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Clearly Besotted January Teasers Day 1

Hello everyone!

How was your Christmas break? Happy New Year to you too! You might have noticed that the timing is a little different; we are just doing the January release a little later. So, from today through to the 5th we’ll do teasers, and then on January 6th it’s Release Day.

Today I am using a really brilliant new set called ‘Egyptian Feline’. I haven’t begun to use all of the images and there are many patterns you can create with some of the jewels. I had visions of a magical evening with a flying carpet. The pyramid scene is also part of the set but I’ve added in the sentiment from another new set called ‘Says It All’.

I wanted the pyramids to look like they were rising from behind the desert, so I just cut a wavy line and pushed the coloured pyramids up from behind it. The little feline is sat atop her magic cushion that was easy to make look as if magic dust were following it by using white gel pen (where would we be without a white gel pen!)

I gave her an extra set of eyelashes- well, a girl can enhance her natural Egyptian beauty right? I added a little extra white dot in her eyes for a mischievous sparkle.

You can see my dodgy white embossed sentiment. I’ve been rather time-poor ( can’t imagine why 😉), so had to leave it as is, and not repeat and improve.

I’m rather hoping that this new year might afford me a little more time, but then pigs might fly too!

Speaking of flying pigs, or rather cats, I thought this card was spot on as I watched the new Aladdin on New Year’s Eve. I don’t think it was a patch on the original but certainly this little feline wouldn’t have seemed out of place!

I’d better head off now, I’ll leave you with a clue to tomorrow’s project…’Et tu Brute?’!!

 As usual we have awesome projects from the Clearly Besotted Blog, Michelle and Lisa so grab your nearest flying Persian carpet and swish your way over!

See you tomorrow!

Keren x

January 2, 2020 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 1!

Well hellooo! So glad to be back. I’m afraid my blog has been a little neglected, so it’s great posting some projects to whet your appetite for this month’s Clearly Besotted release!

Today I’ve used a really unique set called ‘Love Story’. It doesn’t have to be about love though- there’s plenty of little chipmunk (I think it’s a chipmunk…edited…it could also be a skunk. Lisa reckons it’s a skunk and I think she’s right!!) images to use for other occasions.

I wanted to create a kinetic card that could show my little friend Chip sliding through the scenery. It’s a super easy mechanism- just stamp and cut out the middle window sections of the film strip image. Next stamp, colour and cut your little guy ( or gal) and attach to a piece of acetate.

Next… DON’T do this…

As I was placing the ink pad back onto the desk, I dropped it back onto the card. Ughhh. I did remedy it with a small strip of the same cardstock and it doesn’t look out of place, so I got away with it!

You can see on the next picture, that I added foam pads along the reverse of the frame and slotted my chipmunk in before I stuck it onto the card. I added a piece of cardstock to act as the pulley and it was done!

The sentiments are really brilliant this month. Kinda nice-snarky. I loved the ‘Love Story Sentiments’ Set; wait until you read some of them. They’re bound to bring a smile!

Speaking of the sentiment, my youngest wasn’t impressed with it. He read the card whilst it was on my desk and told me he thought it was a bit cheeky to send to someone. I told him I’d have to be very careful who I sent it to, and thankfully have someone in mind that won’t be offended!!

 This card was a lot of fun to make ( minus the ink dropping incident) and I’ll be back tomorrow with a super cute card.

Obviously the next best thing to do, before tomorrow comes, is pop over to the Clearly Besotted blog then over to see Michelle & Lisa!!

See you soon,

Keren x

November 27, 2019 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted March Release Teasers Day 2

Hello! Or tweet tweet!!

It’s birds today. I’m known for being a bird brain at times, but I wouldn’t mind it I had feathers like these…

These little cuties are from the set ‘Budgie Buddies’ and I love them. I tried colouring with two non blendy colours- I kinda like the effect created between the two! I’m sure there’s a better way of blending- so someone enlighten me!!

I knew they had to sit on a branch of sorts and I looked for some patterned paper. The striped paper reminded me of a bird cage, so that’s what I used! One of the best things about photopolymer stamps is that you can temporarily shape them- and that’s how I did the sentiment

I just added lots of little sparkly dots thanks to my gel pen and positioned one of the budgies upside down!! I think that would be me- except I don’t have a tonne of upper body strength 😂

I added some hearts, because there’s always someone we love that could do with an encouraging card!

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far, do hop over to the Clearly Besotted blog and then onto Luscious Lisa and Magnanimous Michelle ( it’s ok girls, I’m not sure there are many ‘m’ and ‘l’ words left! 😉)

See yous ( as they say in Liverpool) tomorrow!

