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Favourite Projects & Paper Crafter’s Library Design Team Submission

Hey! Just a quick post. You’ll probably wonder why I’m showing projects that you might have seen before! Well, I’m linking to a website called Paper Crafter’s Library as they had a call for a design team and I thought I’d send a submission post somewhat cheekily as it’s primarily for US & Canadian crafters. Ah well, maybe a little bit of English style might go down ok!

This first card is showing that you don’t actually need many products to create a card, just little sections of cardstock with matching ink colours. Just so that the card doesn’t become too repetitive, I mounted the bottom middle section and put my sentiment on there too. Just playing around with different colours and widths gives a modern twist to the card.

 The little touch of glitter changes the silhouette and the black bow is reminiscent of the old fashioned picture hangings from  picture rails. Using the clear mounted stamps meant it was really easy to line up the frames and the black heads.



The next project is a more recent one and is a favourite because I love how much tiny detail you can cram onto one item before it starts to look too crowded! It was a pillow box adapted to make a hanging pouch that could be used for a tree decoration or even a special gift tag on a gift- particularly when its outside of the season. I’ll use this idea again. Using papers with small patterns helps make it look less cluttered. Using left over ‘negative’ portions for the number 25 which I’d die-cut out, was re-used by adding patterned paper behind. If you hadn’t got a perfect rectangle left-behind, cut it angularly  so it looks intentional.

So many of your perceived ‘mistakes’ can be completely turned around and incorporated so that it looks as if you’d designed it that way.





My final card is the simplest– and the quickest and easiest to create. It was made to use up lots of buttons that I knew I wouldn’t use separately. I love that you can use nearly every colour in the rainbow and it doesnt clash! By grading them from light to dark it gives the card coordination without being too busy. Adding more accents with semicircles of toning card finishes it off. The black helps the colours ‘pop’ and ties in the sentiment colour.  


 This card ended up on Pinterest recently which made me smile too!

I’ve been busy with a new commission for another craft magazine which is plenty of work and making me think hard too! It’s also been good to sit down and rest a little this Christmas, although I really enjoyed a much needed walk today. Too much sitting and not enough fresh air is not the best combination.

Need to go and clean out my craft space- it’s a real jumble!! xx

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Christmas Crafting Day 7 & Feeling stodgy!

Hey there! Note to self; do not create large projects that cannot be easily photographed; this one was a pig and I just couldnt get a decent complete photo. This is the best I could do I’m afraid- but you get the idea. It was another upcycled project- the original was this;

Nice huh?! I’d have never looked at it twice if it wasn’t for the price tag- £3 down from £12.99. It’s a shame the photo isnt better, but even so, it was easy to dismantle and rearrange using the back part as the template. In a mistaken attempt to try and clean it up, I removed some of the glue previously put on with a glue gun. I realised quite quickly that this was an integral way of keeping the glass from collapsing back into the frame and despite a botch job with some mini-dots, its really not the same. Once its stationary on a wall, the gravity issue will have been solved.

The letters were some unused Anna Griffin letters that although not Christmassy per se, still could double for a seasonal project. It just shows that you can use any of your stash when creating Christmas gifts  etc.

Please forgive the lateness of posting- a few technical difficulties now resolved-although I can reveal there are definitely no hidden things today- so put your specs away!  I’m sitting groaning under the weight of some macaroni cheese. It was something that the little guy over for the playdate likes, so I was happy to make it-but now I remember why I don’t make it very often–you feel really stodgy afterwards!! What is the cure for stodgyness? Anyone know?

I’ve had a lovely day meeting up with different people and have been playing Christmas music- it makes me smile! The kids can’t believe that I want to listen to it, but its more fun driving to than kiddy music I can tell you. I am developing a new skill once at school whilst listening to said Christmas music; chopstick drumming !! Its strangely satisfying and you need very little skill. Good job really. You’re wondering why I have chopsticks in my car? Don’t you? Long story..I’ll save it for another time!!!

See you when my stomach has recovered (and its wasn’t from eating too much of it- I had a kid portion size!) xx

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Christmas in July & Bracing Myself

Happy Christmas!!…yes, really!

