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Life is better with cake..& Mr Kiplings..& Friends

Lick your lips… break out the Cherry is about CAKE.  

I sometimes will review and talk about other things than crafting..however…today ( thanks to the lipsmackingly gorgeous Mr Kipling cakes) I can talk about cake..and craft too!

Why Mr Kipling? 

Any day you receive a parcel like this through the post?- well it has to be immediately improved. Brit Mums sometimes send out requests for bloggers to get involved with highlighting great products or events. I don’t often choose to take it up- but who could possibly refuse cake!.. or as my friend Sue calls it ‘cakeage’.

I need no excuse to have cake- in fact, I’m often baking some, but there is nothing like a packet of cake that remind you of your childhood ..those tastes that take you right back.

That’s why I made that card. French Fancies. I always remember having one when I was little- they look so pretty and inviting ( I sound like Mary Berry now) and for those of you not in the UK- here’s what that pink thing on my card is supposed to represent 

They are soft and light sponge cakes  with just the perfect amount of buttercream filling and a thin delectable layer of fondant over the top. Add a little drizzle of icing over the top..and ta daah! See the glittery crumbs on the card? Don’t you have left over glittery crumbs when you eat cake?! 😉

Well- how to eat them. It was a tough one deciding when to have them over the Easter Holidays with the kids. In fact it was tough to share them with the kids at all 😉.

One kid ( who shall remain nameless) had to replace a packet whilst we were away as temptation overcame them!

The day I’d picked for our picnic ended up being wet (thankyou British weather!) However, when did a trickle or downpour ever stop us? 

We made lemon sponge slice out of lemons ( sorry- that was really bad!) and gave indoor den making a Viennese Whirl. One of my kids took a French Fancy to building a rather large tent out of sheets and blankets and dining room chairs. She’s an Angel ( slice) …totally. 

One of my sons friends happened to be round and they all piled in.  

Yes, they had tons of fun. The difficult part was getting a) them all to smile at the same time b) to stop the dog masking the lovely #betterwithcake sign and c) stop the dog eating all the cake.

Mr Kipling …maybe you should branch out into dog treats next?!

Jamie and his friend had a really lovely afternoon. The three things I’ll take away from that afternoon with them all are ‘friendship, fun and cake’. They are wonderful friends and it just reminded me how sweet life can be with good friends. 

#better with cake?…and friends? Exceedingly!  


Do have any good memories revolving around cake?

See you soon (& a big cake-y thankyou to Mr Kipling and Brit Mums!) xx

This post is an entry for #betterwithcake Linky challenge sponsored by Mr Kipling. Learn more here about their yummy cakes!! 

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