Clearly Besotted October Teasers – Baa Humbug

Well hello again! I hope you’re having a good day. Today’s post is being brought to you by Grumpy, Narky and Fedup. We probably all the trio; those dear souls that are a delight every day of the year, but at Christmas they really come into their own. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they delight in making everyone’s Christmas utterly wonderful (inject a supreme dose of sarcasm).

Aren’t they funny?! Well I added in one of the previous set’s images ; ‘Daschund Through’ for the background and then did a little masking for the Christmas tree to be behind the double stamped fence. I just love Narky (which is a Liverpool phrase for cross or grumpy) plopped atop the fence, trying to the block out the sumptuously lit Christmas tree.

I think that sheep perfectly epitomises all the wrong things about Christmas- or is he a eco- waaarior? It might be a statement against cutting down trees and preserving the environment! We do have a rather old fake tree which has offset its carbon footprint due to being hauled out each year. Truth be told, trees that drop needles are just another job to cope with at the busiest time of year, so a fake one suits me just fine!

So, poor old Fedup is slightly constricted by the lights wrapped around him by Grumpy who took exception to him mentioning that his hat was on crooked. They make a fine group and their ascerbic wit keeps them all company! This set is perfect for all the scrooges amongst us, or just those who enjoy a good smile at Christmas time.

We’re nearly at Release Day- only one more sleep! Until that point, do visit the Clearly Besotted Blog, then patter over to Lisa and Michelle. Not forgetting Caly or Francine too, who’ve had such lovely projects so far.

I’ll see you tomorrow with a project that looks like a 10 year old made it!!

Keren xx

September 30, 2020 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted October Teasers – Eat, Snooze & Be Merry

Hi! I’m so glad that you’re loving the teasers; the sets really are lots of fun. Today’s set is no exception and right now, I could do with a long snooze! I have a slow party. Or what is properly described as a sloth party. Nothing much happens here fast. They just hang around slow dancing 🙄😂.

I used one of the circles and made it into lots of hanging baubles by drawing a bauble ‘top’ and then a straight line to connect it to the other lights. The party sadly was too exciting for one little sloth. He’s taken refuge on top of the Christmas tree, worn out by all the merriment.

I’m not sure Christmas trees are really comfortable places to snooze, but he’s managing it fine! I simply stamped the sloth multiple times, not even having to mask it. Pretty simple really. The set is called Eat, Snooze and Be Merry, which often describes a Christmas Day, minus the snooze and the merry for many of us. Maybe it should be retitled, Cook, Tidy, Eat and Cook some more!

You can see the little baubles. Aren’t they fabulous. This set will being a smile to any card it’s featured on. We’ll leave this raucous gathering as they play a very long version of musical chairs!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s inspiration today. With Clearly Besotted’s blog, then Michelle, Lisa, Francine and Caly!

Until tomorrow, when we are meeting some very unsheepish sheep,

Keren xx

September 29, 2020 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted October Teasers – Holiday Huskies

Hello again! Hope you’re having a good day. We’re up to Day 2 of the October Teasers and we’ve a house removal operation underway. Don’t you wish you could move house quickly and easily…well you can!

These holiday huskies are taking matters into their own hands! I thought I’d turn the scene on it’s head; having the fellow husky steering the sleigh, and his dog-mates helping out rather than being controlled by a human. Imagine just being able to lift your entire belongings on a sledge and just shifting it all at once. Definitely a call to minimalistic living!

Aren’t they adorable! I’ve coloured them pretty simply. I’d like to tell you about the salt technique on watercolour to create the background, but I can’t; I cheated with ready made paper! Sometimes the short cuts are the best!! 😉

I trimmed out some cardstock to make a slightly hilly scene and added some glitter just like the newly fallen snow that sparkles!

This is definitely the way to do removals!! I then added some twine. I did have cut into the poor huskies necks to position the twine, but they assured me it didn’t hurt and they’re not actually real, so I didn’t need to worry 😂.

I do hope you’re enjoying these teasers. There are lots of sentiments I could have added, but chose to leave it blank. There are some winter birthdays that I might use this for, or even a Christmas card.

