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Acorny Card & Failed Puns!


Did you get the title? A corny card. (Acorny– acorn-y). No? Ah well.
I have an even worse play on words with the sentiment going with the Lawn Fawn set- Into the Woods and also the Milo’s ABC stamp set. I was sat there thinking about what sort of sentiment would go with a bunch of acorns (as you do!!)
It came in a flash of ‘brilliance’? No.
‘Wordiness’? No.
Acorn-iness.. That’s what.
This would be a silly congrats card suitable for a man or woman. I kept the contrast colour green for that very reason. Now I just need to find someone needing congratulations who will.
a) understand the word play
b) be silly enough to appreciate it
c) not think I’m an utter fool.

Because I was a little unsure of the phrase I thought I’d try it out on my 11 yo.
‘Read the sentiment please ‘ I cajoled.
After several attempts she got it.
I was beginning to realise my word at wasn’t quite as clever as I’d originally congratulated myself on.
‘Do you get it?’ I questioned her.
‘Well, sort of ‘ she shrugged.
She thought for a moment
‘Is it one of those old-fashioned phrases that was around in the ’80’s?’ she said smugly and flashed me a wicked smile.

Yup. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to involve your offspring.
Well at least just make sure your ego is up to the onslaught first!

I’m busy getting the kids to find their PE kits and school stuff ready for tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long long day!

See you on Tuesday when I’ll finally get a coffee in peace! 😉 x

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