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Clearly Besotted July Release Day – All Four Seasons Hippos

Hello lovely Clearly Besotted fans and my blog friends. It’s finally Clearly Besotted’s July release day tonight at 8pm BST.

Today I’m showing the All Four Seasons Hippos set plus the Scene It Around Set 1. At this point, some of you might want to sing ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’ and others of you will wonder what on earth I’m on about (see here for a slightly more classy version).

My pair are having a wonderful day out (socially distancing, of course!) somewhere near the white cliffs of Dover.

It’s easy to colour the scene, I’ve used Copics and lots of dots to create texture on the sand. The sea was easy too; just lots of wavy lines that will blend into each other.

The little hippo is enjoying his mint choc chip ice-cream. I rather would like to join them for a picnic on a balmy day.

Before the release, tonight, there’s more peeks at the sets over on the Clearly Besotted Blog and Michelle has her monthly roundup of the sets.

As usual, the Release goes live at 8pm GMT. All sets are available from 8pm GMT tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and also from Simon Says Stamp.

There is the giveaway on the Facebook page and also I need to tell you that if you order the whole release, there are some free gifts that come with it;

Scene It Around Additions Mini Stamp set, A Little Bumpy Stencil and 6 sheets of 6×6′ patterned paper.

We always enjoy hearing which sets are your must-haves. Which have tickled your fancy?

Keren x

July 1, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted July Teasers – Summer Corners

Hi again! Welcome to my blog for any of you who are new. We’re focussing on the latest Clearly Besotted release which is out tomorrow and I’m sharing projects using each of the sets. Today’s focus is on Summer Corners which is almost guaranteed to have you slapping on suncream and grabbing your summer hat in anticipation. It seems that we’ve had lots of summery days and hopefully not our last!

Summer Corners has 2 alternate ‘corners’ plus a single flamingo with a flower and leaf so there are lots of options. After making my card, I just couldn’t decide upon a sentiment, so I’ve left it blank ready for a ‘birthday’ or ‘hi’ card. I’ve used simple colouring with my Copics. For the leaves I’ve used the blender pen to dot onto the leaves. You have to go over the dots a few times, but the blender pushes away the colour and you’re left a bleached sort of look which adds some lovely texture to the leaves.

I’ve added my usual white gel pen work onto the other leaves, flowers and fabulous flamingo and then placed the panel in front of some more Lawn Fawn ‘Really Rainbow’ paper.

The whole vibe is really tropical and lovely- just what summer’s should be about. It might be more like ‘BBQ in your back garden’ this summer but hey, we can dream!

Next up, we have the Clearly Besotted blog to visit, then onto Lisa and Michelle for some gorgeousness.

See you tomorrow for Release Day!

June 30, 2020 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted July Teasers – Treehouse Treasures

Hello again, how are you doing? Thanks for joining me today for Day 3 of the Clearly Besotted Teasers. I’m using the Treehouse Treasures set and when I first saw it, it reminded me of one of my favourite childhood books; The Faraway tree. I had visions of extended the tree several times, and adding a saucepan to one of the character’s heads etc etc, but time ran away with me, so I’ve a more simple affair instead.

I adore the treehouse; I always wishes I’d had one as a child. I’d have taken a stash of books into it and read the hours away! There are plenty of characters to place in the tree or swing or on the ground. I reckon a bunch of them sat on a piece of patterned paper ‘picnic mat’ would look fabulous too.

Adding some more patterned paper (it’s all from Lawn Fawn – ‘Really Rainbow’) to the edges just finishes it off well.

The little guy with his heart echoes the sentiment perfectly. I kind of wish my house was up a tree, but I’m content with the one I have too! I’ve coloured them with Copic Markers and some detailing with Prismacolors.

There’s plenty more inspiration using the July Release, if you pop across to Clearly Besotted’s blog then onto Michelle and finally visit Lisa.

I do hope you’re all enjoying the release sneak peeks so far, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a thoroughly summer affair!

Keren x

June 29, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Easter with Lawn Fawn & Cleaning

So, I got playing last night. Just for fun. Doesn’t happen much. I was supposed to be working. Oops.
Having done tons of ‘other’ stuff ( more on that later), I hadn’t had chance to crack out Cole’s ABC’s dies. I wanted to try a new hanging technique- nope, not on my hubby (!) but by die cutting the sentiment, leaving the negative as a ‘shadow’ and then hanging the letters on top. It’s so new, I kinda just created it! So I guess it would come under the Lawnscaping ‘try something new’ challenge here ( he he!)


You can see better what I’ve done in that pic. Lining up the hanging letters was such fun ( not). I’ve actually used several sets; Happy Trails ( for the ‘happy’, and Hello Sunshine for the hearts and dashed line. I’ve popped some ‘Let’s Polka’ & ‘Hello Sunshine’ paper on there too.
I didn’t have many bunny stamps. I’ve the Mama Elephant ‘Honey Bunny’ set and I’ve plans for that next week.

