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Moxie Fab Thanks Blog Hop


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Welcome to a really special post! This is probably one of the biggest blog hops EVER! Hopefully you’ve joined me from Moxie Fab World

We are honouring Cath Edvalson. I know I’ve already posted about her- but this is the better post! We decided to create a blog hop to say THANKS! She coined the phrase ‘Moxie Fab’ to describe anything truly amazing, splendid or gorgeous- & I guess she never knew how big it would come or how much we all think of her. I went all the way back to look at the first post.. Cath described what it was to be all about..

“But more than that, Moxie Fab World is a place where we can all get to know one another a little better. It’s a place where we can enjoy a stout cup of coffee, a warm spot of tea, or a sweet sip of cocoa and gather around our computers on our own time and on our own terms. It’s a place where we will share ideas, explore the trendy possibilities, and uncover the magical opportunities we have to connect with one another in this most heartfelt of hobbies, paper crafting.” (Nov 11 2008)

It has remained true to her wish for it. She has little idea about the place she holds in our hearts- without ever meeting her you just know that she is sincere and real. I don’t know her amazingly well, but whenever I’ve corresponded with her, you get a lovely impression of her. She’ll always leave a lovely comment when visiting your blog, and some of her comments on my cards have made me sigh with happiness. This card that I’ve created says ‘Cath’ to me. She loves colour & is a real wordsmith (note the letter type paper in the background).

She will get to read some amazing tributes along the way. What she doesn’t know is that in the space of less than a week, a secret Facebook group was set up just to organise this. We thought we’d get a few.. but there are 756 members! Not all of them were able to join in- but we have retailers & individuals. At the moment there are about 276 people signed up to hop. Having that many people wanting to honour her makes her special indeed. There were many who wanted to be part of this hop-

There are some people that we have to thank in all of this. A lot of the administrative work & problem shooting was done by the amazing, lovely and funny Virginia Lu & Taheerah Atchia. Chatting with them through the week has totally made my week. They have been utter stars. Thanks go to Kryssi Ng who put together the fantastic graphics for the blog headers & button. Michelle Liimatainen did some sterling checking of the spreadsheets & we must particularly say a big Thankyou to Aris from Inlinkz who has been so helpful in trying to organise the link system. Before it sounds like an Oscar’s speech- big thanks to Stacy Croninger for letting us begin at Moxie Fab World & Susan Opel who is cheerleader extraordinaire! Thank you to all of the girls (& gent) who have posted or been part of the group. With such a large group, you’d think there’d be difficulties- but they’ve all been a super supportive bunch; the epitomy of what Cath envisaged for Moxie Fab World all that way back in 2008.
 So, here’s to you Cath! Inspiration supremo, Trendsetter and trendwatcher, Champion of the beginners (and the rest!) and Confidence cheerleader. If it wasn’t for you & gaining confidence through joining the Moxie Fab challenges, I’d never have plucked up the courage to submit to Paper Crafts (as it was then). We all think you’re wonderful- we can’t wait to see where you take your sunshine next!

Grab a few coffees (in fact, better go get a flask)- some of the brightest & loveliest people have all joined to say THANKS to Cath. Next up is Jennifer Ingle. I just know you’re about to see something amazing!

For a list of all of the links of those taking part (in case you get lost or a link doesn’t quite work), check the Inlinkz symbol just below or pop back to Moxie Fab World who has the list there too.

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