Clearly Besotted February Teasers Day 2

January 29, 2020 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Hi! Hope you’re doing ok today.

Thanks for visiting today, it’s the next day getting ready for the Clearly Besotted release.

I’m so glad you enjoyed the card and story yesterday. Hope the ending didn’t upset too many of you šŸ˜‰.

Today we’re looking at the ‘Garden Plushies’ set. You will adore the characters on this set and I’ve just chosen one of the images. Clearly Besotted are always so good at creating ‘no fuss’ ideas. You get a whole card’s worth of image without any masking and very little stamping!

Aren’t they just lovely! These critters are looking pretty happy. They all belong in Mr Sully’s garden. As his name suggests, he’s a little on the sulky side and really is very poor at gardening ( hence the overgrown but rather atmospheric long grass…(which is actually rather easy to create with a small fine tipped scissors and just snip little chunks off whilst wiling away a happy few hours šŸ˜‚)).

This merry collection ( apart from Cecil, but we’ll come to him later) coexist pretty peacefully most of the time and spend many happy days lolloping over stones and other dirt filled obstacles.

There’s Lila ( the ladybird ), Cecil ( he used to be a centipede, but due to a tragic accident he’s now a caterpillar), Betty ( the wasp…ha, had you there for a moment!!) the Bee and Slimy ( the snail!!). Cecil was usually on the melancholic side but was very very kind and always helped his fellow creatures out.

Betty had a slight incident with a too helpful giant adult who upon seeing her flagging one day, tried to ‘help’ her back to life. The adult in question had read about giving some sugar water on a spoon. The problem was ( apart from the fact he’d used vanilla infused sugar which didn’t half upset her innards for a week or two), he liberally doused her in it which caused her paper thin wings to become too sticky to fly. Cecil agreed to give her a piggyback ( or should that be a centiback?!) whilst she sorted out the gunky wings- and somehow, despite her wings now perfectly cleansed, she’d overstayed her lift but was enjoying it too much.

Cecil didn’t appreciate the slightly rotund furry thing permanently on his back and was always a little wary of her stinger which was rather too close to his rear quarters for his liking. He did puzzle why after he’d been napping there was always a fine dusting of pollen on his body. Slimy was deliberating about explaining to him that Betty’s wings were actually fine and she was simply taking him for a ride…quite literally! She flew off to collect pollen whilst Cecil was asleep and found her way back before he awoke so he wouldn’t realise she was fully better. Sneaky little Betty.

They are all standing for the picture posed perfectly next to the glittering fungi. That was the source of much of Lola’s distress. She loved sparkle and was a very dull colour. In her estimation, black and red were a poor choice for a garment, and she looked so longingly at the shiny read toadstool with little sparkly spores.

No matter how much the other animals told her that she was beautiful, she simply didn’t believe it. The snare of compare was engulfing her. She was the kindest and sweetest friend. The other animals secretly wished they had her heart, as it was full of gentleness and thoughtfulness and rarely showed her shortcomings.

Cecil was her very best friend, and she was getting sadder that Betty was misusing his kindness. She didn’t know how to tell her to fly again, and always stumbled to find the best words. One day, amidst the blowing grass and the smiling sun, she found Betty who was on her way back from pollen catching and Cecil was merrily snoring next to her. Betty had noticed that recently, Lila’s smile had been scarce and asked her what was troubling her.

Though anxious to tell the truth, Lila’s words tumbled out at a pace, just like the bubbles tripping down a waterfall. ‘Oh Betty, you must stop hurting Cecil, he’s really getting sad and sore’. Before she could continue, Betty spun round in a blind panic, worried that the death throes were upon her.

‘No, Betty- your stinger is intact’.

Betty sighed very loudly. Lila continued ‘the best friends are those who put each other first. You have put yourself first for too long, and now our lovely Cecil is suffering. Please fly again and stop riding on him unnecessarily otherwise he’ll think twice when you really need him next time. ”

Betty stopped buzzing and stared intently at Lila. Her pleading face and wisdom was arresting and she thought carefully about those words. Unbeknownst to the girls, the other 2 had overheard and Cecil’s heart was melting ( along with the pollen which had overheated and was now dripping inelegantly down his abdomen). Betty turned slowly.

 She saw Cecil and threw her sticky arms around him. ‘How could I have been so selfish my lovely arthropod’, she exclaimed. ‘Forgive me for abusing your kindness’. Cecil beamed and so did Lila; her happiness at having everyone back in community again was lighting up the garden.

At that moment Slimy declared that her smile was rivalled by no other. It was so dazzling that even the sparkling toadstool dimmed in comparison. Lila finally felt beautiful, understanding for the first time that her worth was not in how she looked on the outside.

As for Betty? She still takes occasional jaunts around the garden with Cecil who is very glad to not be transporting her everywhere. The morals of the story are obvious but please, be careful when you’re nursing exhausted bees back to health…do mind their wings!!

 Bee-fore you faint with exhaustion after this long story, revitalise yourself with a good cup of sweet tea and do go over to see Michelle and then onto the Clearly Besotted Blog

See you tomorrow lovely friends!

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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. michshort  |  January 29, 2020 at 8:23 am

    What a lovely story, Keren! Nursing bees is good but as you say, it needs to be done properly. Poor Betty and Cecil! Iā€™m glad it all all turned out well in the end, though. What a beautiful card, love your colouring (as always!) and that grass is fantastic! I will have to remember that when I next need grass, what a great idea! xx


  • 2. Stephanie Wincott  |  January 29, 2020 at 9:27 am

    Came straight here for the story and you didn’t disappoint!! How you bring those characters to life is wonderful…I’ve said it so many times but you are a genius Mrs Baker ā¤


  • 3. Lisa Tilson  |  January 29, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    What a lovely story! Nursing bees and fragile wings hee hee! so funny. Stephanie is right, you are a genius Keren xx

    Liked by 1 person

  • 4. conil  |  January 29, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    Your little friendship fable is sure to touch the heart of anyone who reads it…it really is sweet and very true. Must not take advantage of those we love. In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of the charming scene you’ve set and all the glorious coloring you’ve achieved.


  • 5. Theresa Grdina  |  January 29, 2020 at 7:56 pm

    This is so sweet!! LOVE this card…..

    Liked by 1 person


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