With only having 3 kids at home at the mo (the other two return Saturday), life is much more relaxed. So much so that I had chance to sit and gaze out of my windows.
Dearie me.
They’re shocking.
Steve was skitting me as I cleaned them with white vinegar. The room smelled a little like a Fish and Chip shop but at least the windows are somewhat better. There’s just the rest of the house to do.
I also had a bash at the carpets. Took all day. I don’t know how people keep their houses so beautifully – I struggle to keep mine tidy never mind beautifully clean.
I’m a little worried now.
Everytime I get ahead- and tidy and lots of things organised, something tends to come a cropper.
Last time was a couple of weeks back and Steve got taken into hospital. I’m just enjoying the semi-clean feeling and wishing I had a maid and cleaner.
Ha ha.
Can you imagine.
Downton Abbey eat your heart out.
Thing is, they’d quit. With the noise, bustle and kids mess they’d hand in their notice before the week was out.
Guess it’s down to me.
I keep roping the kids in, but they make even more mess straight after!!

Here’s to happy kids and clean homes. I’m not sure I can do both! Any tips for me- I’m all ears!

See you when I’ve enjoyed my last day of calm until two suitcases of dirty washing returns! x

April 11, 2014 at 10:55 am 9 comments

Penelope’s Blossoms & ‘How Do You Do It’

photo 1-14

Morning. Today I have the sad news that I’m giving up blogging forever.




Did you believe me? April Fool’s!

Yeah- a poor one really ,but the best I could do under the circumstances!!

Today’s flowery fusion is using the ever lovely ‘Penelope’s Blossoms’ (click to take you to the Make The Day Special store page)

I wanted to make the whole panel one complete piece- which required some fussy masking. I trimmed out one of the tiny leaf sprigs and the banner onto post-it notes & stamped the leaves, covered one over with the post-it mask & went to stamp the banner then realised that I needed two sprig masks. Because it was so finicky, I couldn’t be bothered to cut out another one, so thought I’d stamp half the banner, move the mask over & restamp the other half. This was the result

photo 2-14You can see both the mistake & the leafy stamping. Once I’d stamped the initial two springs I just masked over the banner and got stampingphoto 3-6

It looks a mess, but once stamped & cut out, I stamped the flowers in bright and vibrant Hero Arts inks, trimmed those out & added to the card. A little flower goes a long way to being a coverup!photo 1-14a

People often seem generally surprised when I tell them how many children we have. There is one usual comment/question that follows that..

‘How do you do it?’

I usually have one of two (& possibly both at the same time) stock responses. when I say stock, they’re no less true, just often repeated..


“with God’s help’.

Most people, were they a fly upon my wall, would never then ask that question. They’d be too busy laughing that they’d probably fall off the wall seeing the family antics.

Take the other morning.

The backstory.. (Steve in very tired mum & several unsettled children.)

‘Mum, mum, mum, I think my plaster has fallen off’. That’s how I awoke at about 6:45 with a plasterless child peering at me.

“WILL YOU TURN OFF THAT RADIO’..silence… more pleading…increasing decibel level as two sisters get into a fracas over a radio alarm that neither intended to get out of bed and turn off.



Someone had lost their shirt. It was there the night before. It had now magically disappeared under a pile of teddybears.

Running..Running. Running from two different directions.


‘Why did you run when you knew I was going to the bathroom?’ The slower child stands crossly outside the door. Amidst pleadings of calm from me, there is now a noisy ‘shush’ ‘shush’ ‘stop it’ as the rabbit is remonstrated for doing something forbidden.

Littlie has now found the shirt but I clock he’s not wearing new socks, so send him back for a clean pair.

Another child has run downstairs and you can hear a ‘beep, beep,beep’.

“oh, no” comes the response. The house alarm is switched off in the nick of time.

By this point I’m nearly dressed, during which time I’ve had a letter thrust at me, a conversation about ‘I’m not going to school today’ as they had had a ‘D&V’ bug the day before.

Someone helpfully shouts downstairs ‘there’s no 48 hour sick rule in our school’ (unlike the primary school). Said child is cross and folorn as they realise that they have to go back to school. This is news to me- although welcome, as I can visit hubby in hospital more easily. Then comes panic as they realise that this new information means that they will be having Food Technology & therefore need all the cooking ingredients.

Downstairs, there is an animated conversation about who had more cereal than the other yesterday and whose fault it is that there is no favoured cereal left. One child resigns themselves to toast as I run top speed downstairs to measure & bag up 10 cooking ingredients.