Keren x

February 26, 2019 at 8:00 am 7 comments

Clearly Besotted February Teasers Day 2

Hi there! Hope you’re warmer than I am currently! The thaw towards spring shows no sign of coming but instead I will just craft about it instead!

I promised you a ‘spring’ project and so here it is!

Aren’t these little animals gorgeous!! The set is called ‘spring Plushies’ and so I focussed on the springs! 😂

I simply got a bunch of different coloured wires and wrapped them around a kitchen skewer ( full of clever craft tools, me!). Then trim to the desired length and attach to the back. I added them to the tent folded card with some strong ‘red’ double sided tape and then added the grass and the top stamped layer with foam pads.

It makes me smile just looking at it. Perfectly happy little critters boinging around. Makes me wonder if we’d all be happier on springs too!

Do pop across to the Clearly Besotted blog then do visit

Lisa & Michelle for more creative wonders

See you tomorrow for a little relaxed reading!

Keren xx

January 29, 2019 at 8:05 am 10 comments

Clearly Besotted December Release Day!!

Well hello!!! Happy Saturday and happy release day! As the tension mounts and the excitement increases, 🎼 it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!.

The release goes live tonight at 8pm GMT, but before we get there, I thought I’d show you a card that somewhat different. This gives you a clue to the inner ( odd) workings of my mind!

So go with me on this one…I saw the ‘superpug’ image and the first thing I saw was the flowing cape that looked like it was being blown in the wind! I then imagined it was getting its fur blow dried ( hence the hairdryer which I quickly sketched and coloured) and then it got me thinking about there are some very ordinary super hero’s- those in disguise. Those that are in the middle of really challenging circumstances and they keep on getting up ( getting dressed, washing their hair etc) and they keep going.

So this card is a celebration of all those women who despite their situations, keep going and inspire the rest of us by their bravery.

So next time you see a hairdryer, stop for a moment, think of someone you know who is an unsung hero, and reach out to them to encourage them to keep going and that your appreciate them!!

So, on that positive note- I’ll send you over to the Clearly Besotted Blog and also to ‘mazing Michelle ( sorry, that’s now a thing!!) who has a video roundup of all the sets and her projects!

At 8pm all release products are in the Clearly Besotted store and also at Simon Says Stamp

Don’t forget there is also a Facebook completion for one lucky winner to get the entire release!

Have a lovely day to all you heroines out there!!


December 1, 2018 at 10:32 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 4

Hello there! I can hardly believe this is already Day 4 of the Teasers before the new release tomorrow!

I’ve combined three sets; ‘Head over heels’, ‘On The Shelf’ and ‘Shake It Up’

Once I stamped out the ‘Baby’, I thought of using the Head over Heels set as a baby lying on the sentiment. I just drew a nappy and pin on the hippo to make him look more like a baby!

I cut into the hippo baby’s arm to slot the toy reindeer into. The little reindeer is from Shake It Up. I used ribbon ( which I rarely do) but felt the card needed a little softness as it’s for a baby after all!!

You can see the little stars that I used from another Clearly Besotted set- annoyingly I’ve forgotten which one it’s from – so any guesses would be much appreciated ! 😂😂

I hope you like my nappy clad hippo! He’s certainly making me think back to when mine were that age and cuter, but..I don’t miss those nappies!!

Please go over to the Clearly Besotted blog– they’ve really been knocking the projects out of the park! Not forgetting lovely Lisa & ‘mazing Michelle ( ok I was struggling finding a word that started with m and didn’t sounds ridiculous!!)

I’m back tomorrow with a final card for the release day..but it’s a bit daft!


November 30, 2018 at 8:00 am 9 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 3

Hello lovely people! I know people are loving the new release, and I am too!! Today I’m looking at a set called ‘Shake It Up’..all about snow globes but you could use it for your planners and so much more!

Now the outside is simply a ‘come and look inside’ call. I stamped it, trimmed out inside the shape and stamped some acetate with the little snow flurry from the set. Now open up….

That penguin is just the cutest!! I stacked them carefully so you can just glimpse them on the outside. The trees are such a lovely design and I can see these going on little tags too. I decided to add a little more detail on the front using the sentiment set and…shhh…I even cut it up to fit on the card better!! Yes, I could have masked it- but I don’t always have time for that!

Once I’d coloured the bottom of the globe, I wanted to add a little detail. The curve in the set is perfect for the landscape part of your scene- but I thought looked a little like mini bunting string! Simply add some Nuvo drops and you’ve got a front of the card that hopefully doesn’t look so CAS that it actually looks bare!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed a look at this set. Please pop over to the Clearly Besotted blog and then do visit Michelle and Lisa to see what they’ve created too!

See you tomorrow with a project that combines 3 new sets!!


November 29, 2018 at 8:00 am 7 comments

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