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Owl do you do & Tesco!


I think I may have lost myself completely. Pastel and animal cards and cute ( I may have to sit down to recover)!
I have some completely gorgeous products to craft with right now. This set is not one I’d have picked straightaway and I have bright and more funky plans for this little bird! Anyhow- I’ve just finished some projects for Creativity magazine which is published by Docrafts and they asked me to do pastel cards with a theme I’ll share later. Pastel? Moi?
Well I survived and it was a good challenge. It therefore has rubbed off a little. I had a baby card in mind when I did this but haven’t any baby sentiments. So it’s an ‘owl do you do?!’

I haven’t regaled you with any Tesco stories recently so I thought it proper to redress the balance.
I have been to the ‘chuck it all down the belt as fast as you can’ shop ( aka Aldi) and I quite like it.
However- you can’t forget your roots can you now. We often pop to the little Tesco Express store just where the girl’s school is and last week Will slipped over. Got a perfectly large shiner and was quite upset.
There happened to be a man standing there not in uniform who saw him fall and came straight over.
“Are you ok little fella” he asked
Will nodded through his sobs.
“Would you like a sweet?” Silly question! I don’t think mine would ever say no.
The man instructed “go to the pick and mix sweets and take whatever sweet you’d like”.
Will perked up.
The kids looked at each other a little unsure.
“If anyone stops you or tells you not to do that, just tell them that the manager said you could”.
Ah, the comforting tones of authority.
Emboldened by the power of the one issuing the order, they set off rather gleefully whilst the manager winked and I thanked him ( not for the wink, obviously!).
He spied them 2 minutes later.
To my embarrassment he had gone for the largest sweet possible. It was the size of about 4.
“You took the biggest one then?” He questioned with a grin.
I shuffled off battling with the part humiliation and part wondering that he may be thinking he’d got away with that quite lightly perhaps fearing I may have complained about the accident.
All’s well that ends well.
To further the theme, we were visiting again on Monday. Just my no.3 and me.
We went to self-checkout the goods at the till. She loves putting them past the scanner. Once the basket was empty she asked “where should I put the basket”.
I signalled to below the scanner. She said
“It’s ok, I’ll put it away”.
I said it wasn’t necessary to take it all the back.
She looked at my mischievously and quipped
“Well, every little helps”.
The cashier on the next till couldn’t help smiling.
I like to think that we bring amusement and varying types of excitement wherever we go. Some of the excitement perhaps others could do without, but it’s rarely a boring day at the Bakers!

See you soon. I’ve 3 kids off due to eating problems at the school and I’ve managed to acquire two more! Xx

February 26, 2013 at 11:53 am 2 comments

Love-y card & demos


Hi – a super quick post. This was one of my demo cards on Saturday using haberdashery items. No stamps, just a smidgeon of paper.
I’ve been stamping away like nobody’s business but can’t show you any of it 😦
I will have plenty more to show you shortly though.
Have a demo at the Range (Southport) on Saturday 10:00-4:00pm. Come and say Hi!

I’ve updated my classes.
The first one is Feb 1st ( Friday) 7:30 in Old Swan, Liverpool.
Check out the craft classes tab at the top for more details- but it’s called
Sneaky and superb stamping ! You’ll love it- they’re always fun!

See you soon

January 15, 2013 at 12:22 pm 4 comments

Thank you Card & Blog Candy!

Happy New Year everyone!
It’s back to normal – or is it? We’ve just enjoyed a fab few days away with some friends and this card is a thankyou to them.
Strips left over, a pre stamped piece I’d not used and the whole card took about 3 minutes- I kid you not!

I am thankful to you all for popping over and reading- lots of you never comment- and that’s fine, I don’t mind. But I thought I’d offer some blog candy- not because I’m trying to draw out you into commenting but only because I have a significant Birthday on Friday (& no, I’m NOT 50!) & rather than feel a little depressed about the whole event, I’ve decided to do The Birthday Project ( please google it!). I’ll let you know all about it once I’ve completed it but this blog candy is one of my random acts of kindness and I’m not even telling you what it will contain! It’s not enormous but it will come with a whole lot of love! Anywhere in the world is fine. Just comment and tell me what thing you’ve done for someone else that has given you the most pleasure.

