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Christmas Crafting Day 8 & Cooking!

This is  my favourite project so far- one that I’d imagined and then created it. I’ll show you some step by step pics as we go. It’s a simple set of drawers that you could add sweets, jewellery or anything slim-ish. The drawers are simply rectangles, with an inch added all the way around, scored, folded up and then snipped so you can fold and glue to create an open box.

You then need to make a large deep box (think mini-type shoebox) that you can stack as many drawers as you think necessary.

In order to stack them and be able to open them, you need a little shelf in order to separate them. I turned each box upside down and then attached my u-shaped shelf. Then add the next upside down shelf and work upwards until you end up with this. You simply need to decorate each drawer and I added lots of die-cut letters. In order to make the ‘roof’ I needed to add a triangular support to rest the roof on.Here’s an idea of the shape. Just measure the width of the box at the top. Measure half way along, add a vertical line and then add intersecting lines so to create a triangle. Check the sizing against the box and then add an extra half inch around all the lines, score on the original lines and then stick the triangle onto the top of the box. Cut a rectangle that you score and fold in half and rest that on top of the triangle. With any luck, you’ll have something that looks like this.

Decorate up as you please! I added two different coloured papers for the shelves and then a brown roof and started to think about different ways of opening the drawers. Here’s a close-up so you can see

 The first drawer- I’ve wrapped a ribbon all the way around the drawer, tied in a bow and so you open it using the bow as the handle.

For the second, I’ve put two brads into a button and attached on the inside of the drawer. The other drawers were simply bradded up and add a swirl to the triangle and a couple of pearls.

Right now, I’m lost for an idea. It seems a little ironic that I’m stuck over preparing a craft item that’s Christmassy based. Its for an event on Friday and I have quite a few limitations such as time, finances, simplicity and originality as others are doing some defined projects that I have to be different from. Tough one really, need some inspiration but its not coming. Better hope something appears before Friday or I’ll be doing invisible crafting a la ‘the Kings New Clothes’.

Other than that. I’ve got a Birthday cake to make for Will’s Birthday on Saturday. He’s specified chocolate cake but he’s pretty happy to please. There’s another one to make for his nursery for Tuesday and the pears never got peeled the other day either, so I’m gonna be sharing a few hours with the kitchen. This poor kitchen sees a lot of action. This week so far has seen chicken lasagne, Mac’n’cheese, Suzie baking a quiche, Heather making a Suffragette cake (yup, you heard it right!), and there’ll be sweet and sour meatballs and spicey pear chutney by the end of today. When you think that I make an average of 50 plus main meal portions a week, you can see that my oven owes me nothing– its a workhorse and a half!!

Better crack on, see you after I’ve wrestled with a few dozen onions! xx

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Christmas Crafting Day 7 & Feeling stodgy!

Hey there! Note to self; do not create large projects that cannot be easily photographed; this one was a pig and I just couldnt get a decent complete photo. This is the best I could do I’m afraid- but you get the idea. It was another upcycled project- the original was this;

Nice huh?! I’d have never looked at it twice if it wasn’t for the price tag- £3 down from £12.99. It’s a shame the photo isnt better, but even so, it was easy to dismantle and rearrange using the back part as the template. In a mistaken attempt to try and clean it up, I removed some of the glue previously put on with a glue gun. I realised quite quickly that this was an integral way of keeping the glass from collapsing back into the frame and despite a botch job with some mini-dots, its really not the same. Once its stationary on a wall, the gravity issue will have been solved.

The letters were some unused Anna Griffin letters that although not Christmassy per se, still could double for a seasonal project. It just shows that you can use any of your stash when creating Christmas gifts  etc.

Please forgive the lateness of posting- a few technical difficulties now resolved-although I can reveal there are definitely no hidden things today- so put your specs away!  I’m sitting groaning under the weight of some macaroni cheese. It was something that the little guy over for the playdate likes, so I was happy to make it-but now I remember why I don’t make it very often–you feel really stodgy afterwards!! What is the cure for stodgyness? Anyone know?

I’ve had a lovely day meeting up with different people and have been playing Christmas music- it makes me smile! The kids can’t believe that I want to listen to it, but its more fun driving to than kiddy music I can tell you. I am developing a new skill once at school whilst listening to said Christmas music; chopstick drumming !! Its strangely satisfying and you need very little skill. Good job really. You’re wondering why I have chopsticks in my car? Don’t you? Long story..I’ll save it for another time!!!

See you when my stomach has recovered (and its wasn’t from eating too much of it- I had a kid portion size!) xx

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Christmas Crafting Day 4 & Return to Aldi!

Still with me? Thanks for your sticking power. I know some of you want that chocolate Tiffin recipe; bear with me. I’m a little under the cosh time-wise and having extra ‘loose ends’ to tie that keep coming undone means even less time than normal.

This project is chameleon-like in its description. I guess its up to you lovely blog-readers to given me some inspiration as to their usage.

