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A little more Clearly Besotted!

Hi there! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Here’s another post with some more Clearly Besotted ideas. With not having monthly releases like there used to be, hopefully the pared back schedule will make it easier all round plus you will get to enjoy the sets at a more leisurely pace!

The French and poodle set aptly named ‘Poodle Around’ is gorgeous and great for girls / dog lovers or Francophiles. The poodles are really cute and are in a wealth of poses. I’ve made it into a mini card/gift tag. The Eiffel Tower is stamped onto acetate and trimmed out and adhered onto the tag. I liked the way it straddled two colours. Love this set!

Coffee fans will go beans (ok, nuts) over this set’; Warm Solutions IV. It’s a mini set- but I love how you can add different cup jackets and I’ve hung them like a window dressing display.

See the background? That’s the Scene It I talked about yesterday- it’s supposed to be giving the ideas of looking out into the street. I’m going to get lots of mileage from this useful background set.

I’d love to know which of the sets so far have been your favourite. Next up to create with is the Fluffy Flamingos and Garden Gnomes sets- but you’ll have to keep an eye out for those; coming soon!

Hope you’re having a superb weekend, and I’ll catch you soon!

Keren xx


May 7, 2017 at 10:38 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted Release Day 2

Whilst the whole release is already available ( Clearly Besotted is mixing things up a bit), I thought I’d show you another two sets; Cha Cha Cha with Scene It

I will probably shock you when I say that I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, but know enough about it to mix up two of the most iconic scenes in this card. They’re obviously wearing the dance gear in the famous dance but are doing the ‘water practising’ bit.

Yes, I know that their expensive dancing clothes are now extremely wet and unlikely to dry out in time- but these pigs are living on the edge!!


The Scene It set is perfect for using with your previous Clearly Besotted sets (and all the ones you’re going to ignore your bank balance over in purchasing). This is probably (well almost) my favourite set. Such a lot of fun!

The dancing pigs are perfect for lots of occasions.

The glitter ball is indeed glittery! Some adhesive glitter paper stamped over with Stazon. The add on images make creating this card really easy. No masking needed- just adhere the lit up part onto your card, add the glitter ball and the pigs and then you’re done!

Do go and visit the Clearly Besotted blog for more inspiration. The way the releases are happening are a little different this time. You’ll find that the Design Team will just release projects and inspiration throughout the days and weeks coming. Do follow us on Instagram or Facebook plus obviously we’ll keep our blogs updated.

I have another post tomorrow, so do pop back to see a little more Clearly Besotted!

See you soon,

(and happy shopping!)


May 6, 2017 at 12:30 pm 4 comments

Release Day with Clearly Besotted

Hi! Welcome back to another Clearly Besotted release post.

Today’s the day, and judging by all your lovely comments  on here and social media, you have been loving the release!

So, before you can get your hands on them, we’ve all posted a last little offering to whet your appetite!

Mine is entitled ‘Balloon Rodeo’ and is using the Forest Friends set mostly.


For those of you who’ve never played Balloon Rodeo, you get a piggyback on someone else (helps if they’re larger and stronger- unlike the poor ‘skunk turned chipmunk’ on the picture who’s bravely holding up the fox).

You then have a balloon in one hand (the other you generally use to cling onto the other person’s neck to the extent they’re often choking for breath). You also have to momentarily release that hand to grab your opponents balloon and try and burst it. You burst their balloon? They’re out.

Last man (or fox/skunk turned chipmunk) in wins!

We often played it as kids on the beach which was a whole other workout trying to remain balanced on the sand (but that’s another story!).

I digress. Back to the critters.

I’ve coloured them in with Zig Clean Color Markers and used the balloons from ‘Let’s Party’. The trees are from ‘On Thin Ice’ and I’ve created an acetate base so that your eye is drawn to the fun and nowhere else!


The little strings are just embroidery thread and I’ve added the snow layers with some foam pads to help add some of the animals behind so it looks more realistic as a scene.

The animals are coloured really messily. I was actually sat in casualty (our equivalent of the US Emergency Room) with one of my kids whilst I was colouring these. People were really staring, but I reckoned I had quite a long wait and needed to get them coloured. Colouring on your knee is always a little tricky so that’s why it needed to be messy 😉

Well I hope you love these sets as much as I do!  The release is tonight; the stamps and dies will be available in the store, and also at Simon Says Stamp and Ellen Hutson at 10pm BST…


Meanwhile you might find me playing balloon rodeo, but more likely to be ‘sleeping lions’!

See you soon xx

September 5, 2016 at 9:30 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted Layered Wreath

Hello! Thanks for coming back to visit.

Today I’m using the rather beautiful ‘Layered Wreath’ set from the new release. When I first saw it, I thought ‘Christmas’, but actually, its more than just that.IMG_7398

I thought I’d do a more contemporary take with a softer hue. If you want to see a vintagey take, check out Debby Hughes’ sets from Friday’s posts; they’re lovely.


The sequins echo the berries and provide a little movement on the card.

But, what about doing an Autumn/Fall design? Change up the colours


Isn’t it a gorgeous set! It’s such an all-rounder. When I saw Steph’s examples, I realised that actually the smaller leaves fit perfectly into the larger leaves. I haven’t done that, I’ve just created a fuller wreath, but if you stamped the leaves twice (the large and small images) you’d have the best of both worlds!


