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Clearly Besotted April Teasers Day 1

Hey everyone! I cannot believe that it is nearly April already! It’s Teaser time and I’m kicking off with a little fun Birthday card using the new set ‘My Favourite Food’. I love the idea of a cheese mountain!


For the background I’ve used one of the Clearly Besotted stencils. It’s temporarily out of stock, but if you follow this link you can add your email address and they’ll email you as soon as it’s back in stock (which won’t be long!!)


I firstly stamped the mouse, added a mask and then added the background using some Distress Oxide in Broken China.


I had fun choosing which the cheeses would be, and decided the pop of colour found in Edam would be perfect. I coloured the image using Nuvo Alcohol markers and added more detail using Prismacolors. The sentiment is tonnes of fun.


I hope you love this set as much as I do. Before you finish, do go and visit the Clearly Besotted Blog. Then do pop off to Michelle and Lisa.

Tomorrow, I have a card featuring a new character called Dandruff Boy! ūüėČ

Keren x



March 28, 2019 at 8:00 am 7 comments

Clearly Besotted October Release Day

Well it’s finally here! Release Day!

I was going to post another project that I’d prepared but I couldn’t resist creating a project using this fabulous mini set- ‘Merry Mouse’. The little characters are completely captivating. When I saw the stocking it reminded me of a boot. I imagined a table with the mouse offloading the cookies left for Santa. I was delighted that the mouse was facing exactly the right way to dangle a string tied with cookies to the waiting collector!

The biscuit on the plate is easy to trim off, so that meant I could add them to dangle down the embroidery thread.  I only bothered tying one on, hoping that your brain would replicate it subconsciously!!

The table couldn’t have been simpler- just two pieces of brown cardstock rounded slightly at the edges. I didn’t add detail as I wanted the focus to be on the mice rather than other elements. I then coloured in the elements with Nuvo Alcohol pens.

Sometimes simple ideas turn out just right! I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a selection of this bumper release and would love to know which sets are your favourites!

Tonight (at 8pm GMT) all the new products become available in our store and at Simon Says Stamp.

There are still some inspiring projects from Michelle & Lisa. I think Michelle also has a video posting later today, so do check out her blog later. Of course Stephanie and Jenny have some amazing inspiration on the Clearly Besotted blog too!

Do have a lovely day, and hope to see you tomorrow with an extra Clearly Besotted project involving a precariously balanced unicorn!

Keren xx

October 1, 2018 at 8:00 am 8 comments

You’re a Joy! & Broken Boots!

20131107-114252.jpgHello everyone! Thanks so much for all of your comments recently- they are all really lovely to get.

This is a super simple card- using a set from a new company that you’ll be hearing a lot about in the near future. It’s one of those cards that remind me of lots of people. Some people are just complete ‘joys’ aren’t they! One of those is Cath Edvalson. This card is for her. She’s one of those lovely person that sprinkles sunshine wherever she goes. I know that tons of people hold her in really high regard & she is stepping down from being the mastermind & contributor at Moxie Fab World¬†. We know she’ll be planning a new and exciting future & so I simply had to post and say THANKS! One day, if I ever get to visit the US, and had a wish list of places to go and people to see- she’d be on that list somewhere right at the top!

Some of my most exciting challenges (wins or not) have been over at Moxie Fab World. Cath would post unique challenges that made you think & get really creative. Some of my fave cards have come as a result of entering her challenges. I loved being part of last years ‘Trendy Card’ list & I can tell you, if Cath visits your blog & leaves you a comment..well, your day is totally made! She posted daily a inspiring picture which often left you thinking about colour or design or just how beautiful nature is. She will be so missed – she’s irreplaceable!

If any of you have missed this link up- there’s one over at MFW- you could join in too and leave her your best wishes and thanks.

This week has seen me prepping for an all day workshop. I do love teaching- I could do it happily all day. Prepping is less fun- but I’m nearly sorted! We have had a few hiccups this week- let me tell you about one!

