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Dazzling Divas #66

Hi! Wednesday means challenge day. It’s a case of creating using the mood board. My eyes were drawn to the wellies and the watering can and here’s what I came up with

I’ve simply drawn a watering can shape, cut it out of Brushed Copper 

It’s easy to add dimension- I just used an embossing tool to push out and mark. I added 3D foam pads underneath to keep the dimension. 

I’ve used the WPlus9 set Fresh Cut Florals

A simple and restful card! 

Do join in here and win some of these gorgeous sheets. Just post a project using the mood board to create a card ( or something else!!)

Will see you tomorrow with an unusual card !

Keren xx

March 11, 2015 at 3:06 pm 9 comments

You Moose Be My Valentine & This Week!

I know yesterday was ‘Blue Monday’ where all the fuzzy ‘after-Christmas’ feelings apparently vanished (yeah, right!), and if you’ve noticed that the shops are getting in all Easter goods.. my mind went to Valentines Day.

I’ve had this Critters Set in a little while & hadn’t looked at the sentiments- I’d just dismissed it as a Christmas set.

Well it’s not!

And.. with 15%’s only £8.95.

If you’re not a mad fan of fussy cutting..look no further than the dies that match

and as these are also on Special Offer, it would criminal not to get them together 😉

To create it, once I’d stamped the moose and die-cut it out, I simply die-cut the hearts from this set plus a couple of smaller sizes from other Lawn Fawn die sets. I used the papers from Sweater Weather & Snow Day to create the grass and hearts plus some gold mirror card (which in small quantities is actually pretty useful!!)

Attach the hearts to some string and attach to the reverse of the moose. After all, what else are antlers for?!

The sentiment is just perfect for any love card or a secret Valentine too!

Hope you can show these little fellas a little love. I have plans for some fun stamping using just his antlers!

So far this week I’ve sent a commission off without taking photographs so I’m going to have to write the copy without any sort of idea of what the projects looked like.
I’ve managed to go to the school run with soup dried onto my coat (because it’s so freezing in the house I ate my lunch wearing my coat, spilled the soup (unknowingly) and now look like an utter meff!).
I’ve been knitting furiously. I managed to turn the pattern the completely opposite way (I’m calling it a design feature!).
I’ve managed to split cream, shrink a jumper (even further than it was) and break my hoover.
Go me!
On the positive side, I’ve got dressed every day (including make-up), remembered to both take and pick up my kids from school, wash their clothes, cook their meals and stay alive.
Go me (again!).
I’ve figured out that regularly changing the Wi-Fi password is proving a both a consistent deterrent (for the younger) and a perfect punishment (for the older kids) so this week isn’t all bad 😉
I’m hoping I don’t wreck / break any more things, because, please, it’s only Tuesday!

Hope your week is going spendidly!


January 20, 2015 at 10:00 am 9 comments

New Stamps & Lovely Surprises!

Hi! I’ve not had much time to do challenges of late, but as I was doing some projects for Make The Day Special, I picked up the Winnie & Walter set to join in with their Birthday challenges.

This card was inspired by the Mood Board

Hopefully you can see the link. There’s some acetate stamping and Perfect Pearls for the sentiment. Weirdly, the photo has caught the reflection of the white paper the card was standing on so it looks as if the acetate strip is only half way down- but it stretches to the bottom of the card, in fact!

I’ve used ‘The Big, The Bold & You’

& ‘Big, Bang, Bling’

You can join the challenges here – there are some fab prizes to be won.

Christmas now seems a pretty distant memory, yet it was made even lovelier by the kind folks at Beko. I happened to answer a question over on Twitter for a competition and thought no more about it. I got a tweet one rubbishy Friday afternoon and they told me I’d won first prize of £200 food vouchers and 3 hampers too. You could have knocked me down with a feather. We went shopping thanks to Beko and it was really wonderful being treated. Shopping using someone else’s money is always fun, but we were super grateful for this bunch of vouchers and our Christmas lunch was completely delicious as a result.

The picture is of one of mine being pretty daft- they were very worried in case we went over the amount! He thought it was such a huge trolley full (which it was!!). Thankyou Beko for your generosity!waitrpseBetter go- I’m in the middle of lots of crafty work. Better hope I can conjure some mojo pronto! xx

January 10, 2015 at 12:29 am 7 comments

Dazzling Diva Challenge 51!