The ‘cooking child’ is upstairs panicking about having to go to school & meanwhile there are three of us in the kitchen emptying lunchboxes and decanting the sandwiches in the fridge into the boxes. One child decides they have gone off a certain fruit & another is trying to hide the evidence of the fact they’ve eaten two miniscule bites out of their apple yesterday. I clock them. They’re not happy.

Cooking child now flies into the kitchen & despite me having sorted the ingredients out, now panics over the fact that she hasn’t a sick note. We have a protracted discussion over how the form tutor will be sympathetic because her Dad is in hospital & her mother is not superwoman & cannot possibly do everything.

Some kids have had breakfast. Others haven’t managed.

I am now expected to cough up a sizeable amount of cash to pay for something I was unaware of & tell the child I don’t have it. One sister pleads with moneybags daughter to lend it to her, & after some debate, the money is handed over.

It is now too close for comfort. I have to get 3 kids to one school & 2 kids to another. I bundle them out & the everyday ‘who is going to sit in the front seat’ hustings begins. That matter decided upon, we get into the car & whilst I play soothing Classic Fm on the radio, others stick in their headphones & sing along to their preferred music much to the annoyance of the person sitting next to them who has a cacophony of clashing sounds entering their ears. After the usual discussions/debates, the 3 girls get out for school & the boys heave a sigh of relief.

We have a 15 minute drive across the city where one child wants to read me his story book & insists I sign it whilst driving despite me explaining (again) that I can’t use a pen whilst driving. Once stopped, and book signed, we check spellings– oh dear, we haven’t done them. In the mishap of hospital, the spellings haven’t been done. The boy becomes distressed & I tell him it will be fine & his teacher won’t mind.

They get out, run into school & I exchange brief chats with the school mums.

I hurry back to the car, forgetting I’m driving Steve’s car & so walk straight past it.

I get in & exhale.

The time is 8:50. I’m just beginning the day!!


I suspect the answer to the original question on a morning like that is ‘badly’. Having 5 kids is brilliant …& exhausting. Next time someone asks me how I do it, I shall direct them to this blog post!

Better go- I’ve typed for way too long. See you when I’ve written the ‘absent from school’ explanation. I got a text and an email today telling me to send it in!





April 1, 2014 at 1:57 am 8 comments

Making A Simple Photo Backdrop & Docrafts Roundup

Good morning!!!
Hope you’re all ok. I’m often getting asked about how to photograph cards and how I do it. I would love a decent camera where I could change the focus and settings but right now, my phone does well enough.
I wanted to make a more stable ‘backdrop’ for my cards & projects. Normally I just prop everything on a window sill and it has a habit of falling off. I’ll use scrapbook papers as the back and they aren’t very stable.
I was in B&Q and saw some amazing wallpapers. I wanted to look for one anyhow but spied a few that would be perfect as a foil for my papercrafting so took a free sample and here’s what I did with it.
Using the back of a cheap whiteboard (cost me £1.05!), some double sided tape and the wallpaper ( it’s wider and therefore perfect for this purpose).20140320-112608.jpg
Add some tape all the way around- remove the tape one side at a time and stretch the paper onto the frame. Because it’s wallpaper it also has useful ‘give’ which is great when trying to make it taut.

Here’s what my set up looks like- light coming in from the left and I’m the morning, the light is best in that position.
Here’s the photo before I edit it

It doesn’t look so great does it? Cropping and adjusting clarity, sharpness, contrast, highlights, shadows and vibrancy really brings the photo to life. I use an app on my phone called Photoshop Express which is a free one.
Here’s a few more of some recent Docrafts makes


Will leave you to your lunch now- I’m busy doing 3 kiddy collections today. Oh why can’t they all finish at the same time!!

See you soon when I’ve perfected using a new Anna Griffin set – more on that palaver soon!! xx

March 20, 2014 at 12:49 pm 5 comments

Pick n Mix & Smells!

What amazing sunshine ( in the UK at least) and it made me think of summer, sailing, socialising, strawberries and snacking ( well, ‘picnicking’ didn’t fit with the all the ‘s’s!)
This ‘love-y’ card was inspired by the ‘Float My Boat’ set from Lawn Fawn & is available over at Make The Day Special.
The lovely colours are inspired from the Let’s Polka paper ( also by Lawn Fawn) and I’ve simply added in some vellum and stitching and some Stampin’Up! vellum.

The photo makes the project look cream coloured but hopefully the second pic shows that it’s a lovely clean white.

Apparently research has shown that giving adults a packet of Crayola crayons and getting them to smell them, evokes all sorts of childhood memories. There are unique links with smells and memories. When I smell alcohol ink it makes me think of a certain time and projects. The gorgeous smell of photopolymer stamps triggers other memories but mostly at our house there are a whole mix of niffs. Some are significantly more pleasant than others!! I think all children should come with pegs. Beautifully decorated ones that you can slip onto your nose when loading the washing into the washing machine!
However, when I walk towards my craft room I’m greeted with the most exquisite aroma; a bunch of stunning pink hyacinths. It makes me smile every time I pass them. Thanks to my lovely friend Mara, it helps mask other odours!
What’s your favourite smell? ..and is it craft related?!!