It’s a short n sweet post- my littlies are self destructing over a charger. Too many late nights and not enough sleep. A heady combo that I’m not enjoying tremendously. It will all settle shortly.
I’m off to plan for my birthday.

You have until the end of Friday to comment & then I’ll randomly pick a winner.

See you when I’ve come out of hiding! xx

January 2, 2013 at 1:20 pm 9 comments

Thank you Card & Christmas!

Happy Christmas! I hope you had a lovely time celebrating Jesus’ birth!
We have had a great ( albeit pretty manic!) time. This card is for you- my lovely blog readers who’ve stuck with me this year.
I’ve been overwhelmed more than ever with new (& old faithful!) friends who’ve taken the time and trouble to visit, comment and encourage me. It means a lot— thankyou!!
This year is going to see quite a lot of changes. The biggest is that I’m now a DoCrafts demonstrator.
It’s really interesting to explore other companies. I have been impressed with the direction they’re going in. The latest ranges are really great- and the quality of the products just might surprise you. I got the most enormous box full of Chronology (kinda a steam punk style with a modern edge) Love Notes ( vintage-y, pretty, lace-y) and Spots and Stripes pastels (think you can manage to imagine that one?!!)- to prepare for demonstrations. A great lovely free surprise!
Looks like demonstrating is the route I’m going down but I am putting together a proper schedule of classes and will be holding some events. This year is going to be exciting.

Back to the card…I received a pretty special present. A silhouette cameo. Steve said it wasn’t very interesting particularly as its partly a business pressie- but you girlies know different huh? 😉
I’ve been glued to my laptop trying to shove the nuances of a new software package into my resistant brain. I’m there at a basic level. The cut out background is a free cut-graphic that comes ( amongst others) with the Sihouette. The wording & star I’ve created. I have to say I’ve made a few mistakes with it but learned heaps already and have discovered the next big thing – vinyl for papercrafting!! It’s so tactile, doesn’t really blunt the blade ( aka moneysaver), and has a stretchy property to morph over any textural elements on your card. Trust me- vinyl stickers are the way to go.
I’m going to start selling some vinyl shapes and phrases- so watch out too!

Well- better go. My back is giving me grief. Somehow I managed to pull a muscle cooking Christmas dinner. Who’d have thought it was so dangerous! I’ve had some lovely presents and some funny ones too. My friend commented that I’ve now found my gift— wanna see what it is?!
Here’s a picture ..

Toilet paper origami !! Beware all bathrooms. I just might ‘pretty up’ your loo roll!
Better go- have a walk to go on. Need to walk off all those calories that seem to have clung to me over Christmas!!

Oh and just found I’ve been put in the 10 ten trendiest cards at Moxie World. The voting is for another 20 hours- so if you found yourself over here and fancied voting for me- then I’d not be unthankful 😉

See you when I’ve dug myself out of the mountain of chocolates, biscuits and nuts (not that I’m complaining!!) xx

December 28, 2012 at 12:04 pm 8 comments

Cutesy Christmas & Recycling!

20121213-111900.jpgHey! The week has sped by and time seems to speeding up more quickly everyday. There’s so much to do for everyone & I’m trying to resist the urge to feel the pressure!

This was a card I’d never normally attempt. It was for the Abakhan demonstration a few weeks back. The stamp set was part of a freebie set from the Creativity magazine. The tree was actually attached to a little girl. I thought I’d get more use out the stamps if the Christmas tree was separate. I simple snipped the tree off and hey presto- 2 stamps for the price of one!! Uou can’t probably see the acetate which the snowflakes are stamped on & I used some of the coordinating papers. My colouring is improving (slightly)- and it’s using simple watercolour crayons.

