Clearly Besotted July Teasers – Thanks A Melon

Hello lovely friends! How are you all doing? We’re starting a new round of teasers for the July release. There are 6 stamp sets plus free gifts if you order the whole release (more on that later in the teasers).

It’s certainly starting to feel like summertime isn’t it? I thought I’d begin with this fun set ‘Thanks A Melon’. Aren’t these guys cute!

The set has the fabulous water swirl stamp, which would also make a great water slide for lots of Clearly Besotted creatures.

The little guy is careering down the water in a watermelon. It could easily be coloured into all sorts of melon varieties or even a coconut shell as it’s the right shape and markings.

Little Henry is busy munching away on his watermelon. I have to say that watermelons always seem to look better than they taste ( or is there a secret I need to know about!).

Everything has been coloured with alcohol markers and then little details added with gel pen. I’m trying to use up more patterned paper so I’ve used bits here and there for this month’s release.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects this week. Please pop over to the Clearly Besotted blog then over to Michelle and Lisa’s blogs

June 27, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted June Release Day ! As Cute As 123

Yay! We’ve done it. We’re at Release Day! Thanks for coming back!

You might have noticed that the companion set to the As Cute As ABC is the As Cute As 123 images. They work so beautifully together, if you can manage it, I’d recommend purchasing the 3 sets together.

I’ve just used the numbers set so you can how it works alone and combined it with the As Cute As Additions set. This additions set is simple and bold and is a great contrast to the puffy style of the other images. This sentiment set is in fact a freebie if you order the complete release.

I used the images for the background stamped in light grey ink. It’s an easy way to create a design without having to think about it.

I coloured in the stars in grey and left the rest. It gives a good contrast to the main image.

I love using primary colours for children’s cards. Kids love bright colours!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the inspiration this month. I’ve loved visiting the other blogs to see what the other girls came up with.

As usual, the Release goes live at 8pm GMT. All sets are available from 8pm GMT tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and also from Simon Says Stamp.

I would love to hear which have been your favourite sets so far.

See you soon,

Keren x

June 1, 2020 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted June Teasers – Little Notes

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to Day 4 of the teasers. Today is the turn of ‘Little Notes’ set. Loads of elephants writing with all manner of writing implements. I’ve chosen a pencil, and by thinking about the traditional school yellow pencils, this gave me the colour scheme for the card.

Little Ellie wanted to write her teacher a note. She’d tried the fountain pen already and made quite an inky mess. So she swapped out for a pencil instead.

You might ask about the decorative edge- it is an old Clearly Besotted die- ‘notebook edge die’. It’s not available in store but you might be able to pick it up via *bay or even asking in the Clearly Besotted Fans Facebook page.

I coloured the pencil in with alcohol ink and Prismacolor pencils. I think this set is perfect for quick cards and notes.

As usual, my blog isn’t the end of the road. There’s more loveliness to be found via Michelle and then the Clearly Besotted Blog.

I’m back tomorrow for our Release Day; something simple and cute.

Keren x

May 31, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted June Teasers – To The Moon & Back

Hey! Welcome back. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peeks so far. This was actually the first card that I made, but I loved this set so much, I made another which was the first card I showed this week.

I saw the moon and chose the little rabbit to perch on top. When I saw the little guy with the tail, it reminded me of a fishing hook and I thought that the rabbit could catch the bear by accident.

It wasn’t difficult to do, it just needed a little care and lots of blending. You can see the blending more easily in this next photo.

To get this look, I stamped the images, stamped them onto sticky notes and trimmed out. Stick the sticky note images over the top.

Next I thought about how the light would emit from the moon and the sort of colours that it would throw out. So I began with Squeezed Lemonade, moved onto Worn Lipstick and then onto Broken Glass. Lastly I added Black Soot. The secret is little ink, adding it gradually but moving the blending tool forcefully and quickly.

So then I added white gel pen stars. Normally I’d have flicked water onto the inks to give that mottled effect but just kept it simple.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this little scene. The characters are full of life and there are so many scenes you could make with them.

Hope you have a lovely day. Don’t go before you’ve visited the Clearly Besotted blog and then onto the lovely Michelle and Lisa too.

See you tomorrow for a little note!

Keren x

May 30, 2020 at 8:00 am 9 comments

Clearly Besotted June Teasers – As Cute As ABC

Hello again! Thanks for coming back to my blog. Today is Day 2 for the June Clearly Besotted Teasers and I’m showing a wonderful pair of stamp sets today.

