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Pic’N’Mix Christmas & Bruises!


Hi! How are you all?

I’m over on Make The Day Special Stamp Store today- sharing this card- a Christmas card using mostly non-Christmas supplies.

The dies for ‘joy’ are Louie’s ABC’s which are perfect

and the paper is ‘Snow Days’ by Lawn Fawn

I have used a whole bunch of other supplies from Lawn Fawn- Forest Border die, Critters in the Snow (snowflakes), Year Four (the musical notes).

It’s a quickie post as I’m trying to finish some work. I’m also recovering from hurting myself twice in one day!

The first? Getting into the shower to try and fix a problem. The bottom of the bath was wet as someone had already been in there.

One foot in, one leg outside the bath. One foot went left, I banged myself against the bath and did a fairly inelegant split. I have a cracking bruise to show for it.

Fast forward to the evening. I was helping Will with some maths homework on the computer.

One of the chairs was slightly broken by the kids. I wasn’t looking when I chose a chair to sit on.

You can tell what’s about to come next can’t you…

Crack, split, and down I went.

I was shocked more than hurt.

Will was really upset- and worried.

So two bruises in one day.


Well, see you tomorrow with a fun bit of stencilling,


November 25, 2014 at 11:50 am 8 comments

Winter Dreams & Brussel Sprouts!

lawn fawn

Hi! Apologies for the random previous post! It’s another post that should have been for today but will come up later in the week. Additional apologies for lack of posting. I’ve been producing a ton of stuff- except I can’t post it for a while.

Today’s my Make The Day Special day over at the stamp store. We’re doing full on Christmas and this is what I came up with using a set I’ve not used much in a while. I wanted to make a pretty much one layer card (other than the twine) and used the Critters in The Snow setTo create this card I stamped & coloured the images in first. Adding some masked deers over the first ones that I’d stamped. Then I coloured in with a Versamark embossing pen & sprinkled clear embossing powder over and heated to set.1Granted, you lose a little of the detail of the coloured images once embossed but you need to emboss it to provide the resist for the Distress inks coming up next! I next cut out a circle from a post-it note and added some repositionable glue as I knew that once I began to add ink, the motion of the applicator might flick up the non glued parts of the post-it note up.2Next, I added Squeezed Lemonade, Weathered Wood, Broken China, Peacock Feathers, Faded Jeans & Seedless Preserves (in that order), radiating outwards from the circle mask. I flicked some water onto the piece for depth and added a load of mini silver stars I’d found languishing at the bottom of a jewellery making box.

4For some bizarre reason- some of the embossing went pimply- like the poor deer has a severe case of cellulite, and the other deer was blessed with a somewhat smoother body!! If anyone knows what happened, please let me know!!


I am busy readying things for littliests Birthday tomorrow. Yesterday I took my eldest to hand in a CV at a place where our neighbour works and said there were jobs going. There’s a teeny Marks & Spencer unit at the train station where the potential job is. For my US & overseas friends, Marks & Spencer (or M&S as it’s known) is a higher end clothing and food store. We popped in and found these!!brssI could see tons of crafty possibilities in them ( they’ve ‘clementines’ as well) and got a little packet for Will. This morning he was asking what I’d got him for his Birthday.

Big mistake.

I thought I’d mess with him a little.

‘Brussel sprouts’ I said cheekily.

‘Pardon? what?’ he asked.

I repeated myself ‘Brussel Sprouts’.

He looked like he didn’t believe me.

‘Go and ask Suzie’, I replied, ‘she was with me when I bought them’.

I shouted to Suzie only to answer his question and not give him any more information.

He came back looking cross.

Son no.1 now decided to have a quiet word with me.

‘Mum, you didn’t really buy him sprouts did you?’.

‘Yes, I really did’, I smiled.

‘Mum, that’s not funny, you shouldn’t mess with him’.

‘But I did really buy him a packet of sprouts’.

At this point, Son no.2 is beginning a full scale melt down. I’m not sure whether he understood that the vegetable gift was not all I had purchased for him, or whether he was disgusted and he couldn’t take it. Bearing in mind this is 8am and we are about to leave for school. I decided to show Son no.1 the packet.

His contempt changed to a wicked grin. He marches straight up to Son no.2. ‘I’ve just seen them, Mum HAS bought you a packet of sprouts.’

This was the final straw for littliest. It was rapidly apparent to me that this was one prank too far for the over excited 6 year old who was a heady mix of near desolation and complete crossness and laying prostrate on the floor.

