Festive Holly and Berry Fabric Necklace

Hello lovely blog readers! Hope you’re well.

I’m just back with a little fabric project which is perfect for anyone who fancies a quirky statement piece to wear at Christmas. I was kindly sent a pack of Gütermann recycled thread so decided this would be a great project to put it through its paces.

My daughter said that it looks like a golden snitch; maybe a seasonal version! I did this all by hand- and it didn’t take long either. Circles are always a challenge- and by punching out two cardboard circles, I got the cut line and also the stitch line ( which is how you’ll get the best circular result).

I trimmed two circles out, placed them right sides together and started to stitch a close backstitch using the Gütermann recycled thread. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as the normal Gütermann thread, but this was strong, sewed well and has a lovely sheen to it ( shame it was on the inside!)

You can see the sheen and colours here. I do hope they bring out lots more colours as increasingly I’m reaching the Vlieseline Recycled interfacing and would like my threads to cost the earth as little as possible. I did topstitch the circle after I’d stuffed it a little. It performed beautifully. I did the same technique with the leaves. I couldn’t be bothered to try and turn out intricate points like on holly leaves so left the hint of a shape and picked out the details with green thread.

All that was left was to attach the leaves together. I actually caught them all together when I did the top stitching on the berry. I fashioned an elongated choker out of wire and stitched the holly to it on the reverse. Now I just need to be brave and actually wear it whilst ignoring my kid’s comments!

Have you ever made your own jewellery and were you brave enough to wear it?

I really recommend the Gütermann Recycled thread. I haven’t given it a thorough testing on my machine yet, but I’ll let you know once I have!

Keren x

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Susan’s Garden Club Die Collection

Hello everyone! How are you?

Have you ever fancied making realistic flowers? – Susan Thierney- Cockburn has been creating flower dies for some while now and she can help you with some clever dies that make it so easy!

She’s recently released a collection with Tonic Studios and so to celebrate how gorgeous the dies are…and to give you the chance to grab some yourself at a special price because it’s #wednes-die, we’re having a mini blog hop!

I did something reasonably quick- as I’ve not had much time recently. I went for a Christmas tag, as I’ll get plenty of use from a pretty tag!

The dies I’ve used are from one set; the Helleborus (Lenten and Christmas Rose) Die set.

This post is a little photo heavy, so if you don’t want some tips and extra details, scroll to the bottom where you’ll find the blog hop list and details of an exciting giveaway.

I decided to dig out my Foamiran sheets as this was a perfect opportunity to try them out with Susan’s dies. Yes, Christmas Roses are usually white, but I took some creative liberty! You can see the parts used to make the flowers if you want to use all of them. Next; onto the shaping!

This felt mat is what I use for pressing fabric ( it’s awesome for that) but happens to be equally fab for shaping. You just need a decent ball tool and one that’s not too small. Rub it along the cardstock centres ( I used card for the middle as I needed more structure) and then roll up and glue.

You might wonder what’s going on in that picture! Well, the Christmas rose has a lovely crown with almost furry bits on it. I didn’t have anything like Flowersoft ( which would have been perfect) so I went for a textural look by using Nuvo gold embossing powder! I simply added some glue and dipped them in the powder. There’s a hint of glitter too!

Next up…forming the flowers and leaves!

Ideally I’d have brushed Aquaflow pens (there’s an amazing deal on them at the moment…). I’ve done that on a previous ‘Susan’s’ project to great effect- but Foamiran won’t soak the colour in, so my Nuvo Alcohol markers were the next best thing. Just by flicking the pen onto the petals gives a depth. Next- I had to get my iron out (& find it first!!) to easily shape the petals. You can roll them and thin the edges using a ball tool- but I went for the quicker option.

Holding the petals with my tweezers and placing it very near the iron, but not quite touching it will cause the Foamiran to curl. Do it on the opposite side for a different direction, or do it on the edges. If you pinch or manipulate it straight after it’s warmed ( but not whilst near the iron!!) you can get some great natural looking petals. Playing is lots of fun!