I play taxi a considerable amount of the time. I’d picked up 2 kids, went elsewhere to pick up 2 more & was waiting half an hour before picking up the last one. We popped to Tesco to pick up some bits ready for Bonfire night. As we’d loaded the shopping, one of the kids was messing around. They couldn’t close the boot on account of being too diddy, so I asked an older child. This child didn’t take too well to being asked.

They went to back of the car & instead of pulling the door down (it’s a hatchback type), they grabbed the rods that allow the door to open and close. They obviously did this with some force & then whacked the boot down.

There was a crunch noise.

Not a good sort of ‘crunch’. It was in fact the sound of metal bending. Not realising what they’d done, they decided to give it a second go, further damaging the car. I was out of the front seat in a hurry but the second bending had already occurred. Granted, I didn’t know this is what had happened until I looked into the boot.

The boot was not going to shut. Nor could I  drive home with an unstable boot in the wind. I knew that if I let it drop down any further, it would bend the metal further & possibly break it. So I had good (?) idea no.1…I balanced the boot on my head & phoned my hubby.

‘Hi Steve, I have a slight problem”

“go on” he said, sounding unphased

“One of the kids has broken the boot & I’m balancing it on my head’

“Pardon? You’re balancing the boot on your head?”

“Yes, I thought it the best thing to do”.

I could hear him explaining the ridiculous situation to his colleagues. “Hang on, can’t you manage?”

Well I couldn’t, I don’t have any tools in the car. I will be getting some shortly. He arranged to come & I waited, in the cold & now with the light fading, watching the shoppers in Tesco come in and out.

After 5 minutes the boot was hurting my head. Daughter no.1 came to my rescue- fortunately we’re about the same height. Two of us stood, like complete numpties balancing a boot on our heads.

Did anyone stop? Did anyone check we were ok?

No. Not a sausage!

Our friends who visited that evening for Bonfire Night, remarked it was little wonder that no-one stopped- we must have looked a little odd.

After a while, it hurt too much. I took the rash decision to rest it on one shoulder. When the cold & weight got too much, I simply shifted it onto the other shoulder. There I stood, for at least 15 minutes. The other daughter (who I was supposed to have picked up by now) wasn’t responding to my phonecalls. Then my phone died. The end of the story was seeing a very bedraggled daughter make her way crossly up the hill joined also by my husband who removed the strut (after trying to return it to the original shape) & closed the boot.

The offending child became public enemy No.1 to the other siblings who were freezing and less than patient at that point.

Needless to say, my shoulders are a little stiff. If you ever see someone in that predicament- do say hello, or help them; they’ll be very thankful! All ended well, we enjoyed some fantastic fireworks, bacon butties & gingerbread cake washed down with some hot chocolate. The perfect end to an otherwise imperfect day!

See you on Saturday for a very exciting post- you won’t want to miss this one!


November 7, 2013 at 11:43 am 7 comments

Card Gallery & Fighting Fit ( again)

Silly WordPress, silly me. It posted a post that was blank. Good that!
I’m putting a random selection of recent makes today. I haven’t a clue whether I’m coming or going nevermind what’s been posted and hasn’t.

First one is using all Docrafts products ( namely the 12 Days of Christmas again). This second one is using the lovely WPlus9 Cupid’s Arrow. You can get both the set for that and for the next from Make The Day Special

I guess three’s enough for now- and looking at the backgrounds, it’s seems as though I’m in a dotty phase. True in so many ways.
I’ve been going a little dotty due to fighting a battle royal with germs. Yucky tonsillitis- I couldn’t speak properly for a few days which pleased my family no end.
The worst night consisted of struggling to get to sleep, being woken up by someone and then someone’s snoring being so bad ( it probably wasn’t too bad but my sleep-deprived stupor made it seem that way!) that if I hadn’t have left the room the urge to slap him just might have overcome me.
Thankfully noone received a slap & me and the downstairs sofa got less than comfortably acquainted so that now I’ve done something funny to my back. Fighting fit is taking an effort and I’m nearly there- I need to be; I’m playing bouncer ( oops, I mean ticket collector) for an hour at Port Sunlight stamp festival.
And speaking of that- I have two tickets if anyone wants them ( they’re ¬£2.50 each) and are like gold dust so just email me if you’d like them. I can leave them there to be collected if you wanted.