Now it’s time to do the rounds, beginning with the Clearly Besotted Blog, then to drag your sled over to Lisa and Michelle’s blogs. Last, but not least are Caly and Francis too!

I’ll see you all tomorrow, with a slower party! xx

September 28, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted October Teasers – Daschund Through!

Hello everyone! It’s a cold September for sure, but here to warm the cockles of your hearts is Clearly Besotted’s first set of Christmas stamps. The team are here to bring you teasers each day from the bumper release and my projects are all about fun this month.

I’m combining two sets ; ‘Daschund Through’ and ‘Seasonal Scenes’. I wanted to make a scene with the doggies dashing through the Christmas town!

I kept the colour palette limited for the town scene, using lots of greys so your eyes are drawn towards the front of the scene where the daschunds are.

I can almost imagine what sort of items are on sale in each of the shops; lots of Christmassy ‘nick-nacks’ suitable for decorating your home and filling your stockings. Another has the yummiest treats baked by a superb old lady with magic in her baking hands!

Meanwhile, those two friends are ‘daschund’ down the snowy pavement, trying to ignore the fact that their little paws are freezing. They both forgot to wear their wellies! Utterly Pawfect!! I have no idea how Amber is keeping those antlers perched on her head but maybe it’s similar to the magnets that keep her false eyelashes on!!

The whole scene was stamped in Memento Tuxedo Black and coloured in with alcohol markers. Nothing fancy, just basic colouring.

We have more inspiration than usual this morning. The stellar line up begins at the Clearly Besotted Blog and then we have Michelle and Lisa.

It’s really lovely to welcome back Francis Vuillème and another lovely guest; Caly Person.

Tomorrow I’m back with another teaser, perfect for sending a seasonal ‘moving home’ card!

Keren x

September 27, 2020 at 8:00 am 11 comments

STAMPtember with Clearly Besotted!

The month-long celebration with Simon Says Stamp is fully underway. It’s a celebration of all things stampy, inky and papercrafting.

Clearly Besotted have designed a wonderful stamp set, which also has a matching die set and it’s available NOW at Simon Says Stamp here!! . You’ll want to be quick- as these certainly sell out quickly! Want to see what I’ve made?

It’s called ‘Skating Around’ and this is what the set looks like..

I stamped it first and traced around the bottom icerink with some vellum. I then hand sewed around it so there were no adhesive bits showing . I’d already coloured the area in icy blues.

The idea behind the scene was that one poor friend had crashed into the ice, it had cracked and his other friends were busy pulling him out whilst throwing a few snowballs!!

The scene is totally adorable! You’ll love the stamp set. If you want the set with the a accompanying die set- then check here

Don’t leave it too long though- these sets don’t hang around. They’re only available in the Simon Says Stamp store and only whilst stocks last. Sadly, when it’s gone, it’s gone…just like a snowball that’s melted.

This would make the cutest Christmas cards but also great for winter birthdays or just fun cards! Shaker cards would be awesome with this set! Whilst I leave you thinking about the possibilities I’ll let you know that the next Clearly Besotted release isn’t far away and it’s a corker!

Thanks for joining me. I’d love to know what other STAMPtember sets have caught your eye too!

I know my Clearly Besotted teamies have created something with this set- so do check out Michelle and Lisa’s blogs too. Pop over to the Clearly Besotted blog– I think they’ll have something wonderful too!

See you soon!

Keren xx

September 15, 2020 at 7:06 am 7 comments

Garden Flowers Blog Hop- Geo Thistle

Hellooo! How are you doing? I know this posting is getting a bit regular but I’ve lots to tell you. I’ll be doing a proper launch post this week but I’m setting up a new business and this post is just the start of it! Some of you will know that I sew in my spare time ( what’s left of it! Ha!) and I belong to a few Facebook group posts including one called UKQuilters; the name is pretty self explanatory!

Without going into too much detail and boring you all senseless ( I’ll leave that for the next post!), I’m showing you the quilt block (which is literally the building block of the quilt) and some step by step photos. For the blog post- just visit here and follow the directions or just pop here to download the pattern here. So here’s my thistle.

