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Painty Tag & Cash Converters!

butterorangeHi! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

This weekend I was at Port Sunlight for the Happy Stampers Festival. Yes, I know it’s an unusual name, but it’s probably the best stamping show in the UK because it’s a speciality show. Amongst the exhibitors was of course Paper Artsy and I picked up a stencil designed by Mr PaperArtsy himself- see the embossing paste numbers? I’ve simply used Grunge Paste over the stencils once I’d created a painty background using Frescos in Opaque, Semi-opaque and Translucents so you could see hints of the colours beneath and gives a depth of colour rather than just one flat tone.

We all know that going to events like that can be hard on your bank balance. Well mine had warned me, in no uncertain terms, that it wouldn’t be standing many purchases. As I work in this industry and needed a whole lot of things replacing (like the mountain of cardstock I get through), I decided to be creative.

I’d already sold my Stampin’Up! old stash and thus sorted out my sons school trip. I looked around to find things I just didn’t use anymore. The kids also jumped on the ‘purging’ bandwagon. I ended up taking my old accordion. I had been bought it by my Mum and Dad over 20 years ago and whilst I enjoyed it and spent many hours playing it, I could hardly lift it and certainly, my back couldn’t cope with the substantial weight of a 120 bass!

Turns out, this type of accordion is not worth very much- but, undeterred I did some research and Cash Converters agreed to buy it.

I lugged this beast of a squeezebox in the pouring rain to the store.

A slightly amused man behind the glass screen greeted me.

Turns out, he wasn’t very keen to take it on. My daughter had offloaded her ukulele onto me, and he was more interested in that.

‘Accordions are hard to shift’ he mused. I remained silent and hoped my slightly bedraggled smile would persuade him. After some deliberating and searching on the internet to work out what he’d give me, he turned his attention to the ukulele.

‘Do you play it’ he wondered? Not the ukulele I explained. He gave me a superb price that I knew would thrill my teen and then it all got increasingly awkward.

The girl next to me had been struggling to get an item of hers returned and was slightly intrigued by my instrument and kept looking over. As did the other 2 female assistants behind the glass window.

‘Where did you get it from?’ he posed ‘Can you  play it?’

‘Yes’ I replied somewhat hesitantly.

‘Can you play it?’ said he, with an amused look on his face. ‘We have to know that it plays’.

I began to get it out of its case. It’s a little while since I played it, and began to heave the straps onto my shoulders. Inside I was dying a little. It’s hardly the coolest instrument and I had to give an impromptu performance much to the ‘delight’ of Cash Converters captive audience.

I gave the shortest rendition possible, trying to appear nonchalant whilst the whole of me turned a shade of red to rival any tomato. I ushered it away and he came to collect it from behind the screen.

‘Watch the locks, ‘ I warned ‘they can sometimes come a little undone’. He seemed surprised as he tried to lift the case. I teased ‘it’s heavy isn’t it?!’. He lumped it towards the door, grimacing slightly. ‘If that was a test of your manhood, you might have just failed’ I quipped. The girls laughed and then I remembered I’d yet to receive the money so thought I’d better keep my jokes to myself.

‘Now I need to take a photo of you’ he grinned.


‘I have to take a picture of you in case there’s any problem as to where these goods have come from’.

‘Ah yes,’ I retorted, ‘I nicked this instrument, one of the heaviest known to man, dragged it round to this shop in the pouring rain and managed to learn to play it in record time in order to cover my tracks!’.

By this point we were all smiling. The embarrassing busking moment was forgotten (albeit not by me!). The nice lady next to me was happy as they’d managed to find her temporarily lost laptop. He finally handed the money over.

I legged it out of that shop as fast as my dripping jean clad legs could carry me.

Humiliation complete.

It is fair to say that I earned that cardstock and stamps that I bought from the craft fair. I will NOT be making another trip to that shop in a hurry, or, at least, not without a disguise!

See you when I’ve regained my self-respect! xx

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