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Robots Without Eyes & Foresight!


Got a few sets through from Make The Day Special Stamp Store including this Kelly Purkey set  


It’s just fun. Even my littliest got in on the action  

You can see he crossed out an imperfect one! I’ve coloured them with some watercolour pencils I’ve had for donkeys years and then added a ton of Glossy Accents 

 I guess it’s hard to see from the photo! 

As my dog or my kids easily upstage me, I should mention how we managed to wear out both  my kids and Ted in one fell swoop. 

We popped out to the park with one of my good friends and her two kids. Little did we realise that the world and his wife had also decided to descend there (probably lured by a fair in the grounds that we were unaware of).

The dog is lovely but totally unsocialised and doesn’t know how to act around other dogs. 

My heart sank.

I saw reams of people pouring into the park and further up ahead, dog after dog, after dog.

Not on leads.

My heart dropped further.

He barks and jumps and lunges and then there were all the kids. Masses of running jumping and ‘hello is this your dog’ kinda kids.

I wish I’d had foresight and turned back then and there, but we’d come out and so I put on my big girl pants and pretended to be in charge and stood tall.

Cesar Milan would have been proud of me!

We did it.

Yes, he barked. But not all the time. He walked really well and apart from more heavy panting due to the fact he was stressed- 2.5 hours later we got back to the car.

At points he gave up and simply lay on the floor in protest.   


At other points he even let my friend’s littlest take the lead. That was a big moment as her son is a little scared of dogs and Teddy is not good with new people. 

All night long he slept and I was pretty proud. Crazy huh? 

He has so many issues that I didn’t think he’d manage. Should be more trusting. 

He was back to his old tricks this morning- barking at everything … He does NOT like the bin men’s van. Nor the bin men and definitely not the bins.

Ah well.

One victory at a time!

See you soon x

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Boys Thankyou Card & Disappearing!

Hullo!! Saturday- and I’m not working .
I was promised a lie-in but my children were obviously uninformed about that decision and I’ve been hiding in the bathroom since about 8:30!
The card is somewhat random- but is an example of a simple card that I needed to make from one of my boys to say thankyou.
It’s using a Hero Arts alphabet and I love the modern font. Added to the black ( obviously supposed to be space themed- which was the idea behind the club) it was a quick and easy card. I used up oddments of cardstock lying around because stripes are a sure fire winner on blokey cards and I had bought some badges a while back which I used as the embellishment. Embarrassingly simple.
But aren’t the simple ones such a relief!
Don’t you find yourself sometimes poring over one card. You spend forever and it still isn’t quite right? Or is that just me!

This week I’ve been disappearing under clothes. Not because I’ve lost weight ( chance would be a fine thing), nor have I been wearing my husbands jumper. Instead I have been boldly going into my teen and Tweens bedroom.
I rarely make that mistake often. Life is far too short to fight about messy bedrooms. We occasionally request a tidy up but deep cleans are reserved for spaces I have more control of.
However- one of mine was away and as I was changing the bed clothes, I could stand the mess no longer.
I took a picture ( to be fair, I’d just taken off all the bedding and toys).
Despite having others things to do- I dug deep ( quite literally too) and cracked on with it.
Unfortunately as soon as I improved one space, the next shone forth in its squalor.
From this 20131019-091336.jpg eventually to this

Thankfully by the time I had removed nearly an entire wardrobe of dirty clothes from various orifices of the room it ended up like this

It’s way away from perfect- but I’m a momma who knows she has to stop and draw a line under tasks.
Bless them- they were both so delighted, I was thankful to have done it. Bets may be placed on just how long it lasts although I feel a storm coming… One of them looked at me in dead earnest and said forcefully “I love it so much that I will MAKE sure she doesn’t mess it up”. The ‘make’ was uttered so menacingly that even I was scared.
I suspect that their room may not be the scene of a totally harmonious coexistence over the next few days.

Do you ever feel like you’re disappearing under all the jobs! We often have discussions amongst my friends about how as mothers we feel that the ‘us’ disappears but, me? Well I’d be happy just to emerge from the mess- with my ‘inner self’ hidden or otherwise!

See you soon, when I’ve finished sneezing from all the dust 😉!! x

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