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Spring Fling & World Book Day


Hi! Thought I’d post something a little different. This is the current Crafts Beautiful issue & I’ve a set of 3 projects in there. This is the card- just love the 5th & Frolic papers – I’ve been using them such a lot lately. I just might be in danger of actually using an entire pad up; a first for me!! With all the spring colours it makes me hope that spring is coming soon although as I’m sat here typing this post in a big furry coat, I suspect I’ve a little time to go yet.

I’ve had great fun designing with DoCrafts latest additions- their Kinetic Dies. These make moveable cards so easy. I’ll have a card to show you next post.
I should say Hi! to the Paper Crafts Connection readers visiting the blog. It’s lovely having you & hope you pop back really soon!

We are in the throes of organising 3 sets of fancy dress. I’m afraid I’m not a real fan. Not of dressing up per se, but not really wowed by having to help the kiddos dress up for World Book Day.

Now I love books.
We should absolutely support any efforts to encourage reading.
But I’ve never really understood world book day. ( is it really world wide?).
So, to increase book awareness etc. all kids need to turn up to school wearing a costume from a book.
Any book.
What do you do with kids who don’t relish the change in character.
As my no.4 used to say. I don’t want to be ‘superman’, I’m Jamie!

There are several forces at work here.
One is peer pressure ( nothing new).
Second is reducing the cost of 3 ‘cost’umes ( pun intended).
No.3 is vacillating.
She finally worked out a super idea. One that we could manage.
She came home despondent.
Someone else is dressing as that character.
‘Well, it’s not an exclusivity competition’ I encouraged.
They’d suggested to her that it wasn’t a good idea that they matched.She went along with that.
No.4 asked if he could go as Ron Weasley. Fine, I thought.
“Mum, could you dye my hair orange or spray it?”.
Ermm no.
Now he wants to be Harry Potter. He wants a grey jumper. We don’t have one of those. He’s planning on making some Harry Potter glasses.
This could be interesting using green funky foam!
No.5 is blissfully unbothered. He’ll decide on the day from a plethora of outfits that fit him and is still free from the clutches of needing his classmates approval.
In all of this do you think any of them have consulted a book, or even read one.
Well, not if you don’t count ‘Biff and Chip’ the Reception reading scheme.

I have a revolutionary idea.
Next year, on world book day,
They could take in a BOOK.
And read it.
And maybe read two.
Do you think it might catch on?!!

See you when I’ve made a pirate eyepatch and combed out an old black wig that I used when I went as Trinity ( The Matrix) to a fancy dress party. But that’s a story for another time. Xx

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