Why I did it and why the thistle? That’s all in the UKQuilters blog. The whole site is full of info and tips, patterns and more, so well worth having a nosey around. Anyway…on to the photos! Following all the instructions, you’ll have cut some strips of fabric and some triangles out. You’ll start by sewing the triangles together.

Then you have to add the third triangle. This is where you need to be a little more precise. The easy way of doing it is to add the third triangle so the points match up parallel with the other triangle point; like this…

Then you need to create a square; the measurements are in the downloadable pdf. You have to trim it- making sure that you leave a 1/4” at the bottom…

So the 1/4” point ( shown by the yellow edge) is just lined up with the point where the 3 sewn triangles meet.

You can see the point where they meet better in this photo.

Then, making sure that the block is trimmed and nicely square, repeat for the other side, and you’ll end up with two squares..

Next we need to sew them together and then on to the stitch and flip technique. ( which is really very straightforward)!

Line up your squares and add a diagonal line with a pencil or fabric pen. You’re going to sew a fraction just above the lines ( towards the top) so when you flip up the bottom corner, and take it to the top of the piece, the piece will lay perfectly flat.

Here’s the piece, with the corners flipped up and pressed. You’ll want to trim the underneath layers to 1/4”.

Next, you’ll follow the instructions to create the strips of green fabrics sewn together. If you want a quick shortcut you can just use a solid piece of green, but I love the texture the pieced strips give. You’re going to sew them together to make half square triangles and magically you end up with it looking like the previous photo.

Now, all that’s left is to add the extra rectangles to do another set of stitch and flip. It’s all laid out in the pdf.

That’s one side…now onto the other side

You’re nearly there…press and you’re ready to join the two pieces together!!

After a little trimming, it’s ready to have the borders sewn on.

Now there’s just the side and top border pieces to add.

Ta-daaa. You’re all done. Now to quilt and finesse

Here’s a shot of some quilting. The reason it looks odd, is because this was for my bag and I didn’t have a backing piece on. You can see my thrifty use of two pieces of wadding ( hey, it was in lockdown and I’d run out!!)

I’ve done a short video talking about the slightly bulky seams that are created here

Now all that’s left is to decide how to use it. Do you make a table runner- or perhaps add in different colours? If you take out the white triangles and add in coloured ones- it transforms into something looking more like a carnation ( or that’s what I’m calling it!)

I love the darker background too. Really changes the look of the block! You can see the further variation I did at the top- an acorn!! I love this one..

So for now I’ll leave you with a few more detail shots of some of the finished quilting a

And before I go…check out my NEW store with some brand new patterns. More are coming- I’m sewing them as we speak !

I hope this gives you some idea of what I’ve been up to. Do subscribe to my blog if you want notifications of the next blog post as I’ll be doing a big launch with a giveaway!

I’ll see you soon!

Happy sewing,

Keren xx

September 2, 2020 at 8:56 am 2 comments

Clearly Besotted September Release Day!

Hello! It’s Release Day! Yay! Haven’t the stamp sets been awesome! For a full list of the sets (as I haven’t covered the Halloween sets), do go over to the Clearly Besotted Facebook page where you can enter the monthly giveaway to win the whole release ( well worth it!!)

Today, I have a small card, or it could be a tag too.

Isn’t that image fun?! Hippo hidden in a pile of leaves. I can’t help but think of the hidden creepy crawlies you find in leaf piles!! So maybe I’ll leave hippo to enjoy that and leave it well alone. I love to walk through leaves at this time, feeling the crunch underfoot, but maybe not hiding in them!

I’ve used the swirling leaf image from ‘Fall Fun’ too. The sentiment is from ‘Ring Around Autumn’. The stencilled leaves are using the Cloudy Day stencil from the Clearly Besotted store.

The release goes live at 8pm GMT. All sets are available tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and also from Simon Says Stamp.

Don’t forget to visit the Clearly Besotted Facebook page as you have the opportunity to win the whole release. If you want to purchase the whole bundle, that’s available too.