I realised I had to remedy the situation. I bought out the little bag of chocolately sproutness and presented it to the nearly-Birthday boy. It took him a few seconds to read and register and then his frustration turned to a resigned disposition.

He grinned & all was well.

Note to self. Some kids are not worth pranking at 8am and pre-Birthday.

It gave me a laugh though! 😉

Better go and tidy the kitchen in readiness for Birthday cake creating!

See you tomorrow- xx

November 18, 2014 at 12:44 pm 10 comments

Early Advent Calendar & Express Yourself!

photo 4I need to get organised- strange though it might seem.. advent calendars need to be the first thing you craft as December 1st just creeps up on us so quickly. I thought I’d have a go at one as I needed to ‘use up’ a perfectly good brand new frame that annoyingly had become broken whilst waiting to be filled. It had lain down by the side of my desk for long enough and then my inner ‘health and safety person’ broke out and decided it was actually quite irresponsible having a broken frame near where I keep bending up to pick up stray buttons etc.

So- I didn’t paint it, just added some Snow Days patterned paper behind the mount and tied 3 lengths of glitter green twine (Lawn Fawn) around the frame and tied at the 1
I then created 24 individual tags that I stamped with a variety of Lawn Fawn stamp sets- if you want to see a few of them, look here as it will show you the sets and you can press the link to the correct part of the shop at Make The Day Special Stamp Store and order them. Speaking of them, if you hurry over, the new release from WPlus 9 has just hit the shelves, so do be quick, you know how quickly that stuff flies out 😉
photo 2 photo 3
You can see how I tried to use coordinating colours of Copics and Promarkers to tie in with the Snow Days patterned paper (Lawn Fawn) again. The next photo shows you the slightly glittered pegs; I just added some iridescent glitter to brighten them up a little. For the presents,(should you wish to make this home décor piece more than just a countdown), you could write lovely affirming sentiments on the back , or point to where that days treat is hidden away. An everyday treasure hunt sounds good to me. And, once the tags (which are a set from Mama Elephant) are being taken off from the frame, it reveals the super-cute snow scene, so you’re not left with a bare frame!photo 5
Life this week has been busy with a sick bug (remaining with only one person fortunately). I’ve had 2 boys off sick ( the other was looking pretty peaky so stayed off for a day). My littliest appeared to have been given the world. He actually jumped up and down with excitement at the prospect of staying off school for 2 days. The words ‘well he has to stay off for 48 hours; school rules’ were told regularly to me and in particular from littlie once he’d worked out what it referred to.

He was jubilant and ran around doing fist pumps in the air (by the end of the day at least once he’d stopped being sick). His ability to express himself has been noted, especially by his reading teacher. She has been commenting how expressive his reading is becoming. Another dramatic child I wondered?

It was fully confirmed to me the other day, that he may have similar traits to the bigger sisters when he strode into the kitchen and announced (in no uncertain terms)

‘I am the most annoyed I have ever been in my whole life (bold and italics, most certainly his).

Had his world fallen apart?


Was there an annoying sibling causing his apparent distress?


His dog had not very well in the championship challenge.

And when I say dog, I refer to the virtual kind that he plays with on his hand held device.

Well that’s ok then I thought. Not obviously uttering this out loud. Having 3 teens (well nearly and the others quite clearly and strongly bringing that rear) I am learning (through bad experiences) to keep most of my thoughts well and truly contained inside my head.

I’m so very glad there is not a running LED display of words that I think, as I think them above my head.

That wouldn’t do.

For my safety as a parent, there are many many times where it does perfectly pay NOT to express yourself!!

Are you able to keep schtum often, or does it all ‘tumble out’?!

See you after potentially another very ‘quiet’ afternoon 😉


October 14, 2014 at 2:11 pm 10 comments

Chalkboard Tags & More Mistakes!



Well Hello!

I know, I’m utterly late & last minute & if you were expecting a card from me- I may have to make New Year ones instead. I’ve actually made them, they’re in a cute pile. The moment I sit down to write them- something happens.

Like another littlie is sick, or the door rings & I need to take in the 10th parcel this week!

Anyhow- back to the project. I still LOVE chalkboard. I don’t know what it is? A reminder of history? The contrast of colour and texture? Whatever the reason, I still think it’s a popular trendy look (& so, for that matter does McDonalds with some recent advertising!)

I didn’t even emboss, add shadows or anything, just stamped, smudged, filled in a couple of details with white gel pen & that’s it. Done. Easy.

I just now need to make a whole ton of these for teacher gifts. Except the gifts need to be in tomorrow.

