red pair with some of my Birthday spends and travelled home in wonderful comfort. I have to admit to one of my complexes here- I don’t love being short. At just under 5’4 I am glad of a height boost which is why you’ll see me wearing decent heels most of the time. Even my hubby remarked how small I was the other day. I was standing in the kitchen & he commented that I could barely see over the top of the stove ! (cheek)- so my various stiletto type footwear are to compensate for my ‘small-person’ complex!

I thought I’d tell you a quick story about our families’ discussions about the Royal Wedding. I used to be a die-hard Royalist- (I still need to find someone to offload my collection of Diana books to!) and now I appreciate the Royal Family, but am not so interested. My kids think it’s fantastic that they’re getting an extra day- can you believe they’re actually only in school for 8 days in the whole of April! As the chatter about the wedding continued over tea, Harri asked ‘Who is Prince William marrying?’. Will looked quite amazed and said ‘Wow, Prince me is getting married?!’. We wanted to know exactly who our Will is marrying and he mentioned a little girl. He likes to refer to himself as ‘Prince me’ now. Honestly, he’ll be wearing the wise man crown left from Christmas next!

I’ve put in another close-up of the card. You can see I’ve just simply coloured the leaves in with the Pear Pizzazz marker from our In-Colour Marker set (£11.75), The sentiments is from Tiny Tags which contains 17 small stamps (£21.95), Satin Real Red ribbon(£6.75), Whisper white card (£7.50), Rhinestones (£4.50) and Neutrals Assorted card (crumb cake and basic black card included). If you bought everything to make this card (and you’d have enough left to make loads more), you’d get this stamp set free! Get in touch if you want to place an order- you don’t need to be local, just in the UK.

Take care from ‘prince’ Williams mother!


January 6, 2011 at 1:59 pm 1 comment

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