There are still some lovely inspiration courtesy of Clearly Besotted, then Michelle, Lisa and Francine

As normal, we would love to hear which sets are your favourite! Do let me know in the comments!

Thanks for your company this month, and I can’t wait until next month as it’s full on CHRISTMAS!!

Keren xx

September 1, 2020 at 8:00 am 7 comments

Clearly Besotted September Teasers Day 4

Hello! So glad you’re back again! So happy to hear that you’re loving the sets!

Today we have the same colour combo but an outside scene, and one I’m not a big fan of….

Today’s design has a little story behind it. It wasn’t intentionally like that, but the screen of Dura-lar Matt film ended up on the card because I messed up the stamping of the sentiment. After blending Spiced Marmalade and Worn Lipstick Distress Oxide, I stamped the sentiment and wobbled slightly.

After trying to rearrange the different elements, it still didn’t look ok, so had a brainwave to pop a screen which diffused the mistake!!

The reason I’m not a camping fan is far too many bad experiences. I think it started ok when going with Guides and just got steadily worse! Let’s not talk about emptying certain ‘necessary’ containers into a special drain when it was windy and I was wearing a skirt 🙄🤮

It was all done with Alcohol markers plus I wanted to give the impression of a camp fire, with the sparks flying upwards. I added in some gold pen to give more of a ‘fire spark’ vibe.

It’s a really different look but sometimes the most fun cards come randomly ! The set is ‘Happy Campers’ and has 4 different scenes to colour in.

Do go and see what wonderful things Clearly Besotted have created, then over to Lisa, Michelle and Francine

It’s Release Day tomorrow. Do pop back tomorrow for a simple project and all the details on when the release is live!

See you tomorrow xx

August 31, 2020 at 8:00 am 9 comments

Clearly Besotted September Teasers Day 3

Hey! How are you doing today? It’s Day 3 of the Clearly Besotted Teasers and I’m using the Fall Fun set. In the U.K. we call it Autumn and I really love some of the images where people have fall themed styling outside their houses; a lovely wreath on the door and painted gorgeous pumpkins outside. Helen Hippo is having a blast playing with swirling leaves.

One of the most fun images in the set is a semi-circular leaf one. There are so many things you can do with that. I’ve just multi stamped it to create movement on the design.

I kept the colours slightly muted and softer. Adding some aqua alcohol ink plus Prismacolors helps bring it all together. Add your pen work and sentiment and it’s pretty much done!!

I think my favourite part is the swirling leaves- just what happens on a windy autumnal day !

Do visit the Clearly Besotted blog, then to Michelle, Lisa and our lovely guest Francine !

Hope to see you tomorrow xx

August 30, 2020 at 8:00 am 9 comments

Clearly Besotted September Teasers Day 2

Hi again! Thanks for being with me yesterday. Your comments really make my day, so I’m thankful for every one of them. Today I’ve got a wonderful critter scene going on.

The little guys are in the final of the mushroom jumping national final. It’s a complex competition, judging the gaps between the fungi and having enough bounce to get to the next one. Hippo is in the lead. Fancy dress is optional but hey, it’s the finals so he busted out his pumpkin outfit.

You can see the background- which keeping in with the colour combo, I’ve gone for Distress Oxide Spiced Marmalade. If you’ve ever struggled with blending- do invest in the Oxides, as you can get near perfect blending with very little skill! I added ink to just half of the card. I wanted plenty of white on my design.

I’ve combined 3 stamp sets. The two critters are from the Ring Around Autumn I showed you yesterday. Hippo is from Fall Fun and the mushroom image is from Happy Campers. Colouring in all the images using Alcohol markers ( Copic and Nuvo) and then Prismacolor pencils. Add in all the pen detailing plus the sentiments from Happy Campers.

I loved creating this card. Tomorrow’s card is a thoroughly windswept affair.

Do visit the Clearly Besotted blog, then onto Francine’s blog, plus my lovely teamies, Lisa and Michelle

See you tomorrow xx

August 29, 2020 at 8:00 am 9 comments

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