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Fresh Squeezed Stamps & Flip Flops!

flipflopsMy last official post as Guestie for Fresh Squeezed Stamps . Again, I’ve gone with just a small image and tried to give it lots of movement. With a little colour and a little imagination- you can create a card with some colour & shape. To help give it some focus- I’ve added a little pattern & sparkle on just one of the flipflops to help balance out the sentiment. It does look like the card isn’t straight, but it’s my bad photography!!

I have truly loved being part of the July Release & guest posts. The stamps were great fun & I’ve tried to do something different with each set. This one was from the Beachy Keen set- loved the summery feel of that one.


Life is just better in flip flops- unless you’re me & little, & tripped over in the drive to your house. I remember being in pain. I’m not the biggest lover of flip flops unless they’re to colour in!

This week, there have been flip flops, flops & flips. We’ve been away on a holiday..of challenges!

One of mine managed to break her flip flops. Fortunately she had brought half of all the shoes she possessed, so the breakage was of little concern. The flops were the weather, the ability of some to sleep in a confined space and less happily, a poorly littlie. We tried to make the best of it. That’s what you do. Isn’t it.

We’re British.

The flips? Well , any of you with half an idea of the make-up of our family may well get the whole idea very quickly. We did smile (some more than others) and we baked, barbequed, beached & bickered. There was also forgiveness, flouncing, flies and fevers.

We played, postured, pretended & played lots of board games.

Well I’d better go. there’s still rather a lot of wet washing to get through!

See you when I’ve recovered! xx

August 18, 2013 at 11:00 am 9 comments

Fresh Squeezed Stamps go Simple!


Hey everyone! It’s my day up on Fresh Squeezed stamps blog. I guess I have a bit of thing generally for the underdog. These stamps definitely come under that category. Blink and you’d nearly miss them- yet they probably are my favourite two stamps on the entire set- here’s the set;FreshSqueezedStamps_EverydayExpressions_Images_1024x1024 can you see the tiny two at the bottom. But can you see the possibilities- just by combining them in rough path & adding a little colour- you can get a whole card out of very little supplies. I know, I’m one for CAS cards, but often when you see peoples simple cards, they’ve actually got a LOT of product on them. This card is for the newbies, the ‘I haven’t got much stash’ or the ‘I want to go minimalist!’ gals. There are definitely plenty of you out there!

It showcases the beauty of clear stamps too- can you imagine how long it would take with lining those up with a stamping line-up device? For-evaaa.

Take your tiny stamps and go and give them some love- they’ve been relegated for too long!

See you back here very soon!

Keren x

August 11, 2013 at 11:00 am 4 comments

Fresh Squeezed Stamps & Mistake Saturday!

Choose Joy

I don’t usually post today, but I’m following the schedule today at Fresh Squeezed Stamps- you can see the post here . The girls at Fresh Squeezed will be bringing lots of new inspiration all this week using the new reveals- & I’m up on the next 3 Sundays. This little card is using this set- Everyday Expressions

FreshSqueezedStamps_EverydayExpressions_Images_1024x1024I’ve only used the leaves/vines image and tried to give it a bit of a modern spin. It’s got an Orla Kiely vibe to it, or, at least, that’s what I’m telling myself!


Yesterday was just a day with countless mistakes in it. The first began with trusting the Sat Nav. Honestly, it’s the second time I’ve been to Range stores  & both times the Sat Nav took me to the wrong place- nearly, but not quite. the problem was, I couldn’t see it at all. After a phonecall with the store and a frantic track back, I arrived not as early as I would have liked but still with plenty of time to set up.

Mistake no. 2 came as I was unloading. My guillotine & samples box fell out the car. They both broke, although thankfully, it was only a smaller piece of plastic and the cutter was still operational. Part of the problem is the massive amount of kit we take. I should just have made two trips!!

Mistake no.3 arrived as a result of my blonde-memory. Due to the store operating a 2 hour limit car park rule, you had to sign in with your car registration. Yep, you guessed it. I could not remember my car reg. I rang home to speak to hubby (how dumb is that?!) but he was in the shower. I was in a hurry to get set up because I’d got lost, slightly flustered because I’d broken  my equipment & didn’t want to run out all the way back to the car park. I found it in my phone (who knew I was that organised?!) & set up.

