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Gorjuss Teacup Adventure! 

Despise not liking the Gorjuss range a few years ago, I do rather like them now. I know I love bright colours- but I went all soft and subtle here..

If you look closely you’ll see that the teacup ( that’s she’s floating on the ocean in!) is actually a mini shaker. By using some acetate sewn on the base, I could add some glitter and sequins. 

It’s coloured with Artiste markers and this is the set produced for Santoro by docrafts-


I bought my set ( alright, SETS!) from The Range. At the moment they’re 3 sets for £10 which, when each set is £5.95, us pretty great value.

They’ve also got £2 off dog food..but I’m digressing. 😉.

I am trying to get organised- gleefully still throwing away things..lots of unwanted crafty gear going too. Do pop round if you’re local and grab some- all I’d ask for is a donation for a charity.

Just have to make sure none of the kids favourite plastic toys or kids themselves end up with the garbage too 😋.

See you soon! 


April 24, 2015 at 11:44 am 10 comments

Big Thanks Becky Blog Hop!

Hi! Sorry to interrupt your Saturday 😉
Today a few of the girls are getting together to say a ‘Big Thanks’ to Becky for her time spent working as Creative Designer at docrafts. She’s still working.. doing magazine work and other commissions and you can still catch her work in Creativity mag, but in a freelance capacity.
She’s spent tons of time helping inspire people to use their crafty supplies (and buy new ones :-P)- so we thought ‘thanks’ was in order- and a simple hop around some of the girls connected with docrafts seemed like a good idea.
I’ve done a really super-simple card. I bought some metal adhesive tape the other day and thought I’d put it through its paces. It’s not a patch on my usual Add A Little Dazzle sheets, but wanted to give it a go anyway.
I started by embossing the tape, then removing the backing sheet (big mistake- once embossed just stick the backing down with the metal attached). Then although the texture was lovely- it looked, shall we say…a tad gaudy. So I reckoned that toning it down with some blue vellum could work. I didn’t want to lose the texture completely so cut out an aperture and then used the new Wooden Alphabet (in the cutest little wooden box) from Papermania to make the sentiment. To get it precisely lined up is time consuming, so simply cut out the individual letters instead. I added the tiniest extras and ta-daa..done.
Simple card in quick time too!
I hope that you’re encouraged Becky. Lots of people have really enjoyed your work. I was going to do more of a ‘becky-style’ card and decided that that was a bad idea as I simply can’t emulate her multi-layered-ever-so-slightly-vintage-style, so just went with CAS instead.
I’m the next to last blog in this fab list- and last (but by certainly no means least) up is my lovely friend Denise– who constantly stretches herself to try new things and is a wonder with creating all things 3D. Here’s the complete list in case you miss a link
Keren’re right here!

Here’s to you Becky; may your new way of working suit you to a tee and it will fun watching where your creative journey takes you!

See you soon,

Keren x

November 29, 2014 at 10:00 am 16 comments

#docrafts Monday! & Demo Change of Date

Super quick post this morning!
Just adding to the #docraftsmonday projects.
This was created using the Do Not Open tag as a base and the top for a great box. I’ve used the numbers that are cut out when creating the tag to make the ’25’ and added lots of little details like the snowflakes plus trimmings and images from the Bellissima range ( docrafts).
Have tons to do no chat. I’ll save that for later in the week!

I will add a little note that I was down to demonstrate at Sycamore Park this Saturday ( 8th Nov). I will actually be there on Saturday 15th– do let anyone know who might have been planning to turn up!
Thanks so much xx

November 3, 2014 at 9:57 am 4 comments

Docrafts Giveaway!!


Hi! How are you all?
This project was posted recently over for docrafts Monday. I’m posting it today because it’s the perfect introduction to my Give-away!

It’s actually recently been my 5th blogging Anniversary! I’m amazed I’m still going and still creating. I’ve loved blogging- it’s been a brilliant journey and I’ve made some amazing friends! So it’s only right I do a giveaway!IMG_2076.JPG

I’ve posted lots of makes showing the style of projects you could make with some of the recently released XCut dies.

Being lucky enough to work freelance for docrafts in different ways means that I can pass their generosity on to you! Here’s the prize…2 of the brilliant Shadow Box style dies and 2 fab stamp sets. The prize is worth over £50!!
So how do you win them?

1. One entry for following /subscribing to my blog ( there’s a box on the right column) leave a comment to tell me you’re following.
2. One entry for following me on Twitter ( @craftstampink). Leave me another comment to say you’re following.
3. One entry for telling me who would be your ideal papercrafting companion ( real or fictional) in the comments.
4. One entry for following me on Pinterest ( Keren Baker @craftstampink) and tell me you’re following.
That’s a total of 4 entries. The closing date is 29th August and I’ll use random generator to pick a winner after that date!