Looks like that’s not happening then either!

I’m trying to keep a sense of perspective about Christmas. It is truly such a brilliant celebration. There is a tendency to get ‘lost in the tinsel’ and I’m trying to avoid that. Having extra kiddo Birthdays just adds to the mania.

It was kiddo no.4’s Birthday last week. He always seems to have a rushed Birthday. So near Christmas.

Once the flurry of opening presents was done, he was reading through all the cards.

I could see him studiously reading ours.

There was a silence.

You could hear the cogs turning.

‘Mum?’ He seemed pretty confused.

“Why did you wish me the loneliest Birthday?”
I thought for a moment and realised pretty quick.
“Loveliest. Son. Loveliest”.
Handwriting fail!

My daughter read it and said EXACTLY the same thing. She was more incensed than the littler guy who seemed genuinely hurt!
Thankfully that’s all smoothed over and I’m going to make more an effort to be legible in my card writing.
So if you receive anything from me ( hmm..chance would be a fine thing right now), don’t take anything insulting or rude as fact without examining the writing for clarification!

See you soon-
I promise- next post will have the pony prize- just need to randomly pick the winner!


December 17, 2013 at 2:17 pm 4 comments

Motorbike Display & Not Much To Report!

Yes, I can hear you thinking, she’s finally lost it. I have absolutely no idea where this idea for a card came from. I’ve never seen a motorcycle formation display but there we are.
This is using the same set as the last post- Critters in The Snow.
I will make another one- in festive colours with a tree base- as they do look quite like a Christmas tree all stacked up don’t they! I just cut out shapes to make the bike – at least I’m hoping you’ve all recognised it as a motorbike?!

I’ve one more Lawn Fawn related card to show you tomorrow that was a PIG to make. One of those…well you’ll see it tomorrow.

I’d love to tell you a funny story but life here has been not so funny with sick kids still. I’ve one left at home and two have returned to school. My eldest boy missed his Victorian day where he was supposed to be a gardeners apprentice. Ah well. I could do with one of those at home- you should see my back garden!! I’ve been press ganged into putting up most of the decorations. At least that’s a big job nearly done!

I had really better go- got some serious business with some washi tape to undertake! Ha!

See you when I’ve stuck myself to everything with washi! x

December 5, 2013 at 11:49 am 8 comments

Lawn Fawn & Partying!

Good morning! How are you?
I’m doing ok; just about standing after a fun and busy weekend. Back to back parties has this girl a little less energised but hopefully I’ll be back to full steam quickly!
This card is using a set from Lawn Fawn. I’ve posted using Lawn Fawn before but never ‘cute’. I do love the way they are perfect for scenes and this took a humungous amount of time with lots of masking and fussy cutting ( the reindeers are all one piece) but I think I like it 😉.
It’s called Critters in The Snow and has lots more cuties ( if you’re any good at using them!!)

See the reigns? I made those from the Milo Alphabet– a nod to Santa who has yet to appear in the scene!!
My littliest declared these were the cutest stamps he’d ever seen ( bless!) so they’ve got his stamp of approval! For Lawn Fawn you know where to go..head over to Make The Day Special
It’s been a busy week- I’ve been guesting over at Moxie Fab World here which was a real honour to be asked. My card was this one

and I simply coloured vellum with inks and arranged them. It’s in a bokeh style and if you’ve no idea what that is, hop over to the post and flex your brain this Tuesday!

Well, the parties went well. I had to play Paul Hollywood for part of Friday evening as a spoof Great British Bake Off. It was surprisingly fun. I’d tweeted Sue Perkins and Paul Hollywood for tips on impersonating them and amazingly Sue Perkins responded with

20131203-103408.jpg which I thought was pretty nice of her!
Here are ‘Mel and Sue’

I gave out lots of sarcastic put downs and Mary Berry was thoroughly lovely ( as usual). The next morning Will had his party- and with a distinctly short amount of sleep & some great help from the other kids, we had a fun morning. Will was very specific about his cake although I cheated and made it 2D – ( come on now, I’m not perfect!!)

Righto- that’s enough from me. I’ve got two boys off sick ( again). One was sent home with a tummy bug. I was worried he wouldn’t make the car journey to pick his brother up without needing to ‘dash’.
He went out the room and came back and whispered
“It’s ok Mum” he secretly said and looking down at his tummy
“It’s told me I’m ok for half an hour”!
Off to play Nursie Florence

See you soon with more daft tales! x

December 3, 2013 at 10:43 am 6 comments

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