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Hanging Happy Birthday! & Demoing.


Good morning & Happy Friday!
Today is the first day without germified kiddos lolloping around the house so I get a quick 5 mins to post my final project in the Lawn Fawn trio. Having said that, my order from Make The Day Special just came in and I have one more idea up my sleeve!
This card was a labour of love I can tell you. It was kinda guitar inspired – the strings?! To get them all lined up was a pain and I’ve still not got them exactly facing dead straight on- but I’m comforting myself with the fact that it’s handmade and not supposed to be perfect 😉 ( keep telling yourself that!) I simply stamped each letter out ( from the Milo’s Alphabet stamp set) sandwiched a piece of embroidery thread between that and another piece of slightly smaller card and began the ‘suspending operation’. I had to add adhesive in three layers to make sure there was enough sticky and spent ages tweaking the strings.
Anyhow- it’s different and as per one of the Lawn Fawn categories – it’s making the alphabet the star. If you want to join in, you’ve got until Monday. It can be an old project – just check out all the details here

Well this weekend I’m demoing in Sycamore Park Garden Centre. They’re lovely there and I’m demoing all sorts from 10-4. Would love you to pop along and sing me a carol or too to keep me going… or not. The choice is yours!!
Well, have copy to write and projects that won’t make themselves.
Thanks for all your comments recently- they really are lovely to read!

See you when I’ve washed 5 lots of uniform! Joy! Xx

December 6, 2013 at 2:56 pm 6 comments

Motorbike Display & Not Much To Report!

Yes, I can hear you thinking, she’s finally lost it. I have absolutely no idea where this idea for a card came from. I’ve never seen a motorcycle formation display but there we are.
This is using the same set as the last post- Critters in The Snow.
I will make another one- in festive colours with a tree base- as they do look quite like a Christmas tree all stacked up don’t they! I just cut out shapes to make the bike – at least I’m hoping you’ve all recognised it as a motorbike?!

I’ve one more Lawn Fawn related card to show you tomorrow that was a PIG to make. One of those…well you’ll see it tomorrow.

I’d love to tell you a funny story but life here has been not so funny with sick kids still. I’ve one left at home and two have returned to school. My eldest boy missed his Victorian day where he was supposed to be a gardeners apprentice. Ah well. I could do with one of those at home- you should see my back garden!! I’ve been press ganged into putting up most of the decorations. At least that’s a big job nearly done!

I had really better go- got some serious business with some washi tape to undertake! Ha!

See you when I’ve stuck myself to everything with washi! x

December 5, 2013 at 11:49 am 8 comments

Avery Elle Challenge!

Another Avery Challenge. Gorgeous photo. I had an absolutely detailed picture of a card in my head. It didn’t turn out quite the same!

I used this set

and used Shrink Plastic. As usual I’m last minute entering so I took the pic rather late in the evening.
I had another idea- think I prefer the first one!

Well- the kids have been playing chinnies this afternoon. Whilst I can’t post the really very funny videos of them- this pic might give you a clue.

We ALL had a go.
We ALL had eyes drawn on our chins.
We all made complete muppets of ourselves.
I just collapsed laughing.
It was hard to breathe with a towel draped over your head and nose.
The kids loved it. Once they’d finished trying to catch slugs, they all videoed themselves being ‘chinnies’.
We then needed to eat.
Forgot to buy bread ( bad, bad mother).
Didn’t even have enough milk to have cereal.
So I raided the cupboards and made these

American cinnamon pancakes.
Better go…
See you when I’ve scrubbed two red eyes off my chin! I’ll look a right berk on the school run otherwise!!

September 29, 2013 at 6:42 pm 3 comments

Card Gallery & Fighting Fit ( again)

Silly WordPress, silly me. It posted a post that was blank. Good that!
I’m putting a random selection of recent makes today. I haven’t a clue whether I’m coming or going nevermind what’s been posted and hasn’t.

