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Clearly Besotted May Teasers Day 3

Hello again! I think I’m safe to say that everyone agrees that bees are pretty magical. True, you might not like them buzzing around you if you’re a little scared of them, but what they do, and how they live is pretty amazing. With them being pretty integral to our lives (sustainability, food production, ecological balance and more), we need to look after them and their habitats…

but today I have a truly magical bee! She’s called Beelinda and she spreads joy, wonder and magical fairybee dust. What? You didn’t know there was such a thing as a fairybee? Let me educate you 😉

Fairybees are part of a subsection in the fairy kingdom that just put fairy mistakes right again. You know, those pesky fairies that drop their wand because they were too busy thinking about their hair, those ditzy fairies that dream so much about spells that they forget to cast them, or those dreamer types who sprinkle fairy dust over the wrong people or animals. So that’s where fairy bees come in.. with a swish and a casting of fairybee dust, everything is well again. She is included (along with some other friends in the new set ‘Beewitched By You’.

They regularly get to attend fairy disciplinary meetings which, (truth be told) they find quite inconvenient but these meetings are quite supportive and fairies leave feeling better about themselves with an action plan of how to do better. They also tend to hear the same fairy honey sandwich.. you know..tell them something sweet about themselves, explain how they can do better, and then add sweet lashings of affirming honeyed encouragement. If ever you’re fortunate enough to see a bee wearing a peculiar hat, you’ll know you’ve just witnessed one of life’s secret wonders; the fairybee!

My card is different to how I designed it. It was supposed to be an offset hexagon (going with the whole bee hexie thing) and when I placed it on the card I realised I should have just stamped the main bit centrally and left it at that. I’d stamped it and coloured it already so had to chop off the left hand side to match the right so I ended up with a squished hexagon shape… but hey, the fairybees helped me finish it 😉

It’s now time to go and visit Clearly Besotted‘s blog (and on Instagram too) and then hop over to the wonderful Michelle Short. We also have Francine Vuilleme, Kitty Day and Alberto Gava as our fabulously inspiring guests so please visit them toox

See you tomorrow, to look at another new set.

Keren x

April 29, 2022 at 8:00 am 3 comments

Clearly Besotted May Teasers Day 1

Hello! How are you? It’s Teaser time (which always makes me think of the 80s ‘hammer time’!!)

We have some gorgeous sets for you this release which are a little different and I loved this set ‘Stationery Plushies’ as you can use it in an illustrative way or ramp up the ‘cute’ with the fun office themed characters. I chose to combine them…

Most of the image has been coloured with Copic Markers and then I’ve added shading and detailing using Prismacolor pencils. I did love how the alcohol markers react with each other, so I could put ‘faux’ rays of light bouncing off the leaves by just stroking the lighter colour over the darker one. I wouldn’t usually do that, but any ink transfer doesn’t stay on the lighter pen and gives such a great effect.

Little Miss Stapler is wandering around at night, mischievously stapling everything in sight. Her owner is going to get quite a surprise when they find staples hammered into their Ikea desk 😉

The sentiment which is a perfect pairing comes from an older set called ‘Brighter Days’, and I think this would be a fun way to send up a ‘keep going’ cheerful note to a friend who is having a tough time.

We have some lovely returning guests this month, but first do visit the Clearly Besotted blog (plus they’re on Instagram too). As usual, please also go and visit my lovely teamie Michelle Short.

Then we have Francine Vuilleme, Kitty Day and Alberto Gava to visit who always create amazing things!

I’m sure they’d love you to comment on what they’ve created.

Hope to see you again tomorrow,

Keren x

April 27, 2022 at 8:00 am 2 comments

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