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Campervan Card & Half Term!


It is fair to say that not all people are easy to make cards for. Take the 16yr old whom I made this card for. She isn’t a girly girl so don’t do it pink. Not really a flowery person ( at least not on cards or clothes anyhow) but she does love campervans.
This was made super quick ( umm.. ran out of time even though I had planned it!
I just adapted an image and added vinyl lettering. I don’t know how I made anything before the Cameo 😉

This week has been busy and the kids have been up to their creative play.
I was asked to be ‘guest judge’ for their competition. It took a lot of setting up.
Here’s the pic

They produced a ‘family set’ each- mummy,daddy and baby out of soft toys and I had to judge the best looking family! There were 2 rounds and the three kids got points each ( their rules).
Love their funny games.
They’re very optimistic.
William ran in this morning sporting a frisbee.
“Look Mum what I found”.
“Oh yes” I enthused ” how exciting”.
“This means we can get a dog if I’ve found a frisbee”!
Oh no.

Just returned from the vets.
One of the rabbits has returned from being spayed and despite a slight problem ( of such delicacy that I’ll respect her privacy!) she didn’t recover very well at home.
Cue very sad daughter & me imagining ££££’s.
They are a brilliant vets –Vets 4 Pets and took both girlies back to rehydrate one and administer extra meds. In the space of a morning they’d returned her looking far more perky ( & that went for the daughter too!).
Hoping the progress continues.
Between revision stress and bunny trauma it’s been a little stressful around here.

I’m busy making lots of projects to do with embossing folders. Will tell you about that later. Have quite enjoyed getting back to some basics.

See you soon..when I’ve finished sewing and supervising administering bunny meds! xx

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