I’ve been doing plenty of recycling- this morning I dug out one of my favourite coats. Its a bright red one but it’d somehow developed a big stain. I couldn’t remove the stain & Steve said it looked pretty bad. This morning I remembered I’d got a denim blue coloured packet of dye under the sink. At risk to the coat (its mostly wool) I shoved it into the washing machine & hoped for the best. It’s turned out fine- a pinky/purpley colour. Not what I’d ever choose- but its like a brand new coat as it’s disguised the stain too. Yay! I texted Steve & mischeviously told him I’d got a new coat and hoped he didnt mind!

I texted again and told him it was free!

I’ve also had some recycling done of a different nature. It appears someone has re-cycled a parcel intended for me. 3 attempts to pick up a signed for parcel failed.Royal Mail apparently had it ‘in the system’. Eventually I got a telephone number to ring. The long and short of it is that the tracking number isn’t for a parcel delivered to me- the parcel is for a different address in Stockport. The thing is, I’ve a card handwritten out for me and my address. The Postman delivering a parcel wouldn’t have written my name and address if he didn’t have an address to copy from a particular parcel. So, the sorting office told me they’d look into and get back to me.

They haven’t.

I rang Royal Mail elsewhere. They said -guess what- they’d look into it and contact the delivery postman.

Guess what.

They haven’t either.

Somewhere is a parcel floating around belonging to me.

Worst still- I have a gut feeling its the American parcel I’ve been waiting for from Hero Arts with $100 worth of stamps. Royal Mail better not have lost that.

I will not be a happy bunny. I can feel a crusade coming on (yes, another one!!)

Better hop off- I’ve a Birthday cake to take out of the oven– yep, birthday season…again!

See you when I’ve eaten more chocolate cake..(can you ever get bored of choc cake?!!) xx

December 13, 2012 at 2:40 pm 2 comments

More Neon and Blowing Noses!

Is there a ‘neon disease’- can you catch it? Maybe I have it! I’m loving these colours. Thought I’d accentuate them by contrasting with black. The snowflakes are a die from Die-Namics and there are 3 different sizes. It would be pretty cool if snowflakes were these colours but actually I prefer them pure and white. I’ve added little dots of Jelly Roll glaze to add to the ‘movement’ in the card plus a couple of gems for sparkle. The ‘Noel’ is nearly an anagram of neon and I’ve stamped it and used green embossing powder.

I’ve another project along these lines-

I think I like the pop against the black better? This is a subtler take on the neon. They’re both for the Keen on Neon Challenge at Moxie Fab World. Love those challenges.

I’m spoilt for choice as to what to chat with you about in the personal part. Could it be the cute and funny Nativity Play my littliest was in, or the battle with Yodel and Amazon? Maybe it should be the beyond heinously disgustingly habited man on my road today or even the mysterious case of who wrecked my Lipliner.
Possibly I should talk about William’s definition of poor people or when I became outspoken at a parents information/self help group.
Oh- so much to choose from. Well -the highlights had to be the 4 and 5 year olds doing a nativity play. The clodhopping angels who nearly tripped up onto the stage, the little guy who couldn’t stop waving to his mum. Not to mention the trigger happy camcorder wielding mums who thought nothing of coming down the aisle and completely blocking your view so they can get a perfect shot of their littlie. William got a bit embarrassed at me watching him sing so I had to look away whilst aiming my phone towards him ( sneaky, huh!). I’ve a few parents to email my footage to who missed the play for one reason or another.
The low-light of the week was watching a man walk down the street and evacuate the contents of his nose several times. He put one finger sealing one of his nostrils shut and blew enthusiastically out of the other nostril. I was so shocked and equally appalled that I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He continued this most of the way down the street. I wouldn’t like to have been walking behind him unawares. I was sorely tempted to wind my window down and offer him a tissue.
Brings a whole new meaning to blowing your nose.

