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Clearly Besotted January Teasers Day 1

Hello everyone!

How was your Christmas break? Happy New Year to you too! You might have noticed that the timing is a little different; we are just doing the January release a little later. So, from today through to the 5th we’ll do teasers, and then on January 6th it’s Release Day.

Today I am using a really brilliant new set called ‘Egyptian Feline’. I haven’t begun to use all of the images and there are many patterns you can create with some of the jewels. I had visions of a magical evening with a flying carpet. The pyramid scene is also part of the set but I’ve added in the sentiment from another new set called ‘Says It All’.

I wanted the pyramids to look like they were rising from behind the desert, so I just cut a wavy line and pushed the coloured pyramids up from behind it. The little feline is sat atop her magic cushion that was easy to make look as if magic dust were following it by using white gel pen (where would we be without a white gel pen!)

I gave her an extra set of eyelashes- well, a girl can enhance her natural Egyptian beauty right? I added a little extra white dot in her eyes for a mischievous sparkle.

You can see my dodgy white embossed sentiment. I’ve been rather time-poor ( can’t imagine why πŸ˜‰), so had to leave it as is, and not repeat and improve.

I’m rather hoping that this new year might afford me a little more time, but then pigs might fly too!

Speaking of flying pigs, or rather cats, I thought this card was spot on as I watched the new Aladdin on New Year’s Eve. I don’t think it was a patch on the original but certainly this little feline wouldn’t have seemed out of place!

I’d better head off now, I’ll leave you with a clue to tomorrow’s project…’Et tu Brute?’!!

 As usual we have awesome projects from the Clearly Besotted Blog, Michelle and Lisa so grab your nearest flying Persian carpet and swish your way over!

See you tomorrow!

Keren x

January 2, 2020 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted December Release Day!

Phew!! We’ve made it to Release Day!

Thanks for sticking with me this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sneaks at the different sets and I’d love to know which ones are your favourites!

Today I’ve got a mashup of ‘Love Notes’ and ‘Love Letters’. You can make it look a little more grownup without adding a cute character- but who doesn’t want a swinging pig on the front of their greeting card?! πŸ˜‰

I coloured the pig in and added some glitter to his wings. I added some embroidery thread to the reverse of him and secured it with a foam pad. This helps him slide along and also lifts him off the card too.

I added different images like the postcard front and the stamp and postmark. All these elements are really fun to play around with.

I did the two tone stamping the same as I did yesterday bu obviously with pinks instead. It was quite a quick card to make, and being of small brain, I was amused for quite a while with my swinging pig!

Hope you’ve enjoyed all my projects. Not long to wait now!

All sets and stencils are available from 8pm GMT tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and Simon Says Stamp,

but whilst you wait, do pop over to the Clearly Besotted Blog then go and see Michelle for her usual fab round-up.

See you soon!

Keren x


December 1, 2019 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 4!

Hello there! We’re flying through these teasers and today’s is one of my sure favourites. I’ve had a few faves this month already- and this set is a little out of the box too!

 It’s a real ‘awww’ set. I adore how you can choose some clever ‘brush stroke’ sentiments.

This set is called ‘Love Notes’ but it’s a great one for friends too! ( well you love your friends too, right?!).

I’ve been reaching for my Catherine Pooler Inks a lot recently. Love the foam pads and the evenness of colour. They were perfect for this two tone sentiment. Just stamp the lighter colour onto your stamp first so you don’t end up getting darker ink onto your lighter ink pad.

Isn’t the effect simple yet cool. It’s like the words were designed to be like that!

At first I thought that I’d mis-stamped- but Clearly Besotted have cleverly designed the brush stroke effect into the stamp. The animals in the set are all busy writing, drawing, colouring and painting. It’s such a clever set with some fabulous sentiments too!

The little kitty looks great in her ginger attire- and I just added a few grey dots to ground her to the floor!

We’re getting closer to release day, so to check out other fabulous projects, do visit the Clearly Besotted blog , then Lisa and Michelle too!

See you tomorrow for a simple retake on one of the sets I’ve already shown!

Keren x

November 30, 2019 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 3!

It’s Day 3 already! It’s flying by! I hope you’re doing ok today.

I said cryptically yesterday that I’d have a positive and negative card. I wonder whether this was what anyone was thinking of!

Sometimes I don’t want to do lots of colouring. We get busy and want to churn out a card quickly. I wondered whether if I stamped the image and heat embossed in White onto some black card, if it might look like a negative.

I appreciate that polaroid style photos aren’t ever negatives, but go with me! After I’d made them all using the different images in the ‘Picture Perfect’ set, it just looked a bit weird. I tried adding one coloured image to contrast with the black and whites and think I’ve just about got away with it!!

You can see some of the fun sentiments and also where I messed up with one of the sentiments and managed to draw MORE attention to it by trying to disguise it with a black fineliner ! ( you can’t win them all πŸ™„)!!

The little characters are so cute and are different animals too. I can’t wait for an excuse to stamp more of these up!