First one is using all Docrafts products ( namely the 12 Days of Christmas again). This second one is using the lovely WPlus9 Cupid’s Arrow. You can get both the set for that and for the next from Make The Day Special

I guess three’s enough for now- and looking at the backgrounds, it’s seems as though I’m in a dotty phase. True in so many ways.
I’ve been going a little dotty due to fighting a battle royal with germs. Yucky tonsillitis- I couldn’t speak properly for a few days which pleased my family no end.
The worst night consisted of struggling to get to sleep, being woken up by someone and then someone’s snoring being so bad ( it probably wasn’t too bad but my sleep-deprived stupor made it seem that way!) that if I hadn’t have left the room the urge to slap him just might have overcome me.
Thankfully noone received a slap & me and the downstairs sofa got less than comfortably acquainted so that now I’ve done something funny to my back. Fighting fit is taking an effort and I’m nearly there- I need to be; I’m playing bouncer ( oops, I mean ticket collector) for an hour at Port Sunlight stamp festival.
And speaking of that- I have two tickets if anyone wants them ( they’re £2.50 each) and are like gold dust so just email me if you’d like them. I can leave them there to be collected if you wanted.

Better go- am trying to catch up on sleep. We have a mini camper in our room. Littliest decided he wanted to sleep on the floor in our room. He looks very cute. Lets hope he doesn’t snore too!
See you when I’ve regained some zzzz’s …xx

September 25, 2013 at 10:59 pm 5 comments

Fresh Squeezed Stamps & Beaches!

freshsqueezedsunshineHappy Sunday! Except it’s Saturday.. I love scheduled posts that allow me to do the other stuff that I have to be doing when this post is due!

Here’s another card using the beautiful set ‘Sublime Citrus’FreshSqueezedStamps_SublimeCitrus_Images_1024x1024 You can see the post over at Fresh Squeezed Stamp’s blog here. I really loved stitching the rays- it’s similar to another card I did a while back- but I changed the design and wanted to use the citrus slice as the centre point of the sun.

We have been really soaking up the sunshine today. In a rare Saturday off, we decided to head for the beach- well, two in fact. The first which was our original destination ended up being little more than water at high tide! The second was picturesque and for about 40 minutes we had our own private beach!

beachThe kids loved it- getting really dirty in the mud because over there- it was heading towards low tide so there was no sea! One beach- no sand and all sea. The other; all beach and no sea! Ah well. All went well- kids buried each other’s feet, including mine. There was some cricket coaching that went well until hubby cricketed the ball into my face! Thankfully, the sunglasses took most of the impact . There was a minor panic by one kid insisting that another was going to end up stuck in ‘sinking sand’ & why wasn’t I going down to make sure they didn’t get stuck?!!

It was one of those days where time stood still for a little bit. I did struggle doing nothing. What is that about? Why is so hard to stop?! The beautiful sun shone, the wind was minimal & apart from a little sunburn (in a cut out part of my T-shirt that I’d forgotten was cut out!), it was really a lovely day. Next time we’re going for broke; sun, sand AND sea all in the same place! Know anywhere like that? 😉

See you when I’ve rid myself of a beach full of sand out of my hair! xx

August 4, 2013 at 10:00 am 3 comments

Friendship Card & Demo!

Hi! A super speedy post today.
All about friends.
I’ve split the stamped letters up. They are from a Vintage Notes stamp set ( Papermania) & they stamp out as a complete word. I wanted to trim them all out so I could use them as bunting.
Add a little gloss to the letters, secure them with 3D foam and that is pretty much it ( apart from some slivers of craft tape folded).
I’m off to Burley Dam Garden Centre today; 10-4. Do pop in. I’m doing lots of man cards so it should be a fun demo. Always a struggle huh?!

Text or ring a friend today. Show them how much they mean to you. I’ve had some lovely friends meet up or chat with me this week. So thankful for good friends who make me feel normal.
And, that is no mean feat!
Will be back to show you a range of differently styled Father’s Day cards.

See you soon,

June 15, 2013 at 12:54 am 2 comments

Bee Stampy! And no DIY breakfasts


Here I go again. I don’t do cute.
I can’t.
And yet here I am again!
This is the nearest thing you’re going to see vaguely classified as cute.
(secretly I enjoyed it- but shhh, don’t tell anyone!)
The set is simply lovely- tiny but extremely well formed.
I suspect the ‘clouds’ were intended to be flowers originally- but I needed clouds. I guess it’s a little crazy that the clouds are the same size as the bees.
Perhaps they’re giant bees!
Anyhow. They’re coloured in with Copics ( did I really use Copic Ciao’s 3 weeks running?? I must finally like them!!)
Grab yours from here.
and would you believe it’s only £3. That’s just over the cost of a Happy Meal and will make you truly happier than any ole pile of fries and a teeny burger.
Spare the cows and go visit Make The Day Special.
‘Daisy’ will be very thankful!