Better go- am trying to catch up on sleep. We have a mini camper in our room. Littliest decided he wanted to sleep on the floor in our room. He looks very cute. Lets hope he doesn’t snore too!
See you when I’ve regained some zzzz’s …xx

September 25, 2013 at 10:59 pm 5 comments

Campervan Card & Half Term!


It is fair to say that not all people are easy to make cards for. Take the 16yr old whom I made this card for. She isn’t a girly girl so don’t do it pink. Not really a flowery person ( at least not on cards or clothes anyhow) but she does love campervans.
This was made super quick ( umm.. ran out of time even though I had planned it!
I just adapted an image and added vinyl lettering. I don’t know how I made anything before the Cameo ūüėČ

This week has been busy and the kids have been up to their creative play.
I was asked to be ‘guest judge’ for their competition. It took a lot of setting up.
Here’s the pic

They produced a ‘family set’ each- mummy,daddy and baby out of soft toys and I had to judge the best looking family! There were 2 rounds and the three kids got points each ( their rules).
Love their funny games.
They’re very optimistic.
William ran in this morning sporting a frisbee.
“Look Mum what I found”.
“Oh yes” I enthused ” how exciting”.
“This means we can get a dog if I’ve found a frisbee”!
Oh no.

Just returned from the vets.
One of the rabbits has returned from being spayed and despite a slight problem ( of such delicacy that I’ll respect her privacy!) she didn’t recover very well at home.
Cue very sad daughter & me imagining ¬£¬£¬£¬£’s.
They are a brilliant vets –Vets 4 Pets and took both girlies back to rehydrate one and administer extra meds. In the space of a morning they’d returned her looking far more perky ( & that went for the daughter too!).
Hoping the progress continues.
Between revision stress and bunny trauma it’s been a little stressful around here.

I’m busy making lots of projects to do with embossing folders. Will tell you about that later. Have quite enjoyed getting back to some basics.

See you soon..when I’ve finished sewing and supervising administering bunny meds! xx

February 23, 2013 at 1:20 pm 5 comments

Quote Card & Breaks!

Some Monday inspiration for you- particularly as I’ve been providing very little recently! A really quick card¬†using ¬†a set of Melody Ross quotes. They’re really inspiring & as I’m making other things with them and had some left over, I thought I’d post this one. Through a lack of bad (or non-existent) planning, my background is exactly the same as the tab- so you can’t really tell there’s a tab on the upper right of the card- except there is- so now you might detect it! The buttons were from a little raid on a box of buttons I bought an insanely long time ago and whose ususal purpose is for amusing the littlies who like to sort through them and count them all. Well there are now 4 less; I wonder whether they’ll notice! The red scallop is using some of their Soul Food paper (Melody Ross for g.c.d) and its just simply cut freehand. I’ve added some DCWV adhesive backed cardstock, a satin bow and some rhinestones from SU! Quite a mix’n’match card- but a super quick one.

This past week has seen me entertain breaks of different sorts. The continuation of breaking particular objects- i.e. my oven which is very sadly on its way out. I will continue to thrash it until it finally¬†it gives up. It kinda ‘chokes’ at the moment and then springs back into action- not dissimilar to myself!! The curtain rail is still languishing in the corner. It is beyond repair but so old that I cnnot do a botch job with another one without drilling new holes in the window frame. Much as I am happy to give anything a go once, I have a feeling I’ll hit some bizarre randomly placed wires and electricute myself (that’s my excuse anyhow) so until hubster can¬†fix the problem, my window remains completely undressed and the decidedly dirty window is even more plain to see. Hmm another job to add to the list.