My ideal papercrafting buddy would be Orla Kiely or maybe Einstein! IMG_2869.JPG


I’ll ship internationally too so the best of luck! IMG_3528.PNG
See you next week xx

August 21, 2014 at 8:22 am 58 comments

Peggy & Jim & Thankyou!!


Morning! Something a little different for you today!
In my job as demonstrator for docrafts, we get a whole range of supplies to craft with- this last ‘loop’ contained different sized pegs. And a whole bunch of black ones. I decided to make them into people and nicknamed them ‘Peggy and Jim’. Well it had to be peg’gy didn’t it! They’ve gone down well and were a fun part of the demo! Here’s them in a chance of outfits!
I’ve just used tiny bits of papers from the latest ‘Heritage Press’ collection plus some other products like glitter paper- all from docrafts!

And..umm. THANKYOU!
Really really amazed to still be in this competition. Top 10 !
Thankyou for all of your wonderful support and cheering me on- you’ve no idea how much it has encouraged me.
Now I’ve got to complete a project for Monday..
A card with border stamps!!
I sighed a little and then dug out what border stamps I possessed and have to get somewhat creative!!
I’ll be posting Monday with the result.

Better go. Have a ton of things to do Xx

June 7, 2014 at 12:03 pm 22 comments

Paula’s Blog Hop!


This is a special post, or should I say for a special person. The lovely (nearly typed right honourable.. but I guess she’s that too!) Paula Whittaker. She has been in the Docrafts Creativity Club Design Team for the past 6 months with me (plus other lovelies) and has decided to move on.

Goodbyes are always a little sad and we will miss her and her beautiful clean and artsy style. She’s a CAS girl like me, but a more artistic one & her blog ‘Just For One Day’ is well worth visiting. I’m not so sad, as I’ll not stop chatting to her about important topics like.. well, that would be telling!

Some of the other gals in the team are giving her a crafty send off & that’s why it’s a blog hop. You hopefully turned up from lovely Michelle’s blog here and next on your mini tour is Heather . I can’t wait to see what lovely inspiration they’ve got waiting.

My card is using all Docrafts supplies (of course!) and is designed to reflect a little of Paula. Some white space, a more arty stamp and a dash of colour! It was super quick to create thanks to the Artiste markers & Madame Payraud stickers! Oh, and don’t think I’m making any political statements with my colouring. I wasn’t being very careful with the colour- I’m not saying a particular country belongs with another..I don’t know my Geography well enough to do that!!).

If you get lost, just start at Nikki’s blog here, & keep following the links!

I know the photo is staged a little differently- that’s because, try as I might, the card simply would not photograph straight. I have no idea what was up with it. I tried all the usual fixes but it was destined to lay down- which is really perhaps should be my destiny too (ha ha!).

A bit of laying down would be very welcome. Half term has definitely put grey in my hair, calories on my hips and substantial miles on my car.

I’m working in Mostyn Abakhan on Saturday so do wave at me if you’re passing- or better still, bring me a nice cup of Earl Grey! Before I go, can I take the opportunity to thank all of you that have emailed, messaged & texted your support with the whole Gallery Idol thing. I’m not expecting to get any further, but I have been overwhelmed by the girls (& occasional bloke) who’ve been so supportive. This crafting community rocks!

See you later, when I ‘ve posted a load of projects off. They’ll be naming a booth after me at the Post Office soon!




May 30, 2014 at 7:00 am 23 comments

WPlus9 ‘Man Card’ & Man Card Stamp set

The ubiquitous man card.
The scratch your head and umm and ahh.
I’ve been making tons of these men cards recently.

It’s the Dockside set and there’s tons of images. Granted, there aren’t lots of guys I know who I’d send a card with boats on- but there are other ways of using boats than just for birthdays.
This is the Happy Trio set

Both of these sets are available at Make The Day Special


I’ve done lots with the freebie set from the latest Creativity magazine.

More on those in later posts but for now- it’s the Creativity mag priced at £4.95 and you get two topper sheets and also a jewellery set of beads too.
The toppers are traditional but you can do something more modern with them like this


Well I’m off for a family walk in the rain. Will be lovely to get out and about rather than stuck in at my craft desk like I’ve been all day!