You’ll definitely want to visit the Clearly Besotted Blog to see some amazing things then onto Michelle and Lisa too.

Tomorrow I’ll be showcasing a slightly artistic set!

See you then,

Keren x

November 29, 2019 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 2!

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re having a good day. Thanks for popping over here today and we’re on Day 2 of the December release Teasers. Now, for many of you, you’ll wonder why we’ve not got any Christmas themed products- it’s because in theory you’ll have done all your Christmas projects and be looking at thankyous and Valentine’s Day etc, but, if like me, you’re really nowhere near being ready and need some inspiration- do visit the Clearly Besotted store for a wonderful range of Christmas stamp sets and stencils.

Back to today- we’re getting our jaunty angles on with a slightly unusual card!

This set is really rather special- I’ve not seen anything quite like it across stamp land, and I know you’re going to love it. It’s called ‘Love Letters’ ( are you sensing a theme?!) I decided to make a card suitable for any time of the year.

The set comes with a letter front and an envelope back. I decided to have the back and the front showing with 3 little piggies appearing from under the flap. They’re not going to fall out from underneath as they all licked the gum edge and have stuck themselves temporarily so you don’t need to worry on their account πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

I decided to place a front behind it and have them both extending past each edge. It’s good to shake designs up a little- and it seemed to go well with the slightly quirky feel to the card!

I added some x’s along the top and bottom to keep with the love theme- but it could easily be for someone who’s having a hard time and you could just put dots or dashes instead.

 Isn’t it such a sweet set!

 Hopefully you’re raring to go and get some more inspiration from Clearly Besotted’s blog then pop over to Lisa & Michelle

I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow for a positive and negative card!

Keren x

November 28, 2019 at 8:00 am 5 comments

The Runt of the Litter – Festive Feast

Well hello everyone!

I know it’s unusual posting after the Clearly Besotted Release is live.. but just in case you’re wondering and still dithering… against my better judgement, I’m showing you the runt of my card litter! Obviously the runt is NOT the stamp set ‘Festive Feast‘ which is witty and cute. If you head over to the Clearly Besotted Facebook page or IG, you’ll see that they’ve designed a beautiful and thoroughly respectable scene where everyone is delicately and carefully carrying the festive food to a groaning table. My lot of characters?

Well , they’re a little more unruly!

There’s actually only Frank and his ham that’s behaving himself. The rest are actually ON the table. No-one has clocked that the candle is beginning to burn the roast potatoes that Belinda is carrying and poor Felicity got so carried away after watching the Great British Badger Bake Off,  that she’d decorated the Christmas pudding as a Bakewell tart, complete with a peculiar almond icing and a macerated cherry.

It was a real feast for the eyes. Everyone agreed except for Henry who was feeling a bit green around the gills as every time he looked at the green garland bedecking the Christmas table as it reminded him of a bow festooned large colon after experiencing a really unpleasant colonscopy for his irritable bowel last week.

One of the friends was hiding behind his pie. Tim had spent hours baking his speciality pastry and was embarrassed to admit that he’d actually put his neighbours into the pie. He was a firm believer in ‘waste not want not’ but had a hunch that this potentially didn’t extend to your neighbours and realised that the hosts request for a vegan pie wouldn’t really be satisfied by his curried rat pie.

Undeniably the most excited of the bunch was Hazel. You can see her boinging up and down at the back. She hadn’t eaten for 2 days and that wasn’t due to opportunity but she was on a 5:2 diet and felt starving. She wasn’t very good at cooking but she was amazing at eating and Christmas dinner was her ultimate favourite meal EVER. She was warned that one of the conditions of her attendance at Harry’s Christmas bash was that she didn’t take any photos to post on Instagram. Last year the meal went completely cold as she physically stopped all the guests eating until she got the perfect angles and everyone got very upset.

In all of the commotion, no-one had noticed that the enormous turkey and stuffing balls was heading perilously close to the edge of the table. With every jump on the table from Hazel, it  juddered one step nearer to careering off the edge. With a final mighty thunderous jump, Hazel looked in horror as the turkey disappeared and before anyone could scoop up the crowning part of the meal, Harry’s pet adder slithered up and wrapped his mighty jaws around the poultry piece and swallowed it whole.

Everyone stopped. Hazel began to cry, and Harry looked even more glum. Tim decided that now was the perfect time to explain his alternative course. On any other day, everyone would have been mad at him, but today, Tim was about to save the meal. They all sat down and had the best Christmas dinner they’d ever had. The moral of the story ( apart from not jumping on the table, enveloping your next door neighbours in a pastry case nor allowing your adder loose around an important holiday meal) is to be flexible, gracious and remember that it’s about who’s around your table rather than what’s on it.

Here’s the fun set


I hope you’ve enjoyed my silly seasonal story and have loved this exciting release from Clearly Besotted! Keep an eye out for another post using some of the sets I didn’t get around to using!