This ‘As Cute As ABC’ set comes in 2 sets. I suspect you’ll need both as they combine the whole alphabet. This is such a brilliant set of images and you will find so many ways of using them.

I decided to coin a phrase more commonly heard in the US; ‘I miss your face’! I thought this might be the perfect phrase as we’re missing seeing so many people.

The characters are so gorgeous and simple to add a little colour to. I wanted to make them into balloons. I just added little triangles for the balloon knots and then some strings using a black marker pen.

Arenā€™t they just adorable ! After colouring with alcohol markers, I added shading with Prismacolors and then more white gel pens.

Can you think of ways of using them? Invites, room plaques with the kid’s name on, birthday cards with the recipient’s name etc. As someone who never can get anything with their name on, I really appreciate having sets like this.

I can’t wait to see what you’ll create with these sets.

Next up it’s a visit with Lisa, Michelle and then onto the Clearly Besotted blog

Tomorrow we have a sleepy trip to space again!

Keren x

May 29, 2020 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted June Teasers – Picture It Space

Hello friends! How are you doing? I do hope that you’re surviving amidst the complex situation worldwide. Instead of focussing on the tough stuff, we’re here to give you a dose of colourful inspiration using the new sets that Clearly Besotted are releasing on June 1st. Over the next 5 days, I’ll be posting 5 projects using the different sets.

Today I’m using two sets; ‘Picture It Space’ and ‘To The Moon and Back’. They are perfectly matched and full of fun figures to colour and use in scenes.

Yes, you might suppose that the card is upside’s not! I had a story in my head of three bold and brave friends who signed up for inter-planetary bungee jumping.

You turn up, collect your bungee rope and parachute out of the craters into the galaxy below. I haven’t quite worked out how they get back..maybe there’s a pulley system or perhaps they release themselves and float towards the next planet for coffee and a cake?! šŸ˜‰

I had intended to mask off the individual elements of the planet and smaller planets (it is all usefully one stamp, so need to position) but I decided against tonnes of ink blending in favour of a solid coloured background. I love the pearlescent navy cardstock, so just stamped, coloured and added each image on foam pads. Aren’t those little guys adorable!

You can see the thread below. I just cut a slit in each crater and threaded it through. You can see that I added a Union Jack as I was feeling slightly patriotic at the time!

You can see the white gel pen ‘stars’ which hopefully help it seem more ‘space’-like.

I absolutely loved creating this card. I’ve done a few cards this month without any sentiments. I can add them later, but recently I’ve been looking for cards for particular occasions and am having to discard many as the sentiment doesn’t fit the occasion. Hopefully this gives you more ideas about how you could use the sets too.

We would love you to visit the Clearly Besotted blog, then onto lovely Michelle and Lisa

I’ll be back tomorrow,

Keren x

May 28, 2020 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted May Release Day! Piggy Plushie Planner

Hello ! Who knew it would come around so fast! It’s Release Day and all sets will be available at 8pm GMT tonight. Do remember to go to the Facebook page as there’s always a giveaway of the entire release.

Today I’m using a set called ‘Piggy Plushie Planner’ (try saying that quickly!). At the moment I don’t have any plans so thought I’d use the images more traditionally. Here’s my little pig friend Pascal, doing a ‘click catch’ save.

Noone gave Pascal the memo that it’s not the 80s anymore and he’s not supposed to catch balls in the cone, but with his hands!! I thought the coffee cup looked rather like one of those cones you clicked and it sent the ball up into the air and you had to catch it again- perfect for playing alone!!

Pascal, being from Liverpool is wearing his Liverpool FC kit (of course!) and has made a good stab of trying to catch the ball!

You can see the bit on the edge where I managed to dirty it…oops! I made a net using very thin strips of cardstock arranged in a grid pattern behind a u-shaped goal frame. I snipped out some grass and then add some clouds.

You might recognise the Cloudy Days Stencil which all of the team love using. Such a staple in my craft kit now! Oh and the grass is hiding a slight bodge in the stamping the sentiment, but at that point the net was attached (when will I learn to stamp the sentiment first and then there’s no worrying about removing other elements!) so had to continue!

Don’t forget to visit the Clearly Besotted Blog to grab some inspiration before visiting Keeway’s blog for the last time- hasn’t it been fab having her as guest! I hope she comes again! Michelle will have two posts as usual- her video and blog post.