This will be a long post, or should I say post. Lots of piccies to give you a festive flavour. This project was one of the first that we did, whilst everyone was fresh and alert. I couldn’t possibly put myself into that category as I’d waited over 1.5 hours for the building to open and I was a tad frazzled at that point. As I joked with the girls, it’s really like the real Christmas- stressful !!

This cup (with the squished handle!) was created using the pillow box die and lots of other bits like our large cello bags, Four Frames and Contempo Christmas stamp sets. Add a bit of holly ‘flicked’ in the ink pad to give it depth and topped with a bow ‘tied’ with a rhinestone brad.

When we’d finally got into the building, my lovely hubby lent us this superb coffee machine and having proper foamed milk and decent coffee helped offset the fact that these girls had had a bit of a wait before the event could begin! They all had a goody bag with some designer papers, chipboard, ribbon, some stickers from the simply scrappin’ kits and a top note diecut and cello bag, oh, and not forgetting a Dasher stamp.

Because of our late entry into the place, there wasn’t any time to ‘jolly’ up the room. I opted for the minimalist look of a Christmas tree, berries and lights. The atmosphere however was gorgeous, mostly due to the fantastic music selection provided by Jo and Claire. I don’t really like ‘starters’ or ‘icebreakers’ but I had something festive in mind…’ dress up the Gingerbread person!’ Using some extremely overcooked (intentionally so) ginger people, they had a selection of papers, card and glue and I promised a prize for the winning table. Five minutes later, this is what they came up with… which one would you have chosen?


In the end, the champagne toting gingerwoman won. Purely for comedic value!!

We cracked on with a variety of projects- here’s another one;

Inside the ‘tote’ were 3 tiny mini-Christmas cards. I’d managed to source some teeny envelopes that fitted perfectly. The rhinestone brad is blue only because I’d used up all the matching ones in the kits for the event! Our bags on the day had a black middle and looked really striking. After a demonstration from me we then had some more coffee and something to eat!

Couldn’t resist making everything sparkly or decorated with Christmas snowflakes. Even the gingerbread was in Christmas shapes. I made quite a lot of gingerbread and no-one commented on the Christmas trees in church on Sunday!!

On with the crafting. The girlies all were happy for me to take their photo’s. I was asked to perform certain photoshop actions on them- but I did explain that my photoshop skills are basic!!

This first pic is of Claire, Jo, Sian & Jeanne. They were the ‘speedy table’. They nearly got the award for event rebels but there was some lovely creative extras from there. They all put their own unique spin on what I’d demonstrated. I love that!  Jo was determined to use up all the waste and made some gorgeous poinsettias from the cut off parts of the pillow-boxes.

Liz, Karen, Denise and Barbara made up the precise and studious table! There was plenty of chat and laughter and their projects were all beautiful and ‘just so’. If there is anything about stamping that some of the girls on this table don’t know about, its simply not worth knowing!!!

The final table kept themselves entertained!- Sharon looks like she’s separate from the rest, but it was just the way the table was- we said it was because she was special!! Zoe, Cath, Sue and Hilary were great fun too and made some beautiful versions of my projects. I have to say that it was such a fun morning. It’s times like this that make me reflect on being a demonstrator. I’m so priveleged to know these girls, they’re such a great bunch and I’d never have met most of them without becoming a Stampin’Up! demo.

 This project is a little bag of tags. We used the owl punch to make the reindeers head by chopping the feet off the owls body. His antlers were made out the Sizzlits scribbles die and the tags were stamped using the Gifted stamp set which is wonderful for tags. I wasnt being very artistic when it came to his eyes and chickened out by using rhinestones. Some of the girls did some fab cartoony eyes.

The last project, we never managed due to lack of time. I’ll post that another time.

Here’s a shot of some of my ‘organising’. We had prizes, a quiz and generally lots of laughter!

I was going to write about why I’m bracing myself, but I think you’ve probably had a long enough post. Hope it gave you enough of a glimpse into our crafty Christmas event and hope to see you next July!

I’ve a secret hostess event on this Friday at 8pm  at my home, for any who want to come. It’s a freebie evening with a make and take and any orders on the night, or during this week will get entered  into a draw for being the hostess and earning an exclusive hostess stamp set and free goodies from the catalogue. E-mail me with your order before Friday, or let me know if you fancy coming!

See you sooner than my last post- it’s all been way too busy here recently!!


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