In the spirit of full disclosure- you can see what happens when you try to add Nuvo Gilding Flakes before the black ink splatters were dry 🙄 ! Here’s after the cover up with a strip of cardstock…

You can see some of the dimension and the gold plus a little peek of the gold sequins. I simply trimmed some black card strips and added to a white tag at an angle.

You can see the different effects here with just using parts of the inner dies, and using just the 5 petals or adding more to make a 7 petal flower. I’ll be adding a whole bunch of petals in spring colours to make larger fuller flowers. Once you get cracking, it’s really very absorbing and you’ll love it!

One last look at the flowers. Do have a look at the dies in the whole range– you’ll want to start collecting them!

Now, onto the Giveaway….


Win a flower making tool bundles! (Embossing tools, Adhesives, Accents, Paper and scissors). For your chance to win, leave a comment along the hop. One winner will be chosen from the comments section on the blog hop participants so do comment along the hope. Blog hop winner will be announced Dec 9th on the Tonic Blog.

Next up from me to visit is the really lovely Christine Smith– she’s certainly worth a visit for some more inspiration!

Here’s the full list in case you get lost

Tonic Studios

Louise Sims

Victoria Dalziel

Keren Baker —–You are here!—-

Christine Smith

Galina Filippenko

Jen Kray

Bibi Cameron


Thanks for joining me. I’d love to know which are your favourite flower dies in the range!

Keren xx


PS- fun fact…the Christmas rose name comes from the Greek words which mean deadly food. It’s a warning that the flower is also deadly…..a bit like me 😉😂.


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Clearly Besotted December Release Day!

Phew!! We’ve made it to Release Day!

Thanks for sticking with me this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sneaks at the different sets and I’d love to know which ones are your favourites!

Today I’ve got a mashup of ‘Love Notes’ and ‘Love Letters’. You can make it look a little more grownup without adding a cute character- but who doesn’t want a swinging pig on the front of their greeting card?! 😉

I coloured the pig in and added some glitter to his wings. I added some embroidery thread to the reverse of him and secured it with a foam pad. This helps him slide along and also lifts him off the card too.

I added different images like the postcard front and the stamp and postmark. All these elements are really fun to play around with.

I did the two tone stamping the same as I did yesterday bu obviously with pinks instead. It was quite a quick card to make, and being of small brain, I was amused for quite a while with my swinging pig!

Hope you’ve enjoyed all my projects. Not long to wait now!

All sets and stencils are available from 8pm GMT tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and Simon Says Stamp,

but whilst you wait, do pop over to the Clearly Besotted Blog then go and see Michelle for her usual fab round-up.

See you soon!

Keren x


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Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 4!

Hello there! We’re flying through these teasers and today’s is one of my sure favourites. I’ve had a few faves this month already- and this set is a little out of the box too!

 It’s a real ‘awww’ set. I adore how you can choose some clever ‘brush stroke’ sentiments.

This set is called ‘Love Notes’ but it’s a great one for friends too! ( well you love your friends too, right?!).

I’ve been reaching for my Catherine Pooler Inks a lot recently. Love the foam pads and the evenness of colour. They were perfect for this two tone sentiment. Just stamp the lighter colour onto your stamp first so you don’t end up getting darker ink onto your lighter ink pad.

Isn’t the effect simple yet cool. It’s like the words were designed to be like that!

At first I thought that I’d mis-stamped- but Clearly Besotted have cleverly designed the brush stroke effect into the stamp. The animals in the set are all busy writing, drawing, colouring and painting. It’s such a clever set with some fabulous sentiments too!

The little kitty looks great in her ginger attire- and I just added a few grey dots to ground her to the floor!

We’re getting closer to release day, so to check out other fabulous projects, do visit the Clearly Besotted blog , then Lisa and Michelle too!

See you tomorrow for a simple retake on one of the sets I’ve already shown!

Keren x

November 30, 2019 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 3!

It’s Day 3 already! It’s flying by! I hope you’re doing ok today.

I said cryptically yesterday that I’d have a positive and negative card. I wonder whether this was what anyone was thinking of!

Sometimes I don’t want to do lots of colouring. We get busy and want to churn out a card quickly. I wondered whether if I stamped the image and heat embossed in White onto some black card, if it might look like a negative.