Better go, have 5 kiddos to pick up from school and then make a whole other batch of smells as I prepare tea!
I think beans on toast might smell perfect 😉!

See you when I’ve created the simplest tea possible!

Keren x

March 11, 2014 at 3:26 pm 5 comments

Valentine & Lack of Love

Happy Valentines Day! Whether you received a Valentine or are simply planning to be lovely to everyone you meet- let me say- I LOVE having you pop onto my blog and hope you feel a little brighter for having visited.
Every Valentine’s Day I do a little Valentine treat for my kiddos. It’s partly because I love them (😉) and partly so they can always say they got a Valentine.
Time got the better of me and I was finishing them off last night- and this morning they are all destroyed (should have photographed them last night) so I can’t show you what I made them.

This however was a little extra one I rustled up. It’s using the brand new release from Lawn Fawn recently showcased at CHA USA and is available from February 20th. Not long to wait now.
I’ve only used a fraction of the ‘Hello Sunshine’ set- I wanted to make the birdies look like they were kissing and also to use the weeny hearts as balloons. I’ve just scribbled on the balloon strings.
I’ve used Milo’s ABC’s which is my go-to alpha right now and if you want to see those in store go and check out Lawn Fawn or Make The Day Special where they have Lawn Fawn sets too.
The question now is who do I give it to?!!

My kids are no angels. They do love messing around. Shortly after coming home yesterday I heard wailing coming from the dining room.
I stuck my head around the doorframe and found this

It does look like he’s in pain- but I assure you that he wasn’t. He was however, completely stuck.
Looks like he should have been able to simply stand and unhook himself but he couldn’t.
I did laugh.
Couldn’t help myself.
After I’d unhooked him (& taken the incriminating photographic evidence) he announced that I should put in on Facebook.
Ever the showman!
I think he quite liked the idea of shaming his sister too.
This morning I unwittingly had created a cunning plan.
The Valentine treats are normally just a few sweeties but I’d found some beautiful bargain decorated biscuits on sticks.
The brood were too busy munching to be rude or narky nor unpleasant and we enjoyed a good 10 minutes of peaceful rabbit mimicking nibbling and munching.
A lovely morning.
Until half way to school we realised that the boxes lovingly collected for ‘famous building’ building day were in fact still in the hall.
One little boy had a very long and sad face despite assurances from me that his teacher would have spares.
He’s planning on creating a famous Liverpool landmark ( the Liver Buildings) from cereal boxes.
I get to view the masterpiece later!

Hope you share a smile with someone today- love is for everyone and you don’t need a Valentine to prove it!

See you when I’ve had a lie-in tomorrow. I’m not working tomorrow.

February 14, 2014 at 11:17 am 4 comments

Fancy Dress Deer & Make The Day Special!

I’m dressing up today. Or dressing up with stamps to be precise.
Once in a lifetime, a deer has a chance to go and be whatever he wants. For this party, the deerie wanted to be a Unicorn.
Here’s the set

So you get the idea…

I masked off the deer markings, stamped the deer and then added the little heart stamp.

Then I partially stamped the chipmunk and coloured stripes with Copics. I cut it out and then stamped it again and added flicks onto the ‘mane’.

Less beautiful fantasy mysterious creature, more ‘My Little Pony’ ! 😉
It’s unusual – but hey, nice to do something different. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep that’s fuelling my strange stamping!!
I’m over at Make The Day Special store today who are sponsoring the Less Is More challenge which is all about ‘Rainbows’ in celebration of their 3rd Birthday- so even though this card only just squeezes into the CAS category, I’m joining in with their challenge.
I’m also popping in ( for the first time) to the Lawnscaping Challenge which is about dots and hearts!

See you soon,

hopefully in more of my right mind next time!!


February 4, 2014 at 12:15 pm 10 comments

Rejects & Too Cool

Just popping in today with a submission reject.
It was obviously too cool to get picked ( ha ha!). It’s just swaggering off somewhere playing it really chilled.
One Silhouette cut on 2 pieces of cardstock- offset one to make a shadow and a little Lawn Fawn Milo’s ABC goodness.
Sometimes it’s the quick ones I love the most.

Just felt like doing something American. Must’ve have been all that SuperBowl talk. I googled a meatloaf recipe.
It was different.
They all ate it. So it can’t have been too bad.

Well I’m knee deep in craftiness.
And.. I’ve got to help littliest build the Statue of Liberty.
His choice.
How do I do it so it looks like he made it but makes it look like the lady?
Maybe just mint green paint will give it away?

Better hurry.
See ya’soon xx

February 3, 2014 at 6:44 pm 1 comment

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