I’m away right now at a conference in Bournemouth. I have some funny things to tell you but due to the fact that I’ve to be checked out ( not me- the room) and breakfasted before I start the day if better hurry along.
Bournemouth is very ‘beachy’- and the sun was blazing yesterday. Due to inclement nature of British weather and our lack of rays- I had to draw attention to the fact that it was actually shiny. Whilst I didn’t go and don a bikini ( wouldn’t be pleasant for anyone!)- I enjoyed some warmth. I didn’t quite get to removing my boots- but come on, I’m British- it’s going to take a little more than that!
Better go- need to get some breakfast-
That I DIDN’T MAKE MYSELF! Can you tell I’m excited?! The thought of a meal without someone spilling something again and not one argument-Well I’m not sure on that front-some of the locals look a bit feisty!
Oh the luxury of someone else preparing breakfast. I’m very thankful!

See you shortly- be prepared for some smiles and have a lovely sunshiney Tuesday! x

June 4, 2013 at 7:01 am 4 comments

Sunshine Card & a Cracking Easter


Happy Easter everyone!
I know I’m a day late- but better late than never. I had planned a nice Easter card- but it never quite happened- so on this gloomy and dull day I thought I’d inject a bit of sunshine.
This card is in the Card Creations Mag from Paper Crafts. I’m super honoured to have anything in this magazine- they are the magazine I used to look in many moons ago when I first started crafting never believing I’d be in there one day!
I LOVE sewing on cards- and it’s much easier than a lot of people think. Stab a few holes and do a straight stitch.
I’m looking forward to seeing the Sewing Bee on TV too-although making clothes isnt really what I tend to do with fabric.

It has been a cracking Easter in more ways than one. You might know by now that I’d always comment that Easter is not all about the bunny and I’m so glad that we remember how amazing it is that because Christ rose again we can know new life ourselves.
Easter, however seems forever linked with chocolate too- we’d never have gotten away without eggs in our family.
We don’t go overboard but with family and friends and 5 kids- the sideboard is groaning with over 20 eggs. Looks a little like we’re chocoholics ( which would be fairly close to the truth).
It was fantastic to not have any of the kids overindulge. No green faces. No sore tummies.
I did feel pretty full- but that was down to lunch.
The lamb.
The parcel of lamb to be precise.
I’m known for trying outlandish things but this one I even doubted myself over.
So…me and Google are reasonably good friends. I will limit my view of his abilities; I try not to self diagnose medically but Google is my go-to for recipes.
I decided to double check my timings for lamb and came across this little recipe which utilises the ‘Leg in a blanket’ technique traditionally used in France.
In a nutshell;
Hide slivers of garlic in the lamb.
Rub down with extra virgin olive oil.
Blast at top heat for an hour.
Wrap whole leg plus cooking dish in 3 layers of foil and tightly wrap in 2 large clean bath towels.
Leave somewhere warmish for 6-8 hours.

So I marmelised said hunk of meat. So much so- there was a thick blanket of smoke.
It was 7am in the morning ( 6am if you go pre-clock change).
I opened the back door and froze.
All in the name of culinary exploration.
As I tightly wrapped the joint in the towels and it looked quite like a swaddled baby, I wondered whether I’d taken leave of my senses.
I wasn’t only inflicting this on my kids but my in-laws were playing guinea pigs too.
Slightly more troubling was I’d come back in 6 hours, unwrap it and quite possibly find a seriously ‘blue’ chop that no one would eat and I’d have to ram it back in the oven and ruin it as all the fibres would tighten and it’d go tough.
I’m happy to say IT WORKED!!
It was quoted as being the best lamb that hubby had tasted. It was moist and soft and…thankyou bath towels!!
The cracking continued with a literal occurrence & ended with the sacrifice of an entirely reasonable dessert.
This dessert

I know, the eggs were leaking a little. Weeping before they were consumed quite possibly.
I was tidying away, being mithered by a child old enough to know better.
The accident happened.
A glass jar fell out of the cupboard, managed to smash the entire cake plate the dessert was resting upon and finish by unceremoniously smashing itself on the tiled floor below.
Love -loved that plate.
After the clean up- we couldn’t risk that any shards had gotten into the Easter Nest cake. I plopped it into the bin, feeling that I’d quite possibly been saved from snacking on it later.
My hips were thanking me.
But- I had a final weapon.

Maybe something needs smashing on that too 😉
It’s only Easter once a year!

See you when I’ve hidden the rest of the choc,
How did you celebrate Easter?

April 1, 2013 at 10:59 am 7 comments

Triangle Tri-fold Card & Complications!


