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Christmas Crafting Day 9 & Chutney Question!

A close-up to start! And the glitter shows up too! (yay!)Such  a cute little  pillow box to put something special inside. A short post today I’m afraid as I’m full of someone elses cold! So kind of them to share.. I have another conundrum to ask of you; chutney! Having made the pear chutney, it seems a tad vinegary. Should I decant, add more brown sugar and hope that maturing over the month will solve it? My friend thinks so. Is there another solution you can suggest? The jam was lovely- I guess some recipes are better than others! Here’s the whole pillow box-

Have to dash and magic up something for tea. I could do with some kid-help tonight, although possibly not Will’s, who announced on his way home from nursery that he’d made cakes today. ‘Fantastic’ I said, ‘what else did you do?’ ‘Nothing’ he replied, ‘I just made cakes for 14 hours!. Bless, they obviously work’em hard at nursery! 

See you tomorrow- I will do a tutorial for rosettes (2 Ways) but can’t promise it’ll be tomorrow. I’ve finally finalised (can you say that!) what to make on Friday night so I may be a little busy both sniffing and prepping! See ya xx  

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Christmas Crafting Day 2 & Accidents!

Day 2 huh! Here’s something that needs less explanation. The pillow box dies are really useful but just how many pillow boxes can you use? I wanted to make something to go on a tree or a super useful tag. Just cut out your pillow box, assemble it, then squeeze the bottom together, cut across on a straight line and then glue the bottom using a strong glue or tape.

You’ll want to punch a hole in the top and underneath flap so that you can pop some ribbon through , knot it on the underside and use it  to hang the box up with.

I’m not one for really using numbers on a card. I’ve only ever put a couple on my kids first few birthday cards. I like using them for just the number 25 but just using the negative. I’ve used the actual numbers for another project coming up later. You don’t need much else- there’s just not that much room. To create the backing, just stick down some patterned paper and trim around the edges of the numbers.

The little wreath is so cute- and please excuse what looks like dodgy colouring, but it was the glitter glue that did that- honest!!

I have to say its been a weird day. Just when you’re waiting for a good old plain boring day, you don’t get one. I had dropped my two kids off at school and watched them walk in. As it was perishingly cold this morning, I sat for a while with Will in the car, waiting for their bell to go. I then felt the card go ‘thud’ and lurch forward a little. Not possessing any awake brain cells it took me a little while to register that I’d just been driven into- from behind. I was stationary!! I got out, checked my car- the lady who had been in the car was out too, checking there was no damage. She was very apologetic- super sorry in fact. But, it was fine, no harm done. As she continued to apologise I told her it wasn’t as bad as the last person who had driven into me. That story was even worse.

This particular lady had driven into me (stationary me, again!!), reversed, then unbelievably had driven back into me for the second time. She was in such a fluster because of what had occurred, that she ended up shutting her hand in the door and injuring it quite badly. Due to the fact that there was no-one to help her, I ended up taking her and Will (a baby at the time) to the local casualty to get her checked out. Funnily, we had a good chat and realised our daughters were actually friends. You get quite a decent conversation whilst waiting in A&E Minors. I’d go as far as to recommend it, if you fancy increasing the amount of your friends!! Anyway, all’s well. My car is fine– but then with driving 2 tonnes worth of a hunk of metal, its probably always gonna be the other car that comes out worse!

Hope you’ve managed to find todays hidden thing/s that may or may not be there. Mean, aren’t I !

See you tomorrow. (I hope!) xx


Supplies; Pillow Box die- Sizzix

Cardstock apart from white shimmer, SU! Alpha dies- Sizzix for SU! Bakers twine, Rangers Stickles


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Christmas Crafting Day 1!

Good morning- Happy Day 1! So glad you’ve turned up- was kinda worried in case nobody did!

I guess you’re wondering what it is? Maybe this picture of what it was might help….

 You’re none the wiser? Think little magnets on a sheet of brushed metal. I just took one magnet- which happened to be exactly the same size as my 1 3/8 circle punch (love it when that happens!) and punched out a circle of  blue cardstock. I’ve used an alphabet set (all supplies at bottom) to diecut the joy in two colours and with a bit of fiddling found that if you chop off a portion of the ‘c’ with a cedilla attached, it makes a really lovely little bauble hanger! The magnets were about 50p in the closing down Habitat sale.  Sad its gone- gorgeous stuff just way too pricey! 

The strips of paper on it are intentionally at an angle and I’ve used some of my alltimefavouritebutnowfairlyold paper by SEI. Just couldn’t bring myself to use it, but ‘cos I love y’all, thought you deserved it. It is a rather minute piece of green embossed spotty paper, but baby steps..I’ll slowly get into creating with it!

I could have just made magnets, put them into a nice box and passed them on as an early present- but liked the idea of having a mini ‘to-do’ list on my table. This is how it stands up – I just cut a long strip of cardstock, divided it into thirds, bent it, and then the last third into 2 with a little lip for attaching to the first third. Just get a piece of cardstock and have a play- its easier to do than it is to explain. These would make great gifts if they weren’t Christmas related but then it is supposed to be Christmas themed today. I added a little sticker for the dot over the j and covered it liberally in glitter glue. You can’t have a project without some sparkle! Despite the fact that you’ll never ever and not in a million trillion years find me wearing anything remotely sparkly, glitter has its place, and definitely here!

Crazily simple, dead quick, but really cute. Would like to imagine that was also a description of me- but alas, not likely!!

I have to draw your attention to two things;

1.Sign up for email updates-click on the ‘subscription button’ on the right and anyone signing during this event will go into a draw for a magical mystery prize (umm- maybe not magical but definitely mysterious!!).

2.Check out all the photos in detail. You should find something/s hidden on one or maybe more. Count however many you find and at the end of the 12 days mail your totals for each day for me. There’ll be a crafty prize for this one too.

Hope you enjoyed the first day. Looking forward to seeing you same time-ish same place tomorrow. Hope it inspires you to get creating early and spares you some of the lastminutehassle !xx


Supplies: Cardstock; Stampin’Up!

Papers; Bridgeport- SEI, Holly Berry SU!,

Ranger Stickles, K & Co stickers, Alphabet by Sizzix for SU!

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