The broken piano is still not fixed. I know we’re in a recession which I thought might mean that¬†people wanted business. Apparently not. I cant find anyone willing to fix my darling piano and I really miss playing it. I wanted to buy some music recently; a Beethoven sonata and realised that it was pointless. I guess I could practice on my car’s dashboard, but possibly with less effect! The other item that is in a woeful way is my food mixer. I didn’t realise these machines actually had legs until whilst beating up and combining¬†ingredients to make bread it careered towards the edge of the worktop and promptly threw itself off. I know I cook and bake a whole heap, but I didn’t realise my machines were quite so tired that they had to knowingly avalanche themselves of f a ledge in order to get a break. I have found a place to fix that, but now that’s simply added to the list!

Finally, the other kind of break we’ve just had was at some friends in Leicester. You know when you have good friends because they’ll invite all 7 of you and actually appear genuinely pleased to see you! There was possibly more pleasure from them once we left- but they did a stirling job at hiding it (joke!- they are really kind and longsuffering!¬†). To not have to cook for a whole weekend was such a luxury. I actually enjoyed stacking their dishwasher simply because it wasn’t my own! We visited Lady Jane Grey’s family home and felt truly rested. Good job really, cause today two of them have an infectious virus & I have to take another to a hospital appointment except I can’t take the germ-ridden other two as they’re contagious. Thankfully one is the older one so she can sit with the younger one whilst I hope against hopes that the appointment is on time & rush back home to make tea. Tea however, may be a long time coming- if the oven continues its slow speed. It may pootle towards becoming supper. We’ll see!

I’ll try and make more time to post- I just don’t know where all this spare time goes!! See you when I’ve cleaned the window (I will have to do it out of shame now; as I’ve told you all!!) xx

January 30, 2012 at 12:36 pm 3 comments

Contemporary Baby Card & Not Again!

Its half term! Yay! should be long lovely mornings with nothing to do except gently ease the kids out of their jammies (scouse phrase!) and try and keep them relaxed. It’s not quite happening here (but then, did you really expect that from me? The saga I promised¬† you is coming shortly- but really I should mention this card. I love how the background looks a little like stars in a twinkling¬† night sky surrounding a alternative baby card. Lets face it,- they’re all the same those¬† newborn¬†congrats cards- usually standard colours and stock images. I suspect I may have¬† difficulty finding a recipient to congratulate that wouldnt think the card was a little off, but hey, my style is what it is!

I’ve used another office mini envelope, sealing it and then cutting off the top. Punch half a circle and add another half circle that you’ve already punched twice so to create a little circular frame. I think the details are what I love again- so here’s a better close up

I know the Forever young set is perhaps an unusual choice for a baby card- but by¬†using ¬†the profile stamp in green and glittering ¬†it, and it changes the whole look. The pendants are from Pennant Parade set and I’ve added some little hearts. The envelope does contain a removable white card that you could write something personal on or simply add the birth details. I’ve got loads of lolly sticks left from the brief dalliance I had with Cake pops. I’m planning some fun Christmas cake pops so they won’t get wasted. Watch this space..

Onto the story. It seems we have extremely efficient burglars in our area. They saw fit to break in 2 days short off a year since the last time. (I know, not again!)¬†Thankfully I have a diary, so I’ll be able to look out for them next year. I may well leave a small menu card taped to the window with a selection of home-made cakes they can order in advance, so at least we can prepare for them coming. Thankfully too, we have insurance so its only a matter of a shed-load of hassle, increased premiums next year and a small matter of an policy excess to fork out for!! It’s a times like this I’m very glad I’ve organised my Christmas list, as things appear to be complicating my life in an increasing¬†amount.