Hi! Back for another challenge. ..No.51none the less!

Can you see where I got my inspiration from? I picked a more unusual element; actually my eyes were drawn straight there. I think it’s the graphic look lover in me! Anyhow, here’s what I did with it!


Actually, it was rather more finicky than I’d anticipated. The stamp set is a gorgeous one from Waltzingmouse Stamps & the leaves are from a new XCut set. I’ll post the links later- I’m just dashing out now!


Do join in here. It’s open for a week, so that gives you plenty of time!

I’ve used Brushed Copper & Brushed Bronze. This metal stuff is quite addictive! Do grab some- you’ll love it- particularly on your Christmas projects!

Will pop back with the correct links- have to dash for the school run!

Catch you later


November 12, 2014 at 2:59 pm 10 comments

Lighthouse Card & What a week!

Good morning to you! Today’s card is what I would formerly described as a ‘reject’ but thanks to Annette here she’d created a ‘contenders’ blog hop- ie- cards that didn’t make the cut for submissions! Now the collection link is closed so I can’t officially link mine up but it’s still worth having a look- there’s some gorgeous work there!
Mine is a cheeky play on lighthouses’ function. Lighthouses are there to normally warn of rocks to shipping aren’t they- my card is a lighthouse celebrating a rock—the recipient. The sendee simply rocks. Perhaps it’s too convoluted for you! I liked it at the time 🙂
I’ve also got these amazing socks to show you..

My lovely friend Mara made them. What a talented girlie. I couldn’t knit to save my life ( tiny Barbie scarves are my knitting limit!). They were a present for my birthday and they’re too beautiful to wear. ( I will wear them Mara, promise!!). Her blog is great- go and peek!

Well, this week.
Rather a rollercoaster.
Want to hear about in précis version?
Meeting. Hobbycraft- good. Evening- committee meeting.
Tuesday- ferrying.Parents evening. More ferrying. Good.
Wednesday- hiccups. Including wind blowing my car door into someone else’s.
Tesco lose my shopping. I find it.
Get in touch with poor person whose car I dinted. On way to pick up girls in afternoon- puncture.
In pouring rain and wind Steve fixes punctured tire. Thankful.
(I’d have cried a 1000 tears before managing to do it).
Problem. Spare car tyre isn’t ok.
Steve limps (metaphorically speaking) to garage.
Bill. £107. Ouch.
Another bill coming in for the dent.
Thursday. All afternoon in Alder Hey ( kids hosp) with no.2 who managed to scratch her eyeball in 2 places by bending down to pick up hairbrush & clonking eye on sofa. Ouch.
Evening- 6th form open eve with no.1.
Today. I’m finishing off prep for my stamping class tonight.
Hope your week’s been less eventful!

See you when I’ve chilled out a little ! xx

February 1, 2013 at 9:48 am 7 comments

Garland Card & Getting it Wrong!

Hi! Yesterday was my day at Paper Crafters Library and this was what I came up with. I am forever using up little bits in my cards and this card is perfect for scraps and or getting out those punches that may not have seen the light of day for a while. Garlands are super- trendy and I think are the slightly cooler cousins of the bunting craze ( albeit a vertical version!!). Try it out- you don’t have to suspend them on threads, you could just draw them using pen.