December 7, 2012 at 9:10 pm 4 comments

Nudging into Neon & Overhearing!


There are some trends that you ‘fall’ into. Neon is one of those. As an 80’s girl, I thought I’d left neon well behind. There are some outfits better left abandoned. When I think back to electric blue batwing tops and bright pink shirts, not to mention the neon socks, I shudder a little.
This crafting trend is a little easier. There are brights and there are their cooler cousins. I think neon slips into that category. If you don’t go mad with it, then the recipient won’t have sunblindness.
I’m entering this into Moxie Fab World’s Keen on Neon challenge sadly you can’t see the real ‘neon-ness’ but trust me, it’s bright!
I’ve another one in the pipe line so I’ll post that once it’s finished.

Interestingly enough I’ve been listening in- overhearing in fact.
But not intentionally.
Well, they were pretty loud and standing right next to me in the queue.
I’d already nearly bumped into one of the ladies in the car park.
I’d gone in to park ( obviously ) and there were no spaces. Actually, people were parking in front of other cars and completely blocking them in. I really dislike that- so I wouldn’t do that myself.
I did a 34 point turn ( well, it was pretty tight I can tell you) and as I tried to exit the lady concerned was just sat in her car not moving- we looked at each other. It was pretty obvious that unless she moved along no-one was going anywhere. Eventually she took the hint and let me out.
I knew exactly what her plans were- she was heading for the line of ‘blockingeveryoneelsein’ drivers.
I found a space elsewhere and headed into the collection point. There was Mrs naughty parker standing right next to me.
They were having a conversation..
“I thought this wouldn’t take long”
“Me too, I’ve kind of blocked someone in”.
“Me too- ah well, they’ll just have to wait” ( hmm… not the best attitude!)
“Well there was nowhere else to park” ( yep, not if you refused to walk more than 20 paces).
“Oh dear- and I don’t know quite how I’m going to get out”
“Yes, I’m going to have to reverse- I haven’t done that for ages”.
( sorry- what was that? How can you not have reversed recently if you drive a car)
“Oh, I know- last time I did that, I was on my driving test. What was all that reversing around a corner about- I mean, when are you ever going to use that?”
( I was really intrigued now)
” yeah, when I go to park in the supermarket car park, I drive around until I find a space I can go forward into and then straight through so I can exit forwards too”.
( Oh dear- this was getting worse)
“I know, that driving test- I remember having to learn the parallel parking thing- I mean, who ever does that?”
( ermm me- when you need to park- ermm probably most of the driving population!)
“It’s stupid, I only really ever go forwards”.
At this point it was all I could do not to laugh out loud.
I would have loved to see her not reverse out of the car park. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m no Sterling Moss, but girls- you’re letting the side down.
Hoping they never get stuck anywhere. I imagine they both drive around supermarket car parks for a very long time. So if you ever see a female driver dithering around parking bays, chances are it may be one of these directionally challenged duo!

Better go, have some decorations to put up. See you when I’ve doubled my electricity bill with all the extra lights! …

December 5, 2012 at 6:29 pm 6 comments

Pan Pastels Card & Silent Screaming.

Here’s the ‘not-quite-me’ card using pan pastels and mica powders, flitterglu and silver flakes. The stamp set was free from the workshop ( always a bonus!) and the powders etc were Indigo Blu’s supplies at the workshop.
There. I might be brave again one of these days.

Right now I’m struggling with a giant. Little me versus a website.
The might of Tesco. Or its website to be exact.
They’ve been having difficulties.
Hmm. Me too.
Do they love taking my money?! Oh yes. I’ve never had a problem paying.
Do they want to make it easy to get a deal with them. Not so much.

First the initial difficulty. They like to chuck you randomly off the site. Just after you’ve signed in, found an item and clicked on it- whoaa- all of a sudden they don’t know who you are and ask you to sign in again.
And again.
And just in case you’ve forgotten whom you are; again. Sign in please.