It’s funny too, how your mind works (you know mine’s a little skewed!). As I was starting to clear all the smashed glass up, I found a little worm squirming amongst the shards. I actually said ‘aahhhhh’ out loud, and felt sorry this little thing had been caught up in all of the mellay. As I was sifting through the mess, I had to throw¬†the contents of ¬†container away that was¬†full of¬† a cinnamon sugar mix (that I’d previously used to make some French Breakfast puffs. It was a pretty naff job, clearing away all the glass, but made so much nicer¬†because everytime I swept up more glass, the aroma from the cinnamon/sugar mix I’d just cleared wafted through the air. It would amount to the nicest glass cleaning-up experience I’ve ever had!!- See, not everything has to be miserable! I won’t bore you with the complications following, or this post would be exceptionally long. The kids have been a little upset by it all, and that’s the worst thing. BUT you have to remember that its only ‘stuff‘!

I will go and leave you with a quote from a man called Matthew Henry who lived in the late 1600s’ to early 17oo’s. This was his perspective¬†after being robbed ;

”¬†I thank¬†God first because I was never robbed before; second, because although they took my purse they did not take my life; third, because although they took my all, it was not much; and fourth because it was I who was robbed, and not I who robbed”.

Isn’t perspective everything?!!!


October 24, 2011 at 2:54 pm 8 comments

Forever Young Part 4 & Humbled!

Monday! Yay! well sort of yay!… I must have subconsciously been sighing that led to such a large sigh as I got out of the¬†car, that a friend commented upon it. Sometimes sighing is good. It’s the attitude I just need to¬†keep in check!

Here’s part 4- same stamp set, just a different 3 stamps within it. Didn’t want you getting bored now!! I was going for the parlour¬†set of framed photo’s look. Guess I’m nearly there with it. I just love how such a very plain and traditional image can be¬†modernised. Love my stamps!! The girl centre-top hasn’t been pebbledashed, just glittered. Hopefully the closeup will give you a better idea.¬†It’s always good to texturise something. Couldn’t escape without a few stripes sneaking in. Where would the world be without stripes huh?!

With a little more cutting around shapes (honest, it doesnt take too long), and mounted them on dimensional foam pads- that’s it. Really simple. Hope you likey!

I have to say an ENORMOUS humungous, exceedingly heartfelt T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U. I have been stunned and really humbled by the amount of people who’ve emailed, messaged, left comments and spoken to me in person about my decision to¬†move on from¬†Stampin’Up!. I didn’t know you guys cared so much (wink). I was unprepared for the strength of feeling and lovely comments and it has really humbled me to think you all care. Thankyou. You have no idea how much it means to me, and I really appreciate you taking the time. Please keep in touch- I want to too. I don’t want to stalk you all- so please feel free to run the other way! I’m not leaving or going anywhere, so you know where to find me!

I thought before I ¬†went, I’d leave you with a picture that made me smile. I was cleaning out the car (my hubby will tell you that that’s a rarity) and found this little note. Both bemused and a little unsettled, I found the author and asked her whether she’d written it and what she meant by it. To tell you the truth I was hoping there would be an alterior reason and it wasn’t a comment on my daughter’s materialistic desires or my poor parenting. Sadly- it was as she’d written.

“Mum, it was a day where you wouldn’t let us buy anything”

Me: “hmmmm….”

What is a girl to say?!! I ticked myself off for being a bad mummy except I’m both devastated she might think that¬†every day she can buy stuff and yet I know that’s not true. The girl has got her head switched on this weekend though. She got pocket money from her Grandad and announced she’s not spending, she’s saving for some ‘Wheelies’. Maybe I should take a leaf out of her book and try a few days spending absolutely nothing and just see how long I can last..(better get a big food shop organised then!).

See you soon,… off to finish a big pan of Ragu. Another kiddy playdate tonight, but fortunately¬†this friend is¬†ok with non-kiddy food so no pizzas,sausages, chicken nuggets nor waffles in sight. Hurray for vegetables!!

October 10, 2011 at 11:38 am 2 comments

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