Mistake no.4 was not going for a break until 2:30pm. I left at 8;45 & hadn’t been to the loo since then nor had a drink with me. Lunch was a very quick affair!!

Mistake no.5 was in prep for a wedding reception for the evening. Having not sorted out my outfit beforehand, I could only find half my supposedly comfy pair of shoes. There was a lovely pair of lime green heels perfect for the job but highly uncomfy & a fave pair of high red heels that just didn’t go with what I was wearing. Eventually I found the other half & these are the shoes. Please can anyone tell me how I remembered or even thought that they were comfy?

heelsThe mistake was ushered in by way of sharp pain whilst driving the car to the reception. Granted, it could be classified as mistake no.6 too. Driving in high heels is not a problem for me usually. I flicked off one of the shoes at a set of traffic lights and then I learned by way of Mistake no. 6 that driving barefoot wasn’t a good idea with the seat position as it was.

Mistake no.7 was leaving the venue at 10:30pm right at the time when a major concert had finished and the cars ended up gridlocked. Apparently the pedestrian crossings are sensor’ed so it will just keep it on green whilst 100’s of people get to cross the road. A 5 minute journey stretched to 20 minutes plus with driving barefoot & driving rain, it was somewhat stressful. The evening (which actually had been lovely) ended up with my car dying right outside our house. I’m thankful for that. I could have never walked home in those crazy shoes.

Today, I am resting. Sort of. As much as a momma of 5 can. Monday is going to be a chill day. I think I might just need it!


See you when I’ve thrown those shoes out! xx

July 28, 2013 at 3:22 pm 4 comments

Fresh Squeezed Release Day 3 & Leaving!


Ready for the last new set? This one’s a lot of fun- and despite thinking I’d have to do a lot of head scratching, this card kinda came together quite quickly.

2It was one of those projects that after the initial idea of the upside down umbrella & wave colouring, it sat on my craft table unfinished for a few days. I realised it needed some sort of ‘sail’ so the washi banner found its way onto the card. The colouring is done using Promarkers and Copics & the patterns are made using the clear pens that help ‘push’ the colour away- I love making patterns into the coloured areas using these blender pens. The hardest thing was knowing when to stop. I wanted to add sunshine & sewn sun-rays & embossed clouds but I thought I’d let this little crab be the star of the show- photoIf you go and visit Fresh Squeezed Stamps & comment on the Design Team’s projects/ stamps- you’ll be entered to win this set of stamps. This set is really versatile- there are the most perfect set of flip- flops (amongst others) which I’ll be creating with later this month.

Yesterday was crazy and busy & emotional. Our no.3 left her primary school yesterday and we were all a little sad. It really was the end of a happy era- I’ve never known such a happy group of friends and it’s sad that most of them are all going to different schools. Friendships inevitably change but we’re going to have to work hard to try and keep some of these friends in touch. Leaving is never easy is it? I was so relieved to have finished the teachers pressies. Some of the Make The Day Special girls reminded me of decorated notebooks that they were making so that sorted out a couple of teachers who I wasn’t sure what to give. I’ll show you one of Harriet’s teacher’s presents. I don’t normally go to town with the gifts but as she was leaving, she wanted to give something special. I don’t really subscribe to the ‘givealotforabiggiftvoucherwhipround’ as a) I don’t have oodles of money to give to every one (too many kids!) and b) it seems a little impersonal. So Harri gave one of these to her teachers (I had to make three- all different!)bag It was nerve-wracking giving them away as everyone’s tastes are so different but we tried to pick patterns and styles with each teacher in mind. The other two were tote bags so hopefully they’ll be able to shove books in to bring to school even if they don’t use them outside of school!

Better go- I’ve got all the kids off now. Today will involve helping eldest pack for a week away, cleaning round, finishing off a crafty commission & getting prepped for work on Saturday. I’m working for Docrafts at The Range in Warrington 10-4pm. Would be great to see you if you’re in the area and pop along!