See you soon

April 23, 2014 at 6:45 pm 10 comments

Upcycled Wooden Bobbin

Good morning – sorry I’ve not been around. I’ve been looking after a poorly husband who’s slowly on the mend but I’m picking up more jobs than normal. Crafting therefore has been squeezed in and it’s all stuff I can’t post at the moment.
This is a simple upcycle using some of the inside wooden bobbins that docrafts pleated ribbon are wrapped around. A genius and Eco-friendly way of doing it. I love these little bobbins!
I just did a bit of wire shaping and added some bits of Fancy Pants paper and one of Docrafts bare basics hessian stars which I love!

Have to dash- I’ll be doing ticket collecting around lunch time at the Happy Stampers festival this Saturday. If you’re around on Saturday do come and say Hi!
See you soon,


March 28, 2014 at 8:35 am 7 comments

Making A Simple Photo Backdrop & Docrafts Roundup

Good morning!!!
Hope you’re all ok. I’m often getting asked about how to photograph cards and how I do it. I would love a decent camera where I could change the focus and settings but right now, my phone does well enough.
I wanted to make a more stable ‘backdrop’ for my cards & projects. Normally I just prop everything on a window sill and it has a habit of falling off. I’ll use scrapbook papers as the back and they aren’t very stable.
I was in B&Q and saw some amazing wallpapers. I wanted to look for one anyhow but spied a few that would be perfect as a foil for my papercrafting so took a free sample and here’s what I did with it.
Using the back of a cheap whiteboard (cost me £1.05!), some double sided tape and the wallpaper ( it’s wider and therefore perfect for this purpose).20140320-112608.jpg
Add some tape all the way around- remove the tape one side at a time and stretch the paper onto the frame. Because it’s wallpaper it also has useful ‘give’ which is great when trying to make it taut.

Here’s what my set up looks like- light coming in from the left and I’m the morning, the light is best in that position.
Here’s the photo before I edit it

It doesn’t look so great does it? Cropping and adjusting clarity, sharpness, contrast, highlights, shadows and vibrancy really brings the photo to life. I use an app on my phone called Photoshop Express which is a free one.
Here’s a few more of some recent Docrafts makes


Will leave you to your lunch now- I’m busy doing 3 kiddy collections today. Oh why can’t they all finish at the same time!!

See you soon when I’ve perfected using a new Anna Griffin set – more on that palaver soon!! xx

March 20, 2014 at 12:49 pm 5 comments

Embroidery & Flipping Out!

I’m a day late posting this but work took priority yesterday. This little drawstring bag was for #docraftsmonday which is a crafty show and tell for anyone to show anything which they’ve been making.
To start with, I stamped on an offcut from a curtain that I’d shortened

I stamped in Stazon which makes for a crisp image on fabric. If you were wanting to wash the item, I’d recommend getting some Versacraft (Fabrico) inks which can be washed. I added a layer of wadding underneath the fabric to add dimension to my embroidery.
I use the term ’embroidery’ in the loosest of senses. I’m not trained and I don’t follow particular stitches – I’m freeform.
Yay. Go me!
I did learn French knots but beyond that- so if you’re trained in this beautiful skill- don’t look so close!

I just used the Gorjuss girl image as reference and sewed away!
These are the new Santoro Gorjuss girls range from Docrafts. This particular stamp is an exclusive one especially created for the Range. There are 4 exclusives- and they’re all lovely.
Back to the project.
Once finished embroider-sewing!! I sewed fabrics together in a long line like this

Once you’ve done that on both sides, you kinda sew it up leaving spaces in the pink spot bits for the drawstring channels and a bit at the top to pull the whole project through.
I couldn’t be bothered to measure it all out. That would explain why it’s too tall a bag and with not wide enough a pink strip.
Ah well.
The inside looks like this

Fabrics and ribbon from Docrafts apart from the cream part which is from Ikea 😉!

I’m sitting down typing this post knowing full well that I should be working on some commissions that are dangerously close to deadline. I’ll get ’em done. Just!
I’ve just done some more running and my legs are a little wobbly. So I’m sat down and rather liking this sitting in a chair activity. I did some more sitting down last night as some of the family all sat to watch the new Thor. Despite the action and vivid scenes I still fell asleep.
I was in bed for 10:35 too.
Miraculous. I think I might be turning into a sensible person.
I need to conserve my energy anyhow.
Pancake day again.
Shrove Tuesday here.
I have yet to start the pancake making marathon.
That’s 5:30-6:30 taken care of. At least me and 1000’s of other mothers (& fathers too) can all take comfort in the fact we’ll all be flipping out tonight.
He he.

See you after we’ve finished off the lemon and sugar. Yum

March 4, 2014 at 10:14 am 4 comments

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