Here’s how they looked -a real bargain-50p each from a local cheap shop. Can’t see many people using them as they were- unless you’ve a shabby-chic style Scandinavian house. Like so much I see, I knew I could slightly improve them. The holes in the top kinda lend themselves to being hanging decorations. I could find a use for them like that. Part of me wants to add a concertina style hinge and make them into front and backs (or even two fronts with  cardstock backs) for a mini book. They’d be great for recording December events. The jury’s out- still can’t decide..any better ideas people?

 The lace is looped and moved down behind the sticker. Having an ultra-sticky back to the chipboard meant it was easy to stick the lace down. They were finished very quickly- the most hassley bit was tracing around the shape and sticking it down with wet glue (always best to use wet glue so you’ve got some ‘playing time’ if you don’t get it stuck down quite right!!)

The other is completely self-explanatory too- just a bit of layering and strips of paper. Finito!

I decided to do battle with Aldi again yesterday. You’d think I’d learn but there’s an extremely stubborn side of me that doesn’t like to give up too easily. After consulting with several Aldi-going friends they did agree that you did have to pack again on the ledge once you’d thrown (or had thrown) the food into the trolley. So we wandered around and I have to say this time, I was more positive about the bargains. I picked up 4 punnets of plums at 69p each (more on those on a later post) and some great crackers (just waiting to be ‘improved’) for £4.99. Will got very excited by a pack of mince pies and asked if he could have one for dinner (random- huh?!) The ‘wandering’ gear soon shifted as I approached the till.

I decided to go into ‘attack mode’. The focus on my face as I approached the lady on the till wouldn’t have been obvious to everyone else, but inside I was determined- I will not pack twice.

There, I said it. You got me. I have revealed my sinful inner workings. Not content to take the time and meekly stuff (carefully) my purchased produce into bags. I wanted to beat the system. Oh dear, I can picture you all shaking your heads thinking- silly girl, what did she want to court disaster for! Well….y’know I just very nearly cracked it. With speed that Usain Bolt might have been proud of, I packed my little socks off. The lady was very nice, got a little frustrated at a pricing problem but seemed entirely content. I got 4 bags pretty much full and lobbed the last few items on the top. Ta da! Happy bunny! I guess its the little things that make you happy!  

Don’t forget to keep counting the hidden images- there’s a prize up for grabs once the 12 Days are finished.

I’ll be finishing now..way too much cleaning to do for my liking. See you tomorrow x


Supplies; K & Co stickers. SEI papers, SU! papers. Button Embosslits. Twine from The Ribbon Reel.


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Christmas Crafting Day 2 & Accidents!

Day 2 huh! Here’s something that needs less explanation. The pillow box dies are really useful but just how many pillow boxes can you use? I wanted to make something to go on a tree or a super useful tag. Just cut out your pillow box, assemble it, then squeeze the bottom together, cut across on a straight line and then glue the bottom using a strong glue or tape.

You’ll want to punch a hole in the top and underneath flap so that you can pop some ribbon through , knot it on the underside and use it  to hang the box up with.

I’m not one for really using numbers on a card. I’ve only ever put a couple on my kids first few birthday cards. I like using them for just the number 25 but just using the negative. I’ve used the actual numbers for another project coming up later. You don’t need much else- there’s just not that much room. To create the backing, just stick down some patterned paper and trim around the edges of the numbers.

The little wreath is so cute- and please excuse what looks like dodgy colouring, but it was the glitter glue that did that- honest!!

I have to say its been a weird day. Just when you’re waiting for a good old plain boring day, you don’t get one. I had dropped my two kids off at school and watched them walk in. As it was perishingly cold this morning, I sat for a while with Will in the car, waiting for their bell to go. I then felt the card go ‘thud’ and lurch forward a little. Not possessing any awake brain cells it took me a little while to register that I’d just been driven into- from behind. I was stationary!! I got out, checked my car- the lady who had been in the car was out too, checking there was no damage. She was very apologetic- super sorry in fact. But, it was fine, no harm done. As she continued to apologise I told her it wasn’t as bad as the last person who had driven into me. That story was even worse.

This particular lady had driven into me (stationary me, again!!), reversed, then unbelievably had driven back into me for the second time. She was in such a fluster because of what had occurred, that she ended up shutting her hand in the door and injuring it quite badly. Due to the fact that there was no-one to help her, I ended up taking her and Will (a baby at the time) to the local casualty to get her checked out. Funnily, we had a good chat and realised our daughters were actually friends. You get quite a decent conversation whilst waiting in A&E Minors. I’d go as far as to recommend it, if you fancy increasing the amount of your friends!! Anyway, all’s well. My car is fine– but then with driving 2 tonnes worth of a hunk of metal, its probably always gonna be the other car that comes out worse!

Hope you’ve managed to find todays hidden thing/s that may or may not be there. Mean, aren’t I !

See you tomorrow. (I hope!) xx


Supplies; Pillow Box die- Sizzix

Cardstock apart from white shimmer, SU! Alpha dies- Sizzix for SU! Bakers twine, Rangers Stickles


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