I appreciate that polaroid style photos aren’t ever negatives, but go with me! After I’d made them all using the different images in the ‘Picture Perfect’ set, it just looked a bit weird. I tried adding one coloured image to contrast with the black and whites and think I’ve just about got away with it!!

You can see some of the fun sentiments and also where I messed up with one of the sentiments and managed to draw MORE attention to it by trying to disguise it with a black fineliner ! ( you can’t win them all 🙄)!!

The little characters are so cute and are different animals too. I can’t wait for an excuse to stamp more of these up!

You’ll definitely want to visit the Clearly Besotted Blog to see some amazing things then onto Michelle and Lisa too.

Tomorrow I’ll be showcasing a slightly artistic set!

See you then,

Keren x

November 29, 2019 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 2!

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re having a good day. Thanks for popping over here today and we’re on Day 2 of the December release Teasers. Now, for many of you, you’ll wonder why we’ve not got any Christmas themed products- it’s because in theory you’ll have done all your Christmas projects and be looking at thankyous and Valentine’s Day etc, but, if like me, you’re really nowhere near being ready and need some inspiration- do visit the Clearly Besotted store for a wonderful range of Christmas stamp sets and stencils.

Back to today- we’re getting our jaunty angles on with a slightly unusual card!

This set is really rather special- I’ve not seen anything quite like it across stamp land, and I know you’re going to love it. It’s called ‘Love Letters’ ( are you sensing a theme?!) I decided to make a card suitable for any time of the year.

The set comes with a letter front and an envelope back. I decided to have the back and the front showing with 3 little piggies appearing from under the flap. They’re not going to fall out from underneath as they all licked the gum edge and have stuck themselves temporarily so you don’t need to worry on their account 😉😂

I decided to place a front behind it and have them both extending past each edge. It’s good to shake designs up a little- and it seemed to go well with the slightly quirky feel to the card!

I added some x’s along the top and bottom to keep with the love theme- but it could easily be for someone who’s having a hard time and you could just put dots or dashes instead.

 Isn’t it such a sweet set!

 Hopefully you’re raring to go and get some more inspiration from Clearly Besotted’s blog then pop over to Lisa & Michelle

I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow for a positive and negative card!

Keren x

November 28, 2019 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 1!

Well hellooo! So glad to be back. I’m afraid my blog has been a little neglected, so it’s great posting some projects to whet your appetite for this month’s Clearly Besotted release!

Today I’ve used a really unique set called ‘Love Story’. It doesn’t have to be about love though- there’s plenty of little chipmunk (I think it’s a chipmunk…edited…it could also be a skunk. Lisa reckons it’s a skunk and I think she’s right!!) images to use for other occasions.

I wanted to create a kinetic card that could show my little friend Chip sliding through the scenery. It’s a super easy mechanism- just stamp and cut out the middle window sections of the film strip image. Next stamp, colour and cut your little guy ( or gal) and attach to a piece of acetate.

Next… DON’T do this…

As I was placing the ink pad back onto the desk, I dropped it back onto the card. Ughhh. I did remedy it with a small strip of the same cardstock and it doesn’t look out of place, so I got away with it!

You can see on the next picture, that I added foam pads along the reverse of the frame and slotted my chipmunk in before I stuck it onto the card. I added a piece of cardstock to act as the pulley and it was done!

The sentiments are really brilliant this month. Kinda nice-snarky. I loved the ‘Love Story Sentiments’ Set; wait until you read some of them. They’re bound to bring a smile!

Speaking of the sentiment, my youngest wasn’t impressed with it. He read the card whilst it was on my desk and told me he thought it was a bit cheeky to send to someone. I told him I’d have to be very careful who I sent it to, and thankfully have someone in mind that won’t be offended!!

 This card was a lot of fun to make ( minus the ink dropping incident) and I’ll be back tomorrow with a super cute card.

Obviously the next best thing to do, before tomorrow comes, is pop over to the Clearly Besotted blog then over to see Michelle & Lisa!!

See you soon,

Keren x

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