I did actually create a tag with this colourway initially, but didn’t love it. I’ve posted it just to give you more ideas!


Do check back on the blog, I’ve really enjoyed seeing what the other girls have come up with!

See you tomorrow for a last peek and it’s Release Day too!


September 4, 2016 at 9:30 am 5 comments

Be Afraid…

Hi! It’s Day 3 of Clearly Besotted Teasers. Thanks for stopping by!

I was a little afraid whilst creating and posting today, and I kid you not! I really really really don’t like spiders. I can get a little near to them and it all starts getting a lot more uncomfortable! So even as I was colouring this slightly cute version, I still was aware it was a spider I was colouring and had to breathe a little more deeply! (ha ha!)IMG_7396

I’ve mixed up a couple of sets here. The spider is from Best Halloween set but I wanted to make him a little cuter as I don’t like Halloween. I immediately thought of the nursery rhyme ‘Incey Wincey Spider’. I thought about being brave with spiders and Incey being brave climbing up and down the waterspout (or drainpipe!) so I used the sentiment and butterflies from ‘Cute Cubs’. I just sketched out a drainpipe and added some white gel pen detailing.


I trimmed out a little grass and added around the bottom and then popped the spidey onto some twine which makes me happier than creating a web! I rather like him and makes me think that if all spiders were as happy and cute as he, I’d never have a fear of spiders!

My second project is using the ‘Feeling Frightful’ set, which is a perfect set of images for little boys or big guys. Quite frankly, I can think of lots of occasions where I’ve felt frightful enough to receive one of these cards!


First of all I stamped out the jars and then added all the individual elements with the inner images ( which you stamp too.)

Then because I wanted to make an old shop front type of card, I reached for my window die (which some of you may have) and cut them out of some patterned paper. Granted, the paper isn’t a perfect ‘building’ pattern but gave enough contrast to the wood panelled patterned paper for the inside.

IMG_6883 (1)

It came together quite quickly once that was sorted. I added the cobwebs by stamping onto acetate with Cotton White Stazon. I also stamped some cobwebs onto the jars and using the spider stamps, I cut one out and lengthened the black ‘web’ bit with a black pen!

Hope you weren’t too scared by these cards- I did end up having fun creating them, and I reckon you’ll love the sets too!

Do pop over to Stephanie’s blog too and don’t forget to check out what Debby & Michelle have conjured up for you!

Back tomorrow, with a super flexible set!


September 3, 2016 at 10:13 am 11 comments

An Olympic Christmas

Welcome to September’s Teasers. It hardly seems a minute since August’s teasers were in full force!

So, (and look away the ‘don’t do Christmas early’ amongst you) today is full on Christmas… or sort of. These are brilliant sets and actually you can do a whole lot more than you think. Chop the antlers off (under general anaesthetic of course) and you have a pretty cute horse! (only joking!)

Anyhow. I was inspired to do these projects whilst having the Olympics in mind. This one is the high jump. I was tempted to do the pole vault, but maybe that’s another card!


The reindeer are simply adorable. I have fallen totally in love with them! Suitably called ‘Let’s Prance’; its an A7 set that will be equally useful as an individual image for CAS cards or creating fun scenes.


Speaking of fun scenes- I thought I’d show you my card for the set ‘On Thin Ice’.

This is a fine example of when things don’t go quite right. The idea was ok- the skater rescuing the little guy who’s fallen into the water through the ice. The problem was that creating the idea actually into reality was a little more tricky.


The problem was that I wanted to show him half in and half out of the water and use acetate to try and replicate this. If you look carefully, you hopefully can see that. The issue was that the colour of the water that I coloured in wasn’t the same as the outside water. If I’d made a distinct line of the darker colour, it might have worked more successfully. Oh, and notice the mistake….


Yeah, I messed up with the sentiment stamp.

So, I had to add a little strip of cardstock over the top of the mess. Just about got away with it too! Skating is an Olympic sport too (well, at least a Winter Olympic discipline!) so I just about shoehorned it into the theme!

Do pop over to Stephanie’s blog and see also what Debby & Michelle have created!

See you tomorrow for some slightly scary cards (well, one involves a spider so that’s enough to scare me silly!)


September 2, 2016 at 9:30 am 9 comments

Clearly Besotted Release Day

Welcome back to the last set of projects before the August release later today.

I’ve created two altogether simpler designs, proving that these designs speak for themselves so well with little adornment.

Firstly, ‘Be Lucky’


Just love this set, with its wonderfully affirming sentiments. These little guys are enjoying themselves just hanging out on rainbows. I guess if I was perched on one, I’d probably be very happy too!

and, oh, that unicorn!!


Next, one of the most cute sets this release; ‘Peekaboo’


This is created principally as a baby congrats set, but I can see scope for sending to friends too. I have a very good friend who is uncannily like me in her tastes. I reckon this card would be perfect to send to her. I think I might add more clothes to the little guys or she might think I was really odd! (I know she thinks that already!)


I love the way you can use them so simply and they still pack a punch!

All these fab stamps and dies will be available in the store and also at Simon Says Stamp and Ellen Hutson tonight at 10pm BST.

Hope you’ve enjoyed all of these teasers. Do pop over to see Stephanie and the rest of the girls over on the blog. It’s been wonderful having Rubeena & Jen this month- do pop over and see them too!

I’d love to know which has been your favourite set so far!

See you soon


August 5, 2016 at 9:30 am 3 comments

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