As usual, the Release goes live at 8pm. All sets and stencils are available from 8pm GMT tonight on theĀ Clearly Besotted storeĀ andĀ Simon Says Stamp.

I do love finding out which sets are your must haves too! Do let me know.

See you soon,

Keren xx

May 1, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted May Teasers – Spilling Tea

Hello again …haven’t all these sets been wonderful! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying them too.

Today is a lesson in masking. My project makes bad use of post-it notes, and I learned that masking top down rather than bottom up!

The set is called ‘Spilling Tea’ and I’ve just chosen two of the images. I wanted to stack the cups up, with the little kitty balancing precariously at the top. I began by stamping the cups and masking and keeping on stamping. Look at the stack more closely…

Yup. the cups aren’t fitting together inside each other. Once I’d done 3, I actually noticed, but call me lazy, I decided to just press on, incorrect cups and all! The kitten is exactly like our cat.. it will find the highest point in the room to settle on, even if it’s not very stable!

I added lots of doodled dots and some light blue around all the cups to add some depth. The corrugated card base seemed to fit the best and isn’t the sen’tea’ment just perfect! haha.

I know lots of people love tea/coffee stamp sets so I know this will be a real hit (and not just the caffeine type!).

Better go, before these puns get worse.

Do visit the Clearly Besotted blog , then Michelle Short and finally Keeway too!

See you for Release Day tomorrow!

Keren xx

April 30, 2020 at 8:00 am 3 comments

Clearly Besotted May Teasers- Spring Corners

Hi! Happy Wednesday! Despite all the uncertainty and difficulty, spring has definitely sprung and if you’re like me, you’re thankful for little pockets of colour and beauty wherever you can find them!

The little chick today has come up trumps and is surrounded by gorgeous blooms. The set is called ‘Spring Corners’ and is perfect so many occasions. The sentiments are based around baby arrivals, but I’d happily send this for Birthdays and more.

I had some more of the turquoise cardstock folded into a blank left over, so I plumped for it for this project. It seemed perfect to go with today’s project. I turned back to some more no-line colouring as I love the softness you get with the alcohol marker and Prismacolor combo. It really didn’t need much else on the card… but I did need to be more careful how I cut my blank.. just look at those raggedy edges :-0 !

The sentiment was stamped and then heat embossed with WOW! Opaque Bright White Superfine embossing powder. I added an extra flower behind the daffodils and mounted it onto the card with foam pads.

It’s just so cute isn’t it. I just love this set!

Lots of loveliness is available from 3 sources! My lovely teamie Michelle has a project for you. Pop over to the Clearly Besotted Blog and then onto our guest designer Keeway.

Tomorrow is Day 4 and I’m getting a little hot and bothered over some less than perfect masking.

Keren x

April 29, 2020 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted May Teasers- Peaceful Plushies

Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog and we’re counting the days down to the Clearly Besotted May Release. Day 2 is here and we’re kicking off our shoes, settling down with a nice cup of tea and warm blanket (or iced drink dependent on the weather, breathe… and relax!

I got out the new set ‘Peaceful Plushies’ which is very ‘zen’ and has some lovely Japanese themed images and wonderfully chilled sentiments.

I had one of those moments where I just didn’t want to make another card. I’m not sure where the fan idea came from but then after a little research, it turns out that the folding fan is actually an important part of the culture. a folding fan is called a ‘sensu’ and is often decorated with calligraphy or beautiful patterns.

I grabbed an older set called ‘Blossoms in Bloom‘ and stamped all over white cardstock in grey ink using this set and also images from Peaceful Plushies so the outline was softer. Then I did some messy watercolouring and scored every 1/2″ and folded up like a concertina.

You can see the perfectly peaceful fox, chilling under her parasol, looking as though no care in the world could possibly disturb her. I adhered that once I’d punched holes through the bottom of the folded cardstock and then tied some twine through to secure it. It was a wonderfully satisfying make.

You can see the blossoms and a hint of the other images in the above photo. I would like to pull this out when I’m in the garden relaxing.. but right now, there’s not so much downtime, so I’ll reserve it for those more peaceful moments!

I hope you had a chance to visit Keeway’s blog yesterday? Do go and see what other cute projects she’s been creating here. Michelle has also been very busy so do check her blog out too. Last. but obviously not least, the Clearly Besotted Blog always has several wonderful projects, so please don’t miss those!

I’m back again tomorrow, with a little more cuteness and don’t worry, I’ve resumed normal card service again!

Keren x

April 28, 2020 at 8:00 am 5 comments

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