Monday already?!! The weekend was a busy one. I was at Sycamore Park Craft shop and it was a brilliant day. This card was one of the ones I demo’ed. the thing is, I love grabbing stuff we used to do and reintroducing it again. I’m not a big one for easel cards or stepper cards but this fold is simple and effective and just a little different. Everyone did them about 3-4 years ago and I thought it was high time they came back!
You open it so it looks a bit like this

You can get 3 cards out a piece of 12×12 cardstock and you end up with a 4′ square card. Tiny but perfectly formed!
It was great meeting so many new people. Honestly,it was heaving and not a particularly large shop. We had a good time and everyone’s favourite things were acetate stamped butterflies. It was the first day of a re-opening under new management and really well stocked- so if you’re in Ellesmere Port, Great Sutton it’s worth checking out.

This week has been a little complicated. Whatever I tried to do it wasn’t terribly straightforward. It got a bit messy on the Wednesday when one of my daughter’s rabbits suddenly died about 6:45am and quite traumatically.
There were lots of tears. You can imagine several kids were really upset. I was too. This was all before breakfast! Added to that when we took the other bunny to the vet just to get checked out and they informed us that she had a ‘mass’ in her stomach and were pretty grave about the bunnies chances ( at the time I didn’t share that little extra piece of info with my daughter).
After lots of tlc, a few meds and lots of prayer, bunny had made an almost miraculous recovery by the afternoon.
That was close. She’s distraught enough about the one bunny, I couldn’t imagine both dying.
They all said goodbye.
It was sweet and sad.
We found a little place to bury her ( thanks to some kind friends at church).
I went yesterday with my daughter.
Thing is, I was tired and not thinking straight.
Most normal people would have equated dirt and digging with normal shoes or wellies.
I went in my suede almost 3 inch high boots.
Were it not for the solemnity of the situation Id have laughed.
I’m standing on a raised bed, digging a substantially large hole in my heels.
Well, if you can dance in them, I guess you can dig in them.
Glamour is not removed from gardening necessarily!!!
I don’t recommend it, I did think I was about to fall off the raised bed a couple of times and its rather hard digging through a few roots without substantial soles.
We did it though.
A little time of quiet.
She marked it with a heart made from stones.
Fortunately her own heart is not made from the same material.
We now have a rather solitude rabbit who is getting royal treatment.
Life and death is hard for kids. Hard for all of us. I learned again that these are no small things in their experience.
Glad they’ve found a way through- each in their own way.

I’m off, have a birthday card to make and some rather muddy boots to clean! xx

March 18, 2013 at 11:38 am 2 comments

Wax Crayon Resist & Dog Tired!


Wow. Friday again!
This card was one I did for the demonstration at Happy Stampers. So incredibly simple. Not even one teeny embellishment. Letting the stamp sing for a change.
This involves the easiest brayering you’ll ever do and you can’t go wrong with it.
The stamp is a fab set from Hero Arts. You can add sentiments in the ‘page’ that’s sticking out the typewriter.

Well I’m’fraid it’s a short one again. This week I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. See, I forgot.
Forgot that half term was coming.
I’d nicely organised my work schedule not taking into account the fact there’d be 5 littlish people there too.
So umm.. Some deadlines just sneaked up on me. I was tempted not to bother going to bed at all.
Thought better of it.
Do I look radiant and have just brushed off the lack of sleep?
Are you kidding?
I couldn’t do it when I was 24 and looking after a newborn. I definitely couldn’t breeze through when I had 5 kiddos aged 7 and under (3 who were 19 months and under! Ha!).
So I certainly can’t do it now.
I must have looked so deathly that I was utterly memorable when visiting my lovely local post office.
I’d chatted briefly with the assistant explaining that I’d only just finished the projects at 3am ( gulp!).
She happened to see me again 2 days later ( which happened to be this morning).
‘You got more commissions?’
“Oh yes” I laughed.
“I managed to finish these at 2am’
“Well you’re getting faster then”.
She actually remembered our conversation.
Think I must start making an effort not to look so badly memorable.
Think more makeup may be required.
Makeover? Any colour me beautiful ladies in the house?

Well, have more work to prepare. I’m at Abakhan, Liverpool tomorrow doing a Big Shot demonstration from 9:30-11:30 and then some 3D projects from 12-3. Do and come and say hi. I just might need keeping awake!

See you when I’ve had a good night’s sleep!! xx

March 1, 2013 at 2:31 pm 1 comment

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