Now, would you like to join our marvellous Clubcard Exchange scheme says the retailer?
Me? ‘Oh yes please’.
Just input all of the ridiculously long and pesky codes that you can’t click via a link- nope, you need to write them all down.
I got to the end.
The website won’t allow you to redeem those.
So today, a week later I try again. I’m a tryer.
Today they have saved my items from the previous attempt and I go through the whole process to find the evouchers waiting for me.
I go into my checkout list.
Not so good.
2 of my items have mysteriously increased in price and the main one is out of stock.
Arrgggh. Hmm.
The cynic in me could conclude it was an act to get me to pay more.
Anyhow- I find the large item elsewhere cheaper.
I put everything in my basket.
It only lets me input 3 codes. I try all 9.

I ring someone.
I ring someone else.
I wait for a long time.
I get cut off.
I wait and speak to someone.
I need to spend more money apparently. Funny that.
I dutifully add another small thing.
Still can’t use the vouchers.
I wait a ridiculously long time and speak to someone. The items in my basket are incorrect. I can’t use the vouchers with those items. Ok. That one was my error.
I remove said items.
I have ONE item left in my basket.
I go to pay. It accepts my vouchers.

No yay.
“Sorry. We can’t place your order at the moment. We’re trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. Please try again later”.
Tesco. I do not love you.
Amazon; straight in- straight ordered. No problems.
Tesco- check out Amazon. They’re so much better and I’ve not wasted 3 hours ( I kid you not) with still nothing to show for it.

Rant over.
Calm restored.
I’m going to shop at Poundland this Christmas. Do you think the kids will mind?!!!

See you when I’ve tried again. And again. And no doubtledly again. It’s enough to drive me as a Christmas lover completely and utterly bah humbug! xx

November 22, 2012 at 12:16 pm 3 comments

Sewing Card & Indigo Blu


A quick post- well two of them to be precise. I haven’t entered any challenges for ages but wanted to enter the Stitching & Sewing challenge at Moxie Fab World. This card is for this challenge.

The sewing machine and quote is from a company called Indigo Blu I was at a workshop with the girls from the Happy Stampers club. Indigo Blu were hosting it. It was chilled, fun and we got to try new techniques I’d never have gone for as they used Pan Pastels and I have dismissed them outright previously as not my thing.
However, it was good to do something my style with other products. Do check out their website as they’ve some fab stamps and its a completely British company. I’ll show you what I made later this week.

I’ll be back with a second post later!

November 19, 2012 at 10:57 am 14 comments

Christmas Demonstration & the wrong Body Parts

Thought I’d post one of my demonstration projects for tomorrow at Abakhan, Liverpool. I’m there from 12-3 and am going to be using stamps from the last Creativity magazine. They come free with the mag and this is the simplest project.
I’m going to show one card three ways- going from simple to more advanced. Lots to see- come and say hello! If you like cute – you’ll love these stamps.

I have been to the woods this morning with 60 4-5 year olds. Thankfully I wasn’t alone- there was an army of mums,teachers and helpers. The kids spent an hour searching for interesting things in the forest. We didn’t find too much other than loads of leaves. The kids were busy being silly and funny and I came home for a rest!!
When I picked Will up from school after my little dental escapade, he greeted me shouting
‘Mum did they take your guts out?’!!the other mums laughed. I told them that my guts still remained and Will looked very confused.
Steve, in an effort to explain what I was having done had said something like
” she’s having her gum cut open’.
Yep. You can understand the confusion!
The little kids didn’t really understand. Jamie was worried about me but really wanted to see the damage and Harriet just wanted to make me a cup of tea.
Love their differences.
Fortunately I’m able to talk and laugh now ( just). Good job. A silent craft demo could be a little disappointing.

See you when I’ve come out of my sleeping bag (it’s freezing – and no, I’m not asleep, just getting warm!!) xx

November 2, 2012 at 1:46 pm 2 comments

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