Well yesterday I got it spectacularly wrong. You may know my littliest is undergoing ( being a highly suitable word) his staggered induction into school. He’s not found it really exciting yet but bless him, he’s been very stoic. At the moment he’s going in different days and various times. I was back at home knowing ( I thought) how much time I’d left before picking him up. I was suddenly blessed with an overriding urge to double check the time he needed getting.
PANIC!!!!I was supposed to have been there 5 mins before. I had completely got the time wrong. I knew school would be fine and would look after him until I arrived. I’m about 10-15 mins drive away and I sped there just wondering how he was feeling not having had his mum turn up.
Awful! I felt utterly awful. I’ve never done that before and it’s not really a great start to your school beginning.
More was to come however.
Once I’d picked him up, apologised profusely several times, one of the teachers asked him whether he’d had a lovely morning? ” no, not really’ was his distinctive reply.
Umm. Somewhat embarrassed I began to head for the door. The teacher laughed, ‘he would rather just stay at home with his mum’.
I smiled and then his actual class teacher started to talk to him. She only asked him the very same question.
In in a mili- second I hoped against hope that maturity and sensitivity would kick in and he’d not mince his words quite so much.
Are you kidding ?! He’s 4,- not impressed his mum never turned up until half an hour later, he was sat in the middle of an unfamiliar office with adults who are lovely but unknown to him and he’s yet to fall in love with the institution called school!
No, not really”. He said perfectly unmistakably.
I grimaced. His teacher smiled and I really hoped that she might get a sudden attack of amnesia covering the past 1800 seconds. Fortunately she seems kind and I’m hoping will glaze over my error and his honesty!
With my pride not at all intact, I left with a cheery but extremely embarrassed ‘thankyou and goodbye’.
See what happens when you mess up!
This morning unsurprisingly,he did not want to go to school. He was helped along by porridge and dippy eggs! Thankfully he went in without a murmur. Stoic. He is terrifically stoical.
I now have the time 11:40 permanently emblazoned on my memory.
Let’s hope I make it on time!

See you soon, hopefully with the correct number of children exactly in the places that they should be ! …

September 14, 2012 at 9:15 am 8 comments

Chat Card & Stress!

Good morning! I’ve been enjoying lots of inspiration recently- especially the new Paper Crafts event which is to launch their latest book- the Card Design Handbook. Have a look here .I was messing around with some Jillibean Soup leftovers and came up with the card. I’m posting it over at Moxie Fab world for their Focal Point Challenge It doesn’t take an Einstein to see where my focal point on this card is! I did consult one of my kids as to what she thought the random words were about and they correctly guessed they were about someone’s conversation. Hope you get that too. It all helps draw the eye down to the phone. The 2 directional chevron pieces help your eye downwards and across too. Strictly speaking, the focal spot isn’t quite in the ‘sweet spot‘( a spot where if you drew 6 equidistant grid lines on the project, the sweet spot would be where two of them intersect). You following? Nah? Well maybe you need to get the handbook!!
Anyhow- that’s the card- quite simple and didn’t take long to construct either.

It has been a little stressful in our house – having another attempted break-in didn’t really help. Rather glad they didn’t get in, but it upsets everyone. Thankfully the kids took it pretty well. As we got together and prayed as a family after we noticed the back door open ( it’s jammed shut with things stacked against it normally ) and a piece of the window sill chipped off, we reminded ourselves of many families all over the world who live in fear of their lives. Thinking about families in Syria amidst the fighting, shooting and bombing made our situation seem laughable really. I’m so grateful that were designed with an ability for perspective ( although I need some help with that often).

Am off today to go to a friends’ allotment to help her harvest her goodies. Hmm. I feel a harvest card coming on!
See you after I’ve cleaned soil out of my nails!! xx

August 21, 2012 at 10:50 am 8 comments

You are not alone & Chain of Kindness


Another encouragement card here- just in case you were feeling alone. Seriously though- I think the sentiment by Anna Griffin is spot on. Sometimes you need to hear that. Another one using up scraps. Someone recently described my card as having a ‘scrappy style’- well I guess it is! Love the feeling of space on this one. Using up papers from American Crafts ‘Gardenia’, & Pebbles ‘Hip Hip Hooray’.

Am just grabbing 5 mins while I wait for tea to cook. Heard a lovely true story today. One little boy took some money today for a school fair- he brought back 20 pence out his £1 and no books. His Mum wanted to know what had happened to the rest, ‘I gave it away to two friends who didn’t have any money for books so they could buy them’.
One of the little boys who’d been given the money came home with several books. His Mum asked him how come he’d got these books. He explained how another boy had given him money and he’d decided to buy an extra couple of books for his little brother. ‘It’s like a chain of kindness’ he explained.
I love that.
A chain of kindness!

Thinking about starting my own. Fancy joining with me? Wonder how far the chain could go?

Better go. One of my kids wants to play ‘Just Dance 2’ with me. In this weather?
If you see a something resembling a tomato jumping and wobbling around, chances are it will be me!
Back when I’ve had a shower!! x


May 30, 2012 at 5:39 pm 5 comments

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