See you when I’ve dragged myself off the sofa 😉 xx

July 25, 2013 at 11:12 am 4 comments

Fresh Squeezed Release Day 2 & Bow Ties!


Morning, morning! Day 2- of the lovely Fresh Squeezed Stamps. To view the full set of Sublime Citrus go here !

My card this morning uses quite a few different materials1

Firstly- the jug has been stamped onto vellum & a yellow promarker used on the opposite side- I wanted to give the look of a frosted jug. The cute and supremely adorable ice cubes have been stamped straight onto the white card & glittered using Diamond Stickles. It’s hard to pick up the detail on the picture. Usefully, because the jug and the glass have got a black layer showing their base, this is the perfect place for using adhesive so its doesn’t show through on the vellum nor acetate.

The glass is stamped on acetate using Stazon. Again, the ice-cubes have been stamped directly onto the card & the glass adhered at the bottom. Because the acetate is heavy weight, I used the stickles like glue & pressed the acetate glass into the stickles whilst wet to help secure it onto the card. I wanted to give the ‘juice’ some realism and am really happy with how the stitching came out. Obviously the stitching was done before I placed the glass onto the card.

The little circular accent at the end of the sentiment is, in fact, a fruit slice, but stamped in pink it adds some weight design wise. The sentiment is actually straight. Due to the great quality of the photopolymer stamps, they curve easily & stick well so the sentiment can be nearly any shape you want! Go and have a look- the sets are available to purchase Thursday & you could even win a set if you visit and follow the instructions on the blog.

Hope you like these peeks. My favourite of the 3 this week is possibly this one, although tomorrow’s card is a funny one- and I’m branching out into another realm of previously un-explored crafting- humour!

Today is the last day of school. We finish half day & it’s been a flurry of activity trying to get teachers gifts made. I’ll show you some of them later , but thought you might like to see one of yesterdays ‘makes’ that my littliest wanted me to create for him. I don’t how you’re supposed to sew a bow tie, so don’t look too closely at the workmanship. He’s not taken it off since we made it- he even wanted to sleep in it! It’s a little bit comic as the bow tie is a bit large- but today at school, they were having a ‘ties and tiaras’ day in honour of their Reception class teacher who gets married on Friday. She’s the loveliest person & a super teacher too. Here’s Will in his bow tie (sporting two front teeth that have fallen out in the past 7 days and showing a perfectly boyish filthy face!)bowtie They all hid around the side of the playground & waited for her to come out. They shouted ‘hip hip hooray’ and gave her a veil to wear. The kids are going to have such fun this morning.

Better go, my kitchen looks like a cake monster has thrown up in it! So much washing up to do! See you tomorrow with a cute little guy (& this one’s not related to me!) xx

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Fresh Squeezed Stamps Release- Everyday Expressions

FSS_GuestDT_ButtonGood morning- this is one of two posts today. You’ll appreciate why I’ve been a bit quieter recently when you see a lot more posts this week. There’ll be one post today, Wednesday and Thursday. Today is all about this set

FSS_EverydayExpressions_BlogBanner You can check out what the whole set looks like on the Fresh Squeezed blog right here.

I guess you want to see the card!everyday

For some of you, this might be the first time you’ve heard of the stamp company. All I can say is- that it won’t be the last. I have a sneaky suspicion their popularity may well be on a strictly steep curve upwards & you’ll see lots more of their sets from me too!

This is just using two of the sentiments- there are images too- but you’ll have to go and look for those 😉 Here’s a close-up so you can work out how I created iteverydaycloseI simply stamped repeatedly the two sentiments using different colours onto a small panel. On the back, I drew evenly spaced diagonal lines, cut them out & then mounted up every other strip. The ‘streamers’ are using washi tape & gives a fun look to two sentiment stamps.

Tomorrow’s set is called Sublime Citrus & was lots of fun to create with. Do stop by the Fresh Squeezed blog and see what the DT have created too.

Until tomorrow-

mwah xx

July 23, 2013 at 1:41 pm 11 comments

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