Keren x

October 2, 2019 at 8:08 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted October Teasers Day 4

Hellooo. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! The best Christmases in previous years have often involved Nativity Plays with my kids. It’s sad they don’t get involved in them any more as they’re too old, but any production with kids invariably goes wrong and ensuing hilarity occurs!

Today’s Teaser is using a great set called unsurprisingly ‘Nativity Play’. There are lots of little mice, dressed up all ready for the play…


St. Bridie’s was a posh school in a leafy part of Birdieville and its plays were definitely a cut above the rest. The drama coordinator was no stranger to dramatic events herself but dreamt about the Christmas production from the February half term onwards. Whilst the teaching staff loved the finished result, they all tried to hide from Ms Strychnine when they saw her marching purposefully towards them with a pile of scripts.

This year, Ms S was determined that the play would top all others. The SMT in school secretly thought that Susan had watched the Nativity! trilogy a few times too many. When she excitedly informed the teaching staff meeting that she’d secured the services of a cherry picker and wiring team, there was a collective gasp of horror.

After what seemed like a million practices, the children of St. Bridie’s were brimming with excitement. All the children were bedecked in the most beautiful outfits that Ms Strychnine’s sewing group had spent months knocking together. The Headmaster Mr. TooTired was concerned that children might inadvertently swallow the beads so lovingly sewn upon the Angels wings, but Ms S assured him that all was well and the threads had been double knotted for safety. On the night of the performance, parents shuffled into the dimly lit auditorium accompanied by the screeches of Key Stage 2’s violin group.

As the play was coming to its thrilling conclusion it involved the angels being lowered down from above. Amidst the canned carol background music could be heard the sound of Billy, first whispering and then getting increasingly louder as the audience could hear ‘Miss, Miss, the wire is wrapped around me leg and it’s cutting off me cirgulashion’. As Ms S frantically gestured towards the cherry picker man, all the flailing from Billy had caused him to move sideways and before anyone knew it, 3 now dishevelled angels were utterly tangled and the perfectly sewn-on beads had started to unravel and rained upon the parents like a sudden flurry of snow.

Janey was upset that she hadn’t been picked to be Mary, but not half as upset as her Mum who was Chair of Governors. Janey’s anger over not getting the starring role spilled out as she wrenched ‘Mary’s’ headdress off and planted it firmly upon her own head. The audience started to giggle as Janey’s triumphant supplanting was evidenced by the look on her face. Less amusing was the multitude of tears from ‘Mary’ and ‘Mary’s’ Mum and ‘Chief of Governors’ started shooting increasingly angry looks at each other.

Mr TooTired could see the whole play unravelling. He turned up the carol volume, motioned for the angels to be hoisted down and was just about to sigh with relief when Adam started sliding down the astroturfed ‘hills’. His ‘wheeeeeee’s’ soon turned to ‘owwwww’s’ as he exclaimed ‘Mum, I think I’ve hurt my…..’. All this emotion and fracas was too much for the ‘baby in the manger’ who had been squished into a wooden crate for far too long. He leapt out of the crate and started jumping on one leg wailing ‘craaaaammpppppp’ which was the last straw for Ms S, who left the stage sobbing whilst the parents and staff en masse were laughing so hard that tears were running down the Deputy Head’s cheeks.

Even the vicar from St.Birdie’s church had a job saying the closing prayer, as he stifled laughter and as the thunderous clapping continued, the catering staff brought around plates piled high with mince pies. They were the Head Cook’s secret recipe, and everyone knew they were laced with something very strong after one of the toddlers had ended up in Casualty after eating one last year, but the Cook was always so cheerful at Christmas, that most parents were happy to cough up Β£2 for the PTFA funds and nibble them politely whilst looking for tissues to stuff the rest of the offending pastries into. The children had completely excelled themselves and everyone had loved it. Mr TooTired managed to shoehorn Ms Strychnine back into the auditorium inΒ time for more rapturous applause. As she bowed slightly to acknowledge the appreciative audience, Janey and ‘Mary’ could be seen fighting in the background with half of Mary’s headdress in each of their hands.

Mr TooGood thanked everyone for another successful Nativity play whilst busy composing his resignation in his head and simultaneously planning the quickest escape route out of the school building. Mr Grumps the site manager could be heard muttering about ‘those hoity toity parents and their mincepie crumbs’ as he shuffled across the back of the hall, but not one parent or teacher left without agreeing that this was the finest and funniest Nativity play that St. Birdie’s had ever seen. Ms S flopped down on one of the infant chairs at the front of the hall, mentally planning next year’s Nativity play that would supersede even this one…..!!

I’ve pretty much used the same colouring supplies; Nuvo Alcohol markers and a little Nuvo White Blizard for the ‘bead snow’. This set is so cute, you could do a myriad of things with it! What’s not to love about mice dressed up as the nativity characters!

Before the nativity play is completely done, please visit the Clearly Besotted Blog, Michelle, Lisa and our guest Joy Taylor. Can you believe it’s Release Day tomorrow?

I’m back tomorrow with a slightly crowded Christmas morning scene!

Keren x


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